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Paula Lenz’ Shared Death Experience

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Meet Paula Lenz, a respected speaker, author, and communicator recognized for her work and contributions to the community. Paula has experienced profound spiritual experiences that have transformed her consciousness and journey through grief after losing her brother Don.

Her book, “Driving into Infinity: Living with My Brother’s Spirit,” offers comfort and solace to those grappling with losing a loved one. In this YouTube video, Paula shares her journey and powerful insights that can help others on their spiritual journey. Get ready for a captivating conversation hosted by Brian Smith! Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one? Have you experienced spiritual experiences that have transformed your consciousness? Then you’ll want to check out this episode featuring Paula Lenz, the author of “Driving into Infinity: Living with My Brother’s Spirit.”

Here are some of the talking points covered in the video:
– Brian introduces Paula and describes her as a respected speaker, author, and communicator.
– Paula shares her personal journey through grief and spiritual experiences after the loss of her brother.
– She recounts her powerful out-of-body experience and visit to infinity, which transformed her consciousness.
– Paula’s book provides comfort and solace to those grappling with the loss of a loved one.
– She describes her dream about the end of the world and the appearance of Jesus, a moment that changed her life.
– Paula shares how her brother’s spirit visited her and communicated, leading her on a spiritual journey.


Brian Smith 0:00
Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we’ve been buried, but what if, like a seed we’ve been planted and having been planted would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes, open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. Hi, everybody. This is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth and today I’m thrilled to have as my guest Paula lens. She’s author of the book driving into infinity living with my brother’s spirit. And it’s a book that details her extraordinary journey through grief through spiritual experiences and personal growth after the loss of her brother Don. Her background includes an extensive career in public relations, marketing, business development and teaching. She has a Bachelors of Arts degree from Sam Houston State University. Paula is a well respected speaker. She’s shared her insights at conferences and events for for organizations such as the International Association for near death studies or ions, Sam Houston State University and the University of a university of Houston Clear Lake. Her writings have been featured in publications like The Houston Business Journal, and she has been quoted in newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle in the Dallas Morning News. Her dedication to her work and community has been recognized with numerous accolades, including an induction in Sam Houston State University Wall of Honor for the college of humanities, and social sciences. And it’s a certificate of recognition from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. And driving to infinity she recounts are powerful out of body experience with her brother spirit and her visit to infinity, which transformed her consciousness. Through a book she shares stories of her brother from family and friends offering a glimpse into his life, and providing comfort to those grappling with the loss after a loved one. So today, join me as we welcome Paul to share incredible story with us.

Paula Lenz 2:15
Thank you so much for having me on your show. Ryan, it’s wonderful to be here.

Brian Smith 2:20
I really appreciate you being here, as you may be aware of my audience is most a lot of people who have suffered, you know, loss. And I know you and I sorry for the loss of your brother, Don. But I know you had an incredible experience around his passing. So if you would tell me about your experience?

