Mental, Emotional & Spiritual

Mental, emotional, and, yes, spiritual, health are as important as keeping the body healthy. We need to be mentally strong to endure the challenges of life. Our thoughts, which we can control and which are not us, lead to our emotions. If we discipline our minds, we can control how we feel. Human beings are spiritual creatures. We are not simply biological robots plodding through a meaningless life. We desire fulfillment, purpose, and to be of value to others. This is the spiritual aspect of life.

We may feel that pursuing a stable mental, emotional, and spiritual life is a luxury. But, it’s a necessity. Are we fulfilling our life’s purpose if all we do is pursue material things and eventually die? To get the things we want out of life, we must keep ourselves strong in these areas of our health. There are practices we can put into place to exercise our minds, just like we exercise our bodies.

Are you doing the things necessary to maintain your mental, emotional, and spiritual health?

Mental & Spiritual Exercise Is Key

Just like physical health, mental health isn’t just accidental. We must be vigilant to nurture our minds, emotions, and spirits. We can learn to take control of our thoughts which lead to a better emotional state. There are practices we can do to uplift our spirits.

When you’re in grief it is of the utmost importance to stay on top of the health of your mind and spirit. After Shayna passed, I upped my game in terms of physical exercise. I meditate daily. As of March 2019, I have meditated over 800 days without missing a day. I read books that help uplift my spirit. I listen to podcasts that strengthen me. I have found that a gratitude practice is extremely helpful. And, I say practice because it doesn’t come naturally to me. I have developed a daily practice that is a discipline. These practices have helped me survive the trauma that I thought would crush me. We can work on strategies, practices that will help you.

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