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Near Death Experience Health Renewal: How Alysa Rushton Rebooted Her Purpose & Vitality After Tragedy

When Alysa Rushton temporarily died after an accidental fentanyl overdose, she gained firsthand insight into the profound healing potential available when we tap into higher states of consciousness. Though only 30 years old, chronic illnesses left her body broken, pained, and dependent on 28 medications just to survive each day. The glimpse into universal oneness and possibility Alysa received during her brief yet pivotal near-death experience set her on the path to discovering her soul’s purpose and reclaiming full health.

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In this in-depth conversation, Alysa explains her remarkable “near-death experience health” turnaround while offering practical guidance to help you raise your own frequency, rewrite limiting narratives, and access heightened levels of joyful well-being.

From A Wheelchair & 100 Pounds Overweight to Vibrant Health: What Near Death Experience Healing Shows Us is Possible

Though only 30 when she nearly died, Alysa’s quality of life had deteriorated drastically from several co-occurring autoimmune diseases and unrelenting pain. As she shares:

“I was 240 pounds. I used a walker to get around. I had a PICC line in my arm delivering medication into my heart…They gave me these end-of-life pain management drugs because it’s the kind of thing that you give to people when you don’t really expect them to live because they’re so strong that, number one, they can kill you.”

After accidentally overdosing on the maximum dose of several potent medications, including fentanyl, Alysa remembers “dying on the potty” and suddenly finding her consciousness transported into an extraordinary state of awareness:

“I popped up directly into what I call God consciousness or divine consciousness or Universal Consciousness…It was the most physical thing I’ve ever done without a body…I felt so free and filled with love and bliss.”

Alysa Makes A Choice

Given a choice to remain in the healing astral realms or return to heal her earthly vehicle, Alysa chose reincarnation even after being told, “It’ll be some of the hardest work you’ve ever done.” She soon awoke to find herself rescued but instantly plunged into painful drug withdrawal and the daunting recognition that “my life is in a ditch. I’m completely broken.”

Yet guided by her profound near-death experience health insights, Alysa steadily reclaimed her health using alternative modalities like:

  • Meditation & visualization
  • Sound healing frequencies
  • Improved diet by removing inflammatory foods
  • Daily movement even when her body felt broken
  • Trauma release work

A Gift Emerges

While the initial motivation was physical healing, Alysa discovered an even greater gift emerged as she learned to rewrite limiting beliefs and reconnect more consciously to her Divine self each day. Soon, her quality of life radically transformed on all levels – not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

By consciously utilizing her near-death experience as a healing window to activate higher consciousness and deeper belonging right where she was – however messy life looked in the moment – Alysa unlocked her soul purpose, helping others elevate their frequency, health, and connection too.

The present she awoke to receive might not have been in the package she wanted. But just as coming into human form itself is like compressing from expansive light freedom into the density of a tiny body, Alysa figures:

“When you have a spiritual awakening, or you have this opening into universal consciousness, then you have to take that understanding and funnel it down into this body and physicality.”

Near Death Experience Health: How One Conversation Can Change Your Entire Life Purpose & Vibration

It only took a temporary glimpse into non-physical realms to realize that human life is far richer when connected to our Divine wholeness. This is instead of looking solely to external things to complete us. As she came to understand:

“Material success here does not equal soul success…Ultimately, it is our role here to fill up our cup in the face of adversity in the face of pain in the face of loss.”

Yet, since remembering this truth firsthand, Alysa now helps others elevate beyond surface appearances to embrace their true energetic power. At the same time, learning to transcend whatever narrow ideas they inherited about identity, success and what they deserve to claim in life now.

There Are Many Paths to Improved Near Death Experience Health: Start Wherever You Are

The key is taking responsibility for bringing higher awareness into the fears, stories and pain still subconsciously running your system. But how can overwhelmed people enlarge their capacity enough to contain painful emotions yet not be defined by traumas either? ***This is an art – not skill – humanity is still learning. Yet many gentle portals exist to develop what Alysa calls “higher sense self integration.” Like:

Meditation: Create homecoming mindfulness rituals, welcoming every separated or disowned aspect of you back into the fold of your wholeness.

