Synchronicity Is An Ever Present Reality For Those Who Have Eyes To See

Synchronicity- A Rediscovered Cup and Cosmic Winks- Day 3044

Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see

Carl Jung


Life has a way of surprising us with moments that make us pause and ponder the greater mysteries that bind our existence. These aren’t mere coincidences but ‘synchronicities,’ significant alignments that nudge us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Recently, I experienced a moment that reaffirmed my life’s work and served as a powerful example for a client. This story is a synchronicity that involves a long-forgotten silver cup, the Battelle Memorial Institute, and a lesson in unrecognized leadership.

The Lesson in Leadership

Years ago, as a high school graduate, the Battelle Memorial Institute honored me with a full-ride scholarship to Ohio State University. They offered me this scholarship because they believed in my leadership potential. Interestingly, I didn’t see myself as a leader at that time—a sentiment I recently shared with a client to illustrate how we often overlook our leadership qualities even when others clearly see them in us.

A Token from the Past

Upon receiving the scholarship, the Battelle Memorial Institute presented me with a silver cup, which I guess I have moved around with me over the years. Little did I know the role it would play in a synchronicity happening to me in my sixties.

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Battelle Scholar Cup- circa 1978

Over four decades later, on Sunday, as I was looking for a gravy boat in a seldom-used cabinet, my hand stumbled upon a plastic bag. Inside was the silver cup I had received all those years ago. My wife had put it in the bag to keep it from tarnishing. It was a relic of my past that I hadn’t seen for nearly three decades. When I found it, I didn’t even think of the story I had told my client a couple of days before.

An Unbelievable Coincidence—or Not?

The following day, in another conversation with the same client, he casually mentioned that he had a scheduled meeting with Battelle Memorial Institute. He didn’t seem to recall I had mentioned them in our previous conversation. I’m not sure I used their name in that conversation. But when I heard him say, Battelle, my mind immediately went to the cup. I told him about finding it and looking for the gravy boat. That might have been the first time that gravy boat was used. The alignment of these events was too precise to be purely accident. When things align like this with seemingly divine timing, we call it a synchronicity.

Synchronicity- A The Nudge from the Universe

While some might try to explain this series of events as mere coincidence, or even suggest that my client subconsciously mentioned the Battelle Memorial Institute due to our previous discussion, I find those explanations lacking. Importantly, my client did not indicate he recalled our earlier conversation about the Institute when he mentioned his upcoming meeting. Even if he had, how would that explain the rediscovery of a cup I hadn’t seen in almost 30 years?

Conclusion- What Do Synchronicities Mean?

This wasn’t just a string of coincidences but a nudge from the universe, meant to shake the skeptical frameworks of both my client and me. Finding the cup reinforced my initial message to my client about unrecognized leadership. It served as a tangible affirmation, challenging even the most skeptical to consider that something greater is at play here. This experience didn’t just happen to affirm my own beliefs and work. It also allowed my client, and perhaps others who hear this story, to contemplate the intricacies and mysteries beyond our everyday experiences.

As someone who has spent years exploring the human experience and guiding others through their journeys, I can’t help but marvel at how the universe finds ways to affirm our purpose and interconnectedness. When the universe winks at us, it’s a nod to acknowledge and embrace the intricate and beautiful web of life in which we are all entangled.

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