Paula Lenz 2:37
Well, let me just say, first of all I in 2017, is when I finally actually decided to share my story with the world about living with my brother spirit by publishing my book driving into infinity living with my brother spirit. I felt compelled to finally write this book in 2017, as a way to reach out to others who experienced the same kind of loss as our family did. But my my journey really began when I was 29 years old. And I began having this dream that recurred until the fall of 1983. And this dream was always the same. I was outside on these wide expansive fields. And these large crowds of people were gathering there. And someone near me ask what was happening. And I replied that I heard it was the end of the world. And everyone was looking up into the sky at that moment. And suddenly there appeared Jesus. And in that moment, when that happened in my dream, I doubled over, almost falling down to the ground. And I was experiencing the worst pain that I’d ever had in my life. And it was heartfelt suffering and agony beyond words. And as I doubled over in this dream, I kept saying, but it isn’t supposed to be this way. I thought that the end of the world was supposed to be joyous. And then the dream would would end suddenly. And I had absolutely no idea what this dream meant. But fast forward here to Friday, October the seventh night Tene 83 And I was attending the Greek Festival in Houston with many of my friends. And this was a festival that was held every year, the Greek Orthodox Church, near downtown Houston. It was a very popular and crowded event. And that time my husband Michel planned to join us there at lunchtime. But sooner than expected, I spotted Michael making his way through the throngs of people in the crowd in the annex there. And I was really happy about that. I thought, well, Grady left work early and, and that’s great. But as I smiled and waved at him, when he got closer, I saw his face. And I knew that something was terribly wrong. I had never seen him look that way. And when he caught up to me, finally in the crowd, he put his hands on my arms, and he looks straight into my eyes, and then a trembling voice. He said, Donnie was killed in an accident this morning. Of course, Donnie being my brother. And then his face crumbled as he spoke those words to me. And when I was told this, I had this vision of the Earth, just falling, falling, falling and crashing at my feet. And then I slumped down toward the ground, just crying and screaming, no, no, no. But that day, I understood what my recurring dream was conveying. In fact, it was showing me the setting, which was this great festival at this church. And, you know, we were all outside at this festival. And it showed my emotional reaction to the news of my brother’s dead. And prior to that, I had never had a pre cognitive dream before. But my feelings over this loss, I was completely destroyed, as was my whole family. But the grief was just completely unbearable. I just didn’t, no human being could cry so many tears. And then at my brother’s funeral, I wondered how I could possibly continue living after this. So three days after my brother’s funeral, Donnie came back to me while I was driving, and I was driving his personal truck because he was he was killed in a company truck. And I was staying in my hometown to help my parents. And, you know, I was taking some funeral flowers actually out to my grandparents. And so the only vehicle I had access to was my brother’s personal truck. And the trip there takes to my grandparents takes about 10 or 15 minutes. But halfway there, as I’m driving. Suddenly, this strange thing began happening to me, I suddenly developed 360 degree vision, I could see everything in all directions as I was driving. And at that moment, I became aware of someone behind me on the right side. And it at that moment, I realized that it was my brother, and he had his hand on my shoulder. And I could hear Him speaking to me telepathically. And Danny’s body was made up of a series of light points. That’s the only way I know how to describe that. And it actually reminded me of, you know, on the old Star Trek series, when when people were transported away, they, they had all these light points that that they were made up of. But my brother told me not to be sad that he was happy. And most of all, he wanted me to know a little bit of what life I was like for him now. And he explained to me that he was on another plane of being, and that it had simply been time for him to leave. And so at this point, I became aware that I was no longer in my body. But I existed only in a state of consciousness. And, and I was no longer aware of driving the truck. And so instead, I saw it initially this kind of landscape, very briefly, which I can only describe as, like outlines of some trees and countryside. But after that, my entire focus was on actually experiencing infinity and eternity. And being out in the middle of the universe, I could see all the stars and everything. But throughout this entire experience, my brother stayed with me. And so with no actual body, restricting me any longer, I felt that I was one with the universe, with my brother, out in the center of the universe, and I was totally one with peace, and all knowledge in the universe. But most of all, I was one with the energy of love, or spirit. That is everything in the universe. And I came to understand that we are all one with this energy of love, and everything else as well. And I understood that this spirit, this love is the all encompassing, caring, and creative element of the universe. And I also came to know in this state of being with my brother, that there’s no separation of, of anything from this all encompassing spirit. And all we have to do is open up to spirit, open up our consciousness, you know, allowing this supreme consciousness and love into our own lives.