Brainwave entrainment: Access theta brainwaves to repattern limiting beliefs, still creating glitches in your flow.

Energy medicine & trauma release exercises: Whether using sound frequencies, somatic breathing, yoga, or The Completion Process by Teal Swan – feel through stored wounds so you unlock stuck life force and it flows again.

Journaling & self-inquiry: Explore parts of you that still feel unseen, unknown, or exiled. Where might you still be abandoning yourself? Who would that abandoned version of you become if finally embraced precisely as they are? Reclaim your wholeness.

Community: Share your stories, pains, joys and questions with safe others also doing in-depth inner healing work. Feel that you belong not in spite of your perceived “flaws” but because shared vulnerability bonds us in our universal essence.

The Mirror Starts with Me: Near Death Experience Health Lessons

Especially after temporary “death,” Alyssa believes remembering our energetic nature is key for all wanting to consciously co-create versus feeling like hapless victims:

“It’s the process of us raising our frequency…As you raise up in frequency you you’re then allowed to manifest faster…It’s about us really deciding what the frequency projection is that we’re going to hold.”

Rather than waiting for external validation or circumstances to improve, Alysa suggests the empowered starting point is:

“If you want the mirror to smile, you don’t sit and wait and wait for the mirror to smile, you have to smile first. Right? And so we have to go within and find the places where we’re to your point. We’re not blaming ourselves for what happened.”

Through her own hard-won healing and soul purpose discovery journey, Alysa transformed her entire interpretation:

“Everybody’s gonna have moments of devastation in life. And we get to choose how we use that rocket fuel, we can explode our lives, or we can use it for our best lives. And at the end of the day, it’s a choice.”
What better reminder that how we perceive life’s pains can profoundly shift what we extract from them? As Alysa discovered firsthand, coming back from a near death experience health crisis doesn’t automatically grant you magical clarity. It simply widens your lens to reveal potentials you perhaps hadn’t considered before. New insights destined to upgrade how you walk through each embodied day if only you lean into them.

There Is No Arrival: Our Greatest Gifts Take Some Assembly

We might expect near death energy downloads to instantly improve external conditions. But as Alysa indicates, navigating the chasm separating non-physical realms from grounded physicality takes work:

“And when you have a spiritual awakening, or you have this opening into universal consciousness, then you have to take that understanding and funnel it down into this body and physicality.”

Rather than fast-pass enlightenment, conscious awakening invites us on a lifelong journey learning to translate momentary glimpses of expansive truth into practical skills improving our relationships with self and others.

Skills like:

  • Holding space for overwhelm yet not being defined by it
  • Practicing non-judgmental self-awareness
  • Unlearning inherited ideas of lack and limitation
  • Rewriting social conditioning about who deserves abundance
  • Becoming intimacy-literate so partnerships evolve
  • Holding the frequency of love especially when we feel drained
  • Seeing interconnection and divinity within both human beauty and depravity

In other words – spiritual maturation develops our “near death experience health” from passing moments of transitory unity consciousness into ever-deepening surrendered trust we each dance essential threads in life’s interconnected choreography.

What We Resist Persists: The Long Journey from Fixed Identity to Flow

Whether or not you temporarily die like Alysa did or simply reach breaking points in more mundane ways, our life purpose seems to involve learning unconditional presence. Alysa reflects:

“Can you hold the frequency of love, no matter? What…Can you be loving human being? When you’re grieving? Can you be a loving human being when the world is having a moment? Right? Can you be loving him and when your neighbors are trying to blast you out?”

Since few of us master loving presence overnight, frustrations will arise. Rather than harsh self-judgment when you contract or close down, perhaps simply acknowledge this too is part of your human experience in form for now.

Then gently redirect back to small acts of courageous vulnerability in spite of lingering fears. Like the addict in recovery who might slip yet shows up again at AA. Or the person who survives suicide only to discover reasons to endure.

