Podcast Episode- Grief 2 Growth- Vondie Lozano- Life Between Lives

Dr. Lozano reached out to me to tell me about her work with using hypnosis for past life and life between life regressions. It’s something I’ve always been curious about. So, we agreed that I would give it a try before having her on the program.

Vondie is a Life Between Lives hypnotherapist. She’s also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and former Psychology Professor who’s been featured in Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal, and on KABC Talk Radio.

LBL hypnosis can help people connect with their soul’s true identity and purpose. The hit movie, Soul, is about what souls do before they’re born. As a Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapist, Vondie helps people discover what their soul does after they die, before they’re born into a new life. Grief 2 Growth listeners mention the show for 10% off any single session with Dr. Lozano before the end of 2021. You can reach Dr. Lozano at: ℹ️ https://www.lovebetweenlives.comDr. Lozano reached out to me to tell me about her work with using hypnosis for past life and life between life regressions. It’s something I’ve always been curious about. So, we agreed that I would give it a try before having her on the program.

Grief 2 Growth listeners mention the show for 10% off any single session with Dr. Lozano before the end of 2021.

You can reach Dr. Lozano at:
ℹ️ https://www.lovebetweenlives.com



Brian Smith 0:00
Hey, there was something like that mentioned before the episode starts, Dr. Lozano has generously agreed to offer any of my great growth listeners 10% off a single session between now and the end of 2021. So if you’re listening to this in 2021, and you’d like to schedule a session with Dr. Lozano just mentioned grief to growth, and she’ll give you 10% off a single session. A couple things. His other thing I wanted to mention is I talked about some things that have been happening in my life that kind of validated this experience. And one things I want to mention this was really wild. So in my experience, I had someone in my life named Joanna in my past life. This person played a very, very important role in my life. In fact, they kind of played a pivotal role in my life changed after this person and I were separated. So the name Joanne is not a very common name in my life. I only know a couple people named Joanna. Now I did my session on Saturday. On Sunday, I looked into my schedule, and I had someone scheduled to do a session with me on Monday, and the person’s name happened to be Joanna. So I thought that was a very interesting synchronicity. I think to validate the experience that I had, I’ve never had a client before named, named Joanna. I’d never met this person before. I had no idea that they were scheduling a session with me. So those are the little types of things that kind of validate what I went through my experience. So with that, let you get in the episode.

Close your eyes and imagine

Vondie 3:16
Hey, Brian. Hey, thanks for being here. And of course, I want to look down at your eyes. But I know I’m supposed to look up at the camera. So let’s just see what happens. Yeah, yeah, that’s fine. It’s all good. So I know, we want to start out today and set an intention like we did with the first with the sessions that we did. So let’s go ahead and do that. And then we’ll get into the conversation. Okay, well, especially since we’re going to be sharing some of your stuff I especially seen, I’m nervous and repeating myself, I just wanted to invite in the light in love of spirit and ask that our path be blessed and illuminated. See, I got the goosebumps. And that whatever we discuss is helpful to you, and your listeners and viewers.

And that this is all about love. Ultimately, it’s all about

time together would be about love.

Brian Smith 4:05
Yeah. Awesome. Thank you. Thanks for doing that Bondi. Well, as I said, we’re going to get into my session a little bit later on, and it was really, really interested. But I want to talk about you first. And want to talk about your background and your background is psychology professor, you’re a marriage and family therapist. So how did you get into life between lives?

Vondie 4:26
Wow, I’m

trying to think how to succinctly answer that. I know you said it’s okay to ramble. But it to be careful with me. How I actually got into it wasn’t related to my career at all. It was through losing my dog. And I can’t remember if I had shared that with you before, in kind of our pre interview, but I had kind of I come from a Christian background, and I think I mentioned I’d be comfortable sharing about that if that’s helpful, but I can’t I’m a Christian background. And yet my whole family is kind of intuitive for lack of a better word. And just kind of has feelings about things. And, and I, even as a kid had sensations, and probably what I would now call, like touch ins, you know. But they always just scared the crap out of me. Because from the Christian perspective, that’s all bad, you know, not just bad. That’s like scary bad. So it was actually I started opening up. See, I’m rambling. When I had an illness around age 30, a really serious illness. And I went to see a holistic healer. And this poor thing, she was so patient with me, because it was so hard for me from and I was teaching at a Christian college, I later worked at a church. I mean, I never quite fit with all of that, but I tried hard to fit with. Anyway, so she had to be really patient with me. But it was the only thing that helped me get better. So I turned to alternative healing, I had chronic fatigue syndrome. And this is 30 years ago, where nobody knew what it was, and people thought I was in your imagination. So I and I was told your so one person told me, you know, sign up for permanent disability, you’ll never work again. And I sort of rejected all that. And real doctors didn’t know what to do with it. So I went the alternative route. Anyway, while I was working with her as part of my healing, and maybe other people have had this, I started to have really colorful dreams. And I also and certainly things that haven’t said in public before, I also would hear voices. And you know, in my field, that’s not a good thing.

Brian Smith 6:44

Vondie 6:46
But voices, like my roommates voice or my dad’s voice. And maybe there I would have actually even seen things. But I remember saying, I just don’t want to see anything. I just don’t want to see anything. And later on I dabbled in mediumship a little bit. And I always wondered if that interfered, because I spent so many years, you know, but I would hear like my dad saying my name like fondy kind of loud, more. So it was more like somebody touching in. But anyway, I started having dreams. And a dream. I can say more later if you want but a dream about a co workers parent dying. And it was like a video of what happened. And the next day, the video played out, she called me aside and said, I said I wasn’t going to talk that much. I was gonna make us talk back and forth. And look at me here. Anyway, long story short, the dream played out the next day, except the mom wasn’t, didn’t die. And I was just like, blown away. So that was when I started opening up. So fast forward to when I lost my dog. See, I even my voice shakes. I was one of those people that hasn’t. I was gonna say inappropriate, in some words, but an extremely strong attachment to their animals. And so I lost my dog. And I was beside myself with grief. Like, I always tell a story. I took myself to the library The next day, because I couldn’t go to work. And I couldn’t be home because everything reminded me of her and sat in a chair just to be with people. So from that I had started doing hypnosis and I hypnosis friend of mine said, Let’s go see this medium, and that even in the Bible, it says do not do that, like that word is in there. And so I went to see a medium my dog came through, she came through first actually. And connecting with the afterlife was the only thing that gave me any comfort

Brian Smith 9:04
at all. Yeah.

Vondie 9:07
And now I’m trying to keep my story on track here. And then I’ve been trained with the medium. Hmm. To keep my connection with the afterlife. And then I had to stop training because I was neglecting my actual life and my actual husband. And then I anyway, I feel like I need to speed up here. Vani. So that’s where I learned about Michael Newton’s life between life hypnosis, and I always say only my little dog could have got me to go that far out of my comfort zone. Yeah, yeah.