And I loved being in in this state of consciousness, only, this freedom. And I did not care one thing about going back to my body or my life, you know, for me, being in this state of being, this was a natural state. And I just had no desire to do anything else, except to experience more of this state of being. And it was home to me. And so I although I felt that my brother communicated some other information to me while I was in this state of being, I, when I returned to my body, eventually, I couldn’t recall everything that he had told me but but I now believe that, you know, I wasn’t meant to recall everything that perhaps he was sharing information with me about, you know, future events in my life. But, as I did, is I desired to be deeper into this experience. I found myself just suddenly washing away very rapidly, I could hear this rushing sound. And within an instant, however, my brother’s energy or spirit, I’ll say, began pushing down on me where my shoulder was, or would be associated with physical warmth. And he said to me, no, you can’t go yet. It isn’t your time. And with a feeling of a third, I felt myself suddenly landing back into my physical body. And I realized that I had, even while I was out of body like Is that I, of course, had continued driving the truck, I actually had made a turn during that time, onto this other roadway that led to my grandparents house. And, and so for the rest of that day, I, I was just in this state of bliss, it just continued for me. But I didn’t tell anybody about what had had happened to me. But the next day, after this experience, I, I just fell back into this really deep grief because I just missed him so much. But my life, my consciousness, my view of life on Earth, was never the same. After this experience I had, I mean, I had been the oneness with the universe and spirit, all that is. And in that state of being, is a very difficult thing to, to express. Even though I say words to describe it, it seems so inadequate, to, to really explaining how being the oneness with spirit and the universe actually is. But I’ve never forgotten how that felt, of course. So, as time went on, there were a variety of after death communications, and other strange events that that that I experienced, which, you know, was other outreach by my brother. And one of the things that happened was one time at my house, I was coming out of the bedroom, and I could see into the living room, and, or just an instant, I saw my brother in there, he was at our stereo cabinet looking in it, which, you know, he had lived with us one summer, and that was the kind of stuff he did, he played, you know, albums and all this. But it was just a brief instant. Another thing that would happen is, when I’d come home from work, I would find that in our dining room, this one chair would be pulled out. And that particular chair, was the one that he sat in when he stayed with us that one summer, and he and my husband would get in there and play this crazy football game electric football game. And it was always the same chair that was pulled out again, where he had sat. And I asked my husband at that time, I said, Are you going in the dining room and I’m sitting down in this chair or something? He goes, No, I hardly, I hardly ever go in there. But then I knew that, you know, it was my brother. It was just a sign from him. And another time. Now this time, my husband was in the same room as this happened. And we were just sitting there watching TV at this small room where we was the TV watching room, and there were these two bookcases in there. And all of a sudden, this video came flying out from one of those bookcases from the top most shelf and landed on the floor right at our feet. And my husband was right there and we both looked at each other. Like what just happened here. Also, one time when I came home from work, we had this small built in bookcase that was in the hallway. And when I came home one day, this this book had it was on the floor, but you could tell it had flown across the hallway. And so I went to pick up his book, again, it came from the bottom most shelf it wasn’t a high shelf at all. It was from the bottom and so just flew directly across to the other side. And when I picked up the book and looked at it, it was this old leftover volume from an encyclopedia set. And the volume of that particular book was D which my brother’s name was Don and another time I came home from work. I and started down the hallway toward the bedroom there and I just stopped in my tracks because a chair had been placed in the doorway, leading into the bedroom, a chair that was at our desk, normally at the desk in that bedroom. And I actually thought someone was in the house, I got scared. And I ran back out the front door and just left the front door open and was standing out in the yard for a while. And I finally decided, okay, well, there’s no one in there. So I returned and move the chair back to the desk. But, you know, my husband and I weren’t the only ones who were experiencing things like this. I mean, my dad and his wife, they would hear their microwave buttons going off sometimes in the middle of the night. And the thing of it was my brother used to go over their their house and, and eat dinner with them all the time and that kind of thing. And he would heat up food, some toughs for himself when he would come over there, eat up food in the microwave. And then my mother had a dream. And she, she said she knew that this was Donnie that came to her. But he came to her in the form of a deer. And he walked up this deer walked up to my mother, and she knew it was was Donnie. And she told him, she said, Son, you need to come back to me right now. And the deer said, Mama, I can’t come home. And she asked him again to come home. And he said he could not. And she said, then the deer turned and walked away and was gone. And so another thing that happened was I believe that I received guidance from Donnie about this, this incident, but this was about three months after my brother’s dead. And we had gone to my dad’s house for Christmas. And for some reason, I got up. It was probably it wasn’t quite the middle of the night. It was it was, I think, early evening, but everyone had gone to bed. And in fact, my dad and his wife had been ill. And we had, you know, gone ahead up there for Christmas. But what happened was,

