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Day 129- Ghost Whisperer

Since Shayna transitioned I have had little to no doubt that Shayna is doing just fine, but a little reassurance never hurts. I reached out to a guy who recommended some mediums. I haven’t seen one yet, but a friend suggested I see an energy healer who happens to be a medium as well.  I […]

Are You a Purple Person?

Purple people are creative, sensitive, artistic and sophisticated. Purple people don’t follow trends, they set them. Purple people are fiercely loyal friends. Purple people have high standards and bring out the best in the people they surround themselves with.  Purple people have deep, meaningful relationships. Purple people demand genuineness and integrity in all of their […]

Shayna’s Prayer

I wrote this for Shayna on the occasion of her birth. I felt her name had been given to us and I felt she had a mission in life.   Our Father in Heaven,We thank you for the precious gift you have given usWe thank you for blessing us with a second healthy child  We […]

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