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Day 624- Shayna Cat Girl

We had a reading with Suzanne Giesemann recently. Afterwards, she called with some additional information.  She said that Shayna came to her dressed up like a cat with whiskers drawn on her face and her hands up like paws, dancing around and laughing  and just having a great time. Tywana immediately thought of this picture […]

Day 502- Weird Happening

It’s been almost exactly a year since my first medium reading and we had been discussing medium readings in group I’m in.  So I wanted to go back and listen to the reading again. As I was listening, I noticed there was a section of the reading that was missing.  I knew there were some […]

Sun Dogs

To the left of the sun, you can see (it doesn’t show up great with the camera) one of the two rainbows (sun dogs) I spotted in the clouds on the way to meet our friends Lynn and Doug. A sun dog is a particular type of rainbow that forms to the left and the right […]

Day 446- Our Grown Children

Kayla came home for the weekend for the first time this school year.  She’s been at college for about a month now, even though it seems longer.  It’d be nice to think she came home because she misses us, but she came home so that she could get her hair done.  Oh, well.  Whatever works. […]

Day 442- Dream A Little Dream

Today I start a course on raising my vibrational level in hopes of having more direct after death communications.  It’s been a weird several days.  We want signs from Shayna, but if what’s been happening lately are signs, we can hold off on the signs for a while. A few of weeks ago when we […]

Day 437- Signs

Tywana listened to a Podcast today.  The guest being interviewed is a woman whose son has passed. Since, she has become a medium and has had many signs from her son.  Two of the signs she mentioned were lights coming on and off and the fan changing speeds on its own.  There is a circuit […]

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