as it turned out, there was carbon monoxide leaking into the house, which none of us knew. But I had crawled down the hallway literally, to get to the phone there. This was way back when before we had cell phones and things. And I called my sister. And I said, I don’t know what’s happening here. But I said, there’s something wrong in this house, I need you to come over here and help me open the door. And so she did drive over that night. And we left the door, the front door open. And the next day my dad discovered that the the face of the door, the door on this furnace had fallen off. And what was happening was it was taking all the oxygen out of the house. So we were we were all literally suffering and dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. And again, this was something that came through uncertain from my brother that saved our lives. And so part of you know, my journey has been that, you know, after I had these experiences, you know, the out of body experience into infinity with my brother, you know, had all these things that developed this intuition and kind of knowingness in life. And also, when I walk along the street, if I’m out walking, you know, on the street at night as I walk past street lights the light will go out and once I pass by the light comes back on. So I think that that’s like some sort of electromagnetic effect that I have on on street lights. But another wild thing that happened to me after you know having had this experience is this, this friend of mine, who worked for me at the time, she came into my office sat down and started talking with me. And all of us said, spontaneously, I see this friend of mind, aura. And she had this huge purple aura all around her. And this aura, the energy that it was really emitting, made, my eyes start watering. And she’s looking at me, like, what’s happening here. And I told her, I said, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m seeing this giant purple aura that’s developed around you. And I said, it’s causing my eyes to water, I said, you’re gonna have to leave my office, I said, go to your office and call me on the phone. So as soon as she started walking out, then, you know, all the eye watering and everything stopped. But as soon as she called me on the phone, it started all over again. And so these kinds of After Effects long after, you know, the event of having had out of body with my brother. These are the kinds of things that I developed, and just just a variety of different things and knowingness. And. And, and then, the other thing that I had happened not too long ago, was, you know, if a person is talking with me, about the loss of a loved one, you know, sometimes I’ve certainly been visited by that person that they’re talking about. And sometimes they give me messages to convey to, you know, the person that I’m, I’m talking with. And so, you know, in my life, I’m continuing to kind of integrate all these After Effects, I guess you could call it from my experience, but, you know, I, I, I share this story, to help others. But again, this is not something I talked about, until I retired, and that was when, you know, I decided to write my book and, and share all of this. Because I just said, Well, if people want to think I’m crazy, that’s their issue, because this is what happened, you know, all these years. And so, you know, I’ve developed and this is on my, my website, but I developed what I call engaging in this meld into spirit technique. And this is a visualization that is meant to be done with your eyes open, rather than going into a meditative kind of state. And it’s about being the oneness of spirit, or the universal energy of love. So if you don’t, if you don’t mind, I’ll just read through the the process here. Awesome. Yeah, please. And if people you know, want to try to do this, as I’m going through it, that’s great. Again, this this is, you know, on my website, but you know, it’s, it’s good to think of this process is visually visualization as as though you’re viewing you know, something using a microscope. But this visualization for the meld into spirit technique, and here’s the instruction for that. So take a deep breath and just relax. Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine and see everything around you. Blurring and blending together. There are no more edges to anything. Everything is becoming all the same white light, particles of light floating and merging. Now imagine the light expanding out beyond further and further out into the entire Infinite Universe. encompassing all everything becomes the light And on out into infinity as this process continues, feel how easy it is to let go of all judgment of people or issues of life that all falls away, released easily and completely. When we feel through our heart completely free, then we easily experience being one with the universal consciousness of spirit of the all that is just relax into that supportive, loving, feeling, no separation of anything. You are safe, you are love. left behind are any human earthly worries. We are now completely one with the love, the light, the universal consciousness, as are all things feel the freedom, the wholeness, the peace that passes all understanding, no separation of anything. This is home. The all that is all is well. Always has been. And always will be in the space of one.

Brian Smith 31:53
Nice, thank you.

So, Paolo, when you had this experience, as in you said, 1983, I believe right. So we had just started hearing about near death experiences. And it sounds a lot like that. What did you think it happened to you when this happened?

Paula Lenz 32:16
Well, I didn’t know. And I certainly had no, no idea that sort of thing had happened. So for me, during that time, or after that, I began seeking out books, all kinds of books that I could find and read about it any kind of experiences related to consciousness like this. And so that’s, that’s kind of how I started out trying to figure out what had happened. And, you know, Dr. Kenneth ring, had written some books, and I read those, and just started down down the pathway of finding and reading everything I could get my hands on about any of these kinds of experiences. And so that’s how I came to understand. I’ll say that, that these kinds of things can and have happened to other people. And, you know, I just continued from there. I eventually, you know, joined International Association for near death studies, ions, been a speaker for them. So I’ve been involved with that group for a long time. You know, having been raised Baptist, in the baptist church you know, I just didn’t know what to think. And, but it’s good that the doctor Rings books and really helped me and, and I’ve continued through the years to, to continue to take information about all different kinds of experiences like that. And then of course, being involved with like I said, I ns, you actually meet and talk with people who have had a whole variety of different types of experiences, some like mine, and some that are, you know, quite different. But it was you know, I just didn’t have any idea what had happened to me in the beginning. It was just, like, what just happened to me, you know?

