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Escaping Wasted Suffering by Awakening to Reality as a Lucid Dream

Dall·e 2024 01 10 10.34.08 A Serene And Mystical Image Depicting A Person Standing In Front Of A Large Ornate Mirror In A Peaceful Natural Setting. The Mirror Instead Of Refl

Understanding this dimension we live in, seeing reality as a lucid dream, is a principle I am coming across more and more. This article and podcast episode cover principles from Cailin’s book “Rise,” which can be purchased at www.crackedpotpublications.com

Suffering Stems From Unconscious Identification

Cailín explains, “The reason we suffer is because those who cannot hear have to feel. If you don’t have your attention directed inwardly, you don’t get the inner cues to gently change your behavior or perspective.” We become so immersed in external sensory input that we ignore guidance toward growth.

According to Cailín, we “blame our subjective condition on the environment and situation instead of realizing that we have the power to change our behaviors and self-talk.” As in her childhood experience with shoes, we negatively label events and “make what was meant to be an intense blessing” into further suffering out of our conditioning Cailin has found understanding this “reality” as a lucid dream is essential to navigating life with ease.

Rather than observing and altering self-sabotaging narratives, many remain hostage to their reactive minds and emotions. This results in unnecessary turmoil stemming from misperceptions rather than reality itself.

Progress Through Levels of Lucidity to Become “The Chooser”

Cailín delineates levels of lucidity, including:

  1. The Feeler – Lost in sensations, immersed in the body
  2. The Thinker – Convinced repetitive thoughts reflect the self
  3. The Observer – Aware of but still identified with the mind
  4. The Chooser – Able to consciously select emotional state regardless of uncontrolled factors

She recounts first tapping into to this, “I decided there was no cause for me to give any more energy to the thoughts attacking my peace. As I went through the chemical withdrawals, I just withdrew as the chooser all of my attention from that activity.”

As Cailín puts it, “Lucidity is knowing you have the ability to laugh at the monsters and make them your friends.”

Consciously Shift Your State by Observing the Dream

Once aware, we remain unconscious dreamers, unable to transform our experience by altering the dream itself. However, we can still recognize our power to shape our perceptual lens. Exterior conditions provide challenges to refine our mastery over inner terrain.

In Cailín’s words: “The lucid dreamer changes the dream by choosing what the dreamer is saying to themselves…You are here to learn to lucidly manifest an interior in which it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world.”

No matter the storyline, we can withdraw attention and emotional investment from self-defeating narratives through non-judgemental witnessing. Whenever we catch the mind attacking our peace, we can consciously redirect to constructive patterns, thereby rewriting the script.

Suffering Only Ends When You Recognize The Power of Choice

Cailín recounts: “Forgiveness is realizing that the person if it is another human being that was unkind to you or cheated you or did whatever… lacked lucidity.” Unconscious conditioning, rather than malicious intent, accounts for most hurtful behavior.

Yet she clarifies: “They don’t have to forgive…They are correct. They have a right to torment themselves as long as they like. When they get tired of that…then they’ll back away from being identified with the thoughts because the thoughts are attacking their peace.”

To escape suffering, we must observe how our perspective shapes our experience, not demand the world cater to our preferences. Each challenge provides opportunity to either transcend limiting labels or strengthen them through resistance. The choice lies within.

Reality As A Lucid Dream

Here is a paragraph discussing the commonality across religions, A Course in Miracles, science, and Cailín’s perspective that reality resembles a dream simulation:

As Brian observed, Cailín’s lived experience and metaphysical guidance build upon the frequent metaphor across faith traditions of existence as merely dreamed by the Creator. Reality appears convincing until we awaken to broader planes revealing this realm’s flimsiness. As in A Course in Miracles, we have “fallen asleep” and now must bring lucid knowing to what seems like solidity.

Increasing scientific speculation posits reality as a simulation like dreams arising within consciousness itself. Though arising through varied paradigms, spirituality, and physics point toward the universe as a mental construction manipulated by awakened awareness or programmed algorithms. Whether arising from universal consciousness or an advanced civilization running Ancestor Simulations as hypothesized by Elon Musk, Cailín suggests we inhabit a collective dream open to enlightened influence rather than brute domination by external forces.

Awaken to a More Empowered Version of Yourself

Cailín leaves us with a final metaphor:

“It’s like a chicken cracking its egg…You get a little bit more lucid every time a little bit more out.”

No matter where we find ourselves in life’s winding dream, we retain the ability to view events through an interpretive lens, imbuing them with meaning. By frequently catching ourselves lost in the dream and consciously rewriting embedded cognitive patterns, doors open to previously unimagined ways of thinking, feeling and engaging with the world.

Suffering only continues as long as we remain unaware of inner control over the dream state mistaken as reality. Through concentrated observation and direction of attention, anyone can cultivate equanimity and surrender victim identity. All that may stand in the way is your current relationship with your mind.

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