Shayna’s Presence

I offer this to those who know Shayna in hopes it might bring you some comfort as it did for me.  

The daughter of a friend called up a couple of days ago and was excited to share a story with me. She had been at Shayna’s service and was on her way home when she got a text from a friend. This friend is a former non-spiritiual person, former atheist who, after the passing of his mother, because very spiritual and says he communicates with the dead.  He was contacting our friends’ daughter to tell her that her deceased grandfather was talking his ear off and that she should try to connect wit him.  She told him that she was coming from Shayna’s service and that she was really upset by Shayna’s death and moved by the celebration of her life. He said something to the effect of “So that’s why I’ve been getting this. I keep seeing a purple waterfall with white flowers. Tell your friends their daughter has crossed over and is doing great.”

I contacted him via Facebook and got his permission to share this. He also gave me this.

My pleasure Brian. Gini told me about you and your daughter. She’s a very special and and evolved soul. Know you’ll see her again and I have a feeling you’ll be communicating with her spirit soon consciously again while you are still in body. 

It’s what happened with my Mother and I. 4 days from now will be the 3 year anniversary of her passing. I had no belief in afterlife, didn’t even believe in a higher power or creator back then. Had been like that for 35+ years. not even 6 months after her passing I’m telepathically communicating with her like she’s siting right next to me… And we’ve had the most beautiful experience the last 3 years. She taught me things from the world of spirit she never could have taught me while in body. And I feel very blessed for my journey and her presence every day.

Know as spirits we work in teams through many lifetimes together and experience playing different roles to evolve and grow. 

What your daughter did this lifetime is something many advanced souls do. They don’t have to incarnate to learn anymore, but choose to knowing this lifetime will impact 1000’s for the better. This lifetime for her I feel was not so much for her learning, but to help other Souls around her awaken and come back into their Heart and essence. Make people question their existence and impact on the world and those around them. 

It’s not the length of our stay here our timeless Soul necessarily cares about, it’s quality of the experiences, come here what we set out to do and the imprint we leave on this world.  

I send you blessings and Light my friend and know your daughter is in a beautiful place. Once we change our perception on what we are beyond the body and what “death” really is, our grief will not disappear overnight, but slowly but surely it does convert into a deeper and lighter experience and our tears or pain become ones of joy. That’s my wish and prayer for you in time.

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