Brian Smith 34:43
Yeah, I would imagine it must have been pretty lonely those first several years, because there was there’s probably no language for it. And even when the language came out about near death experiences, shared death experiences are still most people don’t know about those.

Paula Lenz 34:57
Right? Exactly. So yeah, it was, it was. It was just, I didn’t exactly know how to take what had happened to me. But I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with me, I can tell you that because it’s like, you know, this, this actually happened to me, this is not something I’ve just made up. And then the other thing, too, was just in light of all of the the kinds of things that happened in my house, you know, seeing my brother, my living room, you know, all of these things contributed to the fact that definitely something had changed, something was different. And that these things can, can happen. You know, like, with the chair being pulled out in our dining room all the time and stuff, you know, coming flying out. And some people have asked me, all you know, is your brother, do you think your brother’s an earthbound ghost? And I said, No, that’s not what he is. Right? It actually kind of offends me.

Brian Smith 36:11
I understand. People

Paula Lenz 36:13
ask that. Like, he’s just lost soul wandering the earth, it’s, it’s a disturbing image. And it’s disturbing when they ask that, but you know, I get that, that people depending on their faith, and where they are in life, you know, they, they may not believe in any of this kind of stuff. So, you know, I just try, try to let it go and just explain what I know.

Brian Smith 36:44
So in terms of, of your faith, being raised Baptist and having this experience, and you knew it was real, so you didn’t think, okay, there’s something wrong with me, I’m having a break, you just like, I know, this is real. How did you reconcile that with your Baptist faith?

Paula Lenz 37:01
Well, I could really no longer go to Baptist Church. So, you know, I lived in Houston at that time, and I ended up going to the Unity Church of Christianity in Houston, which is just a much broader approach to I’ll just say, not so much religion, but spirituality. And by that church, focusing more on the spirituality aspects, you know, there’s, there’s just such a lot more room for my kinds of experiences, to be included in part of spirituality. At versus, again. To me, the word religion ends up putting, in my mind anyway, I’m sure it’s not, not this way for everyone, but it’s almost like it puts these these boundaries and limits, you know, every, every denomination that seems like has their, their beliefs and kind of their rules and regulations about what, what they believe versus what’s not true. And, and, you know, spirituality doesn’t do that. Spirituality is an openness of what can happen, how spirit can reach you in different ways. And, you know, in my mind, this is all part of spirituality, the way this happened. And so it, it just totally and completely changed my understanding of that aspect of connecting with the oneness, versus just being in a religion. It changed the way I looked at every

Brian Smith 39:29
Yeah, and just this is kind of a personal aside, when you you mentioned about your dream and about using Jesus coming back. I was raised in a fundamentalist church and we were taught about the rapture, and that’s what it reminded me of, and which always terrified me. And it’s interesting in your dream, you said that it’s not supposed to be this way. It’s supposed to be a joyous occasion. So I could totally relate to that to that feeling of, I guess, terror of the of the end of the world, but it’s interesting how you that that imagery is what was in your dream about your brother’s passing?

Paula Lenz 40:06
Yes, it was, was really interesting. And, again, I have that dream many times. And it’s interesting to me, I think in some ways it was meant to, at some level potentially prepare me, or what was coming up trying to let me know that there was going to be this, this major change, although, again, I had no idea what it meant, and that I had this kind of over and over again. And but I don’t think anything could have prepared me, you know, for the loss of my brother. It was because we grew up together. And we had a lot of camaraderie. And he was very funny. He had so many friends. And, you know, my brother never did anything against anybody. He was just a great guy. And his last us was, yes, it was the loss of my brother. But it was the loss of a good friend too. Because, as I said, with us growing up together, you know, we had all these adventures and, and one time, I almost got us killed. I was probably eight or nine. I was probably around eight, because my brother would have been four. And we were out in the neighborhood. You know, the ice cream man would come through the neighborhood. And, you know, we’d gotten some money for my mother and and so we crossed the street. And there were other kids coming up, get snow cones, and ice creams and things like that. And so when we got our ice cream, I had, I was holding my brother’s hand, but we walked around the front of the ice cream truck instead of going around the back where we could see more. And as I’m busy eating my ice cream, holding my brother’s hand, and he’s standing to the left of me, and we step out from in front of this ice cream truck. This car coming through the neighborhood, thank God, it was just a small neighborhood street, but this poor woman, we stepped almost right out in front of her car. And she managed to stop before she hit us. But it was like an inch from my I my brother’s leg there. And I just, I, I think back on that event, and I just think my god almost got us killed back then. But it just wasn’t meant to be. And, you know, it’s it’s odd how in life, there are so many different times where you could have been killed or, you know, something, and yet you’re spared. And, and there I guess reasons for that, obviously. But you know, that was that was something I never forgot. And, and of course, so relating that to, you know, when my brother got killed in this accident. I felt like, why wasn’t I there to protect him? You know, because I had been the big sister all those years, protecting him and taking looking out for him and the neighbor and things like that. And that was one of the first feelings I had was, oh my god, I wasn’t there. Why wasn’t I there? And yet, we he was a grown man and living his life and all of that. And that was, you know, not only had I lost my brother, but then I had that whole total kind of feeling going on. Not Not that I knew I wasn’t responsible for him anymore. But having been the big sister all those years. I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t deal with it. It was it was just really I don’t know even how to put words to it. I guess for anybody who’s lost somebody they love. they can understand when it’s just something out of the blue like that. Yeah, in our in our minds, we’re always going to live to be old people and, and just die a natural death or whatever.

