Break On Through To The Other Side

Bridging Worlds:

Navigating From Religion To Personal Spirituality

After years of feeling trapped in the suffocating grip of toxic religious teachings, I reached a breaking point. The judgmental God, the fear of eternal damnation, the condemnation of those deemed ‘other’—it all became too much to bear.

In the depths of my despair, I found the courage to question, to challenge, to seek truth beyond the confines of dogma. And in that courageous act of rebellion, I discovered a path to freedom, to liberation, to thriving spirituality.

I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, shedding the shackles of fear and guilt, and embracing a spirituality grounded in love, compassion, and reason. Today, I stand tall, no longer weighed down by the burdens of toxic religion. Instead, I am buoyed by the boundless possibilities of a faith that honors the sacredness of all beings and the interconnectedness of all things. My transformation is not just a testament to my resilience. It is also a beacon of hope for others seeking liberation from the chains of religious indoctrination.

Are you feeling or do you fear any of these things?

Fear Of Rejection

Do you fear being judged or rejected by your religious community or loved ones? Some communities shun “unbelievers.”

Guilt And Shame

Do you feel guilt and shame for questioning or challenging the beliefs you were raised with? Maybe you were taught to question is wrong, even sinful.

Spiritual Isolation

Our faith communities offer us a place of feeling wanted and belonging. Going on a spiritual journey may feel lonely and frightening.

Existential Angst

Questioning deeply held beliefs about the nature of existence and the afterlife can provoke existential angst and uncertainty about the meaning of life.

Fear Of Judgement

You may suffer from a deep fear of judgment, both from others and yourself, as you question or leave your religious beliefs. You may even fear that God will judge you.

What You Can Expect

What to Expect from My Spiritual Direction Program

My spiritual direction program, focused on recovering from religious trauma, offers a safe and nurturing environment for your healing journey. You can expect a comprehensive approach that addresses emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs. Through personalized sessions, you’ll explore your spiritual path, rediscover your personal values, and develop resilience against past traumas.

Key Elements of the Program

  • Individual Guidance: Work one-on-one with a skilled and certified grief guide and life coach who understands the nuances of religious trauma.
  • Community Support: Connect with others on similar journeys to share experiences and build a supportive network.
  • Holistic Healing: Engage in practices that foster emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Empowerment: Learn tools and strategies to overcome fear, guilt, shame, and spiritual isolation.
  • Personal Growth: Reconnect with your authentic self and align your beliefs with your true values.

My goal is to guide you toward a renewed sense of spiritual fulfillment and inner peace. Join me to transform your pain into a powerful catalyst for growth and self-discovery.

The transformation you will make

Clarity Of Beliefs

Through guided exploration and introspection, you will gain clarity on your beliefs, distinguishing between inherited religious teachings and your own authentic spiritual truths.

Inner Peace And Fulfillment

You will experience a profound sense of inner peace, fulfillment, and alignment with your authentic self by shedding limiting beliefs and embracing a more inclusive and expansive spirituality.

Freedom From Guilt And Shame

You will release feelings of guilt and shame associated with questioning or challenging religious dogma, embracing self-compassion and acceptance instead.

Spiritual Empowerment

Armed with a deeper understanding of the commonalities between faith traditions and the insights offered by science, you will feel empowered to forge your own spiritual path grounded in reason, love, and compassion.

Connection And Community

Through engaging with like-minded individuals and accessing a supportive network, you will experience a sense of connection and belonging, knowing they are not alone in their spiritual journey. We will explore alternative communities for you as well.

Authentic Living

You will emerge from our work together with a renewed sense of authenticity and purpose, living in alignment with your values and truth, and embracing the richness and diversity of your spiritual experiences.

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Keynote Speaker

David Kessler- Certified Grief Educator
Helping Parents Heal- Board Member
The Shift Network- Summit Speaker
Positive Change Podcast Award

Claudia Final
Success story

“What was most helpful was probably the non-judgmental listening”

I wanted to tell you a little bit about what my experience was like working with Brian. First of all, why did I choose Brian? We both had similar experiences in having a child pass. Brian had spent 20 or 25 years studying the afterlife studying near-death experiences, so he had information and knowledge that I didn’t have. You had even written a book on processing grief and getting through grief. Perfect fit. What was most helpful was probably the non-judgmental listening. I get these great ideas. They’re rolling around in my head, and I have to speak them out to somebody who knows me, understands me, and doesn’t judge me to hear what I’m thinking. Then you would ask me questions and help me figure out where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, or even how I was feeling. The most important effect was I lost a lot of self-doubt and my confidence blossomed.

Claudia M.

