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Love Never Dies and Neither Do You

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Listen, I have to tell you, I have never seen such an accessible, full-bodied, interesting, fun course with great stories—information about the afterlife… on mediumship on woo-woo.

I’ve never seen such a comprehensive package so easily available, so affordable, and so user-friendly.
Claudia Milligan
Afterlife Expert and Medium
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Comprehensive Course Content

The Love Never Dies And Neither Do You Course consists of approximately 30 lessons, carefully designed to provide a rational approach to understanding the afterlife and the purpose of our existence. Each lesson is crafted based on extensive research and personal experience, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for our participants.

Expert Guidance

Led by an Brian D. Smith, this course offers expert guidance to those grappling with doubts about the afterlife. Brian utilizes his journey and in-depth knowledge to provide valuable insights and support to participants throughout the course.

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Community Support

You will have the ability to comment on each lesson in as much detail as you want. Make posts for feedback from other community members. Discuss breakthroughs, difficulties, and insights with Brian and others.

Latest Knowledge

The course is based on the latest in science, philosophy, religion, direct experience, NDEs, etc. Resources for further study are included and the course is constantly updated.

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The essence of the “Love Never Dies” course is the exploration of unbreakable bonds that endure beyond the physical separation caused by death of the body.

My journey through the valleys of grief, especially after losing my daughter Shayna, has shown me that our connections with loved ones are not severed by death. Inspired by personal experiences, extensive research, and the intriguing possibilities suggested by quantum physics—like entanglement, which hints at how deeply connected particles remain across distances—this course is designed to illuminate how consciousness transcends physical limits. We delve into philosophical, scientific, religious, direct experience, and other insights, offering a beacon of hope that love never dies.

The course is for anyone curious about where we came from, who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. It’s for people in grief. But it’s also for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the human condition as it relates to life, death, and eternity.

This course reaches out to anyone touched by loss, from those freshly grappling with the void left by a loved one to individuals years into their journey, still seeking. It’s for the father who finds solace in the gentle signs from his daughter, the widow who senses her partner’s presence, and anyone in between.

Skepticism is natural and healthy. I encourage skepticism. We address skepticism head-on, not by dismissing doubts but by inviting a curious exploration of the intersection between personal experience and empirical evidence. Drawing from the work of pioneers who’ve dared to question and seek evidence of consciousness beyond death, we explore this terrain. Imagine the wind. It is unseen yet undeniably felt. Similarly, this course suggests the unseen presence of our loved ones can be sensed, fostering a bridge between belief and skepticism.

Participants have spoken of a journey of transformation that offers solace and a new lens through which to view life and death. It is a point of view that will give you a new sense of what your life means. It can bring peace and even joy when you understand the principles that underly Love Never Dies. After completing the course, you can expect a deep sense of the continuity of life as well as the meaning of life.

There are no formal prerequisites other than emotional and spiritual readiness to explore beyond conventional beliefs.

Likening our participants to explorers on a hero’s journey, we welcome those ready to embark on a quest for understanding, peace, and a deeper connection with their loved ones. This course is a sanctuary for open hearts and minds, regardless of where one is on their grief journey.

The course content is delivered mainly by video lessons. There is also reading material provided in the course. And outside resources are recommended for further study.

Through video lectures, we delve into concepts and stories and through readings, we explore the broader context of our experiences. Each element of the course is like a piece of a mosaic, coming together to form a comprehensive picture of grief, love, and the endurance of our bonds.

Understanding and compassion are at the core of Love Never Dies. I, too, have navigated the tumultuous waves of grief, and this understanding informs the course’s flexibility. We provide a supportive community alongside options for personalized sessions or participation in forums, ensuring that no one walks this path alone.

The journey through grief is unique and non-linear, and our course is designed to accommodate, support, and gently guide each participant through their process.

The course is self-paced. You can work your way through it taking as long as you like. And you can come back to lessons you want to revisit.

The end of the course is but a new beginning in the ongoing journey of exploration and connection. I encourage continued growth through engagement with literature on consciousness, participation in support groups, and the establishment of daily rituals that honor our loved ones.

My journey did not end with creating this course; it merely evolved, deepening my understanding and connection, a path I hope to share and encourage for all our participants.

Yes, the course fosters a compassionate community where you can share your experiences, find support, and realize you are not alone on your journey. Through discussion boards, this community becomes a sanctuary for those united by loss and the quest for understanding, offering a space where love and memories are shared, honored, and celebrated.

Readiness for the course might manifest as an inner pull toward seeking deeper understanding and connections beyond the physical world.

It could arise from a desire to find solace in shared experiences or the curiosity to explore the continuity of life and love beyond the veil of death.

Reflecting on my journey, readiness came in the realization that my path through grief was not only about navigating loss but also about embracing a profound quest towards understanding and connection. If you find yourself yearning to explore the possibility that our relationships with loved ones do not end with death, or if you’re seeking a community that shares these explorations, you are ready to embark on this course.

It’s a journey of healing and discovery, where questions are welcomed, and the love shared with those who have passed continues to grow and evolve. This course invites you on a journey of heart and spirit to explore, learn, and find comfort in the knowledge that love, indeed, never dies.

One Payment – $97

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  • Self-Paced
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A Fantastic Course

Simply said, “The Love Never Dies Course and Neither Do You” is a fantastic course. My world was shattered when my daughter passed on five months ago.

This course truly helped/is helping me navigate my overwhelming grief and pulled me from the depths of hopelessness.
Recent Shining Light Parent

LOVE NEVER DIES – And Neither Do You

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Are you struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one? Are you feeling lost, alone, and uncertain about the future? Are you afraid of what will happen to you when you die? Do you long for a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and death? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, this course is for you.

