Sacredness is necessary and essential to all of us in order to be fulfilled as human beings. When we look up at a clear night sky, filled with thousands upon thousands of stars and the potential for other life to exist, we can only be filled with awe and wonder. Our Soul yearns to understand the Universe, even though it is beyond our capacity, and this knowledge is where we enter into the miracle of the All. We know we can’t comprehend our beginnings or our end. But we trust that there is something bigger and more beautiful in the Universe than what we can see with our eyes. We use the eternal space of our Soul to cultivate love and kindness for others. Loving-kindness is the manifestation of our Soul and this is the state we return to when we leave our body: Eternal, All-encompassing Love. We each need to create our personal idea of Natural Spirituality, and it should include whatever feels true to each of us. If the faith we were introduced to as children supports our Inner Source, it is right for us. If it doesn’t, then consider beginning to search and seek your own path. When we question old beliefs we are not rejecting, but instead reaffirming what we need and feel is right and true for our own growth.

Barbara Harris Whitfield, AFGEs: A Guide to Self-Awareness and Change

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