John of New- Is He The Apostle John Reincarnated?

John Davis has a pretty wild story.

19 different intuitive readers independently and spontaneously told him about a very specific past life. Raised as a Catholic, psychics were not something he particularly believed in or trusted.

So John of New scheduled a session with a past life regression therapist. Under hypnosis, he remembered the exact life the readers had and told him of. He remembered the life of John, the Beloved apostle. In that regression, he remembered meeting Jeshua bin Joseph better known as Jesus. He also witnessed the crucifixion of his friend.

John now has a popular YouTube channel called John of New that shares what he learned 2000 years ago.

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Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we’ve been buried. But what if, like a seed we’ve been planted and having been planted would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes. Open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith.

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Hey everybody, this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth. And I’ve got with me today a fascinating man with a very unique story that you’re going to interested in hearing. His name is John Davis. He’s had 19 Different intuitive readers independently and spontaneously tell him about a specific past life. John was raised as a Catholic and psychics were not something particularly believed in or trusted. So we actually scheduled a session with a past life regression therapist. And under hypnosis, he remembered the exact life that the readers have told him about. And he remembered the life of being John the Beloved apostle, the apostle of Jesus. And that regression, he remember meeting Yeshua Ben Yosef, better known as Jesus. He also witnessed the crucifixion of his friend Jesus. And he now has a popular YouTube channel called John of new that he shares what he learned 2000 years ago. So that I welcome John Davis to grief to growth.

John Of New 2:41
Well, thank you, Brian. It’s absolutely wonderful to be here. Really excited to to share the story with your listeners. Yeah,

Brian Smith 2:49
it’s really good to meet you and just forget, we’re both Buckeyes, both both Ohio boys. So when you’re a transplant, I’m from your natively. So we do have that in common. I saw your your bio, and I was fascinated by your by your story. So I’m curious, though, you said you saw 19 Different psychics that told you this, but you weren’t a big believer in psychic. So why did you keep going back?

John Of New 3:11
Well, it was interesting, most of them, most of them. I did not go to let me tell you. I’ll tell you the interesting story is, you know, I was raised Catholic, as I said, my mom had her master’s degree in liturgy. So she was head of liturgical doctrine in our church. So we were very Catholic. And I never was a big believer in psychics or any of that sort of nature. But when I left college, I went on the road doing Renaissance festivals. And I put together a comedy swordfighting app called hack and slash we travel all over the country, all over the world, actually. And one day we were, we were performing at a festival in Ontario, Canada. And we were staying at a friend’s house up there. And I was sitting there, this room of people. And this woman across the room keeps staring at me to staring at me. And I’m like, this is just weird, because I know her husband sitting right next to her. I’m like, why is this woman staring at me? This is so strange. She stands up walks across the room. She says, you know, you’re John the Beloved, the past life, right? And I was like, Yeah, who’s, who’s this weird woman? Right? So I was like, that was just strange. It’s really weird. Really strange. Come to find out, you know, she was a known gifted, psychic medium at the time. And then I was like, okay, that’s just, that’s tough for me, because that doesn’t, you know, we don’t believe in those kinds of things in the Catholic Church. And so, I ended up going to the Maryland festival and she was there too. And she came up and she said something else to me about it. And I was just like, okay, so then I was up sitting on the fair side of the mailing Festival, and I’m talking to somebody that I’ve known for 15 years, 20 years, you know, and out of the blue, she says, you know, you’re judging the beloved, right? And I was like, This is the second person. So after it was about three of those three more of those who just spontaneously told me that finally I was like,

Okay, I’m gonna test this because I’m very science minded person. I’m going to test this. So at the time, there was a popular book out called the messenger’s was about a guy who under hypnosis, remember being the Apostle Paul. And so I was like, Well, let me find out who his his reader was. And let me contact one of them spontaneously out of the blue, and see what happens. So I call this one up to set up an appointment. And she says, I, I call up, I said, Yeah, I’d like to set up an appointment. She’s Oh, my God, you’re John, the beloved. And so it’s like, bing, bing, bing. I went to holistic fair, one time I was walking down along where the readers were, the only reason I was there is because a friend of mine was selling jewelry at the event. And I’m walking down along this row where these readers were doing readings, lady stopped, her reading ran out and grabbed my arm left, the lady sitting at her table, grabbed my arm to tell me the same thing. Well, this was really, it had gotten to the point where it was just ridiculous. And I was like, you know, I don’t know what to go on and on. And I started thinking, well, am I putting off something because, and you know, Mike, putting something out into the ethers that they’re picking up on or something.

And I was like, I gotta find some way that’s not a psychic, because I don’t really believe in psychics. I gotta find some way that’s not a psychic that’s going to actually show me what this is like, and what this is and to verify it. And so I went online, and I searched for a past life regression therapist, specifically certified past life regression therapist, because there’s a lot of people out there who claim to be past life regression lists. But I wanted someone who had letters after their name somebody with credentials, because I didn’t want it to be just, you know, Joe Schmo who says he does past life regressions. So I found a wonderful lady in Washington, DC area, set up an appointment, went to her house she gave me She led me through a meditation and gave me a tape that I had to train with for a week, I had to do use her meditation everyday for a week. So when I came back from the regression, I was already a climate into her voice. And so I went in, I lay down on the chair, she started taking me through the process of regression.

