The Carefree Medium- Susanne Wilson

It was thrilling to sit down with Susanne Wilson to catch up on what’s been happening in her life. Susanne is the first medium I had any experience with. In March 2016, someone gave me a gift of a reading with Susanne. That was a high bar to start out with. After a couple of minutes, it was like she had known me all my life. She brought Shayna through loud and clear.

Since then, Susanne and I have run into each other several times at various events. Susanne Wilson is an accomplished medium with broad knowledge about the afterlife, afterlife communication, and paranormal subjects. Her teaching and presentations are always engaging, informative, and entertaining. Susanne kept her natural-born talents hidden for years until a Near Death Experience nudged her to come out of the closet as a medium. Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium. She is based in Carefree, Arizona-based. She is an intuition educator, author, medium, and paranormal presenter.

Susanne appears on venues including Coast to Coast AM, Gaia TV, and Amazon Prime. She is a faculty member of the Superpower movement, a film series dedicated to igniting your intuitive intelligence. Susanne holds a Master’s degree in public affairs policy, a Bachelor’s degree in management, and certifications from Stanford University. Susanne is a globally recognized researcher and a beloved educator on a wide range of paranormal topics. As the Intuition Educator, she offers live and on-demand mentoring and courses.

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Brian Smith 0:00
Close your eyes and imagine

Susanne Wilson 4:18
build up my own immune system again, get myself together. And then I realized God didn’t send me here, just for other people. He sends us he she, they sends us here to identify and leverage our unique gifts. But it’s not all about using them. For other people. It’s also about yourself. It’s also about accepting yourself and where you are. And then bringing the best of you to other people. You can’t do that. If you run yourself ragged and you don’t honor your own grief and go walk through that grief and give yourself time so

Brian Smith 0:03
what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we’ve been buried. But what if, like a seed we’ve been planted and having been planted would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes, open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. Hi, everybody. This is Brian and back with another episode of grief to growth and today I’ve got with me my friend Suzanne Wilson. I’ve known her for I guess about six years now it’s hard to believe Susana is an accomplished medium she’s got a broad knowledge about the afterlife, afterlife communication and paranormal paranormal subjects. Her teaching and presentations are always engaging and informative as well as entertaining. She has the entire audience actively engaged in her presentations. She’s a she’s known as the carefree medium she lives in carefree Arizona. She is an author. She’s a medium a paranormal presenter, as I said, She’s appeared on several venues including Coast to Coast AM Gaia TV and Amazon Prime. She’s a faculty member of the superpower movement film series dedicated to igniting your intuitive intelligence. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs Policy, a bachelor degree in management and certifications from Stanford University University. She’s also recognized globally as a researcher and a beloved educator on a wide range of paranormal topics. So she is she’s just an incredibly accomplished woman. She’s an author, and she has a podcast and everything else. So with that, I want to welcome my friend Suzanne Wilson.

Susanne Wilson 1:57
Hi, Brian, I’m so happy to be here with you. Thank you so much.

Brian Smith 2:01
Yeah, it’s really great to have you here. You know, it’s interesting, as I was saying, I’ve known you now for about six years. People listen to the show. Now, I’ve had a lot of medium readings. You were the first experience I had with the meeting, which was setting a high bar. It was an incredible reading, I still remember it, you know, six years later,

Susanne Wilson 2:18
I’m glad.

Brian Smith 2:20
So what I wanted to do today is talk to you about where you are currently, I know that you’ve had some some transitions over the last, you know, few years in terms of doing one on one readings. And I think you’re back doing some of those now. So tell me about what how things have been for you lately.

Susanne Wilson 2:36
Well, you know, I often quote John Lennon life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans and I sort of got on autopilot, and was very overworked. I mean, it’s it’s funny, because I was telling a friend who is a brief parent, man, I’m so burned out from other people’s grief. And she goes well imagine how it is to be a bereaved parent, you know, we’re really burned out. But we keep going. And she, I think that friend really meant well, and always, like, you know, always really was supporting me. Even though I had moved away, we had been neighbors when I lived in Florida. But that struck me like, Oh, she’s my sign to keep going and keep going. And I really kind of worked myself into illnesses and flare ups of a chronic condition and stuff like that. And I realize, man, I’m out of balance. Here, I just, you can’t be all about other people. I went through a divorce between 2020 and 2021. And it just sort of broke open everything like, this is the rest of your life. This is the final part of your life. What do you want to do with that? And I experimented, I stepped away from one on one mediumship. For a while, I said the other day, it was like a year. And one of my friends is dude, it’s been like a year and a half since you did anything like that. And it gave me time to heal my grief, my grief from a marriage ending a marriage of over 30 years ending,

Yeah, I’ve been I’ve been through a ton.

Brian Smith 5:03
Yeah, and I and the thing about people like yourself, you’re such a giving person and people demand so much from you. And I know it can be easy to get, you know, in that mode where it’s like, I’ve got to do more, I’ve got to do more. How long was your waiting list? At one point? I know, it’s been incredibly long.

