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Mark Anthony Discusses The Afterlife Frequency

mark anthony

Mark Anthony is known as The Psychic Lawyer. This episode with Mark is a great way to kick off the New Year.

I’ve met Mark a couple of times at various conferences. In August 2022, I spent a few days with Mark at the Helping Parents Heal conference and got to know him on a much deeper level. Mark is not only a lawyer and a medium, he’s a historian and a critical thinker. Mark is one of the most intelligent and well-rounded people I know.

This interview runs longer than my usual interviews. If you need to listen to it in segments, do so. It’s well worth your time.

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer (also known as The Psychic Lawyer), is a fourth-generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is an Oxford-educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. This Psychic Explorer travels to mystical locations in remote corners to examine Ancient Mysteries and Supernatural Phenomena. Mark appears nationwide on TV and Radio, including CBS TV’s “The Doctors,” and Gaia TV’s “Beyond Belief with George Noory.”

He is the co-host of the live stream show “The Psychic and the Doc” on the Transformation Network. He is a featured speaker at conferences, expos, and universities, including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Yale.

Mark Anthony is a columnist for “Best Holistic Life Magazine.” His latest bestseller, The Afterlife Frequency, is the Gold Winner of the COVR Visionary Awards, was up for a Pulitzer, and was ranked by as one of the top books about faith in God. His other bestselling books are Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity.



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Everybody this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth. And today I’ve got with me I’m really excited about my guest today. His name is Mark Anthony. He’s known as a psychic explorer. He’s also known as a psychic lawyer. He’s a fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He’s an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington DC and before the United States Supreme Court. He travels on Miskell locations and remote corners of the world to examine ancient mysteries and supernatural phenomenon. He appears nationwide on TV and radio including CBS TV, the doctors and Gaias TV beyond belief with George Noory. He’s a co host of the live stream show the psychic in the dark on the transformation network. Mark is a featured speaker at conferences expos and universities which include Brown, Columbia, Harvard and Yale. He’s a columnist for best Holistic Life magazine. His latest bestseller is the afterlife frequency. And as a gold winner of the CEO VR visionary awards, was up for a Pulitzer ranked by pretty was one of the top books about faith in God and other things. His other best selling books are never letting go and evidence of eternity. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Mark speak a couple of times. He’s a fantastic speaker. He has a huge range of knowledge on a variety of subjects. And I got to spend time with Mark and Arizona, this past August at the helping parents heal conference. So I’m really excited to have mark here today.

Mark Anthony 3:12
Thank you, Brian. It’s really great to be here. And it’s good to see you again. We had a great time in Arizona. And helping parents heal is such an amazing organization. And your talk there was so inspiring and the work that you do is so incredibly important. So thank you for for doing this and having this podcast.

Brian Smith 3:35
Well, I guess I’ve said I’m really excited about being here. I I would be a little bit nervous. But I got to know you in Arizona, because you’re just I mean, you’re a big get for a podcast like mine. You are I listened to your podcast with Buddha at the Gas Pump a couple of days ago. And you know so much every time I see you I’m so impressed. I’ve seen you give lectures on the history of the Christian faith, which I thought was excellent. I just saw you recently give an x your lecture on the afterlife frequency, which I want to talk to you a lot about today. But just assuming some people don’t know who you are. Tell me about your background. How do you get to do what it is you do?

Mark Anthony 4:13
You know, when you’re called the psychic lawyer that certainly raises eyebrows and what what it is Brian, I was born into a family where the ability to communicate with spirits is a genetic trait. Both my mother and my father were able to perceive spirits and attracted back on both sides, my generation, both both sides of my family for at least four generations into the 1890s. But the thing is, my dad was a US Navy Seal and a NASA engineer. My mother was a commercial illustrator fashion designer. We were for all intensive purposes. We were the All American family next door, sort of and you know people say well what was your childhood like? Is So it definitely wasn’t Brady Bunch, it was more kind of Addams Family. But all joking aside, it was a privilege and an honor to have parents that understood my abilities. When I was about three and a half years old, I started seeing spirits and interacting with them. Now, you know, you’re a dad. So you know, it’s not unusual for toddlers to have make believe in invisible friends. But when mommy and daddy can see them, too, that adds a whole different dynamic to it. I remember, you know, when I was talking to a spirit, and mom goes, Oh, he’s got it and Dad. Dad’s reaction was hug. God, he’s got it. So so they had different different takes on it. My father was always very protective. And when I was about five years old, I was five years old. I was starting first grade, he said to me, he said, Mark, you can talk about this to your mother and to me, but no one else because people who see things other people don’t get taken away. Let me tell you, Brian, that really, really scared me. And I understood why as I got older, my father had four siblings, three sisters, and a brother and his young younger brother struggled his whole life with cerebral palsy. And of his three sisters. His sister, Marjorie, was a medium like him, as was their mother, Isabel and their maternal grandmother grace. And Margie married this guy who was a religious fanatic for lack of a better term. He was a extremely zealous Christian, and he believed that her abilities were evil. And which is really quite a shame because one day he was getting ready to go to work, and he was a machinist at the steel plant in Pennsylvania. And that day, Marjorie said, Please don’t go to work. She goes, I have a terrible feeling. She was holding the pit of her stomach area of her solar plexus. She begged and pleaded him, and he said, Fine, fine, I’ll stay home. Well, that day, Brian crane was lifting 1000s of pounds of steel beams, and the cable snapped and the beams crushed the machine shop that he worked in and killed everybody in it. Now, presumably, had he been at work, it’s like a 99% chance he would have been would have been in the machine shop and killed. Now, as I discovered when I was a teenager her husband, conspired with a psychiatrist and had her diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. She was forcibly removed from her home, taken to a mental institution and subjected to electroshock therapy for over six months, until her brain was damaged to the point she was never able to perceive spirits again. And and this happened like 20 years before I was born, it was always kind of hush hush. But when I was a teen, I start talking about that my mom spilled the beans because well, let me tell you because my mother was furious about what happened to Marjorie. And so now when I look back, dad wasn’t trying to scare me. He was afraid that if I started speaking openly about perceiving spirits, that something horrible like happened to his sister could happen to me and psychics and mediums we have been subjected to terrible prejudice and oppression. In the Middle East and certain countries people like us are beheaded Saudi Arabia a few years ago, beheaded 130 People that year, a third of them for sorcery, which would be you know, a psychic and mediumistic ability and I appreciate you let me go on a tangent about this. But this is is part of my family background. And I was when I was a teen I was so drawn to the spiritual that I wanted to join the clergy and I was raised in the Catholic faith and and but then I started thinking, I don’t really want to do that and it was too restrictive and too many rules and regulations. So I ended up going to law school. So that’s how I became the psychic lawyer and and when I went public with my abilities, a media outlet said this guy’s a lawyer and a psychic so the media labeled me the psychic warrior and then a couple years after that, another media outlet When I was on a number of programs discussing paranormal phenomenon and ancient mysteries, they labeled me the psychic Explorer. So that is how I, I came to be where I am today.

Brian Smith 10:15
Yes. So, you, you had this medium basic ability. You said from the time you were a toddler, randon, your family, you decided to come a lawyer what prompted you to come out and tell people you had these abilities?