And I suddenly found myself opening my eyes, and I was standing on a stone beach. And I’m looking at this stone beach and I’m going, Okay, this is weird, but I could smell the air, I could feel the wind. And it was like, I had full sensory awareness of being there. And then I’m looking around, I looked down, like my arms from bear and my legs were bare. And I said, well, obviously not an apostle. Because they all wear robes, right? So that’s what I’m thinking, right? Well, after much research after the regression, because like I said, science minded guy, I wanted to research everything I could find. I found out what he what I was wearing was something called a Fisher’s coat is when they would go out on the on the Sea of Galilee to fish, they would wear these one piece bathing suit kind of things, because if you fell off the boat, in robes, you would literally drown. And so this were like basically a one piece bathing suit. And I didn’t find a reference to it in the Bible later on. So then, she’s like, what, what’s going on? And I look over to my right is this older man there? And he’s in full robes and he’s leaning on a stick. And I said, my father’s with me. Two inches. Well, who is that? And I said, Zebedee, Zebedee. And I said, he used to do the fishing, but he can’t anymore. Because he his back is too bad. So I do the work now. And this is what I’m saying. She says, what’s the next most important scene? What’s the next important thing that’s going to happen? I look over. And there’s people running down the beach. And they’re like running an excitement. And I look over and there’s a crowd forming over to my left down near some boats. And I’m looking at looking at the crowds. She says, do you go over? Or do you sit watch from afar? And I said, No, I’m going over. And I go over, and they come to the group and I kind of push my way through. And when I get to the center, I start to feel this guy that in front of me, I can literally feel His presence. And, and it’s like, I start to lose my breath. And you can hear in the regression, I have the regression available on my website, but you hear in my breath, I started losing my breath. I’m like, oh my oh my god, you feel them. I can feel them. And I look over and it this man was standing there. He was dark skin. He had long curly hair. And the sun had bleached it in a way that was kind of reddish. His eyes were light colored or light, like a blue color, which looks really strange. And but I found out later on after doing the research that red hair and blue eyes were actually something that was prevalent in the region at the time, did not know that. And he looked at me. And it was one of the weirdest things he looked at me. And he smiled like he knew me, which I didn’t had never met this man. And he walks over and he reaches his hand out, and he sets it on my chest. And in the regression, I have what many people would call a near death experience. But an out of body experience, definitely I left my body in my restoring my regression. In that moment in history, I left my body, and I found myself immersed in pure unconditional love, in unexpensive, whiteness. And I could tell that I was one with everything that was around me. And I was just enveloped in this loving sensation. And words are imperfect. You know, I’m saying these words, but they don’t describe the magnitude of what it really was. And I’m experiencing this feeling. And I’m going and I’m breaking the regression, it gets confused. She says, like, are you with him are already with him. And I said, I am within him. And that was really interesting. She says, what’s the next most important moment. And the next most important moment was for me to come out of that, and drop back into all of my fears and my anxieties, to feel the separation from love. And I had an understanding that by feeling the separation, I could understand what what love God truly was. But I could not understand that if I did not understand the separation. In science, they would call it a baseline, you have to feel the absence so that you can measure the the outcome. So she says what’s happening, what’s happening, I turn, and I look and I see Joshua, going over top of this berm or sand dune, away from me. I said he’s going away. I said, I have to go with him. And at that moment, it really kind of explained is something that I didn’t understand in my own Catholic faith was, you know, some guy walks up to you on the beach and says something to you, and you give up your entire life and walk away? How how can that be? How can how can that happen? And I what I said in the regression was he gave me a glimpse of everything. And I now have to go with him. So I can see it again, basically.

So in the in the regression, we’re in a past life regression, one of the things that regression is does is they try to lead you to a very, very emotional event. Well, I just went through an emotional event, right? But in her mind, what she was going to do is take me to the death of John, in a death of this, this old John have old and she says How would you feel about seeing his death? What the regressions didn’t realize that to John, there was nothing more important than Jeshua. And let me let me just say this, I say Jeshua, right. And you’ll see people spell it with a ye are spelled with a J. And my memory is it’s it’s the pronunciation of it is like a mix of the two. It’s like a Yeshua. So there’s a mix there. How would you feel about seeing his death? And I said, I couldn’t imagine. She says, Would you like to try it? Okay, can you hear me very pensively say, Okay. And the next thing you know, I’m literally watching them push him up on the cross. And I start screaming and crying and wailing. And she had to use hypnosis to bring me out of out of my emotions, so I could see what the scene was. And as we were going through the process after that, she brought me up and out. She says, What’s, what’s the purpose of this life? What’s what’s the reason for this life? And I said, he showed me everything. But it’s so simple that we all miss it. It’s so simple. We have a hard time even grasping it because of its simplicity. We are one with God at all times. And within that oneness, we are always creating we are always the creator of our experience. And we don’t recognize it. And now everyone searches for their connection. But it’s not about searching for it. It’s about acknowledging it is already there, and realizing it’s already there. And what was really interesting was, the more i i started bringing these Trouble back, the more I started seeing massive changes in my own life. And that’s that’s basically the story of how I went from 19 psychics to a full past life regression. Yeah, hope they I hope that answers your question that I started on a long time ago.

Brian Smith 15:15
No, it does. It does answer my question. And it actually answers, you know, another question and that same question that you did about the disciples, because you’re like, Okay, this dude walks up to me on the beach and says, Follow me. And they just drop everything. And they follow everything.

John Of New 15:29
They dropped the whole family’s everything. Yeah. And what was really interesting was the realizations that we truly are just our consciousness. You know, and I might let a couple years ago, my mother passed away. And a few years before, before she passed away, I told her all about what was going on with me. And she went to her Irish Catholic priests. She said, Father, I’m really concerned about my son, he thinks that I’m a reincarnated apostle. He says, he looked around, and he says, Don’t discount it, it might be true, which I thought was really interesting for Catholic priests to say, but she and I had this long talk about, about what it was the crossover and when, when she crossed over, you know, you had your, your, your, I know, your podcast, as far as grief to growth. One of the things that’s so fascinating is, you know, we’re here to experience this, this place, and the separation from love. But the two times that I’ve crossed over, and I can tell you about the second one later, but the two times that I’ve crossed over, I realized that the body is just an impermanent vehicle. And we are the consciousness within, and life is eternal. And when I talk to people who are going through a serious grief, they get very trapped in, in the moment of losing that person, that representation of love for them. And the reality of it is, when you look at that person’s life, they were this entire life, but they’re focusing on this little piece at the end. And the person that the reason that you’re having this little piece of this, this grief at the end, is because their life was a representation of love. And so it’s better to remember them for the representation of love, rather than for this little tiny piece at the end. And when they look across from the other side, and they see you, they see your entire life the same way. And your grief right now is this little piece here. They’re focused on who you are as a whole. And what I find in grief is a lot of people get stuck in their grief. My my, my sister is one of them. Actually, she still today, my mother died years ago, still today, she cries about my mom, frequently. And I’m like, you, mom would never want this for you. Mom would want you to be joyful and happy. And remember her for the funny thing she did and the loving gesture she did. And you know, the best thing you can do to to, to honor your your those of crossover is to remember them for who they were, and be the person that they know you are. And when you get to come to that space, you start to realize that it’s okay that they’re they’re not here, because there’s they’re still alive. They’re still living because life is eternal.

