Mark Ireland- Author and Father Who Lost a Son

I first heard of Mark Ireland on a Podcast called “We Don’t Die”.  His story caught my attention because he lost his 18 year old son, just before high school graduation. It was a sudden and unexpected death, just like Shayna’s, so I could relate to what he was going through.  His father was a famous psychic/medium/pastor of the past generation. I hadn’t heard of him, but from the descriptions I’ve read it seems he was one of the best of all time.  I listened to Mark’s story but I hadn’t bought his book since my Kindle queue was already full.

A few weeks later I posted in a group that I was thinking about seeing a medium to contact Shayna. Someone suggested I contact Mark before I did. I did not expect a response. i not only got a response, I could tell he genuinely cared about my welfare.  He suggested I read his first book before proceeding.  I read the book.  I have read more books on NDEs that I can count, but this was definitely one of the best. It’s personal and touching as Mark shares a lot about his personal life, including his past with a father who was an amazing psychic.  He shares his experience with several mediums and some after death contacts he had with his son, Brandon. They are amazing to say the least.  Skeptics will say that they are not documented experiences and he could be making the whole thing up.  Well, actually some of them are documented.

After reading his first book, I felt compelled to read his second book which is a great book for the true skeptic. When I say true skeptic, I mean someone who is willing to make a decision based on the evidence. There are professional debunkers, people who actually make a living from denying the evidence for the  paranormal. There are also strict materialists who have decided beforehand that there is no such thing as psychic phenomenon, that consciousness arises from the brain and that we are nothing more than organic robots.  Those people Mark refers to as pseudo skeptics because a true skeptic is willing to be persuaded by evidence.  This book is packed with evidence.  it’s one of the best I’ve read without being too heavy or academic.  It includes a lot of his personal story, too, but not as much as the first book.

The first book is Soul Shift: Finding Where The Dead Go  If you’re already a believer in the afterlife and communications with the dead and are looking for some reassurance, this is a great book.  The second is Messages from the Afterlife: A Bereaved Father’s Journey in the World of Spirit Visitations, Psychic-Mediums and Synchronicity.

Mark has also started the organization “Helping Parents Heal”, a site for people who have lost children.

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