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Morning Whispers: When the Universe Sent a ‘Gram’ on My Walk

This morning’s walk held a deeper meaning than usual, as it was my mom’s birthday. While walking, I was immersed in an audiobook about recognizing signs from those who have passed. Intrigued by the idea, I thought, “Why not try it?” and decided to ask for a sign, a little apprehensive yet curious.

A car caught my attention as I continued, wrapped in my thoughts and the narrator’s voice. What stood out was its license plate, which read “Gram,” which is very close to our affectionate nickname for my mom, Grammy. It felt like the universe had arranged this moment, a direct answer to my hesitant request.

I paused, struck by the timing and significance of this sign. It seemed as if Shayna, my beloved daughter, had played a part in this, connecting me to Grammy uniquely. I paused, filled with a mix of gratitude and wonder. This was no coincidence; it was a comforting reminder that our bonds with our loved ones transcend the physical world.

This experience uplifted the rest of my walk. I felt a sense of lightness and connection, amazed at how a simple request could yield a meaningful response. The author said the sign would come within two weeks. It was about fifteen minutes. Never sell the universe short.

It served as a poignant reminder that our loved ones, though not physically present, are always close by, sending us subtle yet profound signs of their enduring presence and love.

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