Brian Smith 18:13
Yeah, yeah, I completely agree with that. So I’m curious suddenly started a timeline here. How long ago did you have this past life experience the progression,

John Of New 18:21
if they the psychic started telling me in 1999, okay, I had my regression in the year 2000. And I went on the road and there was a book written about me years ago, and I went on the road and I started speaking at the Association for Research and enlightenment, which is the Edgar Casey Foundation’s. I spoke in Virginia Beach and Houston and Portland. And then I spoke at Unity churches and metaphysical centers, all over the country. And I discovered very quickly, that the lessons the teachings, which to me is the most important thing, what I’m talking about as the most important thing that they were, they were missing the message, because they’re so focused on the past life. And so after, I guess, about seven or eight years of just realizing that, you know, the same people were coming back and having the same problems, they weren’t stepping into their, their own divinity and changing their lives, that I realized that I was becoming a crutch for people and a detriment. So I actually left doing that all the spiritual work. And I went on, I decided, what how can I? How can I stop preaching to a choir who’s not really listening anyway? And start, start finding people and putting them on the path. And I became a corporate speaker. And what I did was I started taking the lessons and changing the vocabulary and putting it into a corporate speech and I did that for about 10 years. But when COVID hit, you know, as a corporate speaker, you’re you’re paid to go into small rooms with large numbers of people. And then, and then COVID it. And that industry goes away. But I kind of I said, I really, I don’t feel like I’m being authentic. I don’t feel like I’m being myself. Because I really want to be open about this. I don’t want to have to feel like I’m masking what I’m saying. And so I said, Okay, should I go back to doing this? And I’ve always been a very intuitive person. And since I’ve kind of embraced this, I’ve become more intuitive. And I said, I think I should do this. So I contacted a YouTuber named intuitive you, she’s a reader. And I said, I said, Would you be interested in possibly having me on as a guest? And she said, Yeah, I’d love that. So I came on, and on last September, a year ago, I, I started a YouTube channel with three subscribers. Me, my friend and my sister. And I had that interview on on the ninth and 10th of September. And on the 11th of September, I had 400 subscribers. And it’s just been just this amazing growth that’s been happening. And I’ve been really fascinating. I had given up all of my websites and everything from the before I became a speaker. And I, I re bought that domain name and I, I set up those addresses again. And the day after that interview, someone actually replied to an email that I had written 12 years earlier in a while. And and it made it to me, which is so amazing. And it really it was, she had been talking to a unintuitive out of Hawaii, who had said, you need to talk to John, he was John the Beloved, he’s bald, he’s big guy with glasses. She I know who that is. I talked to him a long time ago. I don’t even know if he’s still around. And she dug through her own emails, and found an email from me and hit reply. The day after I came back out, ever since then, it’s been been just amazing. The shift that I’ve seen in humanity from 10 years ago till now is amazing. Back then it was so superficial, and so into past lives, and all that stuff. And now everybody I’m speaking to is all about, what do I do? How do I go to the next level of my own? Self, my own authentic self. And so it’s been just amazing.

Brian Smith 22:31
Well, I do want to talk a little bit more about the past sci fi in a minute. You can talk about all you want. Yeah, I definitely get into the lessons too, because, you know, just you know, frankly, and I’ve had past life regressions, I believe them. So I want to say that up front. But people that don’t believe in this. Well, everybody says they were weak Marie Antoinette, or they were the Queen, they were clear. Everybody was famous. Have you had other past life regressions? Have you have you experienced other lives,

John Of New 22:57
I have not experienced I have had other past life regressions. I never experienced other lives. I have met multiple people who remember being John, I remember multiple people who say they’re Paul and Peter and, and I’ve met about 25, Mary Magdalene, and several and I never claimed to know what reincarnation is. But I will say that I do believe fully that we are all one with God. And do Am I tapping into a memory that anybody can tap into? I don’t know. Are there 100? John’s? Are there 1000 John’s work? Can anybody tap into those memories? I don’t know. All I know is those memories were very profoundly thrust into my life. And I don’t know, if you look at my website, it’s called John of new. It’s not John of old. I don’t think it really matters who you were in the past life, but I think it matters who you are now. Because here in the I M moment is the only moment you have thought word and deed or conscious. So as far as the past life is concerned, it’s very important to me because I have those memories. Right? After that regression, you know, there’s a certain percentage it’s like 13 to 14% of people who get regressed. Continue to have spontaneous, spontaneous regressions. So, I am one of those people. I occasionally still have spontaneous regressions from that lifetime. And I can always tell when it’s when it’s a regression. Because it’s full sensory awareness. I can feel the air co smell what’s going on in the room, whatever. I have the full sensory awareness when that happens, I know that it’s it’s an actual regressive moment.

Brian Smith 24:39
So is it like an out of body thing when you have this? Are you not conscious of what’s going on around you? Okay.

John Of New 24:44
Yeah, it’s a very strange experience. Somebody asked me what it was like in the progression. And I said, you know, how, how liquid you are in this in your just your everyday thing and you’re, and you’re kind of thinking about what’s going on. You know, you know, you’re like, Well, what if I did this? And your, your mind is kind of over here? Well, what happened is my regression was those two positions shifted. And I became the physical in the in the past life. Okay. But it was very aware of the thinking up here. And the conversation I was having with the regression is, so it’s like the consciousness shift. Yeah, I was there experiencing, but I was still very much up there as well.

Brian Smith 25:28
Yeah, I think it’s a great explanation. And you know, and the thing about reincarnation, I think is really interesting, because people get all caught up, and whether it’s true or not. And I’m like, I think it’s true, but it’s not as simple as we think it is. I believe that there’s that we have like, I think like an oversoul, that comes here and has many different incarnations. And when we go back, we kind of share those. And there might be a collective consciousness that, you know, that we can tap into. And, and I do know, people that, that say that they were John, and they were Peter and Paul, and you know, et cetera. So yeah, I appreciate that that answer that? I think it’s a very good answer. And like you said, the most important thing, I think, is what is the lesson? You know, what can we learn from this? Yeah,