Mark Anthony 10:30
Uh, well, as I got older, you know, they began to intensify. And, you know, I had such a good relationship with my parents. I mean, we got along great. I love my dad, you know, no matter how busy he was, he was very busy guy working on the space program or anything, but he always made time for me. And, and that’s really what kids want. They want to spend time with you toys and all that are nice, but nothing beats quality time. And Mom and I would would have these in depth discussions about psychic ability. And and so one day I was in my law office. All right, I was the head of a law firm. And I was thinking about spaghetti. Now, my family, my mom’s family were of Italian descent. So thinking about spaghetti is not unusual. But as I’m thinking about spaghetti, the phone rings, and my secretary puts it through and it’s my mom, and she said, Honey, I made spaghetti for lunch. Why don’t you come over? And I thought, Oh, fantastic. And my parents house was on about five miles from my office. So I went there. And you know, Brian, it was wonderful. laughing and talking with my parents. And but I noticed my mom was kind of tired. And as I was leaving, she she hugged me and kissed me. And she said, I love you so much, Mark. I’m so happy that you’re my son. But I hugged her. And I said, I love you too, mom. And the next morning, I was in court, and the judges assistant came to get me in the courtroom. And she said, Mark, we need you in chambers right now. And I knew it was bad. And it was a call from my secretary who was in tears. And she said your dad called your mother died. And she’d had a lot of physical problems throughout her entire life. And I believe Brian, that she knew that she was at the end of the line. And she wanted to have that last lunch with me to say, to say farewell. And forgive me if in indulging me if I go further. I spiraled into horrible depression, and you’re a parent who has lost a child. So I know, you understand. And I know that so many of the listeners of this podcast, understand that that caving in feeling that that depression, and yeah, you know, I’m a medium and I can see spirits. But I was driving back from port A couple of weeks after mom passed, and I’m thinking what’s the sense? What’s the use of having this ability, if it’s not making me feel better, and one of those waves of grief hit me. So I knew I better not be driving. So I pull over into this convenience store parking lot. And I was sitting there. And all of a sudden, this flash of light goes off. And was it in my head? Was it in the car. But I immediately turned to the passenger side the seat. And for an instant I saw a silver white silhouette of my mother. All right, so I’m trying to process this and then her voice fills my head. And she said Mark, you’ve been given the gift of mediumship so that you would not be crushed by grief. But now you must help those who are suffering with theirs. Alright, so Brian, I’m breaking out in a sweat. And then before I can even catch my breath, the next round of message. Messages came through and she said, Your life’s mission is to help people understand that God exists. That heaven the afterlife exists, that your souls are immortal living spirits that humans can communicate with souls and that we will all be reunited in the light. That is God when it is your time to leave that this world. I sink back into my chair Brian, I’m soaking wet and all I can think of all I said was okay. Everything in my life changed after that. But that is is what made me it wasn’t so much a decision. The door didn’t open. Ah, my family’s Italian Alright, so Italian spirits aren’t going to be subtle. My spiritually transformative experience wasn’t sitting on a mountain Stop and Maui going, oh, there granola. No, this was a fire hose right to the face. It was a real North Jersey. And everything changed. And within a year, my my first book, never letting go came out. And I’d also been offered a job at a government agency. So I segwayed out of private practice. And my manager Rocky. And I know, you know, Rocky, she travels with me, she set up a speaking engagement of New York City. And then she got me a speaking engagement at Harvard. So it’s a couple of weeks for Christmas. And we’re walking around Harvard with the steaming cups of coffee. And it was beautiful and decorated for Christmas, and all New England, D and Harvard II and, and I get a phone call on and I get on my cell phone. And it’s the elected official, my boss of the government agency. And he goes, I’m catching too much flak from a certain party, that I have a psychic on staff, and you’re taking too much time off. I said, Well, you know, my book came out and I am taking my vacation time I said, But you know, it hit me just like this, Brian. I said, let me make this really easy for you. Please accept this as my resignation. I quit. And he says, Oh, okay. And I hung up the phone all sudden, I said, Rocky, I just quit the legal profession. And she’s mark, take a look around. Where are you? Looking around and I go, Harvard, isn’t? What are you doing in an hour? So giving a lecture on the science of the afterlife and signing copies of my new book Never Letting Go? And she said, Don’t you think this is exactly where you need to be? And I never looked back.

Brian Smith 16:50
Wow, wow. That’s amazing. I love the way that you you leaned LinkedIn to it. And it I think our lives kind of set us up for where we’re supposed to be because your your mind your your perception of law, and of science. And again, I’ve seen you lecture on on history and religious history. You really appeal to people who are more, I was left brained or right from my right being confused, more right brained, I guess, you those people that are not sorry, you appeal to people or left brain people like myself, because I as I listened to you, I’m one of those people like, I need to know how things work. I just can’t take things on faith. It’s like, how does this work? And you go into that in great detail. I know in your books and in your lectures. So I guess that what do you think you got that that drive to, to know, to want to know why things work the way they do?

Mark Anthony 17:48
I recall, when I was eight years old, I was with my dad, and we were looking at the stars. And he was telling me that you know how far they are away and have a light had burned out from them. And and he said to me, he goes, Mark, there’s no such thing as a mystery. There are only questions for which we do not yet have the answer. And if enough research, enough dedication and enough funding. So they always said if you put enough money into something and it’s spent right? He said you’re going to come up with an answer. It may take years but you’re gonna get an answer. And ultimately, it’s going to be based on science. And you know, Brian, that really stuck with me. And my whole life. I’ve been interested in all types of things archaeology, Egyptology, paleontology, physics, theology, philosophy. I love science. I mean, I’m interested in so many different I mean, you know, my office, and there’s all kinds of stuff. I even got a whole bunch of dinosaurs back. I’ve been so fascinated and one of the things that I liked about law is because I’m doing I’m working full time as a medium author and a speaker, spiritual teacher now, but what I liked about law is that I got to work with forensics, physicists, neuroscientists, because I specialized in head injury litigation also as criminal defense. So I had to deal with ballistics. It put me in so many different fields and with each case, I had to learn the science before I could cross examine or do direct examination of my witnesses so my whole life you know, everything is why and now let’s see if we can find out so I think that in the problem with the way way a lot of religions are and I don’t crash on anybody’s belief system, everybody has an absolute right. This is still the United States. We still have freedom of religion and freedom from religion, separation of church and state, very, very, very important if you don’t believe me, tune into the news about what’s going on in Afghanistan, in Iran and Saudi Arabia for that matter. And that’s where you have a theocratic rule by religion. No, I don’t want to live under Old Testament laws where if you do something, if you work on the Sabbath, you shall be put to death. I mean, you know, but the thing is, the problem with religion is believe what we’re telling you. And that’s fine. But is there a scientific basis for the afterlife, and the big part of my work is bridging the divide between spirituality and science. faith and science for centuries have been polar opposites diametrically opposed. It is Sir Isaac Newton. I love Sir Isaac Newton, basically invented physics for I mean, other other people contributed, but he came up with the laws of optics and gravity and laws of motion. And the thing about Newton, he didn’t believe in an afterlife, but he believed in God. And he spent more time studying the Bible, looking for cryptic and hidden messages in Scripture than he did. Working on science. We that’s that’s amazing. But out of Newton came what’s known as Newtonian, reductive materialism, which means that everything, including the microscopic can be is just a miniature version of our world. And that if you can’t see it, and directly observe it, it doesn’t exist. And so Newton’s deep faith in God gets glossed over by Newtonian reductionist materialist, basically science that thinks that all religion is mythology and baseless, and there’s no afterlife. And then people of faith, look at the Newtonians as a bunch of heretics and blasphemers. And then comes the 20th century and quantum physics. And now we have a whole new understanding that things go far beyond Newton’s molecular level down to a subatomic level, where everything at the most basic unit is energy, and therefore interconnected. And quantum physicists in the 21st century, are now saying that eternal life, survival of consciousness of your soul does not violate the laws of physics. So it’s taken 400 years from Newton for us to get to this point. And that’s what I’m so excited about, is building upon all this and then explaining it to people that, you know, faith and science are not polar opposites. They tend to explain the same thing yet through different vernacular and different filters.