Brian Smith 9:39
Well, I don’t like I when people minimize relationship with dogs because we’re supposed to say, Oh, well, dogs are not. They’re just dogs. They’re not they’re, you know, they’re part of the family. I’ve had two dogs that I’ve had for a long time, one love to 11 the other was 14. My first child was a dog. Because my wife and I would get married. She wanted to have kids. So I was like, let’s get a dog instead. So we had a dog three years before we had children. So we do form that that bond with dogs that that unconditional love truly unconditional love that, you know, the dogs always there for you, they never complained, you know. So that bond is very strong. I think I find it interesting. I don’t do this on purpose, no, but the name of the show is grief to growth. And every time I have someone to tell this story, what got you into whatever this thing is that they’re doing now that they’re on the program talking about, it’s usually some sort of loss. It’s usually that that loss that drives us to that point. And I think it’s really interesting, you talk about the Christian faith, I grew up with the Christian faith as well. And that faith serves a lot of us until it doesn’t. And then something happens, where it’s like, it just doesn’t make sense to us anymore. It’s just too confined. And then we spread out and we do other things. I know your mother also past. So that has something to do with your transition into the mediumship. And everything.

Vondie 10:59
You know, actually she passed more recently. But I felt like because of the work I had done with Michael Newton, we had a way to have a conversation about death and the afterlife before she passed. So it was sort of i o In fact, I sometimes think that the my dog, and opening me up was preparing me for losing my mom. And my mom was disabled. So the grief wasn’t just her own death. It was her life was a really, really hard, hard, hard life. Yeah, but we would, we would talk about Michael Newton’s approach and his theory that. And Michael Newton, for those of you who don’t know, he’s the one who discovered the life between life hypnosis, but and I can say a little bit more about that in a minute, if you want. But one of one of the things they found in doing these sessions is that more advanced souls choose harder lives. And my mom was paralyzed as a child and never fully recovered, and wasn’t supposed to sit up or walk or anything. But she went on to do a lot of those things, and even have kids. But But I would say, Mom, I don’t know what the hell you were thinking. And she would say me, either, you know that she had this just really, really, really hard life. So it more helped us have a conversation. And there were some specific conversations. But were you going to ask me something else?

Brian Smith 12:30
No, no, that was that was fine for that work. What I want to do before we get too far, and is I want to talk to people and let’s lay some ground rules, because sometimes I forget that not everybody’s and all this stuff. So let’s talk about what life between lives actually means and how Michael Newton discovered it. Okay.

Vondie 12:47
Okay. And then I do want to come back because my mom and I had some really interesting conversations. And then of course, some interesting things happened after she passed around her passing. Sure we have time. Sure. But what so what life between lives hypnosis is and kind of how it was discovered is Michael Newton, a lot of people know Brian Weiss and past life hypnosis, and that he asked his client or patient to go to the source of anxiety, and stead of going through like a childhood memory, she went to like a whole different life. And that’s how Brian Weiss discovered past life hypnosis and became really involved with it. Michael Newton sort of discovered it by accident as well, and that he asked a client to go the source of her deep loneliness. And he had already kind of opened up I believe, and he was a psychologist, a clinical psychologist, if I understand it correctly, and at least that’s what the cause I’ve tried to ask the Newton association was he licensed and from what I’ve gathered, I think he was, so he was a regular psychologist, and he anyway, he asked someone to go to the source of her loneliness. And she didn’t go to a past life. She went to the time in between lives. So Heaven, basically. And on the other side, we don’t just have a soul mate. Many of us have a soulmate, but we have a soul group, a soul family that we incarnate with over and over. But it’s like a, I think you say, repertory group, where you change up roles, like in the theater, you change roles each time. Yeah, but for us, we change roles, depending on what we want to learn each time, but we incarnate with the same folks to some degree repeatedly. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:27
Well, go ahead. No, go ahead.

Vondie 14:30
I was just gonna say so she went to her soul group. But no one in that life in their soul group had incarnated with her in this life, and that was the source of her loneliness. And so he, of course, was stunned and blown blown away. And so he stopped doing all his other work and did 7000 straight sessions and researched it and found that people went to sort of the same similar basic places on the other side, and he Journey of souls and a bunch of other books. So that’s how I was discovered. That’s who Michael Newton is. And he’s passed on, I think five years ago.

Brian Smith 15:08
Yeah, thanks for thanks for that explanation. So this is all based on the idea that we are, first of all, this is not our first time here, right? That we, that we do pre exists before we are born into these bodies is the way I kind of look at it. A word that I’m using more and more and I really like is avatar, I don’t view this as even my body, this is my avatar. This is this is my representation in this physical plane. But we we kind of come through, we have we have some control, we have some say, we do some planning. So these are concepts that I think are very, I think, can be very healing to people, if they really understand it, that gives us much more of a sense of autonomy, much more of a sense of purpose, much more of a instead of why is this happening to me is like, why did I plan this? what’s what’s, what’s the lesson in this? So these are the these are the benefits from this could people might say, Why do I care and this frankly, for a long time, when I heard about past lives, people were going to pass I’m like, I don’t I don’t need that, because I just I’m living this life. And when I heard about life between lives, I was interested, kind of interested, but didn’t really know how it benefit me. So um, I love you know, talking to you and how you’ve used this, you know, in your practice, and how does it benefit your clients and your practice? Well, and boy,

Vondie 16:29
there were so many things you said I want to respond to, and I apologize, I’m gonna grab a Kleenex today. So I wish I could use it as a marriage family therapist, but the state has really strict guidelines around what, what what you can do as a therapist, marriage family therapist, a talk therapist in California. And this isn’t part of it. And it’s funny in other countries, there’s 200 plus Newton Institute certified hypnotherapist who can do this. And some of them in other countries. They’re doctors and therapists. And it’s included, like my mentor, my training mentors in Germany. And it’s included, she can do it under her medical license, but we’re not there yet. So, so I do it separately, though. I wish I could, because I work a lot with trauma. And I would never tell someone who’s had a horrible trauma. I think you chose this ever. But when I’ve done hypnosis with people with trauma, sometimes we do kind of try to inadvertently find out like, well, what, what’s the purpose of all this, but as a hypnotherapist, I’m not limited in that way. So it’s I have it as two separate completely separate things. And as you know, it can help you understand your life from the much bigger picture like I’ve always said, Everybody makes sense, when properly understood. So my job as a talk therapist is to sort of put the puzzle together of you to understand all the events who you were your kind of innate self, your personality, your gender, your everything. And then with life events, how that combined to make you you. Yeah, and so I do a lot of I always say detective work as part of being a talk therapist. But I was kind of overwhelmed when I learned about this cuz I was like, Man, I’m a pretty good talk therapist, and I kind of know how to get people from here to here. And now I have to look at oh my gosh, it’s not just this life. It’s a whole bunch of lives and Okay, so I’m going to venture into yours a little bit. Now. Do I have your permission by the way to share about yours? Okay, because it is confidential. So people know. But I knew we were going to talk about it today. Yours was the first time I ever had your past live show self show up in your soul group? Or in your was it? I think it was your Was it your soul group or your council? Do you remember?

