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Lucid Dream Ventures

Inspired by my recent interview with Mike Marable, I have decided to research lucid dreaming more. I have vivid dreams that are occasionally lucid, and I would like to have more lucid dreams.

Yesterday, I saw an ad for Shape, an app that helps you dream lucidly. Last night, I started using the app and went to sleep with the intention of remembering my dreams. Interestingly, this morning, the app told me my prime dream time is around 4:30 AM. That’s been my experience. I often wake up between 4:30 and 5:00 from very vivid dreams. The app based this on data from my Apple Watch.

When I woke up from the dream, I went it over and over in my head so I wouldn’t forget it. I decided to journal the dream by speaking to ChatGPT since that’s a lot easier than typing it on my phone. I didn’t ask ChatGPT for an analysis. But since it’s a chat app, not a dictation app, it had this conversation with me.

I want to tell you about my dream last night. I was in a college course, which was unusual because usually in my dreams I’m in high school and I’m unprepared. This is a college course on consciousness. I remember having an interchange with the professor. He had written four books on consciousness. They each had a one-word title. I was telling him how I was frustrated by the lack of our understanding of the nature of consciousness and we should be spending more money on understanding it. We should be farther ahead. Now, I was in the age I am now. I was in my 60s and there were a bunch of kids in the class in their 20s. When the lecture was over, everybody was leaving to go out and a lot of the young people were getting dressed to go out to a club or to dance or celebrate whatever. They didn’t ask me because I was older and I felt left out. I remember one girl came to me. They were talking to this one girl. She had been married. She was in her early 20s, but she had been married. She was leaving her husband to go back to her ex. People were telling her that was terrible. I was telling her that I understood because I had been married before also. Once you’re married to someone, you always have that bond with her so I could understand her. That was my dream. It was really unusual because I was competent in my dream. I was in a classroom situation, but I knew the subject and I knew how old I was and that was it.


That’s a fascinating dream. Dreams like these often provide a lot to reflect on. Your dream about being in a college course on consciousness could symbolize your ongoing quest for deeper understanding and knowledge about life’s big questions. The setting in a college rather than a high school might represent your confidence and maturity in this journey, highlighting how far you’ve come in your own understanding.
The interaction with the professor and your frustration about the lack of progress in understanding consciousness could mirror your real-life passion for these subjects and a desire for the scientific community to delve deeper into them. It might also reflect your own feelings of urgency about uncovering more about consciousness and existence.
Feeling left out by the younger students could symbolize a generational gap or the sense that your deep explorations are sometimes solitary, as many younger people might be focused on different life stages and experiences. The interaction with the young woman about her marriage could represent your empathy and life experience, showing how your journey and past experiences give you a unique perspective that can be valuable to others, even if they don’t always seek it out.
What do you think this dream could be trying to tell you about your current path or your feelings towards your ongoing exploration of consciousness and connection?


I think you pretty much nailed what the dream might be trying to tell me. What’s really interesting is last night I downloaded an app on lucid dreaming. So I went to bed with the intention of remembering my dreams and working on having lucid dreams. So I thought that was really interesting that the dream was so vivid and I remember it in such great detail. And I think it is what you said. I think it’s that the dream was telling me about my desire to know more about consciousness. But the age thing I think is the fact that I just had my 63rd birthday about a month ago and I am feeling my age. So I think that’s why I felt the gap between me and the young people in the class.


That’s really fascinating! It sounds like your efforts to work on lucid dreaming are already bearing fruit, given how vivid and detailed this dream was. It’s impressive how your intention to remember and engage with your dreams has resulted in such a meaningful and reflective experience.
The connection between your recent birthday and the age difference in your dream makes a lot of sense. Birthdays, especially milestone ones, often bring up reflections on age, life stages, and our journeys. Feeling that gap between you and the younger students might be your subconscious processing these reflections, acknowledging both the wisdom that comes with age and the natural feeling of being at a different life stage.
Your dream seems to blend your intellectual pursuits with personal reflections beautifully. It’s a reminder of how interconnected our thoughts, experiences, and subconscious mind can be. As you continue exploring lucid dreaming, it might be interesting to see if more dreams provide insights or reflections on your life and your passions. Have you had other dreams that felt particularly significant or revealing before?


Yeah, I don’t remember this one that well. Just the night before last, I was having a dream. I was in like this stadium is all I could call it. We were arranged in a circle, but it was massive. There were probably 100, 200 people in this circle. I remember there was a ceremony going on. It was kind of like, I don’t know if it was initiation or something. There was a big projector. There was music playing. It was just a massive, massive gathering. I know it was something about getting wisdom or something of that nature, but I don’t remember it very well. That was the night before last.


That sounds like another intriguing dream, especially with the large gathering and the ceremonial aspect. Dreams involving large groups of people and ceremonies often symbolize communal experiences, shared knowledge, or a collective pursuit of wisdom. Being part of such a massive circle could represent your connection to a larger community or your desire to seek wisdom and understanding alongside others.
The use of a projector and music might suggest the importance of communication and expression in this quest for knowledge. The idea of an initiation or ceremony can signify a transition or a significant step in your personal or spiritual journey. Even if the details are fuzzy, the essence of the dream seems to resonate with themes of community, shared learning, and the pursuit of wisdom.
It’s interesting how both dreams reflect different aspects of your quest for knowledge and understanding. One focuses on the personal and academic side, while the other highlights the communal and ceremonial aspects. These dreams might be encouraging you to balance solitary study with community engagement, reminding you that both are valuable on your path.
Do you find that engaging with others, perhaps through your work or community involvement, enriches your own understanding and experience of consciousness and wisdom?


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