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Marla Hughes- Spirituality, Consciousness, and the Incredible Wisdom of Children

Marla Hughes has worked with children her entire life in a number of different capacities. At the transplant unit of UCSF Hospital in San Francisco she taught children about exercise, nutrition and relaxation. She worked with Dr. Gerald Jampolsky at the Center for Attitudinal Healing, using art and music therapy to help young children who had life threatening diseases or who had a parent or loved one who was severely ill. Her podcast, Interviews with Innocence (, features experts in the fields of science and metaphysics who focus on children and spirituality.

Marla is the founder of the Ethiopian Family Fund (, a nonprofit dedicated to developing sustainable education and healthcare for Ethiopian children and their families.

According to Marla, “My greatest teachers have been my children. I have never experienced a love that deep or profound.” She recently finished her first children’s book, Love Magic which is what we  talked about in this podcast.


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