Through engaging and thought-provoking lessons, you will discover the eternal nature of life, the continuation of bonds with loved ones who have passed away, and how to find new purpose and meaning for your life. You will come to know rather than believe. And you will gain a new perspective on your spiritual journey.

Led by Brian D. Smith, an expert instructor who has experienced loss and found meaning and purpose through his journey, “Love Never Dies And Neither Do You” offers a compassionate and supportive environment for you to explore the more profound questions of life and death.

By the end of this course, you will have gained a new perspective on the meaning of life, the nature of love, and the eternal nature of the human soul. You will have the tools and the knowledge to move forward confidently, knowing that love never truly dies and you have an eternal nature.

A Bright Light

Brian Smith is a talented and compassionate person that went through one of the hardest things that can happen to a parent, losing a child. I meet him during my soul’s darkest days after losing my only child.  Brian is always there for anybody that needs some advice on how to navigate through this hard journey. His knowledge of spirituality and science is impressive. I know that his devotion and compassion are going to help so many others find their true path.  Thank you, Brian, for the wonderful work that you do and for being such a bright light for so many of us.
Paola Leslie
Shining Light Parent

After The Course You Will Have

Revitalized outlook on life: gain renewed hope and optimism for the future by understanding the afterlife.

🌱 Emotional healing and growth: transform your grief into inner strength and resilience, empowering you to move forward confidently.

🔍 Deeper self-awareness: uncover your core values, beliefs, and aspirations for a more authentic and fulfilling life.

💪 Empowered decision-making: apply evidence-based knowledge about the afterlife to confidently navigate your spiritual journey.

💞 Enhanced connections: learn to form a new and stronger connection with your loved ones in spirit.

🌟 Sense of purpose: find meaning and direction in your life inspired by the transformative insights gained from the course.

☮️ Inner peace and clarity: experience new confidence throughout your life as you deeply understand the afterlife and its significance.


There are a lot of so-called “grief experts” out there whose attempts to teach and counsel fall short because they can only reference their personal experiences. Brian has the unique ability to address grief from a more pluralistic perspective, drawing on his own loss experience but also creating a spacious place of listening and compassion for his clients. He doesn’t try to position himself as a guru. He is a wise teacher, but his humility makes all the difference.

Brian knows how to express complex ideas and unpack complicated emotions in a way that makes them understandable and easy to digest. He has a clear vision, spiritual depth, and a calming presence.

I’ve seen Brian captivate workshop audiences and guide classes into deep healing insights.
Dr. Terri Daniel

One Payment – $97

  • Lifetime Updates
  • Self-Paced
  • Access To Community
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s Inside

What is Inside

Love Never Dies And Neither Do You has been in the making for over three years. More accurately, it’s the accumulation of a lifetime of discovery. The course will continue to be updated, and you will have access to those updates. Lessons include text, videos, and questions for self-reflection.

Modules include lessons covering:

What doesn’t work
Includes things that don’t bring peace, comfort, and clarity

What does work
We discuss methods that help

What dies at death
We know the body dies. Does anything else?

Evidence for the afterlife
Why you have good reason to believe

Why religion isn’t enough
Faith can bring peace and comfort. But it can fail in our darkest moments.

How to use this information to change you’re life
See how this information can make a real difference in daily life.

Good grief?
What can we learn from grief? How can we use it?

What’s next?
When the course is over, discover what you can do next.

Additional resources
An extensive catalog of information that you can explore after the course.

The course is constantly evolving. You will get all updates.

I started building a new life…

I can honestly say that working with Brian helped me considerably in dealing with some intrusive thoughts and gave me the nudge I needed to start building a new life after the loss. If you find yourself in a difficult time of bereavement, I would highly recommend booking a discovery session with Brian.
Sina H.

One Payment – $97

  • Lifetime Updates
  • Self-Paced
  • Access To Community
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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💯 And A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 🤝

Meet Your Instructor

Brian D. Smith

Mental Fitness Trainer, Grief Guide, Spiritual Sherpa

Brian D. Smith is an author, podcaster, and coach serving people ready to bring out their fullest potential for well-being and thriving. Brian is recognized for working with people who have suffered loss and want to work through their grief and get back in the driver’s seat of their lives. He helps people reset their lives when they are ready to make a change.

Brian started his Grief 2 Growth podcast and coaching business after the sudden passing of his 15-year-old daughter, Shayna. Shayna’s death inspired him to shake things up and make major strides on his 25+ year quest to find the answers to the deeper meaning of life and live it with purpose. He is the author of Grief 2 Growth: Planted, Not Buried and hosts the Grief 2 Growth podcast with over several hundred episodes and over 10,000 YouTube subscribers. He has been a featured speaker at multiple conferences and is a frequent guest on other podcasts.

Brian frequently speaks for IANDS (International Association of Near-Death Studies. He is a Positive Intelligence coach and a certified life coach. Brian is also a certified Grief Educator.

Brian now shares the wisdom of his decades of inquiry and personal development, along with techniques acquired as a life coach, grief educator, and mental health trainer, with his listeners, readers, students, and clients.

Finally, understand who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going. Know for certain death does not overcome love. Love and relationships are eternal. Learn to face death without fear.

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Yes, I want to conquer my fear of death and release the grip of grief!


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He’s a great mentor

Brian’s abilities have helped me to grow spiritually, and believe in myself. He has guided me to understand my purpose in life.   He has given me sound advice and tools that greatly help and inspire me. He has earned my respect and admiration.
Brian’s perspective on things has been a true blessing for me.
Tracy Soussi
Shining Light Mother

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