From the first time I met Brian, I felt like I knew him forever.  I had been reading his blogs for a year and I was extremely touched by his honesty, straightforwardness, and love.  It is rare to witness a man that is willing to share his personal feelings with others in such a public format.

Since then, I have come to know Brian very well.  He has been one of the largest factors in my ability to walk the grief journey after my son, Aymen, passed.

Brian is not only a mentor, but he also has the aptitude to be a wonderful listener, advisor and has a great deal of emotional intelligence.  He is easy to talk to and is not afraid to tell me what I need to hear.

He has volunteered in many venues to counsel, support and guide others.  I would recommend Brian not only for adults and young adults but I would highly recommend Brian as a Life Coach for children.

Brian’s abilities have helped me to grow spiritually, believe in myself and he has guided me to understand my purpose in life.   He has given me very sound advice along with tools that greatly help me and inspire me. He has earned my respect and admiration.

Brian’s perspective on things has been a true blessing for me.

Tracy Soussi

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 9.12.27 AM

I want to remind you of what I’ve accomplished in the time I’ve spent with you, generally just once a month. When I first met with you I told you of a goal I had and a time frame I had in mind. You worked with me to help me remove ALL the barriers- the self-doubt, the lack of knowledge, the inadequacy of training. I feel like Rocky!! Two years later, just on time, I achieved my goal. I felt like I did it myself and I did. But I did it because I came to you and let you do what you do. You encouraged me, supported me, questioned my thinking and my plans.

I am grateful beyond grateful.



I chose to work with Brian because I’ve known him for over 10 years. That much time has given me the opportunity to see his integrity and heart. He’s an exceptional person in so many ways, and I’ve always felt lucky to have met him, even luckier to call him a friend. The chance to work directly with him was too incredible of an opportunity to pass up. Do yourself a favor, don't pass it up.

Before I reached out to Brian, I was worried we wouldn’t vibe and that it might be awkward because of our friendship.

Brian is a great listener. Really made me feel heard and understood. His advice and perspective rang a bell of truth in my soul. Brian's better than many therapists I've had.

Brian helped me to feel a connection to humanity. I can call back on that when I'm feeling lonely. It’s easier to give myself permission to be loved, including to love myself.

If you're thinking about meeting up with him, do it. Don't wait. He's an amazing coach.

Caprise Adams


When our teenage son Teo passed suddenly, we looked into traditional therapists to help with our shock and grief but realized quickly that Brian was a much better fit.

He brought a calming, supportive, non-judgmental, and strength-based approach to our coaching sessions. Instead of regarding our devastating grief as a problem to be fixed because he had gone through a similar experience with his daughter, he served as an inspiring role model and living proof that being fully in our grief (vs. suppressing it) could eventually take us to a place of post-traumatic growth. 

I can't overstate how important that was in the first year or so, especially when you can't imagine functioning normally again, let alone having an expanded future.

When we shared stories of the remarkable ways our son's entire community was suddenly getting direct communication from Teo, Brian easily drew from his extensive reading and interviews with countless experts to help us make sense of this new world.  Ongoing communication with our son has turned out to be an essential part of our healing, and we needed to speak with someone who understood rather than patronized. 

Brian is open-minded while being discerning, compassionate, and non-ideological. He has been an incredible support to us during the hardest times of our lives.  

I would say that couples that may have different approaches to therapy, grief, and the idea that our loved ones are still alive probably couldn't find a better guide through this impossible yet expansive journey. We both felt better every time we talked to Brian; I think you will too.

Cecilie S.

sina headshot

I have been through a tremendously difficult time in my life following the losses of my father and my fiancé who passed away only 2 years apart. I was fortunate enough to have the support of Brian to help me through this challenging period.

From the very first meeting, I felt deeply understood due to the genuine warmth and empathy in our sessions.

Throughout our conversations, I felt completely at ease and secure in the knowledge that I was in a safe, non-judgmental space. Brian was open-minded, understanding, and always willing to listen to my thoughts and feelings. I will be forever grateful for the guidance and support that he provided.

