Strange Dream

No, it was not a visit from Shayna.  But, this dream had a strange quality to it.  I dream often about traveling and being unprepared and disoriented.  In this dream I was on a road trip on my bike with Stevie and Zoe. They were running along beside me. I had this liquid metal that I could throw on the ground and then form it into things with my mind. I was using it to create a chain that I was attaching to my bicycle (I have no idea why).  One time when I tossed it on the ground, Stevie started lapping it up.  It was just as it was in the process of forming into a solid object and I knew if I didn’t get it out of her she would die. So I reached inside of her a pulled out this long, thin chain and a bunch of other stuff that she had eaten.  

Later in our trip, we were crossing a bridge. Stevie ended up on the wrong side of the supports and as she was trying to get back in, she fell into the river below. I didn’t panic. I knew she’d be OK. Telepathically, I communicated to her to just swim to the shore. When she resurfaced, she looked up at me, smiled (yes, she smiled) and swam calmly to shore.

Then, I was in a restaurant and my cousin was there and Ty.  I was telling them the story of my adventures when it dawned on me none of this was possible. The physics of this world were all wrong.  I had a decision to make. Do I tell them I believe this is a dream?  I decided to tell them.  Just as I started to say “Hey, this isn’t real, we are are in a dream.” I felt myself being pulled backwards and upwards out of my body and found myself awake in my bed.

Now, when I came downstairs this morning I found a pair of my earphones on the floor in my office. And, Stevie had eaten the cushions off of them.

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