Brian Smith 19:01
It was in my soul group? Yeah, I think it was your soul group. Yeah. soul group. Yes. Yeah. So

Vondie 19:06
oftentimes, we’ll explore multiple lives because a soul is working on something. And we’ll be like, well, have they had this before? And so it’s the council and those are your wise elders who oversee all your lives. At some point in the session, we go there or something, some version of wise souls to get feedback, and people can bring their questions and about this life. But anyway, we often explore how this life fits. We’re not within all the lives. But yours was the first where I had the past five selves actually show up. So do you remember that sometimes I remember more than you do. So that’s why I want to check.

Brian Smith 19:44
Yeah, no, I did. I wasn’t sure what you’re talking about. First. Yes. One of my past life cells when I when I crossed over was there in the group that greeted me. Yes.

Vondie 19:52
Yeah. And because I remember you said, but they’re not really and I’ve heard this before, but this is the first time I’ve had this in one of my sessions. You He said, Well, and they’re not really past lives, because they’re all happening at once. But you said, I’ll just kind of say it that way, in the sense of Earth’s time, like you were kind of talking down for me a little bit. But, but you were letting me know that your other aspects of yourself other lives you’ve lived for showing up.

Brian Smith 20:19
Yeah, it’s, and we’ll talk about, we’ll get into a good into that my session, and what I what my experience was, but there is, and let’s just talk about the session the sessions in general, because I want to make sure where people are tracking where we are. Okay. So this was this was a gap over two sessions. The first session was a past life regression, where we just went into a past life, and I found a particular past life that had a lot of meaning for me, you know, in this life, and I want to, I want to share with people what this experience is like, because I was I was selling by name when she called me up and said, Okay, I’m gonna do this. So one of the reasons I never tried it was because I was convinced that I was one of those people that could not be hypnotized. Because we hear about hypnosis, and we see it like on TV, there’s like, you make people bark, like a dog, or stand on one leg, or, you know, things like that. And I’m a very analytical, you know, right brain or left brain kind of person. And I’m like, I just not gonna be able to get into this thing I have to get into. So I have to say that I was wrong. It was really, it was really an interesting experience. Because I was fully conscious. I knew where I was, I knew what I was saying. But I was also very, very deeply relaxed, and to a point where I am not normally. And even though I meditate, you know, everyday, it was even it was even deeper than that. And I remember you saying to me, when we do this, need to make sure you have a microphone, because sometimes your voice gets so quiet, that I can’t hear you. And I’m like, that’s not gonna happen to me. But I got to a point where, like, you were asking me to talk and I just really didn’t feel like talking. I was like, I guess I had to talk to her. But I really, I was just into the experience. So we start off with the past life regression, and we did that session, the next session, we do a past life, and then we go forward into the between lives. So that’s kind of the the sequence of how this happens. And you know, it’s really interesting, because like I said, I was fully conscious the whole time I was, I knew what I was saying, I remember everything. But you know, I remember you saying, sometimes people have this. And they say, Well, I feel like I just made the whole thing up, because it’s just my imagination. And it does kind of feel like that. But there was such an emotional connection to some of the events that happened. They were points where I just I literally could not talk, because I was experiencing the death and life of my mother, and my father. And these are people that I thought it was just making up in my head, but I was very emotionally attached to what had happened. So it’s a To me, it was a very, very real experience. I just want to say that to everybody that, you know, it felt like it was very beneficial. And I learned a lot about myself in this life. And I have to say after the first session even. And it was weird, because things are going on my outside life as this was going on, too. So my 60th birthday just happened to be I think was between sessions. Yeah, it was between sessions. Yes. Yeah, yeah, we had the first one that I had my birthday. And then we had the second one. So my 60th birthday was in there. And some other things that went on, that just really made me feel a lot more confident in my life and where I was. So by the time the second session came around, I was feeling pretty good anyway. But I learned a lot in the second session as well. So I do want to say to people, anybody that’s considering this is thinking, you know, I don’t know if it’s real, or if it’s just woowoo. It was very real experience for me, and it was very beneficial in that. And I it’s been good. It’s been a couple of weeks, as we had the last session, I’m still kind of processing some of it. But it’s given me a whole even though I’ve studied this stuff for a very long time, and I talked about it all the time. And I believe in soul planning and soul groups and all that. It’s just made it a lot more concrete for me a lot, a lot more real for me, and maybe put this life kind of in perspective that it’s it’s a temporary thing. And it’s all part of a big plan.

Vondie 24:12
Yeah, well and what’s different is, instead of you going to someone who then tells you about your loved ones or your soul group or whatever, you’re telling me about your loved ones and your soul ones. So you’re you’re there connecting, getting the messages and then relaying them to me and like you said, so many people get so deep into the experience. It’s hard to even use words sometimes we’ll even communicate with like, you know, yes or no with like a finger or something. And certain points like in that part where I was relaxing you sometimes I’ll say like, just nod your head to let me know.

Brian Smith 24:49
Yeah, and like I said, that really worked. And the other thing you know, cuz you touched on this earlier you talked about going to medium and how that really impacted you and I’ve heard this and no offense to you as a professional. therapists but I’ve heard some people say that a good medium reading can be worth 10 years of psychotherapy, because it’s you, you’re feeling that you’re getting that connection with the loved one. Well, this is like making yourself your own medium. You can, you can reach loved ones, you talk to your own guides, you talk. So you’re you’re reaching your you know, you’re not, there’s not someone sitting across the table telling you what your guide is saying, your guide is actually speaking to you, you’re there experiencing this. And it was that made it a very different experience for me. And I’ve had lots and lots of medium readings, and they’re very, very helpful. But this was just, like a whole level beyond that.

Vondie 25:37
Yeah, I agree. Well, and when I try to think how to say this, when I had my sessions, they told me, You need to get trained in this. So after I did the, you know, learned about it, I read all the books, and then I had my sessions. And they said this, you need to do this and stop being a talk therapist. And we were in the process of moving up here to Ventura from LA County, which is a couple hours away. But I, in my session, the person who was doing my session kept saying, well, but how is she going to earn a living? You know, what, what is she going to do? And while I kind of get trained and develop all this, so I’m actually in the process of transitioning to just doing this, because when I found out about this, I was like, you know, it to me, it just is so profound. And not that the other talk therapy isn’t profound it is. But I think it’s just for my spirit. It’s like I found my like, this is what I’m called to do. And I’ve been doing the other for 30 years. And and I value it and I don’t want any way denigrate it. But like you said, not that you makes up for 10 years of therapy was so nice. People call me for an LBL. And I’ll end up seeing them in my marriage family therapy practice. Because I realize you need a lot of help with this life. Yes, you know, because the LBL is just an lb L stands for life between lives. You know, it’s a couple sessions, like you said, but yeah, I when I found out about it, I was just like, I gotta do this.

Brian Smith 27:09
Yeah. And when I said that, I just want to be clear, I was referring specifically to grief that when people go to a therapist, and going to a therapist for grief is frankly not necessarily helpful. It’s therapists.