John Of New 26:11
it literally is, you know, who you are now? Yeah. Because it’s the only moment you’re creating. And you’re and that is, that’s the thing that I find most people struggle with is they don’t realize they’re already creating, you know, you, probably everybody listening to this knows a negative person. Right? And have you ever noticed that that negative person always has something to be negative about, because they’re focused on their faith is on negativity, right, so they see the negative world, right, you know, when you look at this, this world that we’re living in, right where you are, whoever is listening this, look across the room, at the wall of the other side of the room, and realize that that wall that you’re looking at is nothing but pure energy, Einstein has proven to you that that is a energy event, with the atoms doing that wall. But the weird part is, the air between you and that wall is also made of atoms. And the eyes that you’re looking at it with their made of atoms as well. And you are literally created in God’s image, all of this is the image of God, and you’re, you are within it. And the first lines of the book of John, in the beginning of the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Your words, thoughts, beliefs go out into this energy pool. And it’s with God, and then God, consciousness universe, yada, yada, whatever you call, it, creates that image around you. So in the beginning of the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, so you suddenly have this experience of what you believe is being created. And when you shift into the perspective of, if I’m the creator, do I want to create crap? Or do I want to create something joyful and loving and caring? And I do a lot, I do a lot of private readings with people in private sessions with people. And I had one guy on yesterday, who was his second session. And he said to me, says, John says, after the first session, I had to have a second because my neighbors started being nice to me. They’ve never been nice to me. I said, that’s because everything comes from within you. And you change your perspective. And so you got to return in that form. Yeah. And that. And so that’s the one thing that most people miss is that they do get to create their experience. I think of God as supply and demand. You know, I just kind of put it out and whatever comes back comes back. And if I’m putting out crap, and if I’m having a tough day, I’m having a hard day I stop and I assess why I am putting that out. And I change it and how do you change it you change it with the most simple things whatever you ask in God’s name is granted. Well Moses back in the Old Testament said God’s name was I am not I will be not I was I am. I am joyfully creating a life of fun is very different from I am bummed out to this my job sucks. It’s a very different experience. Right? So that whatever you’re putting after I am is what you’re going to experience. If you believe it.

Brian Smith 29:17
Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s very interesting. So the the teachings that you have now, do you remember the teachings from Jesus are these things that are that have come to you since you now that you’re John Davis are

John Of New 29:31
there there are certain moments of teaching that I remember from him, but most of it is, is intuitive memory in some form. But the one line, the one line that I will, well, two things. It is so completely simple that we don’t get it. It is so it because we’re already doing it. We’re already experiencing. We’re here to experience we’re here in this world to experience and we’re already doing that The other part of this is at one point, I remember him clearly saying, when you seek a path, a path will be laid before you. But until you turn the path back to yourself, you’ll never find the doorway now, and what that is, is somebody says, hey, you know, I’m looking for the next aha moment, I’m looking for the next spiritual thing that’s going to take me to, to the next light show of spirituality. And in reality, they’re just paths. And you’re going to wander through wander paths and wandering the wilderness until you come back to yourself and go, No, I am. I am this, I am creating this. And what was really fascinating was after I started shifting my own life, that way, everything started falling into place. I mean, everything started falling into place. I remember when I was a corporate speaker, it was interesting, because that business is a very cutthroat business. And when you look at that business, if you really want to be respected in that business, you have to charge a lot. Because the less you are less you charge, the less respected you are. And I the first year I became a corporate speaker, I was like, I was doing a bunch of free speeches because I wanted to get my, my speech rehearsed. So I was going to Chamber of Commerce, and every free speech I did gave me another free speech. And then I said, Okay, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna say $1,500. So, I did a $1,500 speech, and they got me a bunch of $1,500 speeches. About three months later, I said, Well, I’m $5,000 now. And a $5,000 speech cut me a $5,000 speech. Then one day, someone said to me, what’s your fee? And I said, I am a $10,000. Speaker. What did I get? I got a $10,000 speech would cost me over 10,000 our speeches, it and I don’t want to put this about money, money or monetary things. That’s just an example. I think it’s one of the biggest mistakes that the secret did. It made it about monetary things. I’m just using that as an example. I’ve had experiences where I have asked and believed and received the most ridiculous things. To give you a really simple example, I used to as a hobby used to restore antique furniture. I used to buy them and bring them home and fix them up and either use them or sell them right or given the family. And I had this Victorian dresser with the two pedestals and the swivel mirror on the top. And it was a beautiful dresser needed a bunch of work. But it was missing the two screw finials that hold the mirror onto the post. So I said thank you god, For the screw finials that I am receiving Amen. All right now when you thank for something means you’re you believe you’re getting it. Because you don’t think until you’re getting it. God I say God my mom was Catholic. I don’t care if you say universe consciousness you know, whatever you call it fine with me. Thank you God for the exactly what I want to screw finials. I am God’s name receiving present moment action that means something’s coming into my life. Amen. Most people don’t know what it means. What it means is so be it means right here right now done. So the whole thing is a completely present moment statement. And then I just believed it. And then a day or so later, I stopped by a Salvation Army. I found this little rock people desk that was going to be perfect for my son’s room and I brought it home. Took it into my garage, set it down next to that dresser. Open the drawer. The screw finials were in the drawer. Wow. Right. You are creating within this experience. And most people want it to happen instantaneously. They want the magic light show they want the miracles. But if you remember in the Bible, Jeshua mustache was mother came and said they’re out of wine at the wedding feast. And his response was it’s not time yet. And the next thing he did was he turned to people and he said, Put water in those jugs. And so he put thought, word and deed into action and let the manifestation come into the life come into the illusion. And most people miss the fact that that they can create an anything in their life. The one of the ladies who I work with, in my membership area, she she was saying the other day, she says, Boy with a hard day at work today. I said, Well, why did you choose that? She’s well, this guy’s there. He’s terrible. I said, Well, why do you believe that? You know, I kept going back to why you focus on on what’s going to be bad instead of focusing on? I’m going to have a great day at work today. And then he probably wouldn’t have been there. Right? But it really comes down to the creative element in our life is that and that’s what Joshua type. That’s exactly what he saw. And people ask me often about his healings. And there’s a thing that I remember very clearly. And it’s I found it in the Bible as well. And when I went to Israel I actually went to the site, it was a town called bet che on. And one of the things it says in the Bible is that they avoided best Fae on because no healings could happen there. And the reason is no healings could happen there is because Joseph the carpenter did a lot of work and vegetarian. And they could not believe that the son of the carpenter could heal them. But the memory that I have is that we would come to bed che on and out on the outskirts of town is what they would call a wadi, nowadays a dry riverbed. And my brother James, and I would go into the town. Well, you know, whoever past life regression stuff, right, but John, and James would go into the town and say to people, Jeshua is out by the wash. Those who want healings come out to him. And those who would take the leap of faith could come out to him, because he understood that he could come there with pure loving essence, and pure love, but no healing was going to happen without their belief. And having them come out of the town to him was part of that leap of faith. Because that, that is the creative element.

