Grief 2 Growth GPS Grief Guidance Program

🌿 Transform Your Grief into Growth with Personalized Guidance and Support

💜 Your Journey to Healing Begins Here

Are you struggling with the pain of loss? You’re not alone. Whether it’s losing a loved one, going through a divorce, or losing a job, my Grief 2 Growth GPS Guidance Program is here to guide and support you every step.

🏆 Why Choose the Grief 2 Growth GPS Program

  • High-touch program with unlimited access to me via email and text 📱
  • Developed from over seven years of experience helping others navigate grief 🌱
  • Customized approach that combines learning with hands-on exercises 🧠💪
  • Regular schedule of structured meetings for faster, more effective results ⏰
  • Priority access to me- my GPS clients receive top priority on my schedule. I work around your schedule.

💫 The Grief 2 Growth GPS Program Difference

20% of change comes from knowledge, while 80% comes from developing and using skills. My unique approach combines both aspects, ensuring that you not only learn but also put your new skills into practice.

🎯 Customized Just For You

Every Grief 2 Growth GPS Program is tailored to your unique needs and goals. I know the power of consistent, structured meetings to help you achieve success more quickly. I’ve seen them work.

Everyone’s grief is different. Everyone’s grief journey is different. Therefore, what you need in terms of guidance is different. We will work together to fill in your program from the general framework that I’ve developed.

🌈 Ready to Transform Your Grief into Growth?

Don’t wait to take control of your life. Embrace the opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient with the Grief 2 Growth GPS Program.

Book a discovery call with me today! During this call, we’ll assess your current situation, determine where you want to go, and see if the Grief 2 Growth GPS Program can help you get there.

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What You Can Expect

My Grief 2 Growth GPS Program is not a one size fits all program.  While it is based on many hours spent with dozens of clients, each person’s grief journey is unique. No two clients go through the same program. However,  I realize you want to know what the program might look like for you. So here is a general outline.

I recommend eight weeks for most clients.  After our discovery call, let’s decide whether you need more or less. We can incorporate additional topics like spirituality, religion, personal goals, your values, etc. to create a tailored experience for you.

🌟 Week 1: Believe Change Is Possible

We begin your journey by exploring your limiting beliefs and recognizing that the past does not dictate your future. You will earn to embrace the power of personal growth, take responsibility, and set goals for the next eight weeks. We all have beliefs holding us back. In week one, we’ll identify these potential roadblocks.

💔 Week 2: Understand What Grief Is and Know You Can Heal

We will delve into the nature of grief, its symptoms, and the reasons behind it. I’ll share insights from my own experience and the stories of others as we discover the difference between moving forward and moving on and envision a life where healing from grief is possible. We’ll set realistic goals for our grief journey and understand what it means to take this trip and where it leads.

❤️ Week 3: Let’s Take Care of Ourselves

Discover the importance of self-care and self-love. I’ll guide you through the process of prioritizing your well-being and committing to nurturing your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I will give you tips and techniques you can use no matter how busy your life is.

🧘 Week 4: Improve Mindfulness

Experience the power of mindfulness and its role in healing. Together, we’ll explore mindfulness practices and commit to incorporating them into your daily life. Being mindful doesn’t mean meditating for an hour a day (unless you want to). Instead, we will work on ways that fit your busy schedule and that you will find enjoyable.

🌌 Week 5: Grasp The Big Picture

Contemplate life’s more significant questions and find meaning in your experiences. We’ll discuss the purpose of human life and how you can create something positive out of your loss. Knowing why we’re here makes it much easier to endure what we endure during this earthly life.

🔮 Week 6: Why You Can Believe

I’ll share the evidence for the afterlife that I’ve gathered from my decades of research and hundreds of hours of interviews. We’ll explore various perspectives on life beyond death, including mediumship, near-death experiences, and philosophical arguments that support the existence of an afterlife.

🦋 Week 7: Continue Your Relationship

Discover ways to maintain a meaningful connection with your loved ones who have passed on. We’ll learn about signs, synchronicities, dreams, and after-death communications together. You don’t have to learn to live without your loved one. Instead, learn to form a new bond with them.

🧠 Week 8: Positive Intelligence Concepts

Embrace your inner Sage and recognize the saboteurs in your life. Then, I’ll guide you in learning how to stay in Sage mode and make empowering choices that support your growth and healing. These concepts will lock down everything we’ve learned in the past several weeks and train you to return to them when you forget.


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💵 Pricing

Since the program is customized, pricing is also customized. The base price for the eight-week program is $1,500. A discount is available for upfront payment. If you want to pay in installments, that is available.

Don’t let pricing stop you from booking the discovery call. A smaller package is available, if that suits your needs.

Schedule the planning session now. There is no obligation and no high-pressure sales tactics.