Vondie 27:23
And most therapists aren’t trained in grief counseling. So I went to a grief group that was volunteers who did it for free. When I lost my mom, and I went to see a pet loss counselor when I lost my dog. Yeah, I’m not a trainee. She was a therapist, but she was doing it again, kind of separate. But But yes, the only thing that made the grief bearable, with my dog was the afterlife connection. Like I wanted to live on the other side. And I realized I chose this life and I need to live this life. But yeah, I would still be doing mediumship training, if I could, except I wasn’t that good at it.

Brian Smith 28:02
Well, you’re you’re doing what you should be done. I want to go back to something you said earlier, because I think it’s really, really profound. And I, many, many years ago, I took a seminar course whatever, it was a guy, I can’t remember his name right now. But the thing was called what you are is where you were when. And the whole idea was if you got to really know somebody, so what you are is where you were when, and if you got to know somebody and do everything about them, that you can understand anybody? Because as you said, so so well, we come in with the set, and there’s the there’s the nature part of us, we come in with this innate stuff. But then there’s all the things that happened to us. And you take these things, you add them up as people say, nature versus nurture. No, it’s both. And that makes us who we are. So understanding ourselves, you know, we can look and say I was born into this family, and I love these experiences. That’s why who I am. But even before you were born into this family, you come in with, I believe other other influences, you know, past lives to use that word. Again, it’s there’s no time on the other side. So but for purposes of Earth life, we think of the life life as sequential. So I think this that’s why this is so deeply profound for people because a lot of us look at and say, why was I born in the family I was born into why have I had the experiences of that? Why do I feel like I’ve never fit in? You know, in this world? I think it’s a it’s a very common question that we have. And this can help answer some of those questions. You know, you can you can sit down with your you know, and go through when you go through the life between lives especially and say, This is why you plan to live the way that you did it. And when you do the past lives, you can see themes recurring through your different lives, and different things that you want to try out or things you may think you didn’t do as well on one life. So you want to give it another another chance in this life.

Announcer 30:00
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Vondie 30:57
Yeah, yeah. And you know what? I apologize. I’m hearing a lot of background noise. You’re not picking it up fine.

Brian Smith 31:03
No, not right now.

Vondie 31:04
Okay, good. Because I was thinking I could shut some doors. so noisy in here. Now you’re fine. Okay. Can I say a little bit about what you just said? Yeah. So one of the places that people often go is called the life body selection place, it’s usually the last place they go before the session ramps up. And they can see the different options they had. Usually there’s about three or four options. And why they chose the family, the life sort of the trajectory, it’s not all laid out, because we have freewill. But they say Think of it as like potentialities or trajectories, you know, that, that we, you know, I had someone say, and people have given me permission to share some of these things. You know, I had an option one was like, I could be born in Africa. Or I could be born to a group of just like regular folks trying to beat the odds. And I forgot what the third one was. But they chose the regular folks trying to beat the odds. Or one person had an option of being something really adventuresome. But she, because of how her past life, she was alone in her past life, she chose a family life. But the downside would be her freedom would be restricted, and she’s kind of a freedom loving person. So literally, they can see like, some people see on a movie screen, and they can actually step into the movie and see how it feels. I had one guy who saw he called a futuristic warehouse with pods that you jump in, and it shoots you off into a life. Hmm. And, and he would jump in without looking and one of his lessons was to like, sort of explore a little more before he just threw himself in. And then one woman saw a roomful of babies with Christmas tags. And she knew which one was going to be the baby that was going to be her. So we choose the scenario, you know, not anyway. So that’s, that’s something that’s really fascinating to me.

Brian Smith 33:08
So yeah, so it brings up a couple things. One is I wanted to ask you, because a lot of times we hear about past life regressions, and everybody was clear patcher everybody was, you know, everybody was royalty. No one has a mundane life. So what’s your, what’s your experience been with that?

Vondie 33:24
So other than you and one other person, I’ve never had anybody have any historical figures in their life? Ever? Okay. So, and it does seem to be a little geographic specific. Oh, I was going to share about my husband, I’m trying to think if you give permission, I’ll just say he’s from Europe. And his past life was in Europe. And a lot of us would, a lot of the sessions I’ve done people are either Native American, or settlers. No, like we do their immediate past life or some of their past lives. But I’ve only had you and one person who also gave me permission share, and she was Queen Elizabeth.

Brian Smith 34:05
Wow. Okay.

Vondie 34:06
And, and it’s so funny, because who she is today is like the most humble, modest. So she was completely blown away. And then, are you comfortable with me sharing your historical figure?

Brian Smith 34:21
Yeah, sure. Or do you want to share why it was Frederick Douglass, but it wasn’t me. So it was it was someone else, which I don’t want to share with what that was, but it was someone else.

Vondie 34:31
Okay. Yeah. And he was in an important moment in your past life. Right. Right. And then he ended up being someone in your

Brian Smith 34:40
soul group. Yes. Yeah. And I won’t say who, but Oh, go ahead. Yeah. So yeah, I think that’s I guess that’s, that’s interesting that you’re experienced because I was wondering, because like I said, everybody that talks about this, it’s always like, I was a celebrity. I was, you know, I was this or I was I was royalty. And it’s, you know, for me So when you’re doing this again, I want to talk about the experience at work for me, I know you were say, You’re, you’re going back, you’re going back, and then you’re here. And I was just picking the first thing that came to mind. Because I was fully conscious. I was aware I could make choices as what I was doing. But I was like, Okay, this is what feels right. To me. This is what I’m, this is what I’m experiencing. And I said, It was interesting to see some of the patterns that were that were coming up, you know, over and over again, as we were going through the session and the people that were playing different roles. I love the way you said, like a repertoire, because that we can only talk in metaphors. You know, it’s interesting, there’s a guy, Bernardo kastrup, who’s and if you know who he is, but he’s a he’s a philosopher. He has written books on philosophy and idealism, the idea that everything is consciousness. And when he talks about when we talk in allegories is something, we can only speak about an allegory. We can’t speak about them directly. We can all use metaphors, I love using metaphor. So people might get tired of hearing, say, you know, compare things, to computer games or to you know, and I like the idea of a repertoire because we, we are not the person we think we are right now. That’s why I said I’m an avatar, I am a much more complex, much larger collection of beings for lack of a better word that happened to choose this one body this time around, and we played different roles. So in my particular case, my daughter’s Shana has played a couple different roles in my past, and she’s always played a role, at least for the board, like the ones we went through, where she played a very difficult part of my life. She took the hard roles, I remember them saying, Yeah, she took the higher roles, and she took the roles where she was separated from me. And it launched me on into something else. My daughter Kayla, but you know, played various roles in my life. And so and they would play you know, similar types of roles but different roles, you know, in my life. So, that’s it makes you look at the people around you and just kind of wonder, like, you know, what have we done before? there’s a there’s a song Kenny Loggins, I love music is a song called Sweet reunion. And he talks about when he meets his soulmate, I was thinking about Shana might hear the song now. But when he meets his soulmate, it’s like we’ve done this 1000 times before. And it’s like she walks in. And it’s like, he immediately recognized Not, not consciously but subconsciously. It’s like, I know, we’ve done this before. I think that’s such a cool concept. We think about our lives. That, you know, we this is not the first time we’ve been with people.

Vondie 37:30
Right? Right. Well, and remember, on the other side, we asked, What’s your immortal soul name? Do you remember?