Everything in form feels alternating pleasure and pain. What matters most is whether we stubbornly resist life’s messiness or soften into radical self-acceptance more moments than not. And when we inevitably contract, spiral or forget – do we berate ourselves into further isolation? Or tenderly begin anew celebrating small signs of regained openness?

We Need Not Wait for Tragedy to Find Our Calling

Must you nearly die or endure tremendous loss to finally know your unique soul gifts? While such experiences expand awareness drastically through intensity, we need not create unnecessary crises just to excavate our magic.

As Alysa notes, all relationships provide curriculum for learning unconditional presence – the foundation for accessing and sustaining what she calls “God consciousness.” Wherever you feel friction right now – a “trigger” reaction surging intense anger, shame, jealousy or grief – this signals soul potential wants expression through you. Places where you still exile parts of your wholeness.

Lean into messy edges in yourself and others with profound compassion. Then without self-judgment, grow your capacity to sit with paradox. Welcome back whatever feels disconnected or unknown right now. And let revelations guide you deeper into purpose and JOY organically unfolding beyond old constraints.

The key? Simple practices expanding your self-trust muscle incrementally like Alysa outlined. Start where you are with whatever small dose feels doable – meditation for even 5 minutes, journaling freely, somatic body-based exercises, reducing inflammatory foods or reaching out for nurturing community support.

Just as coming back from Alysa’s NDE demanded unrelenting commitment each day beyond initial inspiration, discover how rewriting your frequency and self-limiting beliefs a bit every 24 hours adds up to radical renewal in time.

What “Near Death Experience Health” Lessons Remind Us About Why We Came Here

Life offers us invaluable coursework whether or not we temporarily die and return with revelation downloads. At all times we get to:

Practice intimacy skills learning to share authentic emotions and unmet longings in relationships

Grow our resiliency so we trust in our ability to handle adversities

Hone unconditional presence muscles through disagreements and conflicts

Learn energetic alignment by noticing how emotional suppression or signature stories deplete and isolate us

Remember our sovereign nature beyond calcified roles and learned limitations

Just like entering a dense human vehicle, embodying your soul’s highest purpose involves continually…

  • Translating ephemeral unity consciousness awakenings into practical loving acts and choices
  • Noticing where you abandon yourself or resist emotional discomfort
  • Softening learned defenses keeping you separate from intimacy or denying vulnerability

Open Invitations

In other words, whether or not you have a near death experience like Alysa did, ultimately we each get endless invitations to:

Return to presence each time we contract into fear or replay old neural ruts

Let revelations guide us into purpose aligned with our unique essence beyond inherited constraints

Practice non-judgment toward the learning edges still unfolding through our relationships and embodied experience

Trust in our resilience enough to stay vulnerable while excavating old emotional wounds so they become breakthroughs into wholeness

Remember that arriving is never the point – rather say YES again and again and again to the messy yet soul-nourishing unfolding journey. Every step profound perfection!

Like the Japanese pottery art of kintsugi uses gold to turn broken fragments into something MORE beautiful than the original – what wounds or losses want to alchemize wholeness through you uniquely?

Wherever you feel depleted or stuck right now, instead, get curious about untapped life force and purpose, still awaiting your devoted tenderness beckoning its activation.

Could your mess, in fact, be your medicine, your teacher, and your profound human contribution specifically because it shattered your smaller self so nakedly – leaving you no choice but to surrender and invite in profound grace?

Just like welcoming a newborn requires dramatic body changes and a timeline you don’t control…say YES anyway to destiny’s invitation, realigning you to greater meaning – knowing that if you allow rather than resist the intensity of renewal – your purpose will carry you into blessings not possible had you stayed “comfortably” small.

Every day offers you the life material inviting your awakening. How will you dance with today’s lessons showing you the next steps into soul alignment, healing and JOY?

The floor is yours, beloved…walk your talk authentically aligned to your essence right where you stand. That is power! That is freedom! You’ve got this.

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