Using SMS (Text) to Stay In Touch with Podcast Listeneres.

Podcast listeners are often on-the-go when they listen to your podcast. They might or might not have subscribed already. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to get and stay connected with you. Texting (SMS) is the way to go since they are already on their phones. I use a drip campaign to get them on my email list, give them my email address, website, YouTube channel, and eventually invite them to become a Patreon patron.

I have set up a texting (SMS) service that operates similarly to an email list. Customers text to join the list. I do not use this list to provide content updates. You want to keep the number of text messages to a minimum. I use the list to drip information to them on how they can find my content in other ways.

I chose an easy to remember textword. It’s one associated with my podcast and my book. You don’t want anything complicated or too long. I chose the word GROWTH. I recorded an outro (that I include at the end of every episode) with instructions to text GROWTH to 31996.

To make it easier for people in the car, I included instructions to say “Hey Siri, send a message to 31996“. Siri responds with “What would you like to say?” They say “GROWTH” and they’re on the list. This also works with “OK Google” for Android users.

Once they’re on the list, I send a text with my email address and instructions to sign up for my newsletter. This way they can contact me. And, they get email updates every time I post to my blog. This comes immediately in the auto-reply. Then over the course of the coming days, I have a drip campaign that sends them more information. I make sure they’re subscribed to the podcast. I send them my YouTube channel.  Once they have been on the list for sixty days, I ask if they’d like to become a patron of the show.

You can use any SMS service that offers drip campaigns. The SMS service I use is SlickText.*  I’ve been with them for years for my retail business. SlickText is a small company. But, their support is excellent. I have developed relationships with the people there who have given me excellent marketing advice. SlickText has excellent support, a lot of helpful features, and they are inexpensive. Since I was already using them, my incremental cost is almost zero. They have plans starting at $29.

If you sign up with SlickText using the link provided here, I will receive a small commission. Use promotion code GRIEF@GROWTH to take 15% off of your first month’s bill.


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