Brian Smith 37:38
Yes, I remember asking him. Okay.

Vondie 37:40
Do you remember what it was? And you don’t have to share unless you want to?

Brian Smith 37:44
Ah, I’m not sure if I remember or not. Yeah.

Vondie 37:47
And I have to confess I peeked I took a little notes during our sessions. I think, is it right? If it’s a shocker? Yeah, that’s what it was. Yeah. And so it’s kind of complicated, because we’re talking over there about the past life. Brian, today, Brian, and then the soul Brian as so sometimes it’s kind of like, musical chairs, as I’m talking to them and saying, Well, how does this affect Brian? And how did this affect?

Brian Smith 38:14
Yeah, yeah, it could get confusing, right? Especially because you ask him like, Are you talking about me? Are you talking about there because, again, this is where I think, you know, that’s why I consider this life to be an avatar. And nother series of books I read, it was a book series of books called the team. And I think she explains this very well. And that we’re all part of a team, which is this thing we’re talking about. But even more than that, are different avatars are all part of a team. And so it’s like we’re this we’re this, this being the comes in a different ways. And then we share these experiences, so that we don’t all have to have the same experiences. So that’s, that’s why I was able to when I was in this life between lives regression, I saw another soul another avatar that I had been in a different life. So it gets, it could get very confusing, because we’re like, we’re like, nested beings, you know, we’re like this, and then we’re this and then we’re this.

Vondie 39:07
Well, and that’s why I actually take notes and I have up in the corner, your name, I have past life, one name, past life to name because we do a little we do the past life for the first session. And then the second session, is we go to your immediate past life because we want to see what happens between the life right before this and before you chose to be Brian. Yeah. And so and then I have your guides name. And so I have it all there are my paper so I can keep everybody straight and who I’m talking to and who the message is for when we’re having the conversations.

Brian Smith 39:40
Yeah, and I remember I was thinking about as we talked with this mirror on Peter Peter panagora had his near near death experience and they went on the other side and he heard like his real name, his sole name or whatever. I think you said it wasn’t pronounced bottom ever what it was, but you know we have this it’s just the idea that we are not. I am that Brian and you are not binding. And I really, so how does this apply practically when I look at people, I’m having conversations with them like, this is kind of avatar to avatar. It’s Soul to Soul on one level, but it’s also avatar to avatar. And we’re not really, you know, we think we are. And it makes it easier for me to accept, for example, my daughter, Shayna, who has transitioned out of her avatar, to know that, and once since we’re still together, you know, on the other side, we are literally still together at this moment. And on the other end, and I’m going to see her again. So that’s how this stuff actually plays out in day to day life, when we can just carry this life more loosely. When we can not take it, you know, quite so seriously and say, you know, everything’s gonna be okay. You know, it’s really what it all comes down to.

Vondie 40:48
Right? Well, then something you said, I was gonna say about, oh, you’re still together over there, we only bring a percentage of our souls essence into any given life. So usually 30 to, let’s say, 60%. So you’re still over there while you’re here, with Shana. And you’re also doing other things. So you’re not just there. And here, you’re also people are sometimes on other planets, there’s even a thing that’s gonna get kind of out there, or people are in two bodies on Earth, kind of at the same time, or overlapping times? I’ve

Brian Smith 41:27
heard of that. Yeah.

Vondie 41:28
So, so yeah, so we only bring, you know, a percentage to this life. And we’re over there. We’re very busy. In fact, in this perspective, well, actually, were you gonna say something for topics. In this perspective, that’s real life. And this is school. So we’re over there in school or making energy, were working in labs or creating life or doing all these things. And then, you know, we’re coming here to, they call it like, this is your fieldwork or your practicum. I want to try out having more compassion. So that’s why you come to earth, there’s a lot of much easier places to incarnate, but Earth is like, you know, the tough school advance. So to all your people out there, you know, you were the brave ones. My, the person who did my sessions told me that you were the brave ones, or I heard him say it in a talk. So this is the hard life because there’s a lot of suffering.

Brian Smith 42:24
Yeah, and it’s interesting, because even the terminology we use for life between lives, it’s actually the other way around, you know, this is this is the, the the break, this is the school this is the this is the the obstacle course, this is the video game, this is the all those analogies want to use. This is not the real world. And, and I know this sounds weird to say this, but scientists are telling us that they’re like, you know, a lot of philosophers and scientists are arguing about is this, is this place real? Or is it a simulation? Are we a hologram. And and there’s, there’s a lot of evidence that this world is really basically a projection, that there’s something that under under lies underneath it, that created that props up that supports it. But it’s like, you know, if you’re a Star Trek fan, it’s like being in the holodeck. It’s, this is this is not real life. It feels very well. And I tell people, this is a totally immersive experience. This is like, you know, you stepped into the best VR that there ever is. It’s not only sight and sound, but it’s also touch and emotion. And all of a sudden, it feels very, very real. But from the other side, they’re like, you know, this, this is the simulator. And you’re only there for a very short time. And getting back to the session, you know, because I could talk about this all day. But getting back to what this LBL does for you, is allows you to expand that picture out of even this the life that you’re in right now. And to say, I’m going to take it a little bit easier, I’m not going to take it so seriously. I’m going to, you know, I chose to come here to have this experience. And so whatever is my experience is going to be you know, it’s going to be okay.

Vondie 44:03
Yeah, well, I’m at one point, I asked some questions of the council through you about kind of, how are you doing? And usually I get, you know, well, he’s doing this or he’s doing better or he needs to do more work or whatever. And yours. I don’t know if you remember this, they you said there’s no judgment here. It’s all just experience. Like they, they were very clear, like we’re not evaluating you. It’s it’s just all experience. Do you remember that?

Brian Smith 44:33
Yes, I do. And I think it’s very important because a lot of times, you know, well, even in our Christian background, and and in this, it’s all you know, we have to achieve, you know, and I people, people use the term even the day I’m being tested, and I’m like testing applies first of all pass fail. And it applies, we don’t know and I tell people that are going through these experiences like you can’t fail. Whatever it is, that happens you can’t fail. You can choose how you’re going to deal with this. And, and the outcome is, I mean, you, you kind of already know, it’s just this is really more of a, it’s a challenge. It’s like, you know, I want to see how this goes. But it’s not a pass fail thing. It’s no one’s gonna, you know, you don’t go back and get an A or B, or C or, you know, Oh, you got an A, you’re allowed to move on to the next level. But if you, if you got to see you, you’ve got to go back and do it again. And that’s another, I have a poor friend, I remember when I was she, she and I were a group of people were ex Christians were come out of it. And we would start first talking about reincarnation. And she said, Every time I hear about reincarnation, I just start crying. And I said, why she said, My life has been so hard and her life had been had been impossibly hard. Because why would it ever do this again? Why would someone make me come back? And I said, I think it’s very important. We don’t have to come back here.

