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Kimberly Meredith- Let’s Move To The 5th Dimension

Kimberly Meredith is a scientifically studied medium. Her abilities began to manifest at birth but were enhanced by two Near Death Experiences. Her book, Awakening To The Fifth Dimension, tells us how to begin living in the “next world” today. Stay tuned to the end when I ask Kimberly how the world at large will make the shift from this 3D to the 5D world to come.

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Kimberly Meredith is one of the most scientifically studied intuitives in the world as measured by Dr. Norm Shealy during scientific testing to validate her abilities. She has also been tested by the PSYtek Subtle Energy Laboratory and at the famed IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Kimberly possesses the ability to emit healing Scalar energy – even through walls, via Skype, Zoom, etc.

She received her miraculous healing gifts following two Near Death Experiences (NDEs), during which she was blessed with an incredible encounter with God. Through her healing mediumship and blinking eyes, Kimberly can see into the body faster and more accurately than the fastest MRI and thermography machines, accurately detecting all manner of medical conditions. With her remarkable abilities, Kimberly has helped thousands of people and animals to improve from all manner of medical and emotional conditions by calling in the Divine Consciousness.

Kimberly can also connect with those who have crossed over to bring messages to the living. Kimberly highly anticipated new book AWAKENING TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION: DISCOVERING THE SOUL’S PATH TO HEALING (U.S. Publisher: St. Martin’s Essentials, U.S. Audio Book Publisher: Penguin Random House, U.K. Publisher: Hay House) is now an Amazon Best Seller! The book is available at most bookstores and online including Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Bookshop, IndieBound Powell’s, and others. In Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, Kimberly offers readers something truly revolutionary- a new dimension of healing in the Fifth Dimension. With this book, Kimberly will be sharing her gift with a wider audience, giving readers the tools to implement this healing in their own lives.

Whether you are wrestling mental, emotional, or chronic ailments or seemingly incurable symptoms, Kimberly’s gentle wisdom offers a way forward towards happiness and freedom. The book is a workbook for practical daily living and a guide to reaching a higher level of existence and consciousness. It describes Kimberly’s two Near Death Experiences that led her to the discovery of her gifts. It further offers prayers, meditations, healthy recipes, health and fitness information, healthy product and lifestyle ideas and so many more valuable and useful information for reaching the Fifth Dimension. It is within the Fifth Dimension where we find hope, happiness, love, and miracles. Kimberly is fantastic in interviews, especially when she is able to do Readings! This dynamic woman has been a guest on countless television, radio, and podcasts across the country. Most recently she appeared on Wake Up With Marci / CBS TV-NY, Carlos & Lisa Show / Syndicated, Live It Up: The Donna Drake Show / CBS TV-NY, Afternoon Live / ABC TV- OR, Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory and many more. She has also been featured in The Eden Magazine, The Edge Magazine, Magic Image Hollywood Magazine, Soul & Spirit, and Women Fitness.


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We feel like we’ve been buried. But what if like a seed we’ve been planted

and having been planted, who grow to become a mighty tree.

Now, open your eyes. Open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. Hey everybody, this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth. Today I’ve got with me a fascinating woman. Her name is Kimberly Meredith. She is a best selling author. She’s a world renowned Medical Medium, and we’ll talk about what a Medical Medium is. She’s also a healer, she’s helped 1000s of people from around the world. Now following an accident resulting in two near death experiences. She received miraculous healing gifts from the Holy Spirit. Numerous research as of today, including the ions Institute, which is the Institute of Noetic science Noetic Sciences have scientifically validated her abilities. In addition to hosting the syndicated radio hit the medical intuitive meet miracles show. She’s also a frequent guest on newest, numerous podcasts and nationally syndicated radio shows. And that’s why she’s here today. I reached out to her after hearing an interview with her. And I think her story is so fascinating. And what she’s experienced is fascinating. I can’t wait to share it with you. So with that, I want to welcome to grief to growth, Kimberly Meredith.

Kimberly Meredith 2:18
Thank you, Ryan, for having me on your show.

Brian Smith 2:21
Kimberly, it is really great to meet you. We were talking earlier I said I think I heard you on a pie. I know I heard you on a podcast earlier. I know you’ve had some fascinating experience as far as near death experiences, etc. We talked earlier, before we get start recording my audience is primarily people that have gone through grief events, which is why I do what I did because of the passing of my daughter. So you were saying that you’ve experienced a lot of grief in your early life. So tell me about that.

Kimberly Meredith 2:48
Yeah, unfortunately,

it started with my

brother. He died first in our family. He was in a gang related fight at school. He was only 15 years old. He was in in a gang but he him and his friend were on the schoolyard. And some older kids came on to school, and they were pushing around some kids and my brother was one of them. And him and his best friend were

bullied and pushed in. My brother hit the back of his head against a brick wall. And his friend also was injured pretty bad. And my brother went home with the back of his skull didn’t know, was pretty badly injured and didn’t tell my mom or anything that this had happened. And he went and took some aspirin and went to sleep. And by the morning when he woke up there was blood in his ears. And we got him to the hospital and he was brain dead. Few hours after that. It blew up huge in the community. They never caught the kids or adults actually, that did it. But what happened was that from that happening, it was like one of the saddest funerals because there was so many young kids in the community that were really torn up besides our family. It spun off about two months later. My mother died of a broken heart on the couch. Then my dad died after that shortly also of grief. They both died quickly after that.

