Is She OK?

This is an excerpt from a book I read. It was written by a Christian (Catholic) medium who speaks with people who have died. It brings me comfort to think of it this way. 

 “I frequently forward the message that our spirit people are quite all right where they are. They respond with eagerness when a guest recognizes them, and are happy to spend some time conversing back and forth, through me. Yet they also seem to know that this kind of communication is only temporary, so most are quick to point out before they leave that they will meet their physical friends one day in the future. A forty-ish woman came for an appointment one day with her friend. As I tuned in, I felt the presence of a young woman who’d passed before her time in a vehicle accident. My client acknowledged her daughter, who had died at the age of nineteen while traveling to a camping weekend with friends. The spirit conveyed her joy at her mother’s presence, and insistently repeated that she really was safe and happy. Her younger sister needed to hear this message in particular, and she urged her mother to pass it on. “Do you miss us?” the mother asked. “Do you think about us and miss us, are you counting the days till we can be together again, too?” With a feeling of frustration from the spirit, I had to translate, “I’m fine!” yet again. This spirit came across as being almost dismissive of her family’s grief. As her mother cried on my couch, the spirit came through very much like a teenaged girl, saying “Oh Mom, come on! I’m fine!” After we concluded, I spent some time in meditation asking for help. How could I translate a spirit’s genuine well-being, without sounding dismissive myself? How could I show my clients that the spirit people are so certain of meeting again, that they rarely spend much time trying to convince us?” 

She then gives the example of people taking a long plane ride. Those who stay awake experience the ride as taking a long time. Those who fall asleep, like Shayna did the moment the car left the driveway, experience the ride as short. Every time we went on a car trip, Shayna slept most of the way.  I would finish the drive exhausted and Shayna would wake up and say “That didn’t take very long." 

 “The spirit people showed me that we physical beings tend to experience time like those in the first group, whereas spirit people exist outside of time, as in the second group. What is interesting about this example, they told me, was that ultimately both groups of people end up in the same place. The spirit people showed me that they experience our reunion as if only an instant has passed. We here in the physical world, who miss and remember them, may dwell on every passing moment and how uncomfortable it can be without them. And yet we, too, will eventually experience the joy of our reunion. Their suggestion to us is this: if you know we will be together in the end, but you also must live in the physical world with the dimension of time, then try to make it as comfortable as you can. Because the moment we reunite all pain and longing falls away, even for those of us who were uncomfortable up until that point. Even the most painful journey seems like it took just an instant, once you get to your destination.”

from It Will All Make Sense When You’re Dead by Priscilla Keresy

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