I can honestly say that working with Brian helped me considerably in dealing with some intrusive thoughts and gave me the nudge I needed to start building a new life after loss. If you find yourself in a difficult time of bereavement, I would highly recommend booking a discovery session with Brian.

Sina H.

michelle stradford

I was a bit reluctant to sign up for Positive Intelligence because of my uncertainty of what the program was about and the time commitment.

One thing I liked about working with Brian was how he shared his own learning process and journey. Adopting the Positive Intelligence mindset helped me gain a better understanding. I also appreciated how Brian organized the Pod meetings with guided discussion but allowed the discussion to evolve as our members expanded on their weekly progress and experiences. The follow-up emails offering support or deeper explanations as we read through the book reinforced my learning process.

The entire concept of developing our mental muscles to overcome our saboteurs and enhance our sage mindset was extremely powerful to me. I continue to refer back to the program to help center myself when I get too caught up in achieving an unwieldy list of goals. Or get frustrated at not meeting a schedule that self-inflicts undue stress.

After the program, I am so much more self-aware of finding more effective ways to communicate with my family members. The PQ program equipped me with a way to identify and manage or weaken my saboteurs when they arise.

Brian did an excellent job leading our weekly check-ins. I appreciated the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with Brian as the program went along.

The Positive Intelligence program helped me recognize how to clear my self obstructed path. But most importantly, the knowledge I gained has improved the relationship I have with myself and others.

Brian is an excellent facilitator and coach. Anyone who joins his next Pod will come away feeling empowered.

Michelle S.

samantha headshot

Having worked with Brian a few years ago when he first started doing life coaching, I had no hesitation when the opportunity came up to sign up for the Positive Intelligence course with him.

I love Brian’s calm manner and gentle approach.

As someone who already has a background in mental health and loves self-help books and programs, I had no idea how much I would get out of the positive intelligence program. Learning about and becoming aware of how often my saboteurs interfere with my day-to-day thoughts and activities was very enlightening.

It was a little hard to realize how often I judged myself and others or how much I was compelled to be in control. However, just becoming aware of it was so helpful in learning to combat my saboteurs and replace my thoughts and behaviors with a sage response instead.

I think that the pod meetings is a key element of really committing to and getting the most out of the program.

As someone pretty self-aware and committed to continual personal growth and improvement, I was surprised by how much my saboteurs were high jacking my thoughts. This program was enlightening, and I highly recommend it to anyone! It has helped me be more aware of and reframe my thoughts to be more compassionate with myself and others.

Samatha F.

carolyn headshot

I very much appreciated Saturday’s session. I like having conversations that include my partner Cecilie and touch on both the intensely emotional part of this process as well as the metaphysical and intellectual pieces that contribute to developing new understandings and perspectives on my child transitioning but being very present.

Afterward, I felt calmer and more hopeful. I like how I can make an appointment for a time that works for me, that I can talk about anything I need to and don’t have to script the conversation beforehand, and how you are a steady and very human presence.

Mostly I benefit from anything you say that helps me hope into my own future as I struggle to re-build my life after the transition of my son since you’ve walked a similar path. Most days that’s what I need–to know that someone else has done it in a positive way.

Carolyn Hunt


In the twenty plus years I have known Brian, we have had many hours of debate, discussion, and supportive dialogue. Sometimes passionate, interesting and of the wall, but always thoughtful and respectful. Brian is a true friend and brother, whose insights and approaches have helped me grow as a person, as a man, and as a father. He has an exceptional blend of intuition with a scientific approach in helping to approach life problems and advice. He does so while ensuring compassion is kept in mind, especially when having difficult conversations. I would highly recommend Brian as a life coach.

Kevin Min


“Brian is a kind, compassionate, and passionate soul. He’s the real deal and if he’s committed to something he is all in. He is always willing to listen to different viewpoints and knowing him has helped me to reaffirm that tendency in myself.

Mike Welsh

harry bruell headshot

I hesitated to contact you because I didn’t know you and wasn’t sure you could help me. But you had practical ideas that helped. You didn't come across as knowing everything or being "preachy."

