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She Has A Message From Einstein For You- Barbara With

Discover the profound wisdom Albert Einstein shares to help us resolve conflicts, achieve inner peace, and create a harmonious world. Explore his groundbreaking Unified Field Theory of Compassion. Learn practical ways to join the “conflict revolution” in your own life.


What if the key to healing our world lies in resolving the conflicts within ourselves? In a riveting interview on Grief to Growth, international peace activist and psychic channel Barbara With shares the remarkable insights she has received from Albert Einstein and other luminaries in the afterlife. Their message is clear: by achieving inner peace, we set in motion a powerful ripple effect that can transform our planet.

As Barbara explains, Einstein has a “burning mission” to help humanity find peaceful ways to resolve our differences. He is joined by a “Party” of great minds, including Sigmund Freud, Jesus, and Jackie Kennedy, who work together to guide us through our challenges. At the core of their teaching is a radical Unified Field Theory that places Compassion at the center of the universe.

Conflict Revolution

Through a process Barbara calls “conflict revolution,” we can learn to align ourselves with this force. We can create miraculous change in our lives and in our world. “If you take away the propaganda,” she says, “and start to listen to your intuition and ask, ‘What can I do to be the change within me?’ there’s a lot of work we can do. And as we do it, we see the miraculous results we reap.”

Join us as we dive deep into Barbara’s fascinating journey. We will explore Einstein’s cosmic wisdom, and discover how you can become part of the global shift toward unity and peace.

The Awakening of a Channel

Barbara’s path as a channel began in an unexpected way – through music. “When I was very, very young, about five years old, I began teaching myself to play piano,” she shares. “I was writing music by the time I was 12. And the process of writing a song to me at that age was really setting me up for later on in life when I became a channel of Albert Einstein.”

It wasn’t until later in life that Barbara began to communicate directly with those in the afterlife. “I started automatic writing in 1987, spontaneously came about and so I knew what it was. And when I wrote, I was writing and I wrote, well, who are you? Their answer was, ‘We’re sound.'” This group identified as “the Party,” a collection of souls working together for world peace.

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Barbara Channels Einstein And “The Party” With Messages Of Compassion For Humanity

The Connection With Einstein

Barbara’s connection with Einstein came about when she channeled an interview with Princess Diana for a tabloid. “What we learned was that there was this group of souls in the afterlife who were working for world peace, much like those angels. And they told us, John Kennedy, he’s in one of the interviews, he told us, ‘Look, you don’t have to go looking for people, we have this group here. And we want you to take their statements and publish this book called Party of 12, the Afterlife Interviews.’ So that’s where I met Einstein.”

The encounter was life-changing. “When I met Einstein and channeled him, I knew that this was not only the voice of channeling that I had been doing since 1987, but this was sound. This was probably some kind of influence when I was five years old, into music and inspiring me behind the scenes with music.”

Einstein’s Unified Field Theory of Compassion

The crowning insight that Einstein shared with Barbara was a new Unified Field Theory. This theory could resolve the apparent paradoxes between quantum mechanics and our understanding of the universe at large. The missing element, he explained, was Compassion.

“Basically on the scientific level, he was saying that you cannot have a unified field theory without drawing into the equation, the human perception that consciousness affecting energy influences the manifestations. And he gave us a scientific quantifiable definition of compassion, with a capital C, the fifth fundamental force of the universe. It uses the four fundamental forces to impel the creation of the universe one step at a time.”

Putting It Together In An Equation

This understanding, Barbara says, “revolutionizes the way I think we look at psychology and how we deal with the healing of our psyche. It revolutionizes science.” She breaks down the equation in accessible terms:

“Compassion plus energy equals consciousness, and consciousness plus math – the compilation – equals matter… Like a compass, compassion with a capital C impels energy to step out of the nothing, and into the everything. And we create a circular membrane domain that he calls a compilation of consciousness. Even though we’re all one, it separates out my experience from your experience with this domain that surrounds the math of everything that’s going to be in my physical world.”

Compassion Is Everything

In other words, Compassion is the organizing principle behind our entire experience of reality. It is “the God force, I guess you’d say, within the equation in his scientific definition of it.” By understanding this on a deep level, Barbara teaches, we gain immense power to change our lives and world.

The Importance of Inner Conflict Resolution

How does this relate to our inner struggles and the conflicts we see all around us? The answer, according to Einstein and the Party, is that our “microcosm” is intimately connected with the “macrocosm.” When we heal the battles within ourselves, we contribute directly to peace on a global scale.

“It’s hard work,” Barbara acknowledges. “It’s the hardest work of our life to go into those really uncomfortable places and to listen to our brain sabotage us and tell us how we’re not good enough… But the point being is that when we facilitate this different relationship to emotion, and we know that we’re sort of emptying out the basement of the abscess, it comes in waves. Emotion always comes in waves. And when it gets to the most intense time where it’s chaotic, we’re gonna deal with it anymore. And then it subsides.”

The Key Is Inner Witnessing

The key is developing a practice of inner witnessing. “We want to start to really pay attention to these three Human Dimensions throughout the course of a day – intellect in the head, intuition in the heart, emotion in the solar plexus. And the idea is, when you catch yourself making a decision that isn’t for the good of your whole, that is the most rudimental way to permanently change. Because when you see yourself, disrespecting yourself, or not treating yourself right, and then you have a plan for how to address that.”