Brian Smith 23:15
Yeah, well said I absolutely. And as I’ve studied this myself, I think a lot of people in our in our Western society especially believe that this schism between science and faith is always been there, but it hasn’t. It’s a relatively new phenomenon. And we’re, you know, they, as you said, science or people, faith, few scientists, as heretics and people science with people of faith is just like, you know, woowoo, and there’s nothing to that. And it’s really exciting to see them kind of coming back together as science is finally discovering what faith has taught us all along. So that kind of brings us to the afterlife frequency, which is an interesting title for your book. So why don’t you call it the afterlife frequency?

Mark Anthony 23:57
You know, this is one of those, those flukes, my publisher, New World library, loved them. They’re, they’re just so wonderful to work with. And I had so many different working titles for the book and I didn’t didn’t like any of them, and they weren’t thrilled about any of them. And as I explained in the book, spirit communication is based on adjusting your brainwave frequency to a level where spirits are able to adjust theirs and you get a frequency match. And I decided to I live near the ocean so I decided to take a walk along the beach. And I was thinking well, the books about the afterlife, the books about frequency, and all sudden, I’m looking out over the ocean I go the afterlife frequency. Hmm. So I run home and I do a search on Google and everywhere else and it’s never been used. And I call my publisher and the publisher I said to her, the afterlife frequency. There was a pause and she goes I will Love it. And so that’s what happened. And, and the subtitle of the book is the scientific proof of spiritual contact, and how that awareness will change your life. And here’s the cover of the book and in and if you want to order it or find out about the work that I do or sign up for my newsletter or apply for a reading, my website is afterlife And one of the key concepts in the book is, is I introduced several new terms because the problem with mediumship and spirit communication is it’s anchored in the Victorian era, during the heyday of spiritualism and the terminology and and the explanations are based on a Victorian era level of science. Well, the afterlife frequency catapults spirit communication into the 21st century. And I’m introducing new terms based on science to explain these ancient phenomenon. And one of the key concepts is the electro magnetic soul, the E M S. And it describes what we really are a soul, a spirit, which is pure consciousness. We know from faith that all great spiritual teachers, whether it is ancient Hinduism, whether it’s Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, native Americanism, African animism, Central, Central and South American belief systems, all the great spiritual teachers, Brian, explain that the who and what we are the consciousness, the soul, the spirit pre exists, the body comes into the body moves on after the body dies. We know from the laws of thermodynamics and physics, that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. We know from neuroscience, which is the study of the human brain, that the brain has an electromagnetic field. So borrowing on all of that, I develop the term the electromagnetic soul to describe what we really are, which is pure consciousness that is eternal electromagnetic energy.

Brian Smith 27:28
Yeah, I think it’s, it’s really interesting, I have to say, when I first heard the term, and it was, I think it was at the lecture that you gave for helping parents heal. I was like, I was really cool. And I thought, but it’s just another form of materialism. You know, we’re we’re trying to identify the soul physically. And then I thought, you know, why did I even have that thought? Because I do agree with what your father said, and with your philosophy. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as the supernatural. There’s only when we don’t understand yet. You know, if someone talked about X rays 200 years ago, we would have said, that’s impossible if we talked about a wireless internet Bluetooth technology. When I first heard about that in the 80s. I’m like, That doesn’t even make any sense. How can you have a low power wireless network, but now we do it every day. So there there may come a point where science can identify what the soul is. So I love the way you’re bringing this together.

Mark Anthony 28:22
Yeah, we’re getting that way. And Dr. Gary Schwartz, who’s the head of the soul phone project is actually working on technology to communicate with spirits. He wrote the foreword for the afterlife frequency, and it was funny, he called me up he goes, Mark, electromagnetic soul, I love it. I want to use it. I’m gonna call it the EMS for sure. And I said, fantastic. And one of the great honors of my life is at helping parents heal. Gary Schwartz, Dr. Schwartz came and he spoke and he, he showed a, a slide of my book, and he talked about the electromagnetic soul. And he said, and let us think he said, some people say, Well, this is too technical, but does not the term soul stand for the source of universal love? And let me tell you, that was such a humbling experience to have one of the top research afterlife research scientists in the world, not only validate my work, but also explain how the soul is about love. Yeah, I mean, it’s electromagnetic energy. Love is energy. I mean, let’s face it, it takes a lot of energy to love somebody. It does, but the thing is, it is also the energy that gives meaning and purpose to human life. So, so we are now in a century and provided humans don’t blow ourselves into atoms, and I’m not trying to be facetious But unfortunately, our human technology, so much effort is put into weapons and destruction as opposed to solving the mysteries of the universe or the questions in the universe. But I do believe that, that we’re going to come through this, I have a good feeling where we are going to come through all this. We now live in an exciting era, Brian, where science will prove not only the existence of the afterlife, but the discovery, dare I say, of the Divine power that we call God.

Brian Smith 30:36
It’s a really, really interesting time. You’re absolutely right. And I’m fortunate enough to I, I’m on the cell phone foundation, I’m the vice president of the cell phone Foundation, and I was able to introduce Gary at the conference. And I, you know, getting to know people like you exist, and Gary exists. And Bernardo Castro, who is another person that I just think is fantastic. I love the fact that I can talk to people now about what I and I don’t even like the term belief, the conclusions that I’ve come to, based upon philosophy, based upon science based upon observation, your near death experiences, mediums have been tested now. And I can talk to people who are materialists and say, here’s a reason why you should believe, you know, read Marc Anthony’s book, read Bernado cash Jim’s book, look at the research Gary Schwartz has done. I know you’ve been researched as a medium. And a lot of people even to this day don’t realize this huge body of evidence and you being a lawyer, you know, you can talk to proof. Right. And I know Gary hates the word proof. But I think we’re pretty close to proving it.

