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Day 960- Dream of Shayna

I’m walking through an amusement park and I look up and I see Shayna. She’s about 8 years old. I can’t believe my eyes. She’s right here.  I look around to see if I’m dreaming or this is real. I can feel the ground beneath my feet.  I can feel the sunshine and the air […]

Day 937- Dream of Shayna

A couple of days ago I had an energy healing session and the guy who was doing it told me Shayna might come in a dream to me that night. This was the day before her birthday.  I think I did feel her presence that night.  But, no dream. Tonight, as I’m traveling through dream […]

Day 705- It’s All Pain

This morning as I walk I listen to an interview with Alan Hugenot.  Alan is another of those people within six degrees of separation people for me.  Alan is on the board of the SoulPhone Foundation.  Mark Pitstick knows Alan and I know Mark.  I am reading Alan’s book based on Mark’s recommendation. I’ve been […]

Day 703- Birthday Afterglow

Wow.  Yesterday was a weird, magical day. I had a great dream visit with Shayna.  We had what appears to be our first apport.  (see yesterday’s entry).  The day flew by as I was extremely busy, i think maybe making some progress on the business. I’m cautiously optimistic. Then, when I was out to dinner with […]

Day 561- You’re 10?  You Don’t Look A Day Over 8

Tywana and I had a phone conversation with Kayla last night.  IKR?  An actual telephone conversation.  Kayla has been having more dreams and more vivid dreams. I have been dreaming about Shayna more often.  I’m so grateful for the fact I can fall asleep easily and stay asleep.  It’s my escape from this reality into […]

Day 569- Reunited

My dreamscape tonight takes me to a huge house that I recognize from a previous dream. It’s impossibly big and beautiful. In my previous dream, the house was mine.  In this dream, someone else has bought it and remodeled/expanded it. They’re letting me look around to see what they’ve done with the place.  On one […]

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