Grief 2 Growth examines how the greatest tragedies of life often are opportunities for the most advancement. Planted, not buried is the motto of Grief 2 Growth. Unless a seed is planted, it remains full of unrealized potential. But, once that seed is planted, it can bring forth much fruit.

Brian is a grief survivor. After the sudden and tragic passing of his fifteen-year-old daughter in 2015, he became inspired to live his life to the fullest to honor her and make her proud.

Grief 2 Growth presents guests who have overcome tragedies and share how they have survived those tragedies. Afterlife experts are often featured. Brian also hosts healers and experts in grief through both education and experience inspire us each to be the best we can be.

Brian shares insights he has learned with the hope they will help you on your journey.

Grief 2 Growth is available wherever you get your favorite podcasts and on YouTube.

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Recent Episodes
How To Discover Boundless Possibilities With Lissa Friedman

How To Discover Boundless Possibilities With Lissa Friedman

oin me in this captivating interview, as we delve into the remarkable journey of spiritual enlightenment and transpersonal therapy with...

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Rebecca Austill-Clausen- How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life- Ep. 54

February 18, 2020

Rebecca Austill-Clausen is one of the most enthusiastic, cheerful people I’ve had the pleasure to interview. Our time together flew by as she shared with […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Sarah Brassard- Making Self-Care Your Sacred Priority Ep. 51

February 11, 2020

For the last 20 years, Sarah Brassard has been guiding women from a place of struggle in life to one of grace, peace, and ease. […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Ellen Whealton- NDEr and Music Therapist- Ep. 50

February 4, 2020

Ellen Whealton, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist and energy healer in San Diego California. She has a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling with an […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Lynn K. Russell- What The NDE Teaches Us About Ourselves- Ep. 49

January 29, 2020

*** NOTICE*** Lynn and I take a pretty deep dive in this episode. It’s not your Reality 101 course. Take what resonates with you and […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Jeremiah Camara- Race, Religion & America- Ep. 48

January 24, 2020

In this eye-opening and maybe controversial conversation, I sit down with accomplished filmmaker, speaker, and author, Jeremiah Camara to discuss his films: Contradiction: A Question […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Raymond O’Brien- Died 10X In One Night- Ep. 47

January 21, 2020

It’s hard to know where to begin to describe this interview with Raymond. He started out with a warning delivered to him by his clairvoyant […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Mary Terhune- Finding Your Divine Nature- Ep. 46

January 14, 2020

Mary Terhune is a Hay House author of the popular book “Out of the Blue- True Life Experiences of Awakening, Revelation, and Transformation”, an exciting […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Kat Baillie- The Power of Prayer- Ep. 44

January 6, 2020

Kat Baillie is an International Evidential Psychic Medium | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Sound Healer | Reiki Master | CBT Psychotherapist. Kat experienced a Kundalini awakening […]

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