Barbara shares a powerful example from her own journey of recovering from a difficult divorce. “I said to myself, I am going to cry for as long as I need to, because I don’t want any of this to be abscessed within me so that I take it on to the next relationship, or that I use it in life as something that prevents me from my full potential. So I literally probably cried for about a year and a half every day, but I never spent one intellectual moment saying to myself, what’s wrong with you, you should be over this, or you can’t do that.”

Shifting Our Global Consciousness

As more and more of us do this crucial inner work, Barbara believes we are experiencing a profound shift in our collective consciousness. Despite the many challenges we face, she sees tremendous cause for hope.

“People are waking up, people are becoming more aware. And this is why Einstein’s work is the unified field, the microcosm of our personal lives, reflecting the macrocosm of the world. So if I look at what my life was before I met Einstein, and how it changed doing this work to come to this place where I am not only resolved the conflict, but I am thriving and I’m on my path – I think the world’s in that part of the cycle where people are waking up.”

Setting A Daily Intention

The message she has received from the Party is unequivocal: “They strongly feel that this process they’ve been bringing forward all these years is indeed the answer. Because it doesn’t require that you join a club, it doesn’t require that you have a political affiliation. All it requires is that you understand that by doing this work inside, whether it’s conflict resolution, or whatever you do, to find this inner peace where you dissolve this ‘us versus them,’ you’re contributing.”

Barbara invites us to begin by setting a powerful intention each morning. “When you wake up in the morning, and you say your amazing prayer of gratitude – thank you for another day of life, thank you so much, and I fully intend to make this the best day that I can – we cultivate a witness.”

Revolving Situations

She also suggests a process of “revolving” situations where we find ourselves in conflict or judgment of others. “If you are obsessed about something that somebody did, like ‘Oh, my God, she’s such a control freak’ – there’s your sound bite. I’m going to revolve that around to see where in my life am I being a control freak that might be inhibiting my thriving or my progress or keeping a conflict in place. Where am I doing that?”

As we take 100% responsibility for our experience in this way, miracles can unfold. “I had a client in Norway who came with this huge conflict. Her mother-in-law hated her, had wanted to send her back to Barbados for 25 years. We did the whole conflict revolution process and realized – the issue was actually that the client was homesick! She had blamed her mother-in-law, but her intuition was trying to guide her back home. Just like that her whole relationship with her mother-in-law changed, because she went back 25 years to realize, oh, maybe this really wasn’t about her.”

A Call to Action

As our interview draws to a close, I ask Barbara how those who are resonating with this message can begin to apply it in their lives. Her answer is simple and profound.

“Einstein is beaming this information to me, to everybody on the planet. And so you can just ask him to be with you and he will. That’s the beauty of being in the afterlife… And I invite people to come to my website, synergy alliance dot LLC. About once a month I do a free group channeling session on Zoom. I also have a YouTube channel where I share insights and messages.”

She also offers private readings for those who wish to connect with Einstein and the Party directly. “It’s very exciting to be in their presence and feel this beautiful, unconditionally loving energy. They’re calling us to be the embodiment of that Compassion.”

Ultimately, Barbara says, the most important thing is that we each begin taking steps to create peace within ourselves. “It doesn’t have to be through my work. There are so many beautiful practices and teachings that guide us inward. The key is developing that willingness to really sit with ourselves and honor our emotions and intuition.”

As we do this, Einstein and the Party assure us, we become powerful agents of change on a global scale. “We are here to awaken to our unity,” Barbara says. “To remember the love that is our deepest nature. When we shine that light, even in the darkest of times, miracles happen. One step at a time, one choice at a time, we are building the world we know is possible.”


Barbara’s profound journey and the wisdom she has received from Einstein and the Party offer a revolutionary approach to the challenges we face. These are both personally and collectively. By placing Compassion at the center of our scientific and spiritual understanding, they offer a roadmap to true and lasting peace.

Their invitation is clear: will you be a part of this “conflict revolution”? Will you commit to embracing your emotions, hearing your intuition, and transforming the “us versus them” mentality within yourself?

As Barbara says, there has never been a more important time. Our planet is crying out for healing. The technology and political solutions we have created can only take us so far. What is needed now is a leap in consciousness – a recognition that we are truly all connected as one human family.

This is the great task of our time, and the message of hope that Einstein and the Party offer us. Every time we choose love over fear, we contribute to the birth of a new world. Every inner conflict we resolve creates a ripple effect, touching the lives of those around us and spreading out to encompass the globe.

We have the power. We have the wisdom. And we have great allies – both in this world and beyond – walking with us every step of the way. All we need is the willingness to begin.

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If you are ready to take the next step on this journey, we invite you to connect with Barbara and access the support and resources she offers. Visit to learn more about her courses, private sessions, and upcoming events. Join her YouTube community to receive regular insights and inspiration. Most of all, know that you are loved, you are supported, and you have a vital role to play.

Together, we are the conflict revolution. Together, we are the ones we have been waiting for. May Einstein’s wisdom guide us, and may Compassion light our way. The time is now. The choice is ours.

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