Susanne Wilson 5:18
Yeah, it took me over three years, even I think it took even longer than that. But when it hit 1000, I sort of broke down. And what helped me there was, I was thinking, Oh, it’s all it’s all about me. That’s, that’s the ego saying, I’ve got to get to all these people. And granted, I would get some emails saying, I think I’m gonna end my life if I can’t get a reading with Suzanne. And I was I was just overwhelmed with all of that. But I had to step back and go, they don’t even know me. And to think that I’m the end all be all, and getting messages when you can get your own messages direct. I had to take some action. What made me feel better is I developed over several years and certified five evidential mediums. And so there were people that would go to them, and there were people that would insist on weight. And so fortunately, when we were getting to the phone calls, my the people that work with me, were getting two phone calls and saying, Okay, your app, they’re like, oh, forget about it, I already got somebody, so I didn’t have to do all of them. But I did. I did well, so um, it was crazy. So you did clutter up your waiting list, for the most part I did. And then it was the timing. And you and I have talked about timings of things. And there’s no accident, to certain timings in our lives. Right after that, then my marriage was just ending. And so I realize I have space created now where I can focus on the things that I need to do. And I’m actually friends with my ex husband now. But I created that space myself and saying, go take care of you. Your soul needs to heal your soul needs to grieve, before you can help anybody else. And by the way, this is the first time I’ve even talked about having a divorce, which is like a big moment for me to even say that, but you create that safe space. And you attract that audience that there’s somebody there needing to hear this, that we so called spiritual people don’t have perfect lives. We’re having the experiences that you guys are having to.

Brian Smith 7:34
Yeah, we tend to put people on pedestals and we think that you’re living, you know, perfect life. And I know you had some grief events, also. I mean, of course, divorce is a grief of that. So people that don’t know that any type of loss can be a grief about but also losing some people who transition to the next world.

Susanne Wilson 7:51
And that was this year earlier this year. I on April 30. I heard that my stepfather had passed. And that was bittersweet because he was very unhealthy, very unhappy. And I’m pretty sure he was praying to pass because my guides would come in and say, you know, he really wants to go and couldn’t figure out what is it that’s keeping him here. And he moved to a new place where he felt comfortable, and he could let go. And he there he was, he was gone. And then a few hours later, I thought he came to me. It was really weird, Brian, because he wasn’t really a spiritual person. He just was like this hard working guy for most of his life. And I mean, he paid for my braces. When I was a kid, he worked extra shifts in a printing factory to pay for my braces. And he did the best that he could. He didn’t know much about spirituality. I went to my grandfather, my preacher granddad for that, but I appreciated him. And over the years, I told him in person, you know, thank you for paying for my braces, because after my mom and him divorced a long time ago, I wanted him to know how much I appreciated what he did for me when he was married to my mom. And so, in the last couple of years, he didn’t know how to use Facebook. He had like 12 Facebook accounts. And I don’t like to do the the DM thing because I get so much spam. Like what do you see for my future? Stuff like that. And like, we don’t have time for this. But I would install for like a day, the instant messenger. And we’d always make jokes about teeth like there’d be a smiley face with a big teeth or whatever. And I’ve started to now see that in different places. So I think that may be a sign for him. I haven’t seen a synchronicity with it yet so and you know me I’ve got my optical sight to I really don’t know that I had heard a lot from him. Recent very, very recently, I had a dream, where he was smiling and showing me his teeth that he got his teeth fixed on the other side. I’m like, okay, that’s not a sign. That’s a dream visit, but I love it. I’ll take it anywhere I can get it. We don’t control the House or the wind, right. But a few hours after I got the news that he had died. I’m on the phone with a funeral home. And I start hearing a voice around me and I can’t make it out. And so I get off the call and I just sit there and I hear this voice objectively, like, meaning objective clairaudience is it’s in the room, not in your in your inner ear. Can’t you see me? Can’t you see me? Can’t you see me? And then that soul just kind of whipped out of there was gone. And I thought, wow, that would be really weird for him to do. So I texted my brother, what happened? And I’m like, that doesn’t sound like him. My brother’s like, No, I’m really surprised. Later that night. In the middle of the night, we got word that my sister, my younger sister’s husband had died unexpectedly on a solo hike. And he had been passed when I heard. Can’t you see me? Can’t you see me? Can’t you see me? And I’m like, wow. Okay, initial shock, initial screaming. And then was that my brother in law instead? It fits the personality. So I call my sister. And Coach she’s very broken up is a young guy. It’s like 51. And I said, Do you think Aaron would have come and asked me if I could see him? And she’s like, she’s like, hold on a second. I’m crying. I’ll get right. I’ll get right back. So waiting. And she comes on says we had a pact. Whichever one of us passed first would come to you because we knew of anyone.

Brian Smith 12:03
You could see us. Oh, wow. I just got goosebumps. Wow.

