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My life’s journey 

My life’s journey has given me a unique perspective on human experience, with an appreciation for both the joys and the sorrows I’ve encountered along the way.

I grew up in a Pentecostal religious tradition and later became part of an evangelical community. After that, I became a Christian Universalist and later went on to study Buddhism and various mystical traditions. As a young man, I was deeply scarred by toxic religion, which, among other things, instilled in me an intense fear of death… a fear that my lifelong spiritual quest has now relieved.

With my wife of 30 years, I raised two beautiful, competent, compassionate, and independent daughters. In June 2015, one of them, my youngest daughter Shayna, suddenly and unexpectedly passed from this life into the next life at age 15-½. With Shayna’s passing, I experienced the most profound loss anyone can suffer.

After Shayna’s transition, my spiritual quest intensified, prompted by the extraordinary visions and messages I received from her after her death. As a result of those experiences, I immersed myself in researching concepts of the afterlife, taking a scientific as well as a spiritual and philosophical approach to it. I needed to know, not just believe. It’s this experience that I now share with my audiences and the readers of my book, Grief 2 Growth; Planted. Not Buried.

Compassionately addressing the challenges of grief and loss

I explore topics like depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and inadequacy. I also discuss how grief can affect relationships, parenting, and our fear of death. Additionally, I touch upon the impact of toxic religious beliefs and explore the connection between spirituality and religion. My goal is to offer understanding and support to individuals facing grief and trauma, helping them navigate their healing journey with empathy and care.

Brian’s Story

I am a Grief Guide, Personal Transformation Facilitator, and Mental Fitness Trainer. My mission is to help people rediscover who they are and why they are here. In those two questions lie the secrets to not only surviving this life but thriving.

If you’re feeling “stuck”, it’s most likely because you have forgotten the answer to one or both of these questions.

My vision is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If we know the “why”, we can endure any “how’. I want to remind everyone of their true nature and their reason for being.

I became well acquainted with grief in 2015 after the sudden passing of my fifteen-year-old daughter Shayna. After Shayna’s passing, I felt my life was over. I had to learn to survive for the sake of my wife, Tywana, and my daughter, Kayla. I have studied the nature of life and death and how to progress through grief of all kinds, from a job loss, divorce, illness, or the death of a loved one. I speak from experience of all of the above.

I provide a safe space where you can safely share what you are experiencing. I share techniques that I discovered and developed after my devastating loss. Perhaps most importantly, I can help you understand that death is not goodbye and that your relationship with your loved one can continue. Any ending is a new beginning. My understanding is not a religious-based belief, but a position arrived at based on reason and evidence.

Shortly after Shayna transitioned, I discovered Helping Parents Heal, a non-profit peer-to-peer support group for parents of children who have passed. I volunteer with Helping Parents Heal and I am on the Board of Directors. I have worked with hundreds of parents who have lost children. I am also a volunteer and Vice President of the SoulPhone Foundation.

I am the author of “Grief 2 Growth: Planted. Not Buried.” I am the host and creator of the Grief 2 Growth podcast. I am on the Board of Helping Parents Heal. I am the Vice President of The SoulPhone Foundation.

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  • How can those grieving find hope amidst their pain?
  • What role does resilience play in the process of healing from loss?
  • What do you mean when you say “Planted. Not Buried”?
  • Why is hope essential for humans?
  • What is GEMS?
  • What is Love Never Dies And Neither Do You?
  • What is your community circle all about?
  • Do you work with people individually?
  • Can you explain the concept of “continuing bonds” with loved ones who have passed?
  • How have your personal experiences shaped your understanding of ongoing relationships with those who have departed?
  • What was the prior grief model before “continuing bonds”?
  • What insights have you gained about the afterlife through your work and personal experiences?
  • How do near-death experiences contribute to our understanding of consciousness beyond death?
  • Why is a rational and scientific approach important to your understanding?
  • Why do you say that we have proven life after death beyond a reasonable doubt?
  • In what ways do spiritual beliefs intersect with personal transformation after a loss?
  • How has your spiritual journey evolved since the loss of your daughter?
  • How do you separate spiritual understanding from religious belief?
  • How does your experience with religious trauma inform your approach to grief counseling?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with the religious aspects of their grief?
  • How can religion be harmful when dealing with grief?
  • Are you religious now?
  • What is SBNR?
  • In what ways are people surprised by community shifts after a major loss?
  • How important is a community in healing from grief?
  • What support systems did you find after Shayna passed?
  • What forms of community might people find?
  • What philosophical or scientific concepts have influenced your understanding of life after death?
  • How do you reconcile scientific inquiry with spiritual beliefs?
  • What changed in the last 400 years when it comes to science and religion?
  • Why do you say materialism is just another form of religious fundamentalism?
  • Can rational people believe in woo-woo?
  • What is idealism?
  • Where will the science of consciousness go in the next 100 years?
  • Could you share a transformative moment in your grief journey that might inspire others?
  • What kind of changes have you seen in your work with clients?
  • What have been some of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your work with bereaved families?
  • What can your clients hope to achieve by working with you?
  • How does grief affect the dynamics within a family?
  • What strategies can families use to support each other through a significant loss?
  • Is it true that parents who lose a child will likely divorce?
  • How can mindfulness practices aid those in grief?
  • What mental health considerations are crucial when dealing with prolonged grief?
  • What practices can someone do to help cope with grief?
  • What is GEMS?
  • How can creating a legacy or honoring the memory of a loved one assist with the grief process?
  • Isn’t it important to let go of the past?
  • What are some ways people can meaningfully remember and celebrate their loved ones?
  • What is your favorite quote regarding remembering a loved one?
  • How do you approach the natural feelings of anger that arise during grief?
  • How are anger and guilt related?
  • Are there any healthy ways to express anger or should I hold it inside?
  • What is the first thing you look for when working with a new client?
  • How common is anger when a parent loses a child?
  • Do you believe everything is planned or do we have free will?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Do we have planned exit points?
  • How does your view of “metaphysics” change everything?