Mark Anthony 31:45
Yeah, I think we are too. I mean, I know we are and, and there’s always going to be the skeptics and the naysayers. There’s always going to be people who don’t believe I did a reading for for a woman last week, and I was good friends with her husband and I knew her and he died earlier this year. And the information that came through I didn’t know any of this. And a lot of things came through from spirits about her including a boyfriend she once had, I mean, even got, you know what it looked like his name and everything. And she was like, Oh, my God. And her daughters and siblings were very receptive, but her son outright rejection. He’s a skeptic. Now he nobody can talk to the dead. And it’s so funny when people say you can’t do this. That doesn’t exist. To which my responses, please explain to me your vast knowledge of quantum physics, interdimensional communication, and the dynamical interface between electromagnetic energy and a living human being, and that of the collective consciousness. Please explain that to me. And usually the response you get is

Brian Smith 32:54
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I think I just said, the, the, the materialism that is so prevalent in our society where people and people claim they’re being unscientific. When they say that’s impossible, which is not a scientific approach. That’s the philosophy.

Mark Anthony 33:13
Yes. And there’s a big difference between being a skeptic and being a cynic. See, a skeptic will say, Well, I don’t believe, but I’d like to see the proof. In other words, a skeptic may not accept something, but is open minded to the proof or a cynic. Mind closed, I don’t believe period. Or then I get the you’re doing the work of Satan. Because it says in the book of Deuteronomy and other passages in the Bible, that mediums are not of God. And it’s really funny, because the passage in Deuteronomy is chapter 18. And there’s a part there that says, Do not consult with mediums, because they’re not a god, but and people say, there it is, and it’s in line 10. I said, yes. But if you keep reading that passage and go to verse 22, it sets truth as the standard because it says, how will we know a word the Lord has not spoke, spoken through a prophet. And basically, if it doesn’t come true, then it’s not a god. So in other words, if it is true, then this is a gift from God. And then when we go into the New Testament, in one Corinthians chapter 12, verses four through 12, the apostle Paul writes in great detail that there are many gifts from God. They all come from the same spirit and to have those gifts and it’s a very long passage was a beautiful, beautiful passage. To the gifts are prophecy, which is seeing future events and discernment of spirits, which is what I do is discernment. Have spirits. And it says that all of these are from the same spirit God. And then there’s Romans 12, verses six through eight, which says that we all have gifts from God, and if your gift is one of prophecy than prophesies in accordance with your faith, so there are people who like to take a salad bar approach to religion. Well, let’s take this verse and say that God doesn’t like that well. So why don’t you keep reading the entire passage, you can’t just take a phrase here or there, you have to look at the document as a whole. And so where my lawyer side comes in, and when you begin to examine the entire document, the Bible is filled Brian, with stories of people who communicate with spirits, who see future events. And when they’re depicted as good guys and good girls, in the Bible, their profits or profits, this is where they’re depicted in a negative light, they’re referred to as witches are mediums. And you also have to realize that this terminology is, is based on James in English, the King James Version of the Bible, but you have to go back to the original Greek, which the gospels were written in, in the New Testament, the Old Testament was written in Aramaic and and translated Hebrew, into Latin, and so on and so forth. And you start seeing that some of these words are more of a byproduct of the era of King James, which led to the Salem witch trials in the new world, and there was witches under you know, every every nook and cranny. So that’s why I always caution people about using the Bible as a means to dislike people. I heard this one quote by, I believe it was an Episcopalian minister. And he said that the ultimate act of ego, edging God out, ego, is creating God in your own image, so that he gets to hate the same people you do. And I remember I post that one time this one lady went berserk on me, and I was trying to explain to her, this has nothing to do with God. This has to do with ego driven people who are looking for an a moral justification for their hatred and agenda. And, and maybe, you know, crossing the line here. But when you look at organizations like ISIS and al Qaeda, who claim that the Koran is justifying their acts of genocide, slavery, rape and murder. Koran doesn’t do that. These people are looking for moral justification. And the and the teachings of Jesus does not, did not say, hate people who are different than you are. And so that’s where the difference is. Faith in God is about peace, love, understanding, healing, and resolution. It isn’t about anger, bigotry, hatred, and violence. Those are all byproducts of the human ego, the thing created by the mind, and people like like Osama bin Laden, if you tell a bunch of morons, they’ll fly these planes into a building because I don’t like US foreign policy, they’re probably not going to do it. But if you tell them, God will guarantee you 72 virgins, which you know, is ridiculous in and of itself. And you never know. Now, I won’t even say that this is a positive. Gotta be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. But but the thing is, religion has been used as an extension of people, whether it was the Roman Empire, the Islamic empire, the British Empire, the United States, it’s been used as an extension of, of people’s ego driven agendas. And when you get away from that, and see what the true meaning the true connection is, it’s all about love. It’s all about the soul, the source of universal love.

Brian Smith 39:23
Yes, I think again, you were so well said because you talked about, you know, for example, the Bible, and people will take the Bible and they’ll take parts that they like, and they leave the other parts and we all do that we all cherry pick things because you have to it’s a big book, but we can see the the splinter in the other person’s eye, but not the log in our own eye. Right. So we look at Islam, for example, a lot of us say I was a violent religion, you know, because look at what they’re doing. And look, the Koran justifies this that people will go find verses in the Quran. They’re violent, but then you can find those same types of verses actually even more in the Hebrew Scriptures. And but we now in modern society say no, we don’t stone children for talking back to their parents. And we don’t, you know, we don’t, you know, do all these things that are in there because we’ve, we’ve advanced. And I have a lot of times people come to me and say, uh, Brian, just read your Bible. If you just read your Bible you’d understand. I’m like, I’ve read the entire thing. Not only that, I know the history and I love what you’re doing. Some of your lectures is breaking out in history, and people don’t understand like, Where did your Bible come from? Who decided what books are in there? What books were left out? Seeing King James did a terrible job of translating. Just awful. The word hell because the word health should never ever appear in the Hebrew Scriptures. But oh,

Mark Anthony 40:48
it you know, hell. Oh, gosh, I give a whole lecture on the historical the development of hell. But yeah, go ahead, Brian, I’ll finish your thought.

Brian Smith 40:57
No, I want to say I appreciate people like you doing that. Because that lecture you gave the first one I saw you give was on this history. And people in the room who are Christians who think they understand their faith, have no idea, and most of them really don’t know. So.