Brian Smith 45:14
But what thank you for sharing that Pollock. That’s a very important point. When you lose someone like a sibling or a child, someone that that close and just to kind of emphasize your point, my daughter was Shana was 15 when she passed away, and my older daughter, Kayla was 18. And Kayla was away on vacation Shana passed away here in our home. And you know, I remember Kayla saying to the light, well, if I had been home, I could have saved her because she died in her sleep. You know, I could have saved her because I’m a trained lifeguard. So she took on that guilt, you know, on herself. So we do we project this thing on ourselves as parents or as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, that were somehow responsible. So again, thank you for sharing, because I know a lot of people listening to relate to that.

Paula Lenz 46:06
Yeah, well, that’s, yeah, that’s an interesting experience that you’re sharing, too. I mean, yeah, it just shows you how. You know, at some point, when, when you’re in a situation like that, you’re right, you do want to take that on, like, Oh, my God, I should have, I should have been there, I should have been able to do something about that. And it’s a terrible feeling. I mean, on top of losing that person, and you feel what comes to the forefront are these lifelong feelings and notions about your relationship with that other person? And especially if you’re the oldest or whatever, it’s like, for whatever reason, it’s you just can’t grasp that. You weren’t there to see that that didn’t happen.

Brian Smith 47:07
So what are your thoughts? And you mentioned, essentially, you bring up the point when you were younger? And you had that answer, then and we are spared some times. Do you think it was Danny’s time to go? Do you think we all have a time that it’s it’s our it’s our time, and it’s the stuff that can be done about it? Or what are your thoughts on that?

Paula Lenz 47:25
Well, in fact, yes, I do think we do just have our time that comes. Because my brother told me, he said, I don’t want you to be sad. It was it was simply time to go. That’s what he said. And so, you know, him saying that, of course I hear the words, but it’s not like I was able to just totally believe that and just say, oh, okay, well, okay. Yeah. Except that, you know, there was just your time. No. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever come to terms about that. You know, they’ll never be a point. I don’t think we’re I just say, oh, okay, yeah, it was just your time to go. There’s just something I can’t accept that. And. And maybe that’s part of the reason he’s reached out to me, you know, all these years. Of course, being brother and sister and all of that. Maybe it’s just a reassurance to me, for me to let me know, Hey, um, you know, don’t worry about me, I’m still still around here. And, I mean, again, not that he’s an earthbound ghost. He just kind of checks in here and there. And, and, and I appreciate that. Because I know. I know, when something’s happened, that it’s related to him. And, you know, it’s just like, just like I said, you know, I have these bookcases in here. And one day I’m in here, it’s all quiet. I know, he’s in the house. And all of a sudden, his book flies out of the top most shelf and head heading toward the window. I jump about a foot because I’m right here at my desk. And yeah, you know, and I just said, cut it out, Donnie, I know that you. I mean, you know, that’s okay. You just checks in here and there. No, that’s such a type of prank that we would all have on

Brian Smith 49:41
each other. So these things are still happening with you with you and Danny. Yeah, off

Paula Lenz 49:45
and on here in the air. Yeah, not all the time, you know, but, but there are things that happened then, and I know it’s him. But yeah, he’s where he’s supposed to be. But you know,