Brian Smith 4:50
Losing a child can can do that to you. I can understand that.

Kimberly Meredith 4:54
They did my my mom suffered from anorexia and And she just couldn’t get over it the losing of my little brother. He had an exceptionally my I have four kids in the family. He was exceptionally close to me. He was also a writer. And also it really interesting thing is a few days before he passed over, he got his driver’s permit. And I thought this was really interesting. When he was at the DMV, he said, if something ever happens to me, I want to donate my organs. And he got the little donor sticker, which I thought was really interesting, because I didn’t even think about that back then, you know. When he died, the doctor had come out. And he said, Do you want to donate his eyes and his heart because that’s on his license. And I just broke down crying because I know when it took him to get that.

Brian Smith 5:59
Wow, wow. So I have to ask you, do you feel like he had some intuition that he might die early?

Kimberly Meredith 6:06
My brother and I were soulmates. I used to ride him to school on my bike. And we also shared the interest of horses. And about a month before he crossed over, he bought me horseshoes, and I still have them in my room. And I always communicate with him right now. And yes, I feel he sensed it because him and his friend Peter were rappers they love to rap. They listen to to short, the rapper all the time. And I felt like he also like to write, you know, plays and stuff. And I felt like there was something going on at school. It wasn’t like he was in a gang. But there were a lot of gang stuff happening. And I felt like there was just something that he was sensing was happening.

Brian Smith 6:54
Yeah, you know, the reason I asked that my daughter was about the same age and she passed she was 15 and a half. And she was just a few weeks from getting her temporary driver’s license. And she made a comments six weeks before she passed about wanting to be cremated and buried into retreat. As a 15 and a half year old child was very unusual.

Kimberly Meredith 7:16
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I’m getting chills about that with your daughter. And also it’s very interesting my near death experience when I got hit by the car. And in my book, I talk about the rapper, Eminem. I was not into rap music at all. And when I was recovering in my near death experience, and I couldn’t get, you know, I couldn’t walk. I had no feelings in my leg just to push a little further. And I they were saying they’re all coming around me in the hospital saying you’re not going to walk again. And I was crying the tears and I couldn’t move my legs and some woman just comes up in the nurse and she puts on my earphones rap music. I felt this is my brother. Oh, wow. I don’t listen to rap music. That was kind of strange. Yeah, it’s interesting that I started moving my legs when I’m hearing the rat race.

Brian Smith 8:14
So if you don’t mind, let’s talk about your near death experience. I understand that you had to I guess there’s a result of the same accident.

Kimberly Meredith 8:22
No, there was two separate accidents, which is really, the second one was totally bizarre. My fault. Oh, God. The first one was a freak accident. I was getting into a car to get picked up to go to a set I was working on as a medical consultant. I used to be in nursing. I always loved helping people since I was a kid. I was working as a nurse assistant, and also on movie sets helping set up it to look like a nursing facility on a show that was really a really cool show called getting on with Laurie Metcalf and Niecy Nash. And it was called Getting on this British television show. And I used to do that as a side gig. I was a nursing assistant for many years. And then I would do these really cool gigs, setting up television shows and films making it look like hospitals. And I was really excited and this car my friend had did not fix his door and it swung open knocked me off my feet because the hinge was broken. And it just, you know, I’m small, knocked me out. And so that was my first nd and I ended up in the hospital and I was severely injured and stayed there for many months after and experienced crossing over. You know, going in experiencing Jesus and the Holy Spirit and completely leaving my body. And in that happening um I took me several months to recuperate that experience because you die, you know, and you come back. And when that happens, your organs shut down. And you don’t always get all your organs back working correctly. And so, you know, with me, I’m lucky to be alive right now speaking to you. And I praise Jesus and God for that, you know, I don’t need to get in all the details of what organs are working, and not right now. But some of them, you know, recovered. And some of them, I’m just lucky that I’m not in a wheelchair anymore. So I really did communicate with Jesus and God, and was told, You’re here to stay. And it was interesting because it was whispers. And I saw myself above myself, and then working on me. And I loved being in this presence of the Holy Spirit. But at the same time, I was told to come back and it was a hard, shove, push, I tried to explain to people and you know, when I came back in, my eyes were shining with light, and they then start to blink then on that push, because I was born with blinking eyes, and I didn’t think that would ever happen to me again. And then the recovery in the hospital was really long. A hard, didn’t know the word near death experience. That was something that wasn’t in my brain. All I knew was these priests and rabbis were coming in and praying for me and trying to help me with my recovery to try to walk. When I was finally released, that wasn’t looking very good. It was looking like I was probably going to be in a neck collar or have to have surgery to hold my neck app because it was so severely injured. And my legs were not no walking, right. I was still in a wheelchair, but getting out a little bit and walking. So when I came home, I knew I was different. I knew that I was not the same cube really.

Brian Smith 12:08
So when you said your eyes were blinking, what do you mean by your eyes are blinking, blinking eyes.

Kimberly Meredith 12:15
They weren’t blinking yet. Okay. So when I was when I was born in the book, I talk about that I was born with my eyes that would flutter and blink and I communicating with spirit when I was little. Oh, wow. Okay, so the reason I just brought that up I skipped is what I came home from the hospital. My second near death experience happened.