Mark Anthony 41:14
I’ve met people that think that Jesus’s last name was Christ. Yes. It Christ is is from a Greek word Christos, which means the anointed one, and a king is anointed. And Jesus, according to the book of Matthew as a descendant of King David, and therefore was the anointed one. And it was in his name in Aramaic, or the closest we could pronounce will be Yeshua. He was Yeshua, Christos Yeshua, Jesus, the anointed one. But there’s people again, Mr. And Mrs. crass, Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem, and it’s starting to affect the southern accent and, and I’ve done that, and I’ve had friends of mine that are that are from the South who are anything but ignorant or stupid. get annoyed with me, but it’s okay. I’ll imitate my relatives from New Jersey if you want. Yeah, but the point is, the point is, well, look at James in English. If I Brian, if I say the word awful, if I said the awful majesty of God, what would that mean to you? That means terrible. Exactly. In the 20th and 21st. Centuries, awful means terrible. But in the time of King James, the awful majesty of God meant full of all, we are full of awe of the majesty of God. Now, that’s one word. That’s one word. And I was on a radio show one time. And somebody called in and he was obviously an Evangelical, and not one that that studies the Bible, because I have a lot of evangelical friends. And we have protracted discussions about this. And he said that mediums are not of God. And I said, and what version of the Bible do you use? Because it goes, What do you mean, I go, Well, there’s 20, at least 23. More like 26 versions of the Bible, were the one true Bible, the King James version. So now I knew I had them. Okay. So like I said, and what is your Bible say about gays, the gay and lesbian community? And then he launched into gays are evil and immoral and not a god and should burn in hell and all this, as well. What do you know about King James? So what do you mean? What do you know about King James? Well, he, he wrote this Bible, so no, he didn’t write this Bible. I said, King James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, who was a Catholic queen of Scotland. But she was executed by her good Christian cousin, Elizabeth, the first of England. And when Elizabeth died, childless, Jane James, her son became the he was James the sixth of Scotland, and he became James the First of the United Kingdom of England and Scotland. So there is in London, and his, and also James lived openly with another man. He was clearly gay. In fact, his nickname behind his back, of course, was the Nancy King. So here we have, and he was really involved with the Globe Theater and the Shakespearean stuff, and that’s why the Puritans burn the Globe Theater to the ground. So we start doing the backstory here. So you have this very effeminate, flamboyant king. And his advisor said, well, now you’re the head of the Church of England and we Want to put out a Bible in English like the Germans did with Martin Luther, instead of it being in Latin being an English so the people could can read it? And he said, fine. So that’s how it came into existence. And I said, so the Bible that you use to oppress gays was ordered into existence by a gay man. He said, Well, that’s That’s heresy as a no, my friend. That is history. And I heard a click and the host of the show said, Mark, you are welcome back anytime.

Brian Smith 45:32
Yeah. Well, I again fighting fighting this this ignorance that that we all have, we are ignorant some point that ignorant is not a bad word. Yeah, something Yeah, it’s not a bad word. But for me, I was driven to study this by my fear of death, my fear of what you know, what was the afterlife, the fear of hell? And it didn’t make any sense to me. And so I started studying history. And and I heard you talk about this, the other day that the original church fathers had very different beliefs than people have now about like, eternal damnation, for example, or reincarnation, you know, we believe that Christians have never believed in reincarnation. And when you really study it, you find that the Christianity did it one time, and you find out when it got drummed out of Christianity.

Mark Anthony 46:20
Oh, absolutely. One of my favorite women was mystical passages in the Bible. And it’s in three different gospels. I know it’s in Luke, I think it’s in Mark. And I think the other one could be Matthew. And it’s called the transfiguration. And Jesus takes a select group of his disciples, to the top of a mountain, and all of a sudden, he glows white, and there’s mist, bright light around him. And the spirits of Moses and Elijah appear on either side of him. Now, if this isn’t mediumship, I don’t know what it is. In fact, this goes even further. This could be an example of what’s known as physical mediumship. I’ve yet to see a legitimate physical medium, these people sit in the dark and talking goofy voices. That’s a bunch of nonsense. If it can’t be done in the light, forget it. Okay? Nothing about God, nothing about the light, nothing about love is to be hidden in darkness. And what’s fascinating from a metaphorical standpoint is Elijah was the, excuse me, Moses was the giver, the bringer of the law. Elijah was the enforcement of the law. And Jesus was the embodiment of the law. That’s how this passage has been interpreted by, by Christian scholars in the metaphorical sense. So they come off the mountain. And Jesus says, Don’t tell anybody about this. All right. And then there’s a discussion of Well, who do you say that I am? And the disciples say, well, some say that you are the prophet Elijah, others say that You are John the Baptist. Now, John the Baptist was Jesus’s first cousin. And we know that he was beheaded by Herod and tapas. And I could go on and on and on but but there was a story of you know, Herod was hot for this woman, Salem A, and he said, if she would dance for him, which parallel very seductive dance, he would give her whatever she wanted. And John the Baptist was a Hebrew prophets speaking out against the immorality of Herod and his court and, and he’s the one that baptized Jesus in the River Jordan. And so she’s She dances, he goes, I’ll give you whatever, because I want that ahead of John the Baptist on a silver platter. And so that’s where that term, you know, his head on a silver platter comes from Long story short, Jesus said, Elijah has already returned, but they did not recognize him, or he appeared in the form of John the Baptist. Whoa. Elijah lived 800 years before Jesus and his cousin, John, the Baptists, and not just progressive Christian scholars, but Hindu scholars, Buddhist scholars. metaphysicians have zeroed in on this passage as possibly being Jesus discussing Elijah having reincarnated as John the Baptists. And what happened is, the first version of the Bible was ordered into existence roughly 300 years after Jesus’s death by the Roman Emperor Constantine, and it was at the Council of Nicaea and basically Constantine said, look, the ancient religion of the gods on Mount Olympus, nobody believes that anyway, pretty much the Empire’s Christian. So we need an authoritative text. So the Torah, the Old Testament, the Jewish scriptures were designated as the Old Testament. And then the letters of Paul and all of the the gospels were compiled at the first Ecumenical Council, which essentially was the Council of Nicaea. And the first version of the Bible came out. Well, in the aftermath of that, a great Christian theologian origin and he lives in the city of Alexandria, in Egypt, origin wrote that everyone goes through a succession of lifetimes, until they ascend to the level with God. He said, even Lucifer will eventually ascend to the level and basically will return to heaven. And so in the early centuries of Christianity, reincarnation was one of the basic tenants. But then, by the sixth century, the reign of what we now call the Byzantine, the eastern half of the Roman Empire, the western half collapse, but the eastern half continued, and, and the fifth Ecumenical Council of Constantinople, I think, was around the year 525. By 27. There was a new version of the Bible was rewritten. All the references of of reincarnation were removed. I think they missed the transfiguration. And yeah, yeah. And reincarnation was declared heresy. So you have to realize between Constantine and the Emperor Justinian at the fifth Ecumenical Council, there’s another 250 years. And if this was the fifth Ecumenical Council, there were four others were each time the Bible was revised. And, you know, when people say, drama is heresy, it’s like, no, this is history. And this is not not degrading, anyone have a Christian faith? You know, I’ve studied Christianity, I even, you know, consider going to the clergy. I have no problem with any of this. But we also have to take into account that the document we refer to as the Bible has undergone a tremendous amount of editing and rewriting, and unfortunately, it has all too often become subjected to the political agenda of a Roman Emperor a Byzantine emperor or various Christian kings throughout Europe. Yeah, and post

Brian Smith 52:59
and I don’t I don’t belittle anyone’s faith. My grandfather was a was a pastor I grew up in his church I grew up with with the Bible, and I still revere the Bible is still revered Jesus, I think there’s a lot of good stuff in there. But Thomas Jefferson said it really well you have to separate the diamonds from the dung and if there’s a lot of there’s a lot of crap in there that was put in deliberate and understated is history for some people might say well that’s that’s boring I don’t care about that. But when you say things like I’m a Christian so I can’t believe in reincarnation understand that origin did for example, when I got all my was all spun out about eternal hell and I started reading about it, I found out about this thing called Christian universalism, which was the prevalent belief of the Christian church for like the first 500 years that everyone would eventually be saved. That you know, if there was a hell it’s a temporary place of correction. And and you know, Jesus even made some some comments about like, I will upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Well, Gates keep things out what he was saying was, I’m going to go into hell and get those people out. That was that’s what that passage meant. And we take it to mean the exact opposite. So I love what you’re doing with educating people because I think we all need to be more aware of like, what it is we think we’ve always believed I was taught about the rapture and Jesus kind of back in the moment I didn’t realize that only came out in like the 1800s that people started believing that in the rapture so these these things are really important

