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Day 639- Doors

Doors have been on my mind.  This week I started a book by George Anderson. In the opening of the book, he mentions how life is like a series of doors or portals. We come into life through the portal of birth. We exit through the portal of death. In between, we are a met […]

Weirdest Sign of All?

Ty and attended a group for bereaved parents. We left the meeting around 9 o’clock PM, well after dark.  I drove the 15 minutes back to the house and as I pulled into the garage, my headlights went off before I even shut the car off. I said to Ty “Why did my headlights just […]

Kayla and The Butterfly

This butterfly has been hanging out with Kayla for about a half an hour at this point. It has flown away several times only to return to this same spot. Kayla was just sitting outside reading when it flew up and landed next to her. She has petted it and played it one of Shayna’s […]

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