Brian Smith 36:14
Yeah, that’s, that’s interesting. And I’m reminded of the story of the where the man was asking for healing, I think for his daughter. And Jesus said, If you believe it’ll be done, and he said, I believe, Lord help my unbelief, because I’m that guy. I don’t I don’t have that kind of faith. But I’m hoping that it only takes a little bit, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 36:36
Okay, well, but But hang on. I look like Can I stop you right there? Yeah. I don’t have that kind of belief is a present moment belief that you don’t have it? Sure. Yes. So what if you could change that to? I am a true believer? Yeah. It is. I think the thing is, here’s the part. Here’s the part where most people get stuck with what I’m saying they think, Well, I just can’t do that. Right. Yeah. Right. Right. Well think about this is there’s a famous Buddhist quote, and it’s the most famous Buddhist quote, there is, and it’s life is suffering, right? Everyone knows that because it is the word it was great. But the actual quote is Miss Miss translated, because the original translation was from the language of Pali, pli. And Pali is a conceptual language, it speaks in concepts. English is a literal language. And when they translated it from Pali to English, there was this little word called Dukka. Dukka is the word for suffering. And when you look at the actual translation, in English, there’s three translations for the word Dukkha. And when you take the three translations, and you put them together into a single into a single concept, you get something really interesting. The actual translation of that quote is, life is suffering because of our habitual responses to our subconscious belief. So we have we have these habits, right? So way, I changed my life in the way that I can tell you crazy stories. But the way I changed my life was I started paying attention to exactly what I was saying about my present moment. And when I would catch myself saying something, contrary to what I wanted to create, I would give myself permission to laugh at myself, and say, well, that’s silly. I’m not doing that I am doing this. And when I started shifting, and negating that thought, and putting this other thought in its place, what happened was, I was changing my subconscious belief. Because every time I negated it, I backed it up with this other thing. And then what happened was, I started stacking these present moment beliefs behind me. And then things started to change. Because I was now changing the subconscious belief. And your subconscious belief is just as creative as your conscious belief. Yeah, because belief is, is timeless. Yeah. And so you can, you can change your subconscious belief behind you. Now. Now we’re at the translation that from the Bible that I think most people miss, you must be born again. All that means is set down your past and start something new. It means change your subconscious belief. And start creating new subconscious beliefs in the present moment. And realize that outcome that you want, it’s up there. You never get to it in the future. It comes to you depending on what you’re believing now, because you will never experience it in the future, you will always experience your present moment. You know, and so it has to be coming to you and it’s and it’s malleable and changeable and changes with your very thought. So if you want something specific, you have to stay focused on the fact that you’re receiving it and you have to keep Keep saying focus on that until you actually hold it in your hand. Yeah, one of the things I had to do is I had to take certain words out of my vocabulary and the words that I took out were wanting meeting hoping and trying I taking those words out that are not present moment active. I am wanting gives you one time meeting because you need I am trying to try and I started replacing them with I am receiving I am enjoying I am creating present moment positive words that that are active. And what happened was I started seeing things into my life and experiencing things in my life. Now, now, let me tell you one of my one of the world where I learned this, is that okay, they were did you want to say something?

Brian Smith 40:44
No. Okay. Yes.

John Of New 40:46
22 years old. My dream. This was long before my regression long before my dream was to be a stuntman. That’s what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a professional stuntman. And 22 years old friend of mine said, Hey, can you help me unload my van? I said, Sure. So I went out to his house. He was a professional Potter made beautiful pottery. His van was full of 80 pound boxes of clay. And at the time, back in those days, I was I was rock, muscular, strong guy, right? I was working my way from my black belt. I had Fabio hair, as opposed to this Kojak look, I got now right. And I was really excited about another workout. I was gonna go move a van full of 80 pound boxes of clay was just another workout. Yeah, climbed up in that van, pick up that first box, I turned to set it out of the van. And my spine broken too. Oh, wow. And I collapsed. And they took me to the hospital. The doctor said to me, Mr. Davis, you know, we don’t think you’re ever going to walk again, you have conditioned on a spinal bifida occulta. And for most people, it’s not a big deal. But you had three vertebrae that did not form properly. And when you did the extra twist that day, you actually twisted the upper part of your spine off of the lower part our spine, we don’t think you’re ever going to walk again. And even if you gain mobility, your your lower body can not support your the weight of your upper body. So you’ll probably be stealing with chairs and crutches and walkers rest of your life. Now what was my dream was to be a stuntman. And I was well on the way to getting my black belt. So what do you mind comes in and gives me and this is kind of going off of the the Jesus into into the same thought, the same concepts, but just from a different angle. But he came in gave me a book by Bruce Lee. He talked about being like water in this book, the Dougie condo. And then the more I started realizing it when something adversity comes up, if I hold my faith, no matter what’s going on. If I just think of this thing as the obstacle between me and what I’m getting, as opposed to the thing that’s going to stop me I can I can change the outcome. And I also came to the realization that I can take that doctor’s belief and being a chair the rest of my life, or I can choose to be a stuntman. And that day I started going, I am moving my neck, started working my neck muscles, I moved my shoulders. After 30 days I moved my hips. After six months, I was able to walk up and down, walk around but not well. At a year I was back to what we consider a normal physical body, but not back to where I was before. At a year in six months, I tested for my black belt and I went to the national study American Studies Association workshop in Washington State. I climbed up on top of a three storey tower and I jumped off into a fall pad. I went on to do over 4000 live comedy swordfighting shots Sun shows all over the world, including the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan on six uso tours. I’ve worked with the fight choreographer from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, a Highlander, Batman, and I actually was in a film with Brad Pitt and David to company as part of the stunt team.

Brian Smith 44:06
Wow. Okay.

John Of New 44:08
All right. So, but when you take it from what I just said, with Bruce Lee’s story, it’s the same principle. You can find you can find truth everywhere. And, and it’s not just in Christianity. You can find it in Islam. You can find it in Hinduism and Buddhism and Wicca and Tony Robbins and Star Wars films you can find everywhere.

Brian Smith 44:31
It’s a lot of what you said today I’ve heard Yoda say. Right, exactly.