Mark Anthony 54:30
well, you there are certain universal concepts energy neither being created nor destroyed only only transferred. I’m currently working on an article for the March issue of best Holistic Life magazine. And And if people want to subscribe, it’s a free online subscription, best holistic all one word, best holistic life, and it’s wonderful magazine, body, mind and soul and And I’m a monthly contributor. And I’m writing about the legend of the Shamrock and St. Patrick. And St. Patrick is such a fascinating character. He was a Roman citizen. These are in the waning days of the Roman Empire. And apparently he was a rich kid living on the west coast of, of what is now Britain. And but the Romans had to withdraw their their garrison from Britain because, you know, barbarian hordes were flooding the Empire. So Brit Britannia, was defenseless, and all of a sudden pirates invade and they kidnap the 16 year old. His name was Malan su cot, took them to Ireland, sold him into slavery. And eventually, as he acted as a shepherd, he was working for a landowner as a shepherd. And it’s sort of like he had his King David moment. You know, he here he was the shepherd. And God spoke to him in a vision and, and angels came to him, and he saw a great light and they said, go in this direction, and you will find a ship that will take you to free him, and he did. And eventually, he began preaching in Ireland. And the Irish at that time, they had druidic beliefs, very, like almost more like Wiccan beliefs, beliefs in nature. That’s where like leprechauns and sprites, and all these elemental type energies. And his name wasn’t Patrick. But he he was referred to by the Roman title, like protagonists, which became Patrick Hunter. So he was that meant father. And so that’s his real name was May when sukar, but we know him is Patrick. And he had a really wonderful way of speaking to the Druids. He didn’t go in and say Your religion is wrong. I mean, we hear that all the time. There’s only one way he combined their belief in nature, with spirituality with Christian spirituality. And he took the three leafs of the Shamrock to represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now, if you look at Hinduism, you have Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the destroyer, excuse me, the Sustainer, Shiva, the destroyer, Buddhism, earth, death, rebirth, there’s these universal concepts, energies, neither created nor destroyed, only transfer from one form to another. So Patrick used a shamrock, a very common leaf in in Ireland to explain the basis of eternal life. And instead of telling the truths, they were wrong, he basically put a new spin on their their belief systems. And so what religions are all doing is they are attempting to under explain, through their various cultural nuances, the same concept, that life is eternal, that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. And as Rhonda Schwartz, Dr. Gary Schwartz wife, and she’s a very gifted medium, she said, such a wonderful thing. We have one life, and it is eternal. And so that’s what Patrick was teaching people and so I love it when I you know, and I know that when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s uh, you know, it’s a big party, and a lot of, you know, good food and drinking and all that. But, but no, but don’t drink and drive. But the, the symbol ism of a shamrock is more than just the luck of the Irish, it has a much deeper meaning an application for all of us.

Brian Smith 58:56
Yeah, yeah. And that’s why history is, you know, is really important to understand. I want to talk more about some of the concepts in your book, I know one of the concepts you talked about is the collective consciousness. So what does that mean?

Mark Anthony 59:10
The collective consciousness, all right, our electromagnetic solar EMS is is what makes us unique. That’s the who and what we are, that’s our spirit. The brain does not create consciousness, it merely hosts it just way way your computer does not did not create windows 10, or Windows 11, or whatever operating system and merely hosts it and the data that’s on it. And so when our brain our hydrat, hard drive crashes, in other words, when we die, that energy think of our electromagnetic souls a drop of water, and it leaves the body and plunges into this eternal sea of souls, which is the collective consciousness. You still maintain your identity and your individuality but now, you’re energetically linked to other spirits link to other spirits linked to other spirits, and that is, is very possibly, I believe, how we’re all cells in the body of God. Now we’ve all heard that cells in the body God, Edgar Casey, the great, great psychic, who founded the Edgar Casey center over 70 plus years ago refer to this as a universal mind. The Hindus call this Krishna consciousness, Christians call this Christ consciousness. So what it is, our soul becomes part of this vast intelligence. And so when we engage in spirit communication, it’s not that the spirit separates permanently I call it the collective consciousness disconnect. But what it is, a soul will adjust his or her vibrational frequency to align with our brainwave frequencies so that we can communicate, and messages from the collective consciousness are beautiful. They’re all about love, healing, inner peace, resolution. That’s why during spirit communication, when a spirit will communicate with me many times, they will give medical information about the person I’m doing the reading for, or someone close to them in this world. And the medical information that they give far exceeds anything I ever knew. And that’s because healing is a gift from God. So the collective consciousness is the vast intelligence network that we are all connected to. And while we’re in this body, we are connected to it, but we’re not always completely aware of that.

Brian Smith 1:01:50
Brings us to like mediumship, which is always, you know, fascinated me. And again, some people say it’s all fake and all that stuff. But you know, a question I think people have is like, so if you’re communicating with the Spirit, why can’t they just speak to you like, an English like, you and I are speaking to each other? Why don’t you just say, Hey, my name is John, I was 52 years old when I died and the keys are in the kitchen drawer.