Brian Smith 12:35
Okay, so tell me about that.

Kimberly Meredith 12:38
When I came home from the hospital, it was a matter of just one week I was 99 pounds. And I was thrashed, you know, I looked like death warmed over, you know, I was on. Still an IV drip very sick. I had a dog that they wanted me to get rid of. I had just had rescued an American Bulldog pit. Right before I’d gone into the hospital. He’s 80 pound dog named Rocky. And living with my fiance, he needed to work. I had this part time nurse. And this is like unbelievable. And I’m telling you the story. I’ll never forget it. We live several steps up this condo. And the nurse was late and I needed to take Rocky out to the bathroom. And she was not here yet. So I said in my mind, I’ll just take them out the front door and bring them back in and I’ll be okay. So I did something that was not okay. And I went down the steps on my bottom. I’m getting chills right now. And I go out the front with Rocky and I’ve just got home from the hospital and I’m still real thin. And I go out the front and right as we’re going out a man walks up with a blower, you know, like they’re blowing the leaves. And he was afraid of my dog. You know, because the dog looks dangerous. And he took the blower and he shoved it at Rocky and Rocky is a rescue and rocky still learning to like people and rocky lunge towards them. And when rocky lunch towards them, rocky threw me into the middle of the street and I it just went and cracked my head open right where they just had surgery on the back of my brain. And it broke open the whole side of my head where they just had where they just had operated on me. And that was it. I mean that was just that was that and what they’re telling me the neighbors is that the guy ran. And the ambulance came and some lady called and Rocky, my beautiful American Bulldog, I guess he just ran and stood by me or I would have been just I would have been dead because there was so many cars coming, they would have ran me over. And I don’t remember, I just remember at that one. I remember Heaven and Hell, I remember seeing an enormous amount of dark, dark skeletons coming after me. And I remember the angels just, I mean, I remember so many at this time, it was not Jesus or anything like that. It was just an enormous amount of duality. And it was like, the angelic realm. Like so many angels. It was unbelievable. And so many was a very intense feeling. And then also, I remember feeling Rocky, like, licking me and like around me, and I remember feeling a massive amount, like a stroke. It was just horrific. And then after that, is when my eyes shortly started, the awakening pushed open work, my eyes started blinking like they did when I was a child.

Brian Smith 16:29
So that experience you said you experienced angels and then some sort of dark entities and what do you recall being sent back? Or was there any communication while you’re on the other side?

Kimberly Meredith 16:42
It wasn’t like that. No, this was a different energy. Okay, what? Like the other one now?

Brian Smith 16:48
Okay. So you, you I assume you wake up in the hospital? Did you? Did you feel different again? Or how did you feel?

Kimberly Meredith 16:57
No, this was just this time, it felt like a totally different awakening. It felt like just like, sort of like, Have you ever heard of an out of a? How do you express it? Sort of like an ascending master came in. Okay, like a walk in. If you ever heard of a walking? Yes, I have. Okay. Yeah. I felt like that. I didn’t feel like Kimberly. I felt like there had been, it’s Kimberly. But I felt like, sort of like an interesting emerging, like emerge. Yeah, like I was back to when I was the blinking. Like, shortly after that, a week or two after that. My eyes started waking. And I remember my fiance said, my eyes are blinking. He’s like, What are you talking about? I said, I used to blink when I was little. And he’s like, what does that mean? I’m like, I don’t know. And then, and then my voice started to have more pronunciation. Like, I can’t say hospital. Like I used to say hospital, like everything is like sort of like more British. And then I was like, this is weird. And then my girlfriend was a Reiki Master was coming over. And then they want to keep giving me pills, Oxycontin, oxycodone, and all these medications, pain relievers and pain clinics and things. And I remember thinking, I don’t want to do that. Then the I started communicating differently. Like when I would blink this this I would blink that this hyperlink that and I was rubbing my hands together and I kept hearing Pray, pray, say the Hail Marys, say the our fathers and I always love to pray. But I was raised in a family that was Jewish. My mom was Catholic, she converted to Judaism. At the time, my fiance was Jewish. We were doing more of the Jewish prayers, but I want to say the Hail Marys. Yeah, it was all shifting. And so yeah, it was really wild. And that I was starting to do more of the praying My hands were heating up. And then my girlfriend was coming over doing the Reiki on me and I decided I don’t want to do any more pain relievers. I threw them all in the trash.

Brian Smith 19:23
So it sounds like you kind of because I know you had some experiences with your hands when you were younger so that it felt like you were returning to that with the blinking eyes and the hands are

Kimberly Meredith 19:32
no this was beyond I don’t remember like when I was little. That was not like this. Yeah.

Brian Smith 19:39
Okay. And so how did you figure out what to do with your hand? How did you go from that to becoming a medical intuitive?

Kimberly Meredith 19:49
It was over a year of it gradually starting to happen and then it started to show struck. I first was healing Myself. Myself off the guys who are teaching me how to heal myself.

Brian Smith 20:04
So, you know, we talked about, you know, coming back in and having the injuries. It reminds me of the story of Netherlands, Natalie Seidman tells about her experience when she went out of body and she came again, and not all of her injuries were healed. So apparently not all of yours are healed either. When you came by Ken, is that correct?

