Jesus Pulled Him Up From The Brink Of Hell

Colin had a very unusual Near Death Experience, including a brush with hell. I asked Colin some very pointed questions, which he responded to. Please take from this what resonates with you and leave what does not.

In this interview, C. Thomas Perry shares his spiritual journey, including a near-death experience where he sought help from Jesus to overcome fear and entered a world of light and love, strengthening his beliefs in angels and the importance of making good choices. Perry believes that God’s core teachings are about love, and everyone will experience this love if they follow the path of light, love, and goodness. Brian and Colin also discuss the pushback against near-death experiences and the importance of holding onto the belief that something beautiful awaits our loved ones after they pass. Lastly, Perry emphasizes that people are eternal beings, and death is just a passing of the physical body.

🎬 In this inspiring interview, I talk with Colin Thomas Perry, author of “Dying to be Alive,” about his near-death experience and spiritual journey.

🙏 Thank you for watching, and we hope this conversation brings you hope and peace.

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