Mark Anthony 1:02:14
Yeah, well, they can. First off, they do talk to us, but spirits don’t speak English. They don’t speak to human language. They speak frequency. And, you know, once again, you know, my book The Afterlife frequency. So what an electromagnetic soul a spirit does, is he she or a group of them collected, emits a wave of electromagnetic frequency, that EMF pulse goes into my brain, the electromagnetic field, my EMS, then in my brain, then it is converted into recognizable concepts based on my memories, feelings, and cultural association. And that’s why if I do readings for people, and they had relatives that did not speak English, they can still communicate like I was doing a reading for this woman. And she was from Argentina, I think. And her son came through and I saw Excalibur and the sword and the Sun Stone and King Arthur. And I’ve been doing this long enough, I know that no matter how weird it is, say So I explained this to her. She goes, Oh, my I go, why she goes, my son’s favorite story as a boy was the sword in the stone. And his name was Arturo. Which is Arthur. Okay. So that’s why a lot of these things are metaphor, or symbolic because it’s transmitted to me through frequency, and I had to explain it so that the person can understand. i This example happened a couple months back, I was doing a reading for this woman and her mother’s spirit came through. And this is medical. And I said, she’s talking about, there’s a young boy feels like he’s round seven, who’s in this world connected to you? Because well, I don’t have any children. But I have a nephew who’s seven, and I’m very close to him. I said, Well, there’s a problem with his eyes. And I said, there’s something with the eyes because I’m feeling pain in my eyes. What it is the Spirit is sending an EM impulse and the sensation, I feel pressure in my eyes. They’re not hurting me. It’s merely a sensation. So I know that the Spirit’s talking about his eyes. And she said that’s interesting because I was talking to my sister recently and she said he was complaining about vision issues. And I said to your mother says you got to take him to the eye doctor. And now I’m here in Little Richard singing, tutti frutti are rooting. I’m singing this. She goes mark that makes no sense whatsoever. I said, Look, I just deliver the message. A month later, Brian I get an email. She said all right. I call my sister we made an appointment. For my nephew, all three of us went with together. And as soon as we walked into the doctor’s office on the radio, it started playing Tutti Frutti already by Little Richard. Now, a skeptic Oh, that’s a coincidence, really? Let’s do the statistical odds on that. And I bet it’s going to be more than trying to win the 1.7 billion or 2 billion Powerball? Yeah, here’s what’s going on, on. Everything’s made of molecules which are made of atoms, which made electrons protons and neutrons and the smallest particles a quantum ergo the term quantum physics. Everything is electro magnetic energy at its most basic level. Since the time of Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity, it has been theorized, there is no time on the subatomic level, electro magnetic Sol, electromagnetic, again, they are in a higher frequency. And because time doesn’t exist, they’re able to perceive what you and I would refer to as past, present and future. So the spirit was coming through and saying my grandson needs to go to the eye doctor because he needs glasses. That was the message. And because the mother spirit is an electromagnetic soul, she can foresee future events knew that they would be going to this eye doctor and to verify that they are in the right place at the right time. She knew the song, radio waves are in the electromagnetic spectrum that would be playing at the precise second that they walked into the doctor’s office. That’s what happened. This isn’t hocus pocus or magic. This is a real phenomenon, which is explainable through quantum physics. And that’s what I’ve dedicated my life to. And that’s why I wrote the book The Afterlife frequency to explain to people mediumship near death experiences shared death experiences deathbed visions, when spirits talk to you in a dream, if you feel somebody around you, none of this is is a hallucination. It is simply different phenomena, which is based on the same energetic modality of electromagnetic energy in the interface of our electromagnetic soul of the afterlife frequency. And it is all explainable. This is real.

Brian Smith 1:07:34
That is Mark, that is the best explanation. And I’ve asked so many mediums to explain to me how this works. And that’s the best explanation I’ve ever gotten for why it’s not just that Direct English communication, as you said, it’s an electromagnetic thing for why it seems like meeting can only get for example names that they’ve heard before, usually, or experiences they’ve had, because it’s got to be something that resonates with their brain. I think that was a that was phenomenal. Thank you for

Mark Anthony 1:08:01
explaining. Yeah. It’s funny, especially with names. I mean, that’s icing on the cake for mediums. We all want names. And yeah. Let’s do the reading recently for this lady from Bulgaria, and I’m laughing because this was a funny one. And the Spirit came through and I heard the word incidental. I go incidental. And she goes oh, wait, and I don’t speak a lick of Bulgarian. She goes mark. I think that’s my uncle. I go why? She said his name and Bulgarian Brian. It didn’t sound like the word incidental. It was like incidental or whatever it was in Bulgaria. It’s and we were both laughing because I think that that does it. I go. I think that’s it too.

Brian Smith 1:08:41
Yeah. Well, I had the first week ever had was with Suzanne Wilson, who was just amazing. And she was trying to get my daughter’s name. And my daughter is like, you’re never going to get it. You’re never going to get she’s telling her this. And she said I can’t get her name, she said but I’m seeing like an old black and white cowboy movie. So neither one of us can make any sense of this. So I posted the reading on the internet. I said what how phenomenal. She was everything. And so she got this old black and white cowboy movie and someone said is the movie Shane, and my daughter’s name is Shana. But neither she nor I knew that’s what it was because I didn’t recognize the movie. And she you know, she she didn’t put it together either. But it was that third party validation that that validate that you know, she was getting the name.

Mark Anthony 1:09:25
Yeah, yeah. And along those lines, just the other brand new example. I’m doing a reading for this lady the other night, and her brother came through. And all of a sudden, I’m seeing the cartoon movie The Lion King, okay, and I gotta did he liked the Lion King? She was well, I don’t know. And I go, Well, I’m not seeing Simba. I’m seeing Nala remember Simba. His girlfriend was Nala the female lion. I go Nala. She goes well, that’s interesting. I said why? She saw when my sister was pregnant. And and we said that if if it was going to be a girl we were going to name the baby Nola, in honor of my brother Nolan. And I go whoa, whoa, whoa, one second. Nala Nola Nolan. She goes Oh dear God, Bing boom and that’s what I call a multiple meaning message. I was getting Nala because just like you were explaining with with the movie Shane, Nala Nola, okay, Michel, Michel, Cindy, Sandy, Danny, Donnie, when you’re doing spirit communication, because it’s something that’s really close, like incidental and whatever, pronunciation. You’ve got to work with that. See people think that this is texting and instant messaging. Well, if you’re really real, they’re gonna give me why did they give me six winning Powerball numbers? Well, maybe they will give you six numbers. And maybe those numbers are winning numbers. But they didn’t tell you when they’re going to be winning numbers. Maybe these numbers are going to come out 20 years, 12 days and eight hours from now. You know, and also. And we all we all hear this? Well, that’s not what it’s for. Spirits aren’t concerned with material wealth. Right. Right. They’re looking at things from an infinite perspective. Yeah, I think most people would love to win the lottery. But that’s not what spirit communication is about. It’s about bringing messages of love, healing, inner peace, protection and resolution. A grandmother saying my grandson’s eyes need to be adjusted, I needed glasses and protected. I was doing a public event in Florida. And this was a really hard one because it was like two weeks after my father died. And so I was you know, yes, I’m a medium and low. But still, I mean, I was grieving my dad. Yeah. And there was a mother and a daughter there. And the mother’s father came through, which would be the girl’s grandfather. And the message was, don’t go to the concert comes right out of my mouth. And I see the look of disappointment on the girl’s face. And the mother says, well, she’s supposed to go to a concert next week with her friends. So the message is don’t get in that car, don’t go to the concert, don’t get in that car. The event was over a year later, on doing another event at that venue. And this mother and daughter walked up to me. Do you remember us? And they explained it. Let me tell you it was? I said, Well, yeah, I can remember something about that. The girl goes, Why call my friends and I said I’m not going to the concert. They go why? Well, the psychic said I’m not supposed to get in the car to go to the concert. And she said my friends were so freaked out. They’re driving up the interstate and I 95. And they decided to go really slow. And also they ran over something and all four tires blew out. And they were stuck on the side of the highway. And when the Florida Highway Patrol got there, he said, Thank God, you girls are only going 50 miles an hour. If you’ve been going at a mile, you know, 7080 miles an hour, chances are your car would have flipped now, or blow outs. And the thing is, at the time of the reading, that’s what I was getting. It wasn’t getting the tires gonna be blown out. And I can see where skeptics would say, Well, you know, it’s like, yeah, but this was a message of protection. And what was really nice is that this young lady had the foresight to transmit that message to her friends. So not only did it save her life, it saved theirs. Now granted, they are inconvenienced sitting on the highway with four blowouts, but it’s a lot better than than what could have happened. So spirit communication is so incredibly complex. And I refer to a reading like a flower. And it blooms blossoms and folds your example. You got the message of the black and white cowboy movie Shane. And it didn’t make sense right away because it needed to unfold. And then you realize that Shane was Shana. And it’s the same thing when you get these messages of of like, don’t get in that car. And certainly I didn’t want to ruin a teenager’s trip to a concert right? But her grandfather was going to make sure that that he came through to give a message of protection. And that’s why a lot of times when information comes through and I’ve been I was on the CBS the doctors and did a reading in a cold case and information that came through didn’t make sense. A lot of it didn’t make sense to the family at the time, but then Then when they took it to the Phoenix police the information led to the arrest of the murderer, who is currently awaiting awaiting trial. And it’s because the unfolding takes time. Also, messages transmitted by spirits are not always immediately recognizable. It takes time it could be about a future event, and especially when we’re working with law enforcement. Yes, psychic intuition isn’t admissible in a court of law. I’m a trial lawyer. Okay. It’s hearsay. And can you think of anything more hearsay than a message from a spirit an out of court statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted, but what we can do is we can get information which can point the investigators and point the police in the direction to where they will be able to find evidence, which is admissible. So when we do assist law enforcement, it’s a behind the scenes thing. And it’s, you know, in law enforcement has have been using psychics for centuries.