Kimberly Meredith 20:19
Well, they are now. Okay. Yeah. But I mean, if you read my story, you’ll hear about my agent that came to me. And then I start healing hundreds of people in Los Angeles, from my wheelchair in my living room. But first, I had to heal my own head injury. Yeah, but I was doing it with understanding that I didn’t go to a class, I didn’t go anywhere. I was learning how to communicate first with spirit through my blinking eyes, which makes me different from a lot of people is that I’m a Medical Medium intuitive. And I’m also a healer.

Brian Smith 20:58
Yes. So explain to people what that means. Because I heard some people use the word Medical Medium. Some people use the word medical intuitive. And then there are people that are healers. And those those can be three different things, right?

Kimberly Meredith 21:10
No. I mean, I don’t know. You have to ask me. You have to ask. I don’t know what you mean.

Brian Smith 21:17
Yeah, I’m just saying. So I know people that are medical medical mediums, for example. And they’ll say, Well, I’m a Medical Medium, because I communicate with people on the other side that kind of tell me what’s going on. And then some I know, people say they’re a medical intuitive, because they can look and kind of scan your body?

Kimberly Meredith 21:33
I don’t know, I have not really seen people. Yeah, I guess I’ve seen, I don’t know, I don’t know what other people do. I mean, I know I’m a medical intuitive medium, because I can scan people’s bodies, and three or four, you know, every single thing in them. That’s wrong with them. I don’t know what other people do, I know what I do. And then also, I find the root cause of what’s wrong with them, how it happened, why it happened. But more importantly, we also are very nosy. And we like to know things before it’s gone on. So like if somebody meets me, and I’m going to do a session with them. And maybe they have emotional issues going on. And that’s where they want to meet me. And they don’t even want to know what’s wrong with them medically, I may find something on them that they don’t even know that they have. So you know, someone could come on with me and they’ll say I have a problem with my boyfriend. I’m a counselor, also not a mentor. But I’ve been doing a session with you talking about a boyfriend that you wanted to break up with. And I may say you know what you need your left breasts looked at because I feel there’s an energy attached to you that you have on your left breast and they say, that’s what’s wrong with my left breast. And I may say, Well, I’m sitting in front of you. And I think that just your left breast needs to get checked. This is like a Skype session or zoom session. When they come back to me and go, You know what I have for Stage breast cancer, Kimberly. Thank you. Yeah. So that’s the kind of intuitive I’m super nosy. Like my classes just did at the New Living Expo, I pull someone out of the audience. I’m like, my guides are telling me that you’ve had COVID. And you now have a problem with your intestinal tracts. I’m just giving you example. And he’s like, oh, yeah, I’ve had COVID Twice. Right, honey, and she’s in the audience going, Yeah, you’ve had it twice. And I’m like, because you’ve had COVID Twice. It’s because your intestinal tract is not good. And you need to boost your immune system more. So I am so annoying that people sometimes because not only do I know his intestinal check is that the reason it’s bad is because he brushes his teeth with the wrong kind of toothpaste. And then the guy’s like, Oh my God, dude, you are annoying. And unlike your toothpaste is not the kind they like, because I’m hearing toothpaste, toothpaste. And he’s like, Oh my God, you’re right. I use crest. I’m like, they don’t like crest, they want you to use Toms because organic toothpaste is better. Wow, wow. That’s what my guys they go to like, they’re like, on and on and on and on. Yeah.

Brian Smith 24:06
Well, I guess the thing is, a lot of these things are connected. So we think about you know, I’ve got cancer, I’ve got COVID I’ve got whatever and it’s just as a standalone thing, but you’re you’re kind of tying all these things together.

Kimberly Meredith 24:17
Yeah. So that yeah, that’s that’s how I try to explain it to you. Yeah. So like, say I go through your body. And I I’m not trying to laugh but it’s just the guys are like so crazy while So say you’ve got COVID And I’m like, Yes, you’ve got carbon, but then they’re gonna keep going. Okay, we want you to do this when you got it out of that. So after I do the whole scan, I send you a 19 page document of things that we suggest that you do nutritionally. Your home your lifestyle, and all that stuff on top of it.

Brian Smith 24:49
Yes. So in addition to be a medical intuitive and a Medical Medium, you’re also a healer. Is that correct? You can actually heal people.

Kimberly Meredith 24:57
I am I am a healer. Yes. So if it’s You virtual, it is successful and and I also have an office in LA. I have a clinic I run two days a week. So people do fly in to see me there. And I love healing everything. I mean, I do. I mean, the guides do not me. They love doing Oh my god. We’re at one point where we’re like the breast and prostate girl. I mean, I was healing so many breast lumps and prostate cancer. It was it was insane. Dissolving breast lumps that, you know, even like, if you’ve had mastectomies, they would smooze the scars out. Yes. Insane, like, like wild.

Brian Smith 25:43
Now I understand you’ve also been scientifically tested for this, is that correct?