John Of New 44:35
And, and to me, it’s interesting because the relationship to fear is is one of the biggest things is fear is the illusion of not having love in some form, and not experiencing love and the reason I call it as lucid because when you break down fear scientifically, it’s an emotional reaction to a future event that may or may not What happened with you focus on a negative outcome? Because if you were focused on a positive outcome, you wouldn’t be afraid. So fear is just negatively focused on certainty. Most people get in their fear and they get stuck. Well, what did Yoda say? He said, named must your fears be before banish that you can. You have to name that fear and label it as fear to get yourself out of it, and say, Oh, it’s just fear. And so yeah, I love Yoda has said some brilliant things.

Brian Smith 45:30
Oh, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, he said, What is it? Do not try there is no tribe viewer

John Of New 45:36
appears to try Fear leads to the dark side.

Brian Smith 45:39
Yeah. So I want to ask you, because I hear I hear you teaching, I believe, is the essence of what Jesus taught. So where do we go wrong? What what did we have wrong about Jesus? And what just your thoughts were that misunderstanding came about?

John Of New 45:55
There’s a lot of misunderstanding. First of all, there’s a couple things you didn’t know historically. The first book of the New Testament is attributed to 50 years after this crucifixion. Okay, so it’s a letter from Paul. So all of the teachings were oral tradition, and that were eventually translated. And the original text of the New Testament was in Greek, not Aramaic. Right? So it was like, the oral tradition had been translated and altered. And, and, and then came this little thing, 300 years after the crucifixion, this little thing called the Nicene Council. And it was found it was formed by Constantine, the Emperor, who came to the council dressed as the pagan sun god, and did not get baptized until his deathbed. And they, they took over 60 books out of the texts, and brought it down to just the ones that really fit what they wanted to say. And at that council, one of the things that was decided, is Joshua, the son of God, or is Joshua, a prophet, or a teacher, and they chose Son of God at that moment. And then, after that moment, every every other religion was wrong. And, and then so so the teachings have been altered and changed over and over and over again. And then you get to King James, who changed it again. At one point in the Bible, it says, Whatever you asking, God’s name was granted. Kings James Version says, whatever you ask in, my name is granted. So he basically is now deifying, Jesus as God. And so they’ve changed it from the I am to, you have to pray to Jesus. And so the alterations were changed. But the interesting thing was, people asked me about the crucifixion. You know, why did he do it? Why did he go to the crucifixion, you got to remember a couple things. During that time, it was a militant military rule. And when somebody got popular, and they started getting a large number of followers, the military thought he was building an army. They’re trying to try to get him to fight him. Right. And so Joshua knew the only way to have the teachings go forward, was to spread the teachings out. So what did he do? He took 12 people, he said, Okay, you go to Rome, you go to Turkey, you go to you stay in Jerusalem, you go, here you go. And he sent them all over the world with the messages, and then went to his death to make them think that that is it ended, when in reality, what he did was he put the teachings out into the world because he knew the teachings would go on. And there has been an undercurrent of these teachings. And what’s interesting to me right now is we’re seeing a very big shift back to this loving, caring belief. And you’re seeing the the, the manipulations of Christianity starting to implode, you know, we’re starting to see a lot of the the struggle essentially, if you really want to think about it, Hitler thought he was a Christian. Let me say my face so he was a Christian. The the conquistadores wiped out South America, I think there are Christians, the Native Americans were kicked out of their lands because of the Christians. So it it it went away from his message very, very far. And one of the things that I do have a very clear memory of, and people want to argue with me about this because of another person other readers book, and she has actually had the reader she was a regression test. But the scenes everyone thought everybody seems to think that he was in a scene, but I have a very distinct memory of him avoiding the scenes because they wanted him to become a Messiah. And when You get an army. And people were like, No, that’s not what happened to Dolores Cannon said this. And I said, Well, I, you, that’s fine. I can only talk about my memories. I can’t talk about hers or anybody else’s right. And the first historically the first armed conflict against Rome, was led by John Eocene. And so it’s like, Joshua’s whole teaching was not about deification, or, or being set above or apart, he believed that we were all equal in the eyes of God. And, and he believed that we, each word of mine greater works than I have done, you will do. It is your faith that heals you. Yeah, it’s a smallest mustard seed, you know.

Brian Smith 50:44
And I want to talk about the dedication of Jesus because you can find things in the Bible that support either way. You know, I hear a lot of I call you my brothers, you know, the, I’ve seen the Father do greater things that Son can do nothing without the Father. We hear all those things. So was it Paul, deified Jesus, me, when did this? When did this thing happen where he became the Son of God,

John Of New 51:06
the Son of the Son of God happened at the Nicene. Council. Okay, and, and that’s when that’s when that shifting happened. And then, if you if you go into the Gnostic texts, and read some of the Gnostic texts, you’re gonna find something really interesting in the book of James, the brother of Joshua, the book of James brother, Joshua, Paul is referred to as the great liar. And he basically saying that Paul is not teaching which I should have taught. And is, is doing this for his own powers and glory. And it basically says that Paul is, and he got the majority of the New Testament is written by Paul. And Paul never met Joshua in life, right? He only had a vision. Right. And Paul, when you when you dive into the X and Gnostic texts and all that stuff, there’s here’s a here’s a quote from Paul. Yeah, it is okay. Well, that’s not what I’m gonna paraphrase it, obviously, because he didn’t say, okay, you know, it’s okay to beat your slave so long as he doesn’t die, because you’re slaves property. That’s a Paul. Paul Paul actually said that. He also said, it is okay to have slaves. As long as they’re not from your country. Yeah. Yeah. So Paul was creating all this stuff. And he was when you really look at the letters he wrote to various people. He was like a chameleon. He said, what they wanted him to say her. And, and you kind of lose a bunch of the, the beauty of Josh was teachings. The most esoteric book, and Bible is one that I’m most proud of. It’s the book of John, of course. But it says, says God is love. And it says no fear can exist in pure love. Those are the two most telling statements. Now people say, well, there’s other stuff in there in there, too. Yeah, but you have to realize the Bible is not infallible. It’s been altered. It’s been translated. It’s been, you know, it’s even been manipulated. Yeah. manipulated to say what they wanted to say.

Brian Smith 53:12
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. And I was raised as a fundamentalist Christian. And I’ve done a lot of Bible study in the history and stuff like that. And so, you know, most people are not aware of where their Bible came from. They think it was it was dropped from the sky wrapped in leather, you know, with gold foil around it, and choir singing the whole time, right? Yeah. It’s like, no, no, no, there was a whole process. And there’s a big political process that went on. And very selective.

