Grief 2 Growth Episode 21- Reverend Bill McDonald- Spiritual Warrior

Reverend Bill McDonald has led a fascinating life. From early childhood, spanning over six decades, he has had spiritual and out of body experiences. He performed heroics in Vietnam. He has traveled the world having spiritual experiences and learning. And, he serves veterans and others in his current very busy life, into his 70s.

Sitting in the presence of Reverend Bill McDonald is an honor. I spoke with him once after being introduced to him and we recorded a podcast that had some technical difficulties. In spite of his busy schedule, he graciously agreed to re-record the episode. This re-take might be better than the first. We talked for an hour and a half, with the recording on. We talked for another half an hour after I stopped the recording. I could talk to Rev Bill all day.

I know a 90-minute commitment of your time is a lot to ask. So, I’d like to suggest taking the episode in chunks. You have to stay until the end to hear his “Naadi Palm” story, the craziest psychic reading I’ve ever heard (one recorded hundreds of years before his birth and spot-on for his current life).

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