Mind, Body & Soul

Humans are mind, body, and soul. We cannot neglect our physical health for very long without it having an impact on our mind and our emotional state. Rest is important. Recreation is important. We often schedule ourselves into sickness, never leaving time to just wind down.

Regular exercise, of whatever type you like, can help boost your energy levels and your mood. Just a daily twenty-minute walk, outdoors, is a natural anti-depressant. We sometimes get so focused on being “productive” that we forget that if we don’t take care of the body and the mind, they will revolt and shut us down.

What have you done for yourself today?

Nuture Your Inner Child

When we were kids, we knew how to play. We got exercise. We got outdoors. To be perfectly frank, while I’ve done pretty well at the physical health aspect I haven’t done so great with recreation. When I was deep in my grief, I realized that walking seven miles a day made me feel better. Spending time outdoors, with nothing “productive” to do for an hour and a half helps keep my body strong and clears my mind. But, I must admit I’m writing this copy on a Sunday while my wife is on a cruise in the Caribbean. I could do better.

What are you doing for your physical health? Do you need more time off in your life?

Got Questions? Comments?

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