Vondie 45:49
And I was just gonna say, my mom said the same thing is I said something about maybe you’ll choose a better, easier life next time around. She said, Do I have to do this again? I mean, her life was so incredibly hard. And I said, No, you don’t have to, you know, you. They don’t make you come back. Right. And in fact, that as the souls advance, they stop reincarnating or incarnating. And so the council they’re usually not incarnating anymore. And the higher up, higher up like judgment higher up, it’s more just, they’ve done more.

Brian Smith 46:24

Vondie 46:24
it’s not it’s Yeah, so even though there’s different roles, it’s not like there’s a value on further not far. Oh, I was gonna say something else about that judgment. But what were you gonna say?

Brian Smith 46:34
I just I want to point out there’s another reason why people incarnate people sometimes incarnate for other people. They’re there to a point where they don’t feel like they need to incarnate anymore. But they they choose to come back for a particular purpose, or for the greater good. So there are people that believe they’re called Bodhisattvas that say, yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna come back and I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this for, you know, other people. So that idea of it just wants to have more thing, I’m gonna let you go. But I, when people, everybody, I know that in helping parents heal, almost every single tour person said, I’m never doing this again. And I used to say that myself, and I’m like, I don’t say that anymore. Because it’s like, when you like, you got your drink too much. You get hung up when you say, I’m never gonna drink again. You know, you do it again. And so once we get back to the other side, and once we you know, kind of decompress, and we realized that wasn’t that big of a deal. There was no real jeopardy. Then we say, yeah, I’m gonna do it again. So I don’t I don’t say that anymore.

Vondie 47:36
Yeah, it’s funny. You said so many things. I was like, Oh, I want to respond to that, that that. But um, yeah. Okay. So yes, most of the time. So one of the questions we asked before people come back in is, were you eager to come back and different or didn’t want to come, and most are eager to come back. And then the other thing I was going to say was, for some reason, I’ve been getting a fair number of advanced souls. And hopefully, this won’t embarrass you. But there were some signs that you would fit into that category. The sign being that you skipped the orientation and you went straight to your soul group, usually your guide meets you, right, when you cross over, kind of like the past live session, but the souls who know where they’re going, they just go to one of the places they don’t need, like a reorientation. Anyway, hopefully, that doesn’t make you uncomfortable. But um, but I’ve been getting people, I had someone who was a council member, and they don’t incarnate anymore. They stopped incarnating, a long time ago. But when it was time to start asking questions, and I was trying to get her to go to her Council, the message was put your book away, because we have a book of you know, at this place, you asked this at this place who has this and then obviously, we freelance too. But they said, put that book away. This soul is not there for her advancement. She’s there for everybody else. And the whole Council. In fact, she on the other side, it’s all love, and we’re all one. She would refer to herself as we She didn’t even speak as I when she got over there, really the council. But she said, it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I had to say, Well, what do you do? And I help people Pratt plan their lives. And I finally figured out she was on a council and the whole council had incarnated among us to for our benefit here on Earth. Wow. Wow. Yeah. And I’ve had a fair number of those recently.

Brian Smith 49:38
Yeah, I think I was gonna say I think that’s really that’s really cool. And I think it’s really it could be freeing for people again, because we’ve we’ve had this idea whether it’s from Christianity of, you know, final judgment from God, or whether it’s from near death experiences, the life review, which a lot of people, they actually confuse those two things because near death experiences, tell Over and over again. You’re only evaluate yourself. But some people still fear that that life review. And I think it’s we need to really understand. We don’t have to, really, we don’t have to worry about that, you know, it’s actually, I like what Jesus said about storing up charges for yourself in heaven. Do I look at it now is every time I do a good deed, I’m like, this is gonna be cool in my life review. So that’s the way I look at my life. If you have like, what, what cool things? What kind of little cool things can I leave for myself? You know, when I get there? So that’s, that’s been very helpful for me.

Vondie 50:33
Yeah. And I was gonna say, My voice is doing okay. I know. I said I was having trouble. So if I can go a little more if you want to, but if you need to wrap up, I’m good to

Brian Smith 50:41
know we’re doing fine.

Vondie 50:44
Okay, Kevin, can I share? Oh, go ahead.

Brian Smith 50:47
No, no, go ahead. Well, I

Vondie 50:49
had two things, kind of in response to that two different sessions I wanted to share. But one, they’re opposites. So one was very affirming. And one was, was a little less. So this is okay with you. If I share both? Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So because it kind of doesn’t fit with what you were saying. So I want to be respectful. But the first one was a friend of mine, I did his session. And it turned out he was a young soul. I think I did a session when I was doing my training even. But it turned out he was a young soul. And when he crossed over, he felt really bad about his past life, that it didn’t go well, or he didn’t make enough of himself. And, and they were like, you’re good. Don’t worry about it. And his counsel said that his guide said that they kept giving him the message over and over and every different way they could think of, and finally, they said, This is my favorite thing. And sometimes we can hold on to these things for us. Even if the message was given to somebody else. It’s also for us. And they said, I still remember, we don’t care how well you do we just care about you. Our answer will always be you’re doing fine. You’re doing wonderfully. Like they didn’t even want to evaluate the last life. Right, right. We don’t care how well you do we just care about you. Because he kept being hard on himself. Mm hmm.

Brian Smith 52:10
Yeah. Yeah. That’s that’s the way I believe it is. So what was the other experience? Okay, yeah.

Vondie 52:15
So the other one was the opposite. And, you know, we’re trained and all the sessions, it’s all love. Anyway, I’ll just cut to the chase. This was the most interesting session I’ve ever done. And it was someone who originally wasn’t going to give me permission to share because they’re very private. But afterwards, I said, you have to give me permission to share this. And she did. So she crossed over. And her guide was pissed at her. And sometimes the guides joke with people and joke with me. But he was like, come here, come here, come here, come over here. Come here, come here, come here. And he said, her name was come here. And she was a wall street broker in the crash. And after the market crashed, she kind of just gave up on life. And so they said, Well, first of all, the guide said, you need to go right back in because you wasted that life. So two things. He was pissed. And he told her go right back in, I was trained and told and all the other sessions 1000s and 10s of 1000s of sessions people have done, it’s all love. And you never go right back in the whole point of life between lives is all the things we do on the other side. He said, You need to go right back in. And so we went to the place of life body selection. And they were like, We don’t know what to do with the soul because there’s workers there, because you don’t go right back in. So long story short, I asked some questions, and they finally went to a wise person who could help us. And it was Mr. Mighty, who was like a cross between a king and Santa Claus, like a big figure. And you, she said, you go to him, like going to the principal’s office when you’re in trouble. And I’m like, flipping through my book of questions like, this is not in here. And he said, basically, if you don’t straighten up, you’re not going to be allowed to incarnate anymore. And because you’ve been wasting your lives and they’re, they’re supposed to keep ending better, and they’re ending miserably. And so again, I’m like, What the hell? This is not supposed to be like this. I literally kept thinking they were going to joke with me or something. But finally, they said, in this life, she’s too serious. And Mr. Mighty apologized for like, scaring her straight and told her so the message turned out to be about love, like to relax, you know, ease up, it’s okay. But initially, I was like, This is wrong. This is not what they told me. And I think that was one of my training sessions too. So I was like, Oh my gosh.

