Nancy Van Alphen- Amazing Spiritually Transformative Experiences- Ep. 69

Nancy Van Alphen tells us about her amazing Spiritually Transformative Experiences. The stories are riveting.

To get the details behind the stories, purchase her book. In “Caught Between Heaven & Earth, My Profound Encounters with God and the Remarkable Truth of Our Existence”, Nancy takes us on her unexpected spiritual journey that changed her from agnostic to believer. She also gives a humorous peek into her childhood, during which she had but a mere smattering of religion, paints the picture of an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. As a teen, she concluded God was unprovable and never looked back—until God decided he wasn’t content being a mere possibility. Nancy’s journey had her traversing a surreal chasm between doubt and belief as she struggled to understand messages she was given about suffering, reincarnation—including her own—and humanity’s true identity.





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