on religion as a believer in the bible and the heaven and hell theories it would appear the God makes it clear in His word that hell is real and so is heaven. accordingly we are already condemned the moment we reach this planet yet God our creator made a way of escape a way of reconciliation by means of the cross. Those who reject it are already condemned to hell. Is the bible for real or not? do U like to gamble on that?

I’m not a believer in the Bible. I’m a believer in God and a follower of Jesus. Also, the Bible doesn’t teach an eternal hell or the fact that we are already condemned the moment we are born. Thank God. Read Romans. Paul said that by one man we were all condemned, but by one man we were ALL saved as well.  If you want to go with the fact that Jesus died for our sins, He died for ALL of our sins for ALL of us. We cannot undo His work with our disbelief.

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