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Day 988- Got to Be Real

A couple of days ago I was taking a class on spirit communication and I was told to look for synchronicities as a way of spirit communicating with me.  Well, just last week while I was on a call with a potential business coach talking about opportunities, I got a message from someone proposing a […]

Day 760- Here With Me

The last couple of days I have had the REO Speedwagon song “Here with Me” on my mind.  I’ve been listening mostly to podcasts on my walks so I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it.  Today, the first podcast I listen to is on animal communication and how animals often give us lessons.  I […]

Day 732- Signs Yesterday

We get signs from Shayna all the time. We’re both open to them and actively look for them.  Since yesterday was the anniversary of Shayna’s passing, were both especially attentive to them. Shayna is really good at manipulating electronics. I did a five mile walk in the morning after which I cut the grass. I […]

Day 723- Signs

Tywana is gone for the weekend celebrating her sister’s birthday with her. Yesterday, I got up, went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, etc. and when I came out the ceiling fan light was on again. Today, I decided to surprise Kayla with a Stan the Donut Man for breakfast. So, I was up […]

Day 716- Not Grief, Longing

I was speaking with a fellow parent who is missing her child yesterday. She recently joined Helping Parents Heal and we were discussing the organization and how we differ from some other grief groups we have attended. 1 Thessalonians came to mind.  “Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those […]

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