Kimberly Meredith 25:48
Um, yes, the guides. When I was asked to come to these organizations, the guide said, Yes, let’s go. You know, I felt like it was a good thing to do. So I went in, in the ions Institute, I stayed there for about a week and a half, and I was in like a Faraday cage. And I got to work on several clients, Dr. Norm, Shelia did 21 clients Cytec Institute, I did about 1015 people, I think. And in these Institute’s they do many different studies on you. Some of them are. I mean, they’re like, for me, it’s so easy, but like, some of them are like, wow, I mean, I mean, whatever, they want me to go back and do even more, because they’re so cool. Like, one of them, they’ll have, like, with Norm, it was like, insane. Like, he wrote the foreword to my book. You know, it was like, oh, okay, come in, write down every single thing you have every single thing that you have, they put it in an envelope, and then I go through your body. And I would find every single thing that’s wrong with a person. And then it was even more than people even knew about, even down to me knowing you have a root canal, or you have a floater in your eye, or your knee had a meniscus tear, or you had a stubbed toe when you were to, like I would even get down to that much. I mean, that’s like, makes somebody crazy. And then we did the healing. And then you know, and then we’d see like, a few months if the person or in even that moment, if they were the tumor was gone, but also long period of time to see if they were how long the effect was of the healing. And the scientific Institute, we actually had a machine that saw the before and after.

Brian Smith 27:37
Okay. And those results been published somewhere that people can find them.

Kimberly Meredith 27:42
They’re published. Yeah, that’s, that’s

Brian Smith 27:44
really cool.

Kimberly Meredith 27:45
I mean, my work is been out for so long now. I mean, everybody. Yeah.

Brian Smith 27:51
Yeah. Well, you know, and thinking, as I know, for people that are in your circle, probably are well aware. But sometimes people we don’t know, we don’t know that, you know, that we’ll we’ll see somebody on on YouTube or we’ll see them on a Facebook something. And we kind of wonder is this you know, is this for real? Or is it not for real? So,

Kimberly Meredith 28:10
it’ll be published by Hay House Penguin Random House in St. Martin’s Press fulfill, and they had to do some pretty heavy duty investigating?

Brian Smith 28:18
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. And I’m not questioning I just want to kind of help get your, your validation out there for people.

Kimberly Meredith 28:26
Yeah, yeah. That’s totally cool. Yeah.

Brian Smith 28:31
Yeah, we all tend to be we all tend to be skeptical. And we’ve we’ve seen people before that say that they can do things. And it’s really, and I absolutely 100% know that healing is real. And I know that what you do is real.

Kimberly Meredith 28:43
They don’t even believe Jesus Christ is real. And fact, even when you look up Wikipedia, they still don’t believe Jesus did did the work that he did. And I have no problem with people. Yeah, that’s.

Brian Smith 28:57
So I’m curious. Because you said you were you were raised in a Jewish home. Your mother was Catholic at one point and you were you and your boyfriend or your fiance were living as kind of a Jewish lifestyle or living as Jews. Were you surprised to see Jesus when you crossed over?

Kimberly Meredith 29:11
Not at all Jesus is Jewish.

Brian Smith 29:12
Okay, okay.

Kimberly Meredith 29:16
Yeah, and I’m a real Jesus girl. Jesus Christ, I have right around my neck and I have the Virgin Mary. And my life is dedicated to the Holy Spirit. And in fact, when I go out and do my work, I praise Jesus and Holy Spirit all the time. I’m one of the mediums are psychic intuitive, that people often say I really love coming to you because you’re so grounded in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. And I say, you know, I love everybody’s work. I love all religion. I love all people. And people often say we pray pray with me. I’m Mormon. Will you pray with me? I’m a Jew. Will you pray with me? I’m like, I love everybody. You know, I’m for everybody. And I’m not a person. particular religion. I’m just spiritual. You know, I just love everybody.

Brian Smith 30:05
So you wouldn’t call yourself a Christian? Nope,

Kimberly Meredith 30:08
I’d call myself spiritual.

Brian Smith 30:10
Okay. Yeah, that’s interesting. Because, yeah, Jesus is Jewish. And a lot of Christians don’t know that, by the way, they think Jesus was a Christian. But yeah, again, but most Jewish people would would say that Jesus wasn’t divine. So that’s why I was asking that question.

Kimberly Meredith 30:25
Just loved everybody. And Jesus wanted everybody to love Him. And Jesus really wanted to pray just on a rock, or, you know, outside by a tree.

Brian Smith 30:37
Yeah, so that’s, that’s, I think it’s really interesting that that you have that experience. Because I also believe that the Spirit of Christ is universal. It’s not it’s not specific to any one, one religion. But I think people might be surprised to hear your language about Jesus and the Virgin Mary, which sounds pretty Catholic.

Kimberly Meredith 30:56
Well, that’s why it’s important to read the whole book all the way through. Yeah. Yeah. When you read about the wakening to the fifth dimension, Jesus did His work in the fifth dimension.

Brian Smith 31:05
Okay, what let’s talk about let’s talk about what what is the fifth dimension for people that don’t know.