Brian Smith 55:01
Yeah. Well, I think that’s a very interesting experience. And I’m glad you relayed that because you had said in the notes before we got started that this is kind of like having an indie without having the indie. And so we talked about all the positive and indies and there are some that we call less than positive. And so we can’t throw those out my personal opinion about less than positive experiences is people get what they need. Yeah, I think sometimes people need that less than positive experience. It’s not a permanent thing. Nobody goes to hell. And I think it’s really interesting. The people that even go to hell on their nd ease, always get out before they even in the NBA de Souza asked for help. They’re always taken out. And the other thing is, these sessions are, there’s a lot of projection that we’re doing because our, our sorry, our psyche, psyche is involved. So they’re not, you know, it’s not, it’s not perfect, it’s not objective. So I think in my case, my guess would be this is that this is what this woman felt like she needed was she needed that, that experience of being, you know, scared, straight, for lack of a better word. But I think about, you know, there’s been there been a handful of people that have had, I think it’s like eight or 10% of people having the ease are less than positive. But it’s interesting, they usually have a positive outcome. And I remember it was I think it’s pmh Atwater when I interviewed she was saying, one time, she was giving a lecture and someone stood up, and they’d had like, a really heavenly end, like the best one ever. They were miserable. Because they felt like they had been rejected. And they were sitting back and they thought life sucks. Another person stood up, they had a hellish and he and your, they were so grateful for it. Because it said, it really taught them that they really need to buckle down and focus on their life. So I just I believe people get what they need, in their, in their experiences. And in my case, you know, I thought it was interesting, because, like, with my lives, you will say, Well, how did that life go? And a couple I had, I’m like, it went fine. I thought it went great. I didn’t have any, any feeling like I, you know, I mean, I remember the one life I actually was too hard on myself, I thought I should have done more that I took out of that life. So I think everybody gets what they need and experiences and there’s room for a variety of things. It’s interesting, that person even though they had a quote, negative experience, realize this was what I needed.

Vondie 57:14
Right. And it and it ultimately wasn’t a negative experience. And it’s funny, because their soul group was like a rogue soul group. Like they were smoking drinken Their names were coming here and, and Roger that. And hell yeah. I mean, it was a renegade soul group. Yeah. So So even though it’s, it wasn’t negative, it was just different than what I expected. Right. But they were fine with it. Like, like, the the guide was, like, pissed, like, get over here. And they thought it was funny. I mean, so this soul kind of just wasn’t taking anything seriously.

Brian Smith 57:47
Right, exactly. And I

Vondie 57:49
felt but ultimately, it was love. Like, she went into Mr. MIT’s arms, and he hugged her and said, child, you know, she said, thanks for giving me so many chances. And it was beautiful.

Brian Smith 57:58
Yeah, exactly. And that’s the whole thing about the whole when we say positive and negative. That’s why when I talk about MDS, I say less than positive, because I don’t, I don’t believe anything is negative. Once we get a higher perspective on it, let’s really literally look at it and including things that happen in this life. You know, I, everything that happens to us, something good comes out, I literally, I literally believe that everything that happens is some sort of good comes out of it. And it’s just a matter of how we choose to look at it.

Vondie 58:25
Right? And also, you have to remember on that side, like you said, time is different. This is like a 20 minute journey, right here to everything over there. Yeah. And when the soul group comes back together, and people come in from their journeys, they sit around and kind of talk about it, and How was yours? And how’d you do and who maybe I could have done this or that. And but this is like, you know, a blink? Yeah, compared to the time over there. Okay, so I know we’re kind of running long, and you probably want to wrap up so people don’t have such a long thing. Listen to but Can I ask a little bit more about yours? Because we said we were going to process yours a little bit.

Brian Smith 58:59
We’ve got as much time as many. Okay,

Vondie 59:03
I’ll just keep taking sips of water. So what would you say? How did it fit with your expectations? And what would you say was the big takeaway for you?

Brian Smith 59:12
Okay, as far as how I fit with my expectations. Again, you know, I didn’t know because I’ve heard people describe things and I thought I was reading my face like, it’s like, you’re literally in these experiences, like, you know, you’re feeling and see anything. That’s why some people describe it. For me, it was more like my imagination. You know, it was like, if I close my eyes, I could think about this, but it was it was the first things that came to me. It was a lot more emotional, especially the first one when I was in it than I expected it to be. And then the second one, when I got to the in between lives part became very emotional for me. And I and I truly believe that things come are coming into my life when they’re supposed to come into my life. So you know, the hap the fact that you happen to, you know, ask me to do this. It happened to be like right around my 60 100 It’s a, it’s I’m going through a transition in my life right now in terms of my career, similar what you’re going through, I’m like, this is what I want to do, how am I going to make any money doing this? And so it really lifted a lot of that burden, you know, from me, as I thought about it afterwards, you know, I did have that feeling like, okay, maybe you were just making that up. But then again, the emotional connection that I got, and some of the surprises of some of the things that happened to people my life, I mean, my, in my, in my former, my previous life, I was a white woman, and I was a slave. Yes. And, you know, when they when you brought me to that place, and you’re like, Okay, you’re there. I’m like, Well, I did, I did not expect to be, you know, a slave owner and be the last thing that I would want to be anyway, on a plantation, on a plantation. So yeah, it’s so I’m, as I’ve gone through it, and you know, I’m having to learn to just lean into it and trust that it was real, and and what can I take from it? And it’s been, it’s been very helpful. And it’s been extremely helpful. And I’m really glad that I did it. And I would encourage people that are thinking about it, that, especially if you have hang ups about your life, like, why am I going through this? Or why does this always happen to me? Why does my life suck so bad? Because some people think, you know, they’re just the most unlucky people. I think it can really help you to answer that. And I forgot who it was it said, If a man has a why he can, he can endure anyhow. You know, we can endure anything as long as it makes sense to us. So as long as so if someone can tell me, yeah, you’re suffering, but you’re suffering for a reason that something good is gonna come out of this, I think that’s the most helpful thing that we can learn. Yeah,

Vondie 1:01:49
well, and that really advanced souls that are. So as I said, the more advanced the soul, the harder the life. I mean, they’re working on compassion, and that’s why they’re suffering. And again, I would never tell somebody, you chose this horrible, whatever. But, you know, when I see somebody homeless, or, you know, and it doesn’t mean I turn away or something, but just, and that doesn’t mean we’re not supposed to do something about it. Right. But, but just, or people with really serious mental illness, I mean, the those are the big leaks, people

Brian Smith 1:02:25
know, it’s kind of like the concept of karma. I mean, I don’t believe in karma the way some people believe in it, like I do something that’s the bad happens to you. But the people that believe that it can be used as an excuse. You can look at someone say that person is poor, because they deserve it, because they screwed up in the past life. And that’s what was, frankly, that’s what the people around Jesus believed. And they said, Why was this man born blind? Well, because it was because his father’s standard because he said, and what’s interesting, because it implies reincarnation does exactly right, right. But Jesus said, No, it’s neither one of those things. It’s not I don’t view it as punishment. And I also tell people, even if you believe that someone chose this life, maybe they chose it. So you should choke. So you could show compassion. So it’s not an excuse to leave anybody in a in a bad state. And it’s not, it’s not a saying, You deserve this thing, or you chose us. So I’m going to leave you there. It doesn’t mean we don’t fight, it doesn’t mean we don’t fight all the way. I mean, because that’s what we’re here for, we’re here for we’re here to have something to push against. So that person that was that is disabled, or that person that is poor, doesn’t mean you leave, maybe your job is to lift them up.

