What You Can Expect

Through Positive Intelligence, adopt mental habits and tools that will improve your success in life. Fortify your mental health. Boost your capacity for happiness. And enrich your relationships.

Unlock the true potential of your mind and transform your life with the Positive Intelligence Program by Shirzad Chamine. Shirzad is the world-renowned expert on positive intelligence, speaker, and best-selling author of “Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours.”

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Features of the Program

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  • World-Class Coaching: Receive personalized guidance and support from me, a Positive Intelligence coach and certified grief educator dedicated to your success and growth.
  • Cutting-Edge App: Access the Positive Intelligence App, featuring daily practices, personalized reminders, and progress tracking, to integrate your learning into your everyday life seamlessly.
  • Thriving Community: Connect with like-minded individuals on a journey to self-improvement, fostering an environment of mutual support, encouragement, and inspiration.
  • Six-Week Interactive Course: Engage with a comprehensive, step-by-step program that combines weekly video lessons, practical exercises, and guided reflections to help you build your mental fitness.
  • Lifetime Access: Continue your personal growth journey with lifetime access to course materials, app features, and community resources, allowing you to revisit the program whenever you need a refresher or want to dive deeper.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Feel confident in your decision to invest in your growth with my 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t experience a noticeable improvement in your mental fitness and overall well-being, let me know, and I will refund your investment – no questions asked.

What’s Included

What is Inside

💵 Pricing Advantage

Positive Intelligence sells for $1,000 on the Positive Intelligence website.

When you take the course directly through their site, you are in a pod with inexperienced members. Taking the course with me is more beneficial in several ways:

  • Access to me, an experienced Positive Intelligence coach for the duration of the program
  • A pod leader who has been through the program and led pods of other people through the program
  • The experience and wisdom that come with my grief and life coaching work.

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Program content and material do not constitute medical or mental health advice and are not a substitute for professional care, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical or mental health condition.

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