Brian Smith 1:16:07
Yeah, I know several psychics that are used by law enforcement under the covers, the law enforcement would admit it, but don’t call up and ask for help on a case.

Mark Anthony 1:16:15
Exactly. Yeah,

Brian Smith 1:16:16
I do. I do want to talk about one one more concept I’m holding you over, but I’m having such a great time of this conversation. And I’m still working through this because you mentioned time, I know Einstein said time was illusion, I think other scientists with time and I have a really good friend at work. Its name is Kelvin Chen. He he’s really an afterlife expert. He says, Well, it’s ridiculous to say there’s no time on the other side, because there is time. So I’m trying to reconcile these two things. And I believe that time is just different. And you mentioned something earlier, like, you know, like, time is relative. So if we could travel at the speed of light, or faster than we could time would be different for us. And that might explain why spirits can, quote, predict the future because it’s not the future for them.

Mark Anthony 1:17:03
Right? Well, once again, we’re trying to understand what it’s like to be an infinite being. So many people, I’ll be doing readings for them. And they say, Are they happy? Is it guess is yes, they’re happy. Because spirits are pure energy, energy never gets old, sick, tired, sad, or dies. And this is also trying to understand Einstein’s theory of relativity. At when Albert Einstein came to the United States, and he got off the ship, there’s a whole crew of reporters there. And one reporter yelled out, Professor Einstein, can you explain your theory of relativity in one sentence? And he said, I have been trying my whole life just to get it in one book. So it’s very, very complex. And I know what Mr. Chin’s talking about, well, time Israel that I think what you said is time is different in spirit, but from what they’ve told me is that time is time less, you see, we’ve created the illusion of time because our Earth rotates, and there’s light and then dark. Plus, we grow old. I mean, we’re born. And if we’re fortunate, we grow old, and then we die. So we create a way of measuring all of this. But we’re also trying as finite beings with a limited materialist, material world, finite means of perception, trying to understand the infinite. So what spirits have told me is time is timeless. And it doesn’t exist in the afterlife frequency, at least not in the way that we’re able to understand it. So, yes, that’s what has been presented to me.

Brian Smith 1:19:00
That’s where I think it is I think it you know, Kelvin, and I don’t want to get too deep into this. But he’s like, Well, if there was no time that there would be no change, because time is a measurement of change, and things happen. So there must be time. And that’s why I’ve come to conclusion. It’s different, you know, it’s like, for example, we can we can travel through the three dimensions of space, but we can’t travel through time. But what if it’s like you could travel through time? What if you were in a position where you could do that?

Mark Anthony 1:19:26
Okay. All right. Let’s say this is earth, and this is Alpha Centauri. And Alpha Centauri is roughly four light years from Earth. And it takes light travels 5.3 3 trillion miles in a year. So let’s do the math four times 5.3 3 trillion. All right, we’re talking a real long time. So even if we could create a spaceship If that could move at the speed of light, it would still take four plus years to get to Alpha Centauri. Right. According to the output Berra effect, Alconbury was a Mexican physicist who said that if a spaceship could generate a warp field, I know we’re sending all Star Trek in but you know, trek got this from from physicists, and energy fields strong enough, because Albert Einstein said that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. But Einstein and and physicists since then, have said that if you can create a energy field significant enough, you can warp space time. So you jump from one coordinate to the next instantaneously. Therefore, you’re folding space time, as opposed to breaking the speed of light. And this is really fascinating stuff. This also and I know we’re getting off topic, but I’ve worked with a lot of UFO experts. And another thing I’m interested in,

Brian Smith 1:21:05
yeah. And

Mark Anthony 1:21:08
that’s Colonel John Alexander, who used to be the head of the US military’s UFO project, and he was the former president of ions International Association for near death studies. He said, The UFO isn’t a tin can flying through space for 1000s of years, they figured out a way to fold spacetime. And now physicists on planet Earth said we can do this. It’s just how do we create an engine capable of generating that amount of energy, and there’s a lot more to this. But the thing is, once again, time here is a relative Theory of Relativity concept. For you and I jumping on a NASA vehicle and cranking up the engine, it’s going to take us, you know, years, decades, centuries to get to Alpha Centauri, but or if we’re able to generate that time of ripple, that type of ripple and spacetime, we could be there simultaneously. So what I think is, and what I believe is that spirits are using a similar modality to jump from the afterlife frequency dimension, the other side dimension to ours. And so that the afterlife isn’t some distant, distant realm orbiting, you know, the Andromeda Galaxy, it is a parallel dimension, yet uses an energetic modality to jump dimensions and I think that the owl Kubera effect is is heading in the right direction for us to understand this.

Brian Smith 1:22:51
Yeah, I appreciate you going down that rabbit hole with me I think. And the point I want to make to people is when we say things are impossible, like spirit couldn’t possibly know the future or time travel is impossible and no it freaks our minds out our brains can’t understand it, but there is some physics behind it. That would make sense if you really understand the physics so I just I caution people when you ever say anything is impossible, because it’s only what we don’t know yet. Well Mark I’ve gone way over time with you but I really appreciate you being here with me today. So people where they could reach you, but that gap by getting the book The Afterlife frequency, your other books, etc.

Mark Anthony 1:23:32
Sure, please visit my website afterlife I invite you to sign up for my newsletter, the weekly live stream show the psychic and the doc my co host Dr. Pappa. Silly and I we take calls from listeners I do readings in tandem with her really amazing insights. Very healing show. And you can sign up for a reading with me all through the website afterlife And Brian, I really want to thank you for having me on the show and thank you for indulging me and it’s I always love when we get together because there is never a lack of conversation.

Brian Smith 1:24:13
So yeah, I just I said at the beginning and I truly mean this. You are you’re brilliant. I mean it’s like I want to say like is there anything you don’t know? So I love I love having you I love having these conversations with you. And I hope people follow along and and just open your minds. So thanks for being here Mark. Thank you

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