Vondie 1:03:35
And that might be why they chose that for not just for their advancement, but for us to develop compassion and sympathy, or courage, or whatever it is that we’re needing, because all of this so much planning goes into this. All of this was sort of put in place for everybody. Sorry, at the mic. You know, there’s all these different soul groups. And then there’s other soul groups that are nearby, like cluster groups, and it’s all kind of pre you know, set in motion and then what we do with it is up to us, but sorry, it again.

Brian Smith 1:04:07
Yeah, well, that, that brings up another really, really important point, I was talking to a friend the other day, and I don’t want identify her but I was talking to a friend, I have a lot of friends who have lost children. It was a friend who lost a child, really struggling with, you know, getting back into life, you know, and and not living for themselves. And the concepts I’ve learned from this, I’ve learned from the team books I’ve been reading, you know what I started this person is like, we don’t live for ourselves. And when I heard that concept in the team books, I’m living to have an experience to share with everybody else when I go back. It’s not just about me. So the problems I’m going through, whether I’m disabled, whether I’m poor, whether I’m sick, whether I’m wealthy and just a total ass. No, it’s not just for me, and then also I looked at that person who is that total ass and like maybe they’re playing that role. for our benefit, you know, and I can have a little bit of compassion for that person and say, maybe this is the role that it could be an extremely advanced being that saying, I’m going to play this role. We don’t we don’t know, because it’s a it’s a very, very tangled web. It’s not it’s not a simple thing.

Vondie 1:05:16
So the general rule is the less advanced soul Sorry, I wouldn’t careful I say this, they’re mostly concerned about having a life where they look good and are successful. And that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look good or be successful. But again, the more advanced souls are there, they’re choosing the tough lessons. So that, and again, I haven’t lost a child. So I can’t even begin to imagine the pain.

Brian Smith 1:05:41
Well, everybody thinks, you know, initially, your first thought is, why would I choose a tough life? And I remember this is before I even knew anything about soul planning, I had no clue I was in my early 20s. And I was talking to the woman I was dating at the time. And I said, why would anybody ever be choose to be born a black man in America? You know, I because we were talking about, you know, being black or being white. And, you know, she was saying you wish you were white or something? And I said, Yeah, why would night? Well, I mean, why would I choose an easy life? What but once we develop a deeper understanding of the, what life is, and and now here I am, 3540 years later, and I’m very happy to be who I am, I would not have learned the lessons that I’ve learned if I had not been born as a black man in the early 1960s. So it’s helped me to really develop character. So when we’re on the other side, we’re making these choices. We’re like, yeah, I’ll do that. I’ll do that. Because we’re not worried about fame, or wealth or stuff like that. Because we know it’s meaningless. We know it means absolutely nothing.

Vondie 1:06:43
Right? Well, and we’re bringing back this learning to enrich the collective divine or whatever you want to call it over there, which is us. Yeah. So. So we’re off learning these things for our own souls advancement. But also, you know, there’s things over there that can’t happen, because there’s no suffering. So you grow here?

Brian Smith 1:07:04
Yeah, there’s, you know, there’s a lot of truth in the show Star Trek. And when we talk about the Borg, they’re always they’re always represented negatively. But the thing about the Borg is they live for the collective and every experience, if I remember correctly, adds to the experience of the whole. And people think sometimes this is blasphemous when we say that we’re God. But Jesus said that we’re gods. And so we are a little fractals of God, and God has divided God’s self up and all these billions of fractals have these experiences. And each experience that we have is experienced that leads back to the collective that benefits, everything, and we’re all part of part of that. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
so I’ll go ahead.

Brian Smith 1:07:42
No, go ahead.

Vondie 1:07:42
My favorite saying is something about enlightenment, when the drop of water realizes it’s the ocean?

Brian Smith 1:07:49
Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s really, it’s kind of an intense concept. And it’s maybe kind of difficult to grasp at first. But the more that you, you grok, it means something, you can’t understand an intellectual level, you just have to extend you have to accept it intuitively. But the more that you start to accept that, you’ll start to look at everybody and everything differently. I mean, literally, the world would change for you. You know, overnight, I posted something yesterday, it was, it was a joke about how people talk to themselves. Again, I talked to myself, and then we laughed, and I said, you know, the thing is, once you truly understand who you are, you’ll never be alone again. You’ll you’ll never, you’ll because you’ll know that your your guides are with your loved ones are with you. your higher self is there. You’re watching yourself as you’re doing this thing. Like when you’re playing a video game. You’re sitting on the couch, and you’re Mario is running across the screen. You’re controlling Mario, you’re the one sitting on the couch. You’re not you’re not Mario.

Vondie 1:08:44
Right, right. Well, that’s why Yeah, I fell in love with this. As soon as I heard about it, I was like, Okay, I’m not a gifted medium, but I know how to do hypnosis, I was already doing it as a talk therapist. So I was like, I think this is my thing. And it just opened up this whole new world for me and I’ve kind of never looked back. Yeah, one of the benefits is I get to meet people like you and I process your experience afterwards you know, I grow and learn and the thank you for trusting me and taking that journey.

Brian Smith 1:09:16
Well I want to say this about about that because I study indies like crazy you know a lot of people that do and I believe again, everything’s for everybody. So in an indie or an online life sessions, there’s stuff that’s unique and this stuff is universal. So we can all we can all benefit from you know, learning these things and studying these things and hearing the wisdom you know, that comes from the other side. So yeah, we are we are starting to run a little bit long so anything you’d like to say that you didn’t get to say before we wrap up? I’m

Vondie 1:09:47
not really just back to what I said in the beginning. It is all love even the session that was a little bit unusual. It The message was ultimately about love and love and oneness. You know, it’s The same on the other side.

Brian Smith 1:10:02
Yeah. And it’s it’s sometimes hard to believe it could be so simple and people hear that over and over again. But that’s what you hear from everybody that’s, you know, have had those types of experience. But I want to thank you for reaching out to me and for doing this with me and letting me have the experience and for sharing with my audience. Let people know where they can reach you.

Vondie 1:10:23
My website love between lives calm.

Brian Smith 1:10:27
Okay, and the name is Vandy lizano. It’s vo n di e LZA. No, that of course be in the show notes. There’ll be a link to vonda’s website in the show notes. Again, if you’re even thinking about doing something like this, I really encourage you to do it to do yourself a favor and take the leap. Okay, body is great seeing you again. Have a good day. You too. Bye. So that does it for another episode of grief to growth. I sure hope you enjoyed it. If you like this content, make sure you subscribe, so click on the subscribe button here, and then click on the bell to receive notifications and click on all that way you’ll be notified whenever I release new content. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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