Scientific Proof Of The Afterlife- Ask Julie Ryan Appearance

I was recently on Julie Ryan’s podcast. In my chat with Julie, we got into the stuff I love to talk about- life, death, and everything in between. I talked about how spirits—like my daughter Shayna—give us signs and little nudges to let us know they’re still around. It’s like they’re speaking a unique language made of synchronicities, and once you tune in, it’s pretty amazing.

We also got into the SoulPhone project. It’s basically cutting-edge tech to let us have real conversations with spirits. e also hit on things like near-death experiences and how all our souls are connected. The bottom line? Keep an open mind and trust the journey.

Then we went into some areas people don’t usually touch. Ghosts, for example. I told Julie they’re not out to get us; some might not even know they’ve moved on. And evil spirits? Not my focus. I’m more into exploring the broader universe, like the possibility of life elsewhere and spirits having different lives on other planets.

I also shared some personal experiences with past life memories and the role of guardian angels. We discussed the brain as this incredible receiver and transmitter of spiritual information. And we even questioned how time might work in the spirit world—now that’s a head-scratcher.

Most importantly, I drove home the idea that life is what you make it, and for everyone, that’s gonna look different. But some things—like love, being grateful, and taking care of yourself—those are non-negotiables. So, all in all, Julie and I had a deep but down-to-earth convo that covered a ton of ground, all anchored by my rock-solid belief that life keeps going and that talking between realms is totally possible.

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  1. My late husband’s birthday was 11-18.
    He had a son from a previous marriage who passed away, and the child’s birthday was 4-18. Lately I see 18 everywhere. It seems everytime I check the time it’s 18 past the hour. It shows up in other ways as well. Do you think I’m reading too much in to this or do you think he’s giving me a sign?