Kimberly Meredith 31:10
It’s unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and accept it. And we live in dimensional world where right now we’re living in a third dimension, which is fear, worry, disease, we fell from the fifth dimension, because of ego. And, you know, when we were first created, which is out of love the Holy Spirit, which was loving our brothers and sisters, then we fell down into this man made conditioned world, then that’s where we’re at right now, which is where everything is like, oh, drink out of plastic, you know, which you should drink out of glass. You know, all of this controlled society, which was, you know, I hate to say religion, which we should just all really just love everybody, love everybody, even if it’s religion, of course, I love some of the traditions, which is beautiful. You know, and that kind of inner reality intertwine most religions do you know, because I’ve done the Passover, and I’ve done Easter, you know, it’s kind of like all together and so many of them. But anyway, all I’m saying is that we need to leave the third dimension and we are even when you look back, it’s you know, if you look at the fifth dimension group, the song The age of the Aquarius is here. Right now we are in the age of the Aquarius, we are moving into the fifth dimension anyways, we’re depopulating the 3d world. It has to leave anyway, because our climate crisis is here. So I see anyway, without even writing this book, we are moving into the fifth dimension, because we have to leave all the processed food, all the lighting that’s happening, all of the plastic has to leave. Because of the pandemics that are gonna go on. It has to move into a fifth dimensional society, we have to love each other. We have to speak our truth. We have to respect each other. We have to love the Holy Spirit, love our Creator more love our Mother Earth. We have to learn to love, love, love after grief

Announcer 33:19
to growth and just a few seconds. Did you know that Brian is an author and a life coach, if you’re grieving or know someone who is grieving his book, grief to growth is a best selling easy to read book that might help you or someone you know, people work with Brian as a life coach to break through barriers and live their best lives. You can find out more about Brian and what he offers at WWW dot grief to IE F the number two GROWT or text growth grow T H 231996. If you’d like to support this podcast visit to growth F the number two g ROWT. H to make a financial contribution.

Brian Smith 34:15
So when you say that you say we’re we’re depopulating, the third dimages. Does that mean that this world physically is going to go away? Or what is what does that mean? Okay?

Kimberly Meredith 34:25
That means the third dimensional world will shift into the fifth dimension. And the fifth dimension is learning how to heal ourselves through God. It’s through the energy of raising our consciousness. When you raise like all this stuff that you see the news being real funky, the weird stuff going on. All of that is okay because we have to go through it and see other stuff. And you see everybody protesting and picketing and all this activity, but we’re moving into like when you see the Beatles all we need is love or the old groups, the fifth dimension all that stuff, they kind of knew that we would circle back around and go into this fifth dimension. We’re purging out the 3d world, we’re moving into fifth dimension, you see these organization organizations like Oceania rewild. That’s where we’re moving into because we have to clean the ocean. We’ve got to eat good food, does five d foods, five d, energy, drinking good water. So all these things are five d, okay? That’s the new awakening all the kids, the millennial kids, if you look at them, they’re not impressed with fame. They want our Earth to be beautiful. They want us to move forward in the fifth dimension. If you Google the fifth dimension on tick tock, there’s billions, millions, billions of people wanting the fifth dimension. We want to move into this higher dimensional frequency. We don’t want the 3d world anymore.

Brian Smith 35:53
Yeah, we do seem to be reaching a tipping point. I saw an article just couple days ago, saying that climate change in next five years, that was a 5050 chance it’s going to like, hit a critical point.

Kimberly Meredith 36:04
We have 10 years left here on this planet if we don’t get ourselves together. My hope is we walk into grocery stores and we don’t see any more processed food. No plastic bottles. Everything is like nice. Oh, LED lighting. So our food is like not being melted in light. Where? Yeah.

Brian Smith 36:23
So you talk a lot about drinking the right water. So just give me an example of what that what that means.

Kimberly Meredith 36:29
Okay, I have a whole chapter called water could save your life. Yeah, drinking the right water is like, mineral water out of glass. Containers are still great containers is great. Okay, always filter your water out of your sink if you’re gonna cook.

Brian Smith 36:47
Okay. Okay. So I know you do talk a lot about plastics as well. So we should avoid drinking out of plastic.

Kimberly Meredith 36:55
The reason is, yeah, Brian, the reason is because most of the clients that I work with have hormonal problems. 80% of the clients have hormone problems. And that usually goes back to when I talked to them. They’re either drinking Well, water, they’re used to drinking water out of the kitchen sink, they used to drinking refrigerated water, or they’re drinking a plastic container. Fiji arrowhead, you know, something like that. That’s teaching BPA.

Brian Smith 37:21
Yeah. So what are your thoughts about this as making this transition, so it sounds like we’re gonna make it one way or the other, either, either we’re, the planets not gonna survive, and we’ll make it or will or will take the planet into that, or how’s that work?

Kimberly Meredith 37:36
We’re going to survive, we’re going to survive. There’s too many people getting educated now too many other books coming out that are talking about it. They let people know about it like a few years ago, but people just now we’re getting more of that, you know, it takes a few years to get it out there. So more and more people are really opening up to it. We have a lot of people out there, there’s Leonardo DiCaprio. There’s other people, Congress and people out there now letting people know more and more about it, that we’ve got to start cleaning up the ocean, cleaning up our fossil fuel and, and all that. And we just have to say, Oh, this is easy. I can drink out of a glass container, I can drink still great. I can make sure I get a filter on my shower. So I can breathe in good steam from my lungs, especially now since the pandemic happen. More and more people are like, Oh, I can make my own food. I don’t have to eat fast food anymore. I don’t have to TV dinners, processed foods. When you look back into the 60s, you know, 50s and 60s is one more of the cancer started to have a more rise. And more people were eating all of that.

