Psychic Medium Julie Ryan Reveals Her Medical Intuitive Powers and Angelic Insights

🔮 Join me in this enlightening podcast interview with Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan as she unveils her extraordinary abilities and experiences. This episode, hosted by Brian Smith, explores Julie’s journey from a successful businesswoman and inventor to a psychic medium connecting with spirits and sensing medical conditions.

Julie Ryan discusses:

✨ The services she offers as a psychic medium and medical intuitive
✨ Communicating with spirits of deceased loved ones and pets
✨ Sensing medical conditions and illnesses in people
✨ Connecting with spirits and events from the past
✨ Her book, Angelic Attendants, and its insights on angelic attendants and people transitioning from this life
✨ Personal experiences of spirits helping with medical issues and after accidents
✨ Her website and contact information for people interested in her services

📘 Learn more about Julie Ryan’s book, Angelic Attendants:
🎧 Tune in to her weekly podcast, “Ask Julie Ryan”:

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