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how to become self-motivated cover
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In this short book, you will learn the keys to overcoming the obstacles that keep you from even trying to reach your goals. You will learn how to stop self-sabotaging and begin to live a life where decisions excite you rather than paralyze you.

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You are ready to experience a Self-Love Makeover. Here’s your permission slip. While you read this book, you get to be selfish. Later, I’ll talk about why self care isn’t really selfish. You are allowed to focus on yourself. You have permission to embrace who you are and repeatedly fall in love with that person.

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In this book, I take you quickly through the evidence for the reality that Near Death Experiences show us. I also distill out the lessons we can all learn to prepare for that day. But more importantly, to live better, fearless lives now!

life balance workbook cover
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In this 17-page enhanced workbook, you will:

  • Evaluate seven major areas of your life
  • Assess your priorities for each
  • Determine where you are out of balance
  • Plan for restoring balance to your life
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This track includes soothing music and a gently guided experience, leaving plenty of room for you to navigate your journey to a place that will feel familiar to you and comforting.

This is a meditation you can enjoy over and over whenever you need to come back to you.

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There is a time for everything. What time is it for you? Maybe it’s time to simply wait and trust.

This 15-minute guided meditation will help you accept that wherever you are in your life right now, it’s just where you need to be.

maintaining balance cover
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Equanimity means to keep balance, to keep things in perspective. It’s one of the keys to life because while we cannot control everything that happens to us, we can control how we react to it.

The Buddhists understand the importance of equanimity. You’ve probably heard the term non-attachment. The Buddhists practice cultivating equanimity to keep themselves planted firmly on the ground.

building resilience cover
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In our hustle and bustle world, we are often made to feel as if the harder we “grind”, the better. We feel guilty about taking time for self-care, believing that self-care is selfish.

The opposite is true. To be there for others, you must first take care of yourself. To maintain resilience for facing life’s challenges, you must be healthy and strong. The only way to ensure you will be is by practicing self-care.

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In this 30-day journey, Laurie Smith and Brian Smith will be your guides. Each day, you’ll receive exciting and enriching content to boost your healing process, offer insight, and inspire personal growth.

Challenge Features:

  • Daily instructional video with Laurie or Brian
  • Inspiring and empowering affirmations
  • Practical, mindfulness-focused activities
  • Thought-provoking journal prompts
  • Guidance in meditation, mindfulness, and self-care techniques
  • A private Facebook group for support and shared experiences
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This 90-minute workshop includes Susanne Wilson and Brian Smith sharing their expertise on signs, synchronicities, and after-death communications.

Brian shared his rational approach to signs and synchronicities and some astounding examples from his life. Susanne gave a lecture going into more detail about signs and synchronicities and how to improve your communication with the after-life. She also led us in an exercise that will improve your ability to communicate. You can get the recording now for just $15