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Navigating Spiritual Wisdom From Beyond the Veil

Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding From Frankie’s Team

Frances “Frankie” Key shares profound spiritual knowledge channeled from her deceased mother and soul team. This spiritual wisdom and understanding unveils eternal truths about life’s deepest mysteries and humanity’s divine connection.

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The Extraordinary Nature of Frances’s Communications

After her mother’s passing, Frances began communicating with her on an airplane ride. This soon evolved into in-depth discussions spanning universal themes over several years. This spiritual dialogue led Frances to document over 100 channeled teachings in her acclaimed book series “The Team.” If you’ve listened to me for any time, you’ve heard me mention The Team books’ wisdom repeatedly. The books contain some of the most profound spiritual wisdom and understanding I’ve come across.

“I heard her in my mind, but I also felt that I heard her audibly. So this kind of communication went on throughout the flight.”

frankie key

“The topics quickly moved from personal feelings and situations in my life that I was bringing up to her even regrets that I was expressing to her things I wish I’d said and done differently better. And it moved into universal themes.”

frankie key

You Are Part of a Spiritual Team

A core teaching is that each soul belongs to a spiritual team contributing diverse expertise critical for human evolution. Though invisible, these teams collaborate across dimensions as one unified entity.

“You are not alone. You’re not even functioning as one person. Nobody is for you are a member of a team, a spiritual team, as close to you as breathing.”

crystal “teddy” key

Vibrational Spheres Shape Reality

Our thoughts and actions feed into collective energetic spheres containing those vibrations. By tapping into these spheres, events manifest corresponding to those dominant vibrations. When we act, think, or feel, we are both contributing to these spheres and drawing from them. Nothing we do is in a vacuum.

Key Takeaway:

We must self-monitor to avoid contributing destructive energy. By focusing inwardly first, we positively impact outer events.

Quotes from Frances’s Mother Shed Light on a Changing World

In an unexplained posthumous recording, Frances’s mother issues an urgent message about humanity’s precarious position teetering between elevated unity or calamity. This perfectly aligned with Frances’s spiritual work.

“I’m speaking to you as the member of a team, a team that believes that the human race is preparing for a tremendous change, a change that may come in a form too beautiful to describe, or too frightening to consider.”

Crystal “Teddy” Key

Forgiveness Liberates Us From Inner Violence

Frances shares her personal journey of overcoming feelings of revenge after almost losing her life. This taught her that wishing well and praying for those who have done her wrong interrupts violence cycles. Forgiving ourselves also conquers pride-based self-condemnation.

Key Takeaway:

Compassion for self and others uplifts personal and collective consciousness to transform destructive behavioral patterns.

Unity Rising From a Diverse Humanity

The wide range of behavioral contrasts stretching from saints to dictators makes the earth ripe for cultivating understanding. By recognizing our shared fallibility and divinity, empathy emerges.

Key Takeaway:

Our varied levels of consciousness provide opportunities to expand spiritual wisdom through increased compassion.

Final Reflections on Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding

By remembering we intentionally chose this human experience, life’s challenges become meaningful vehicles for soul evolution versus reasons to quit. Appreciating the privilege of existence motivates persevering through difficulties.

Regularly connecting to our spiritual heritage sustains us along the path. Though the process remains ever messy, we needn’t wait for perfection to contribute our unique gifts. Living authentically and purposefully ripples positive energy through all realms.

Key Takeaway:

Despite earthly chaos, embracing existence’s fleeting preciousness empowers us to patiently mine its hidden growth opportunities.


Here is a detailed summary of the key points in the conversation between Brian Smith and Frances Key:


  • Frances “Frankie” Key is the author of the spiritual book series “The Team” which was channeled from her deceased mother and soul team.
  • The books focus on spiritual growth, the afterlife, and the concept that we are all part of interconnected soul teams.

Beginning of Spiritual Communications

  • After her mother’s death, Frances began communicating with her on an airplane ride. This evolved into in-depth universal discussions over several years.
  • This led Frances to document the channeled teachings which became a four-part book series called “The Team.”

Concept of Soul Teams

  • Core teaching is we all belong to spiritual teams of souls with diverse expertise working together across dimensions to assist in human evolution.
  • Teams collaborate as unified entities although the work may be invisible to us on the earth plane. We are never truly alone.

Vibrational Spheres Influence Reality

  • Our individual thoughts/actions feed into collective energetic spheres containing those vibrational frequencies.
  • By tapping into these spheres, corresponding events manifest in the world. We must self-monitor our inner states to avoid contributing destructive energy.

Mysterious Recording from Frances’s Mother

  • An unexplained posthumous recording from Frances’s mother warns humanity is at a junction moving toward unity or calamity, aligning with her books’ teachings.

Importance of Forgiveness

  • Frances shares overcoming feelings of revenge after almost losing her life, realizing wishing well for perpetrators can interrupt violence cycles.
  • Self-forgiveness conquers harmful pride and self-judgment. Compassion for ourselves and others uplifts consciousness.

Diverse Humanity Provides Opportunity

  • The enormous range of consciousness levels on Earth, from saints to dictators, provides a framework for cultivating greater empathy and spiritual wisdom.
  • By recognizing our shared capacity for both depravity and divinity, understanding emerges.

Final Reflections

  • Challenges become vehicles for soul growth if we remember intentionally choosing this human experience.
  • Despite life’s messiness, connecting to our spiritual heritage sustains us to patiently mine each experience for hidden growth.

Ongoing Work of Spiritual Evolution

  • Uplifting collective consciousness requires perseverance and personal responsibility to do our inner work of elevating thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • By transforming internally, we positively impact outer events and contribute to cooperative teams steering humanity’s spiritual development.

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