Success story

“Brian’s better than many therapists I’ve had”

I chose to work with Brian because I’ve known him for over 10 years. That much time has given me the opportunity to see his integrity and heart. He’s an exceptional person in so many ways, and I’ve always felt lucky to have met him, even luckier to call him a friend. The chance to work directly with him was too incredible of an opportunity to pass up. Do yourself a favor, don’t pass it up.

Before I reached out to Brian, I was worried we wouldn’t vibe and that our friendship might make it awkward.

Brian is a great listener. Really made me feel heard and understood. His advice and perspective rang a bell of truth in my soul. Brian’s better than many therapists I’ve had.

Brian helped me to feel a connection to humanity. I can call back on that when I’m feeling lonely. It’s easier to give myself permission to be loved, including to love myself.

If you’re thinking about meeting up with him, do it. Don’t wait. He’s an amazing coach.

Caprise A.

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Success story

“I am now learning and growing outside the guilt and restrictions of religion”

About 4 years ago my son was murdered.  As a cradle Catholic, I naturally leaned on my church family for support and understanding.  While I did receive an abundance of love and support, the understanding was not there.  The Catholic religion teaches that if we live by the doctrines of the church we will live for eternity in the light of God through the sacrifice of Jesus.  I fully believed this but did not really grasp the reality of the words.  I was told to just have faith and that heaven is a mystery that is not to be understood.  These thoughts created fear and anxiety for me but I could not just accept it.  I knew my son was living because he kept revealing it to me in miraculous ways that began within days after he transitioned, but I could not share this with my church family for fear of rejection and ridicule. 

Brian’s work through Grief 2 Growth has given me that understanding.  His wealth of knowledge about religion, spirituality and the afterlife has helped me to integrate my faith with my spirituality.  I am now learning and growing outside the guilt and restrictions of religion, and even though I will always grieve the loss of my son’s physical presence, I feel joy because I now understand that he lives on.  All is well with my soul.

Peace & Blessings



Have a question?

The program is tailored for you, individually. We will begin by assessing where you are, what you need, and where you want to be. We go from there.

I am the son of a preacher, who was the son of two preachers. I grew up in a Pentecostal church environment with a fear of God. After decades of study and deconstruction, I found my own spirituality based on a broader understanding of the Bible and study of other religions and traditions. I am certified in grief education and life coaching. But as my friend says, I should have an honorary PhD in religious studies.

You choose how many sessions you want. I offer a complimentary session to determine if this is something you are ready to do. You can choose from 1-8 sessions. Current pricing is available at the links below.

In addition to the one-on-one sessions, you can reach out to me via email or text during the course of the program. This is a high-touch, highly personalized program. My goal is to make sure you get the maximum out of it.

I am available for follow-up work as needed. And you can remain a member of the community for as long as you like.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that our hearts are inherently deceptive and that we shouldn’t trust our own understanding. This often leads us to give our power away to others, rather than connecting directly with our inner wisdom and divine guidance.

I believe that everyone has an innate ability to discover their own truths. I provide a supportive space where you can reconnect with this inner wisdom. Jesus said to call no man father, emphasizing the importance of turning within for guidance. By helping you break free from external expectations and judgments, I empower you to trust your heart and insights.

Together, we will explore spiritual principles and practices that encourage self-discovery and personal growth. You’ll learn to trust your inner voice and embrace your own understanding, leading to profound personal and spiritual transformation. My role is to support you on this journey, providing the tools and encouragement you need to uncover the truths that resonate deeply with your soul.

Question not answered?


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3 Sessions

Anchor Point

In this initial stage, you’re not alone as you face the turbulent waters of grief. “Anchor Point” provides you with essential tools to stabilize your emotions and thoughts during this difficult time. Over the course of three sessions, we’ll work together to understand your immediate needs, lay a foundation of coping strategies, and help you find your footing again. This grounding phase is designed to help you manage day-to-day life with emotional balance, making it easier for you to navigate through more complex healing later on.

6 Sessions

Heart’s Horizon

Moving beyond the immediate effects of loss, “Heart’s Horizon” takes you on a deeper emotional voyage over six sessions. Together, we’ll explore the terrain of your inner world, focusing on emotional intelligence and the complexity of your spiritual questions. This level is tailored to encourage self-reflection and healing, offering you a broader perspective of your grief journey. Think of it as expanding your horizon, helping you to see more clearly the paths that are available for your emotional and spiritual growth.

8 Sessions

Heart’s Horizon

The pinnacle of your healing journey, “Soul Summit” consists of eight impactful sessions that aim for profound spiritual understanding and connection. At this stage, we dive deeper.

Drawing upon your own experiences, as well as reason and evidence, we’ll delve into life’s bigger questions about the nature of the afterlife, continuing relationships with departed loved ones, and your personal growth as a soul having a human experience. This is where you find your highest elevation, giving you a panoramic view of both your earthly life and your everlasting connection to the spiritual realm.