You gave me the leads that I needed to help with publishing the book I wanted to write about my daughter. You also helped me gain the confidence to move ahead with my project. Brian is a great resource who has practical experience and helps boost self-confidence. Because of working with you, I was able to complete my project, and my book is published.

Harry Bruell


Brian Smith is a talented and compassionate  person that went through one of the hardest things that can happen to a parent, losing a child. I meet him during the darkest days of my soul after I lost my only child.  Brian, his wife and a couple of other parents administer an online group dedicated to helping grieving parents.  Brian is always there for anybody that needs some advice on how to navigate through this hard journey. His knowledge of spirituality and  science is impressive. I know that his devotion, and compassion is going to help so many others find their true path.  Thank you Brian for the  wonderful work that you do, and for being such a bright light for so many of us.  Paola Leslie

Paola Leslie


Back in 2011, I left my farmhouse after having caught my then-husband cheating on me. He had been emotionally abusive for quite some time but the cheating was still a bad shock. I joined Facebook and one of the first people I met was. Brian.

I was a conservative Republican at the time, heavily dependent on my spouse’s opinions, not unlike my mother and other spouses before me. Brian’s opinions and posts intrigued me and yes irked me. But they forced me to think. That was the important part. They made me uncomfortable and I knew instinctively that this was a good thing.

In the eight years since I have known Brian, I have come a very long way, both in healing from my wounds from the relationship and also in my political and world views. Yes, I already was very open-minded as far as religious, spiritual and racial views are concerned but my I have learned positive discourse, constructive criticism and how to listen. Although Brian is very busy, in the times I have need counsel most he is there.

MaryLou S.

jennifer jaki johnson

Brian spoke to me about two months after my 15-year-old son had passed. He reassured me that our kids leave us signs and that they are always with us. He spoke about his beautiful daughter and her awesome spirit. He made me feel like grief was okay and that the process is something you must allow yourself to go through in order to grow. His energy for life and honoring grief is truly authentic.

If you are grieving and need to figure out how to grow from it, stay connected to your loved one, or just need a grief partner to listen to your thoughts, he is the guy!

Thanks Brian for everything!

Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson


A mutual friend texted me the day Shayna passed. I’d lost my 15 year old daughter Leora in 2003. I reached out that day to offer my help. Our daughters left similar legacies – to use our grief, experience, hope, and strength to reach out and love others who are hurting. Brian hit the ground running.

I already knew before this loss that Brian was smart and compassionate. But early on, he took all of his grief and pain and put it on display to process it with the world. The courage that he has shown in being so raw and vulnerable in the early days, shows people that they can experience the worst, but still survive. Today he is still sometimes raw, and always vulnerable, but he has been healing and showing how you can thrive. He’s found a way to integrate his life and business skills with the instinctive and behavioral qualities he has been honing over the last few years. He is a brave leader, setting an important example for others to follow.

Two years ago I had a PTSD trigger take me down. Eventually, I sent up a flare, and somehow Brian put his hand into the darkness and reached me. His kindness, empathy, and very simple words “baby steps” helped to start me on a steep, upward hike out of the dark.

Brian is a friend, colleague, ally, and partner in grief, who continues to be a wonderful accountability buddy and cheerleader for me in my own personal and business growth. This is a man everyone needs in their corner.

Jeri Lynn

Jeri Lynn Vizzi Photography

terri headshot

There are a lot of so-called “grief experts” out there whose attempts to teach and counsel fall short because they can only reference their own personal experience. Brian has the unique ability to address grief from a more pluralistic perspective, drawing on his own loss experience but also creating a spacious place of listening and compassion for his clients. He doesn’t try to position himself as a guru. He is a wise teacher, but his humility makes all the difference.

Brian knows how to express complex ideas and unpack complicated emotions in a way that makes them understandable and easy to digest. He has a clear vision, spiritual depth, and a calming presence.

I’ve seen Brian captivate workshop audiences and guide classes into deep healing insights.

Terri Daniel

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