Brian Smith 49:59
yeah, well You know, there is this the balance, I guess, of knowing that they’re okay. And knowing that they’re we’re supposed to be, but we still miss them. You know, I still miss my daughter. It’s been it’s been eight years for me, it’s almost eight years to eight years in June. So we still miss them, we still, you know, that that human part of us the physical part of us, we want to have that physicality. But it is temporary, I think somewhat by knowing that they’re okay. And, and they do check in on us every once in a while. And it’s sad that people say things like, are they Earthbound? You know, people, they say things and they don’t realize how much they can how much they can hurt. And doesn’t mean that they’re Earthbound. Because when we are multi dimensional beings and our loved ones and spirits can can be more than one place at a time. And they can, they can check in on us, and they can check on us even while they’re doing other things. So we’re much more powerful than we realized when we were in our bodies. Were the ones that are better bound, if anything.

Paula Lenz 51:02
Yes. And yeah, and I appreciate you saying all that. Because I think people do want to be judgmental, I’ll say, towards people who believe or relate, incidents, I’ll say, of things that have happened, that we believe, you know, come from are the ones we’ve loved. And we’re deceased, I think, and especially in cases of where they were younger, and they left our lives unexpectedly, you know, I expected to be growing old with my brother, and you know that, that didn’t happen. And, and so, yeah, it’s, it’s comforting when you get little signs here and there, again, doesn’t happen all the time, or anything like that. But through the years, there have been things in it, it is comforting. And you know it, I don’t fear death, I fear more getting hurt in this life, to the point where you can’t walk or do whatever, you know, versus the idea of dying and moving on, is, I don’t find that idea. Scary. I find that it will be you know, when you’re released from this physical form, then it’ll be back to experience in the oneness. And the love that is, you know, the universe. And, you know, I don’t know all of what lies beyond here. But I feel like there will be a lot of joy in terms of reconnecting with many people. And probably not just people from this lifetime, but potentially other lifetimes that we may have experienced.

Brian Smith 53:11
Yeah, I absolutely think so, too. And so I’m curious, when I know you didn’t share this publicly up until fairly recently. Um, did you share it within your family that you share with your husband and your in your family? Or was it something that was just just you didn’t know about it?

Paula Lenz 53:30
Well, I did share it. Within my family. And I had one or two close friends, way back when that I, that I shared it with, but pretty much I did not talk about that with people. I mean, I was in the world of business my whole career. Right. And, you know, I dealt with a lot of people, and lots of projects and, and things of that nature. And so I just didn’t go there about what I had experienced. And so when I retired in 2016, I just I just came to the conclusion, you know what, it’s time that I share my story with people. And that’s when I sat down and wrote the book. And once I got it published, then I began speaking about it. And I just said to myself, it doesn’t matter to me what people think, at this stage of the game, they can either believe it or not believe it. And you know what I do speaking about that, as I said before, and I just don’t worry about it. And, and I will say this, when I finished my book and I and I got it published, and I started speaking to people about it. It was like, for the first time in my life, I felt authentic, as a person, and whole, because sharing this side of my life and these experiences, that’s what it did for me. It made me I was embracing myself as the person, I am totally, not just this business woman side, you know, dealing with people that way. But for the first time, just being out there with the full story about what happened to me, and with my brother. And the whole idea being this is a way to help other people who have lost people they love. And it was so freeing for me, it was an amazing feeling. And it is an amazing feeling. But when it started happening after, after the book was out, and I was speaking about it, I suddenly realized all this, and I’m like, wow, I’m really free here. Now in terms of who I am, I’m embracing all parts of who I am. And I’m speaking my truth. And people can accept it or not accept it. But it doesn’t bother me, you know, and they can think what they want. But it was definitely a change for me in feeling, as I say, now, I’m authentic and who I am.

Brian Smith 56:38
So I’m how the response has been for people that have known you for a long time. And they’re amazing. The ones that Paul, I’ve known you for 40 years, and I’ve never heard this story.

