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Navigating the Spiritual Journey: Insights on Life, Death, and Awakening from Buddhist Nun Ani Lodro Palmo


In this captivating episode of Grief to Growth, host Brian Smith sits down with Ani Lodro Palmo, a Tibetan Buddhist nun and director of the Vidya Vihara monastery in Creston, Colorado. With a lifelong connection to celestial realms, clairvoyance, and past life remembrances, Ani Lodro Palmo offers a unique perspective on the deeper, more meaningful layers of existence.

Childhood Spiritual Experiences

From a young age, Ani Lodro Palmo sensed there was more to reality than meets the eye. Despite growing up in a Catholic Christian environment, she found herself communicating with Jesus and experiencing heavenly realms filled with unconditional love and bliss.

“I don’t remember a time that I didn’t have a sense that there was more going on here than just what was coming through our sense perceptions.”

The Search for Deeper Meaning

As Ani Lodro Palmo pursued education and a career in the corporate world, she felt an increasing longing for something more fulfilling. This burning desire led her to explore various religious traditions and ultimately discover Tibetan Buddhism, which provided a comprehensive path to enlightenment.

Key Insights:

  • All religious traditions point to the same universal truths and connection with the divine
  • Direct experience is crucial for spiritual growth and understanding
  • Tibetan Buddhism offers a detailed roadmap for the journey to enlightenment

The Nature of Ego and Attachment

Ani Lodro Palmo offers a compassionate perspective on ego, viewing it as our conditioned personal mind rather than something inherently negative. She explains how attachment to material objects and relationships can lead to suffering and how the grief process can be a catalyst for spiritual awakening.

“The grief process is such that we have this belief system that our relationship with someone has ended, we’re not going to see them again. And it creates in us a deep missing and longing and yearning for that person. And I think the flip side of that is that deep missing, longing, and yearning is reminding us of a much vaster relationship we have with other beings, with spiritual beings, with other beings that we’ve known.”

Cultivating Direct Spiritual Experiences

For those seeking to deepen their connection with the divine, Ani Lodro Palmo suggests:

  1. Believing in your innate potential for spiritual experiences
  2. Pursuing a tradition or path that resonates with you
  3. Cultivating sincere devotion and passion towards the divine
  4. Engaging in contemplation and meditative absorption on spiritual realities
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“If you have a direct experience, that is a real experience, it’s more real than what’s going on here. And to really honor that and be grateful for it and pursue it.”


Ani Lodro Palmo’s profound insights invite us to embrace our true nature as universal beings, transcending the limitations of our conditioned minds. By opening ourselves to direct spiritual experiences and working with grief as a doorway to growth, we can navigate the path to greater happiness, compassion, and awakening.

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