Brian Smith 38:42
Yeah, well, I you know, I was I was growing up in the 60s and 70s. And I do remember what we call the hippies. Right. So the Beatles and the fifth dimension. I always love those things. And I always thought there’s something seriously wrong with this world. And I think you’re right. I think a lot of people are waking up to the now. And you know, I remember when I was kid just turning on the news and watching like the Vietnam War. And I’m like, What is this? What is going on here? So I think people are kind of waking up to that. And it’s good to hear that, that you believe that we’re going to make this transition into that age.

Kimberly Meredith 39:18
I do and I’m well because I this is my life. This is what I do every day I work with hundreds of people. And I know when they go off of their processed foods, they go off of their what they’re doing in the 3d and they start doing the nutritional plans. They start praying more they learn that they can be healed through the Holy Spirit and through new way of living and lifestyle and regimens and they become completely healed. They’re not you know, I don’t tell them oh, don’t do what your doctor says. But you can have a holistic lifestyle and you can also work with your doctors too. But just a new way a new Liberal revolutionary way of healing.

Brian Smith 39:57
Yeah, well it’s kind of like Back Back to Nature back to back to the way things you know, we’re so for someone that this is an average person, like I am living in the suburbs, though, I mean, do we have to grow our own food? Or can we buy organic in the grocery store or whatever? How do we start?

Kimberly Meredith 40:13
Yeah, I’m sure there’s lots of things that your grocery store I don’t know if you have farmers markets and things, but in my book, I do have recipes, too. And I’m sure what, everywhere you are, I’m sure there’s they have it stores organic food. Yeah, yeah, it’s out there.

Brian Smith 40:32
Yeah, I’m sure it’s available. For some of us. It’s a big shift, right, we’ve, we’ve grown up with this, go to the grocery store, just pick up whatever stopped by McDonald’s, you know, to eat. So it’s something that we have to be willing to do for ourselves, I guess, and for the planet.

Kimberly Meredith 40:50
And if people are really not feeling good anymore, you know, their bodies are aching, their joints hurt, they’ve got diabetes, they’ve got GI tract issues, they suffered from COVID Quite a few times, they need to really look at how can I make my life better. Like you said, also, if you’re grieving, if you’ve lost somebody, you know, if this is what people come to me also, that’s going to lower your immune system. Anytime you have a cortisol issue, and you’ve lost somebody, and you’ve got diabetes, and you have things on top of that, you have to say to yourself, I’d say you’re taking a probiotic, you’re taking vitamins, and these vitamins you’ve taken for six months, and they’re still not working. And you need to reassess, okay, maybe I need a different probiotic, maybe I need a different vitamin. So this is why people reach out to me, and, and also, when you go to a grocery store and look on the packages look and see what’s in them, because most of the time people are putting the stores are putting soy in the guys go no soy, soy, and a lot of red dyes. So you’ve got to make sure things are as clean as possible for you. Because these things raise your blood pressure and cause estrogen overload. Well,

Brian Smith 42:05
that’s good to know. So we’ve talked a lot about your your medical intuitive, and stuff, I want to talk shift and talk a little bit more about mediumship. So you actually communicate with people that are in spirit on the other side, I don’t I don’t like to use the word dead. So that’s the common word, but I don’t believe anybody dies. So tell me about your mediumship.

Kimberly Meredith 42:28
So yeah, so it’s interesting. So my main people know me about as being a Medical Medium intuitive healer. But since COVID, the last couple of years. It’s God has gifted me with another gift. And that is because so many people have transcended crossover. I’ve now started to communicate even more Well, I’ve always been since my near death experience communicated with my grandma, and my grandma’s the books dedicated to my grandma. Since birth, I was always closest to my grandma. And we knew each other in the in the in the other life. And I believe people reincarnate. And I do believe I don’t want to cry that we were soulmates from another life. And how I know people are soulmate is I do the blinking and codes. When I meet somebody, I can tell because I see the figure eight above the head. So since COVID, a lot of people have lost their loved ones. And even before that, of course, people losing loved ones, although a lot. I can tell if someone’s a soulmate right away because I see a number eight over their head. Now I do a lot of group events, and I do one on one. So people come on, say I lost my loved one. I’ll say Don’t tell me who they are. And I’ll hear daughter, son, brother, you know who they are. And then I’ll say, I’ll get a blinking code. And sometimes I’ll hear they were your soulmate. And I’ll get information about the loved one. So I’m doing many readings now from people that have crossed over, but we never died. Love never dies. We never die. A lot of people that crossover. I just did one recently. It was unfortunately a woman. She reached out to me through Facebook, she said, and I don’t always look at my messages. So just so everybody knows. It’s better to just book a session with me. But one night I was up and a woman reached out to me through messenger and she said, Kimberly, I’m going to cry. She says, My son left and I’m devastated. And I’m reaching out to you because I can’t sleep. And I heard in my head that he took his life. And he said Young and I said Did he pass over and was it rough? And she said yes. She says I desperately need to talk to you You. He’s my only son, and I’m having a horrible time. And I heard it was drugs and he took his life. So and I booked solid right now, my next opening is not until June. And I said, I will squeeze you in. And she said, Thank God, I need you. And he came in so strong for me. And he had been struggling with this addiction. For a long time. He is an earth angel. He crossed over but came back right away. I saw the number four Earth Angel and he’s around his sister. Right away. He’s right around his little sister. So she jumped on the phone. I did a reading the grandma was in the room. They were crying. She felt so much better though. I knew everything about the relationship, little tidbits. And they felt she wrote me back the next day and said, after the reading, I could sleep I felt so much better. Wow.