John Of New 53:40
Well, I think about this. In the original text, he never said, I’m the son of God. Right? I always said, I’m the son of man. Yes. But what is the Son of Man? A normal person?

Brian Smith 53:50
Yeah. He didn’t, right. He used the term Son of man and the Caesars used to term sons of God. And that’s, that was a very political thing to say, Son of God and Sam,

John Of New 54:00
and think about this. Okay. So if you look at the, the text of the birth of Joshua, right? It’s a virgin birth. In in Judaism, there’s no virgin birth. In Roman mythology, there’s tons of Right, right, right. So that Christmas, if the timeline is correct, in the virgin birth story, Christmas should be around August, because of the stars and the way the things and what was in bloom in the in the text. But it’s in December was in December, because it’s right next to the pagan holiday, right? And Easter, same thing. So they started putting things around the Roman pagan holidays to make the transition easier. And here’s something even even crazier. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, that’s the site that everyone says is the site when they open the tomb About seven years ago, they were going down to make sure that the tool was still stable. And they dug down and they got to the lowest thing and they carbon dated the lowest thing they found a carbon data to the time of Constantine. Okay. During that time, the reason the Church of the Holy separator is where it is and where Mount Sinai is, is because Constantine sent his mother to mark all the holy sites. And so all of the sites that are marked as the holy sites were actually dated to the time of Constantine 320 years after the crucifixion. And so that, you know, even what we would say up, are the are the holy sites aren’t necessarily the holy sites. Now, I will tell you a very interesting experience that I had. So I went to the church or wholly separate care. And I was like, okay, you know, am I going to get a feeling when I’m there? What’s going to happen, right? And I walked in, and I felt nothing. Right? And I come out. And my friend Michael was with me, Michael says, We should go over to the Garden Tomb. I said, What’s that? He said, Well, the British archaeological site, just society says that the search of the holy supper curse in the wrong spot because the Bible says it’s outside of the gate of Damascus. And they went over and they found this area that was kind of fit the description and they found a tomb. And in the tomb was was it was hit had been open. And there were three spots in it for people, the lane airlaid. And over one of them, somebody had marked across over it. And right next to that, and if you remember correctly, when they took Joshua down from the cross, the tomb of Joseph Erna fields very close by. Okay, right next to it, they found this, this Stone Hill. And the locals in the area called that Stone Hill Golgotha. And Golgotha means skull Hill, when you look at this thing, it looks like a skull. And that some of the people who are anti Christian in the area, believed it so much they defaced it. Right, they displaced the spot. So I said, Well, let’s let’s go see what happens. We start walking over. The closer I get, the more I start to weep. I start crying, I got in the room, I got nauseous, going into the space, I got nauseous, I saw the hill. And I’m looking at him like this. I just knew it was the right spot. And then I have one of the memories I do have is carrying Jeshua to a to got the angle I was it would have looked very different back in the day, because it’s an archeological site. But I really felt like I had been there before. And I literally was weeping and crying and nauseous. And I turned to a guy with me who was told that he had been the apostle Philip at the time. He’s very, very conservative, very shy about it. He didn’t want to talk about it. And I’m like, but I turned to him and I looked at him. And he never He never gives any emotion. And go what do you think he goes? I think they got it right. He had the same sort of reaction. So to me, I think the I think the British society got it right. The location, right? Yeah. And I think but all the changes that have been done as Bible most people don’t, do not know how many changes in the Bible. But what I tell people is when you read the Bible, take the parts that are loving, and leave the rest, because the rest has been from man. Well,

Brian Smith 58:43
the other thing is we read the Bible entirely wrong because Jesus spoke in parables, right? People take parables, and they make them literal. And I’m like, okay, you know, it’s like if someone said these out in left field, we wouldn’t look out in the field to see if he’s there. We know. It’s an idiom. But when Jesus uses parables, people, they realize some are parables. Some they take, literally,

John Of New 59:03
you know, the reason why he spoke in parables is because you can, you can spoon feed information, and they won’t retain it. But if they find the information themselves, it is in their soul as part of them. They believe it. So by giving them a parable, they come to the realization themselves, and it becomes part of them. And so that’s why he always taught in stories. That’s why you’ll even in this conversation we’re having right now, I’m telling you stories about my back going bad. I’m telling you stories about going to Jerusalem and experience. I’m telling you these stories, because they’re giving you a chance to experience the emotion of it.

Brian Smith 59:41
Well, the other thing is some of these concepts are too big to use. Literally, there’s a guy that I follow that his name was Bernardo kastrup. And he wrote a book called more than allegory. And he talks about why great spiritual truths are taught and allegory because he’s, the the concepts are too big for us to put into it. To literal words, so it’s it’s, it’s so I think there’s there’s numbers of reasons why Jesus taught in parables and people can retain them. And they’re easy to tell when you’re using an oral tradition. You need to be able to be able to retain it.

John Of New 1:00:13
Yeah, right. Right. And then it got written down. And then because it was written down, then it can be edited.

Brian Smith 1:00:21
It’s interesting, because I have a friend who’s Jewish, and I was said, I was raised as a fundamentalist Christian. So I’m like, the Bible is literal, you know, the steak is literal. The Garden of Eden is all literal. And he goes, we don’t take any of that stuff. Literally, what is what’s the deal with you Christians? And I’m like, Oh, I thought it was you know, that’s when I learned I want my 20s.

John Of New 1:00:37
And I love the Garden of Eden story. It’s one of my favorites, for the reason it is, is because it’s very clear to me about the real moral meaning of it, is it you know, Eve was not the villain, you know, and this night, and really, the snake was the villain. No, it was the transgression, the transgression was they ate from the tree of knowledge, and they were kicked out of paradise. So they got in their heads, and out of their hearts, they got kicked out of the feeling of love, because they got in their heads too much. They started thinking too much. And guy, I truly believe God speaks and feelings.

