Grief 2 Growth Podcast Judith Hancox- 10 Tips To Maintain Health During a Crisis- Ep. 70

Judi Hancox joins me for a second time. This time we discuss specific healing tips that you can use to create your own practice to stay healthy and balanced, in a crisis, or at any time. The best time to start these practices is a year ago. The second best time is today.

In a follow on video, Judi shares her Energy Centering Meditation that you can do on a regular basis.

Judi has been a yoga and meditation teacher since 1980, clinical social worker and trauma recovery specialist since 1990. Judi trademarked “Shiome Therapy,” using holistic methods that synergistically combine ancient wisdom with current science to help accelerate the healing process with spiritual awareness.

She created an Energy Centering Meditation with therapeutic-grade essential oils to quickly connect to spirit and balance our energy body.

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