Brian Smith 46:09
I am so glad that you told that Kimberly because I’ve there’s so many people that are tied up by their interpretation of the Bible that says okay, there’s there’s no reincarnation, that NDAs aren’t real. That mediumship is evil. And I get this all the time when I interview people that have had in the ears and I posted on my on my YouTube channel. And these people come out and say all these things are evil. But I love that story. Because it shows the the healing that can come and this is what I want. This is what I want to get across to people. We talked earlier before we started recording, what do we want to communicate today that we that we never die that the that our loved ones are still right here with us? So thank you for telling that.

Kimberly Meredith 46:51
No. And, and he he had that struggle, and his soul is so beautiful. And yes, absolutely sweetheart. And he. He wanted to be messaging through me to his mother, how much he loves her how much he’s going to watch over his baby sister. And I knew nothing about this lady, nothing. But he communicated this. And I didn’t even know we had a sister. And I said it sister and she says yes. And everything. And it was just so beautiful that I could relief the family.

Brian Smith 47:30
Yeah, well, it’s interesting, because right before and there are no coincidences, but right before I got on day, someone sent me an email who has lost a child and they were asking me a couple of questions. And she said, I just want to ask you one more thing. Our kids, okay. So, you know,

Kimberly Meredith 47:46
thinking, God, God, God, yeah. And I’m the kind of medium Brian that I never sought out to be one, I was born this way I came into the world. And you can look in the Bible, there are certain people that just have gifts of the Holy Spirit. And when I was born, as a little baby, five months old, in the crib, my eyes were blinking. And my grandpa would take a video of it. And my mom didn’t like it, she would get upset. But my grandma would just say, this is how she is. And I believe that my near death experiences brought me back to who I was supposed to be. And that’s just how I am right now. Yeah, but just have people just use. I’m just supposed to be used for this.

Brian Smith 48:31
Yeah, I think yeah, absolutely. We’re all born with gifts. We’re born with different gifts and different different levels of guests. And I believe that the children are born still connected. The other side, you know, I think that that we’re all born connected the other side, we lose that connection. And some of us through certain events, you know, kind of that connection gets opened up again.

Kimberly Meredith 48:50
Yeah. I love praying. People come on, and they’ll say some people just come on with me and say, Let’s pray together. I’m like, Yeah, I love praying. I love praying your father all day. I love the Hail Marys. And I love I love just helping people. It’s just my favorite thing to do.

Brian Smith 49:09
That’s awesome. So let people know how they can get in and get in touch with you. I know. You said you’re booked up right now, but we’re recording this in the middle of May 2022. And so you’re booked up for sounds like a month or so. But you’re available later in the year at least.

Kimberly Meredith 49:22
And I’m available in June and July this summer. My websites called the healing healing trilogy, the healing

Brian Smith 49:35
And why the healing trilogy What does that stand for?

Kimberly Meredith 49:39
I didn’t come up with it. It’s spirit. I just one day after my car accident and I was had to get a website because I was doing the healings in the house and needed again. I wrote on a piece of paper What does spirit want me to have my name and I just wrote out the healing because it was healing And I love the Trinity. So I wrote trilogy. And so the healing trilogy,

Brian Smith 50:08
awesome. So people can reach you there, they can book a session with you to do healing to do mediumship. Either one. Yeah,

Kimberly Meredith 50:14
all my services are listed. I have my, my standard Medical Medium shift, scanning. And then with that, you also get healing and prayer. And it’s a lot and you get the document what I feel that you may need any kind of supplements and things. And then I also have my mentorship programs and other things listed.

Brian Smith 50:38
Sounds great. And I want to get the name of your book out again, for people in case that didn’t get it. It’ll be in the show notes. But sometimes people don’t read the show notes. So it’s awakening to the fifth dimension, discovering the soul’s path to healing. And it’s available everywhere that books are sold. And I understand there’s an audio version that that you narrate.

Kimberly Meredith 50:55
Yes. And in the audio version, there is a few chapters of prayers and affirmations and exercises that people can use that you might like.

Brian Smith 51:05
Nice, nice, very nice. Well, Kimberly, it’s been really great getting to know you. Thank you for being here today. I know you’re you just got back from a big trip. I know that you’re really busy. So I really appreciate your time. Anything you want to say as we wrap up today.

Kimberly Meredith 51:20
I just want to say to everybody that just keep loving your brothers and sisters and if you’re going through anything, you know, rough right now just expect that you deserve to have a miracle in your life and I’m here for you. God bless.

Brian Smith 51:36
Thanks so much so much for being Have a great rest of your day,

Kimberly Meredith 51:38
Ryan for having me. Bless you.

Brian Smith 51:42
Don’t forget to like hit that big red subscribe button and click the notify Bell. Thanks for being here.

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