Paula Lenz 56:48
Well, even business colleagues from Houston and all of that a lot of them have read my book, and you know, haven’t had any negative feedback or repercussions or anything, people I think, are just amazed by it. And, you know, some people have thanked me for sharing that. And then some of these, you know, same business colleagues and so on. It’s, it’s let them share some experiences that they’ve had. Yeah. So in the end, it’s all been, it’s all been positive and good. I’ve never had any kind of negative feedback from anyone. So

Brian Smith 57:30
I think it’s very natural, the fear that you had, I think we all have that we all want to, you know, be seen as normal. We don’t want to be seen as woowoo. And it’s funny because I’ve been studying this afterlife stuff for quite a while. But I guess I didn’t talk about offline till my daughter passed away. But what I realized is once I started sharing things with people, they started sharing things with me and some of these people I’ve known for 20 plus years, and suddenly they’re telling me stories about permanent dreams that had there were premonitions, and visits from the grandmother that night, their grandmother died and things of that nature. I’m like, Well, I’ve known you for 20 years, I’ve never heard that. So we all hold these things inside scared to tell everybody else because we all think Berger, they’re gonna think we’re crazy.

Paula Lenz 58:16
That is a great point. Yeah. And, and that’s true. I have had other people share information with me. And But your point is exactly right. It’s, it’s, it’s just, we think there’ll be all these repercussions and everything and, but at some point, it’s just like, you know, I don’t care what people think. Like, you can either believe this or not, but, you know, this is this is my story. And this is what happened. And, and it’s freeing, just like I said, I don’t have to hide anymore about stuff. And yeah, thanks for sharing that. Yeah, well,

Brian Smith 59:01
there is there’s there’s a lot of fear, right, from for many reasons, we feel like we know people are gonna think we’re crazy, you know, for something so people are gonna think we’re there, they’re gonna judge us. People do have certain beliefs, like, you know, for example, the dead sleep, the dead don’t know anything. So therefore, you couldn’t be your brother that can’t come back to you. And that’s based in my opinion on misinterpretation of usually the Bible. But we know through experience experiences like yours and people that have and the ease that we when we quote, die, we’re very much alive. And we do still care about our loved ones people do still visit us and show us signs and they’re, you know, in some ways connected doesn’t mean that they’re stuck. It doesn’t mean that they’re, you know, they haven’t gone to the light, you know, all those types of things. So I I appreciate you sharing your story because I think it’s gonna be very encouraging to a lot of people to know that our loved ones are awesome. still around still care about us. And that, you know, the experience that you had that, you know, even all these years later the impact that this has had on you?

Paula Lenz 1:00:11
Well, I appreciate you inviting me to be on your show, because I do feel that, you know, I have an important message along those lines, as do lots of other people now, in sharing their stories. And, again, it’s, it’s a wonderful freeing kind of feeling, from really being able to share it. And, and really, the goal is to help other people who, if they haven’t already had a loss in their family at some point, when they do potentially experience something like that, you know, it’s like, well, hopefully the message heard here today will be encouraging to them that, you know, they’re still alive, they’re still potentially, they can reach out to you and let you know, they’re okay.

Brian Smith 1:01:07
Yeah. So Paul will remind people, again, named your book on make sure everybody gets that. And if people want to contact you, can I assume they can contact you through your website?

Paula Lenz 1:01:18
Yes, I do have a website. It’s www dot Paula lands That’ll take them to my website. And you know, there’s additional information there. I think you can actually buy the book through there. But you know, I’ve got some blog posts and things of that nature. So, yeah, it’s all good.

Brian Smith 1:01:43
All right, and just let everyone remember, the name of the book is driving into infinity living with my brothers spirit. And Paula is Paula and it’s lens, le and Z. That’ll be in the show notes. I just like to say it because sometimes people don’t look at the show notes and all these people can can find you. So Paul, thank you so much for doing this. And thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for sharing. Donnie, I know Danny’s still with us. And, you know, sometimes we think okay, once they’ve been gone for so long. They’ve forgotten about us. But time is different. On the other side, from my understanding, they’re still involved in their lives.

Paula Lenz 1:02:17
Yeah. Yeah. So true. In a good way.

Brian Smith 1:02:22
Yeah. Well have a great rest of your day. Paula, thanks for being here.

Paula Lenz 1:02:25
Thank you so much, Brian, really appreciate it.

Brian Smith 1:02:32
I’m excited to not I have a great new resource. It’s called gems, four steps to move from grief to joy. And what it is it’s four things that I’ve found that I do on a daily basis to help me to navigate my grief. And I’m offering it to you free of charge. It’s a free download. Just go to my website, www dot grief to G m s and grab it there for free. I hope you enjoy it.

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