Brian Smith 1:01:12
I don’t even believe it’s a transgression, I believe his story of us coming to earth. It’s that that thing you said that we come here to experience the difference to experience a feared I was talk with the guy and he actually we were in because people always ask, what’s the meaning of life? Why am I here? Well, we’re here to learn. We’re here to grow. We’re here to experience. And I heard this guy say we’re here to experience being abandoned. And I was like, I thought that was very profound what he said, then it’s like you talked about when you were in that oneness, you know, it’s blissful. But when you come here, you realize how blissful it really was,

John Of New 1:01:45
right? Yeah, it’s the baseline, you cannot measure love, without knowing the lack of it. Right. And so you come here to experience the lack of love, which is the abandonment, right? Or come here, to have that feeling. Because if you never experienced it, the lack of it, you could never know what it was you’re experiencing. Yeah, you need to have something that’s opposite to experience. And so this whole nd here’s the other thing. You we come here to experience, the lack of love, and many, many levels. Sometimes it might be something small, some things might be something big. So really hurtful or harmful. When we cross back over every every near death experience or talks about the life review, what’s really interesting about the life review is when they cross over, they experience their life, from their point of view, and from the point of view of everybody they interacted with. So they’re literally experiencing what they felt in those interactions. So what does that mean? They’re being folded back into the oneness and experiencing the entire experience, and the expiry and they’re looking at love and our relationship to it from all the different facets, all different angles. And it really gets it gives us the opportunity to experience it.

Brian Smith 1:03:01
Yeah. And I want to I want to kind of come back to what we talked about earlier about because I know people are gonna get hung up on you know, was he really John, the beloved was early John, the beloved, but it comes down to the fact of what you just said, we’re all one in the sense. And it reminds me of a friend she she does not or did not at least believe in reincarnation, but she had a near death experience. And she said, I saw what I think were all my past lives. But there might have been other people, I don’t know. Because we’re in that that situation, we’re so close, that we kind of lose the separation. We don’t feel we don’t feel it. So it’s like, I think once we’re in spirit, it’s kind of like we don’t really, we don’t identify the way we do when we’re in the body.

John Of New 1:03:40
I completely agree with you, you’re so limited when you’re here. Because you don’t have the knowledge, you don’t have the information. And it’s so fascinating that the after, after I started having my big spiritual awakening I had what the Hindus would call a Kundalini rising. I had an experience while trying to meditate where I popped back out. But I found myself in a pure white expanse again. And this person was standing in front of me says you’re not supposed to be here yet. Push me back into my body. But the interesting thing is, in that moment, of being in that expanse, I felt like an infant with no knowledge, I was in awe and wonder of what I was witnessing. Because I was witnessing it from my physical perspective down here where I am a child, I don’t have that. And my son is he’s he’s about to be 19. But when he was an infant, we taught him baby sign language, because it’s about communication. And we never had the terrible twos because of it and all that, you know, being able to communicate and articulate is, is imperative and we we had don’t have the ability to articulate what happens on the other side. The other side has everything. It is everything in all possibilities at once. And you know, as far as, as far as past life experience did, did Yeshua, and the disciples believe in past lives? So he said to them, who do they say that I am? And Peter says, Some say You are Elijah or some other prophet returned? He says, No, I tell you, Elijah has come already, and you have shunned him referring to John the Baptist. That’s in the Bible. Well, they had to believe the logic return to be John, a Jesus of Nazareth. And Jesus had to believe that Elijah could return and be John the Baptist, right? How can you make a better argument for

Brian Smith 1:05:35
I love it, when they asked they asked us why would the man was born blind? And they say, who said he was parents? And it’s like, how could he have said before he was born? So they obviously believed in both karma and reincarnation?

John Of New 1:05:47
Right, right. And I said, I, I take karma a little differently, because I think the modern New Age folks have turned karma. Yeah, something more. I think, I think karma really is sowing and reaping.

Brian Smith 1:05:59
But and their belief was like, if you were rich, that means you were blessed by God, if you were poor, that meant that meant you did something wrong. That was that was the belief at the time. Right? That was that was their belief?

John Of New 1:06:11
I’ll tell you one of the other things that I run into with spiritual folks, especially is this, this weird relationship between spirituality and money? They’re like, well, if you’re a spiritual person, you can’t make money and allowed to make money, right? I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, what do you mean, you sell meditation CDs, you shouldn’t do that. They should be free, because you were an apostle as a you know, I’m John Davis. And I’m allowed to have a roof over my head to write Yeah, I make two to three videos a day, I’m working 800 hours a week creating my channel. And, you know, I’m allowed to do that, you know, and they forget that in the Bible, it does not say, Money is the root of all evil. It says the love of money is the root of many evils. The love of it, not not money itself, but the love of it, the belief about it. And and people get real trapped into that, that that struggle about money. Here’s another thing that I run into a lot. There’s a lot of people in this world who believe that struggle equals growth, that they have to struggle to get ahead. And I said, What would happen if you could believe that, like, everything came easily? How would that be? And they’re like, Well, if it doesn’t go, well, that’s my belief, you know, things just seem to fall easily into my life.

Brian Smith 1:07:25
Yeah, yeah, that’s great. We’re probably running out of time, I could talk to you all day, I do want to let people know where they can find out about you find out more about you. I know you offer readings. So I want to give you an opportunity to talk about what is that what do people get if they get a reading for him is so

John Of New 1:07:44
so, so easy to find, if you’re going to John of, you can you can find me there, I have a membership site on there, which I do weekly, live zoom meetings with a group of people, we have a great time doing that. I also I’ll do offer readings and what those readings are the kind of until this an hour before I do one, I sit down with a blank sheet of paper and your name on the top of it. And I do an automatic writing. And I just open up to whatever comes through, and I write it down. And then I get on with you. And we go through the process of breaking you out of the things, limiting beliefs and things that have held you back from achieving what you want in life or getting over your past fears and traumas. And we’ve come out the other side with with much a much more joyful you. And what I’m going to offer when I do this, whenever I do an interview like this, I offer the listeners to the podcast $50 a discount, and I’m going to give Brian the link to that. And I’m sure you’ll drop it somewhere else. Yeah. And if you really want to get into more of the information, go to go to John of new, all one word on YouTube. And I’ve got now almost 600 videos on that channel in a year. And you can go and you can dive in I put out something every day to just kind of cement the beliefs and cement the teachings. The teachings are very simple, but they really have to be told through stories and you really have to come to the realization of it. And that that’s the best way you can find me the best way you can learn more about Joshua’s teachings, which is the most important thing to me.

Brian Smith 1:09:26
Yeah, awesome. Awesome. John, it’s great to have you here. I appreciate you spending your time with me today.

John Of New 1:09:33
Oh, it’s been wonderful. Thank you, Brian. And yeah, I would love to have another conversation with you. You simply have you have a lot of knowledge that I’d like to tap into.

Brian Smith 1:09:39
Alright, cool. We’ll do that. All right, have a good one night see. Don’t forget to like, hit that big red subscribe button and click the notify Bell. Thanks for being here.

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