Susanne Wilson 12:07
I know. And so you know, you’re just processing the bittersweet of glad stepdads. On the other side, he can be with his parents. He’d been orphaned as a child and he’d had a really rough life before he met my mom. And, you know, you You’re, you’re riding that roller coaster of that one. And then someone who I knew almost as long as my sister knew him, who I considered a buddy. He’s gone. He’s trying to get through. And I’m still, I’m still recovering from my other graves. And here’s this fresh one piled on. So I’ve compartmentalized it. So I could fly out to San Francisco and be there for my sister. And in there, he contacted in the room with my sister, and my mom, just the three of us in her room after his funeral. He literally walked in and showed himself several times, and we all three saw him. Oh, wow. Yeah, it was. It’s just been an amazing couple of years. And I try to not judge those experiences as good, bad or indifferent, because they’re so important. But I could just as easily have turned around into the workaholic mode, which I am want to do. But I took the time, I took the time and just stepped away again. And like I haven’t announced yet that I’m doing one on one mediumship I had continued to do spirit guide readings. Its psychic guides are easy. For me. It’s like breathing, the coaching the classes, teaching the classes, I’ve got classes, people can stream or whatever, that was always there. But it was the individual mediumship that was like draining me dry. And now I see it Brian, I had to get ready for all these big changes. I had to get ready to walk my own path a grave that no one would understand. But me in isn’t that true? For most people, nobody really understand your grief. I mean, people can say I’m in the same club with you because, you know, I was a carer for my mom till she’s you know, 90 and pass around. I still have my mom that’s just an example. But yeah, you know, but your grief is unique, don’t you think?

Brian Smith 14:26
Yeah, everybody’s grief is unique and and we can have some clue what the other person’s going through because we’ve had somebody something similar, but we never know subjectively what they’re what they’re experiencing. And I appreciate you sharing that and thank you for being so vulnerable. I think it’s really important for people to understand again, you have a normal life with the same ups and downs as the rest of us do because you’re your celebrity and we didn’t tend to put people on pedestals. And I think the message of self care. As I’ve been doing this work for the last three years formerly is the most simple wouldn’t think there is I mean, whatever kind of grief we’re going through, the first thing we have to do is take care of ourselves. And some of us who are givers don’t learn that lesson. And some of us who were raised even in some, some faiths that have taught us that it’s that it’s more important to give than it is to receive. And that’s true. But you have to be able to receive in order to be able to give,

Susanne Wilson 15:23
you have to be able to receive in order to be able to give, and unfortunately, it’s almost becoming a cliche, watch yourself care, take care of yourself, we don’t tell people ways that you can do that often enough, right, in my opinion. So that’s something I’m bringing into our community group that I have is, you know, what’s on your mind now, and here’s a safe place for you to talk about it. And, you know, we celebrate things that people get to do to take care of themselves. But it’s different for everybody. So you can’t just hand somebody a list and say, you know, meditate and pray and all those things that you’ve already heard a million times unless you talk to that person, and you find out what are they going through right now? And how are they handling their nutrition, their sleep? What do they do to get out and commune with nature? You know, and what are the things that they really like to do? And for a long time, I wasn’t doing anything I like to do but work. And that’s not healthy.

Brian Smith 16:33
Yeah, yeah, it’s not no matter how much you enjoy your work, you do have to you have to take a break. And no matter how much you feel like you’re you’re giving you have to be able to take this I’m really glad that you took that step back and you know recharges your batteries. I analogy, I use people all the time as we are rechargeable batteries, and I love rechargeable I have rechargeable batteries all over the place. And the thing about a battery is it only has so much capacity, right? So we can only charge it up so much. And then once it starts to fade, you know, you’ve got to recharge it, you can’t just keep running whatever it is the battery’s running. And that’s. So that’s the analogy. I use what people think of yourself as a rechargeable battery. And what are you doing to charge your battery, what things bring you energy, as opposed to taking energy away, and even medium readings? It’s interesting. I know a lot of mediums. Some mediums seem to get energized by doing readings. But most mediums it’s the other way around, it takes something out of them. And they’ve got to put that back.

Susanne Wilson 17:31
Okay, well, I definitely have an observation on that. We get a natural high, I think most of us and I have, I’m fortunate enough to have people actually hang out with who do this work. A lot of people there’s like we’re in a silo. And it’s very lonely. And I’ve gone out of my way to have friends that do the work and touch base. Yeah, we don’t always talk about it. I mean, sometimes we’re just out at an art fair or something like that. But we get that buzzing feeling we get that. Wow, isn’t the universe wonderful feeling. And, but then, you know, within minutes or hours, there’ll be like a depleted, or for some of us, we get what I call the medium headache. And it’s literally this brow chakra or third eye that aches. We get low on magnesium, we get low on potassium, we get dehydrated, because the minerals are somehow being pulled from our bodies. And so that’s pretty common, some get vitamin D deficiency, but it’s sort of like which came first the chicken or the egg? Did you already have the vitamin D deficiency? Because there’s some kind of immune thing going on with you. And because you’ve had an immune system issue, which I’ve had my whole life, did that make me more susceptible to having my energy drain? I don’t know. I don’t know exactly how it works. I just know that to do any work that you’re gonna work hard at, you’ve got to have a program for the food nutrition, the hydration, alcohol is not your friend. Even though I’m a certified specialist of wine, and we used to own wine and spirits shops in Florida. I have found over the years that I can only have maybe two or three ounces. That’s it. And if it’s a medium day, I can’t have any I’ll have something else have a coke. People say cokes are worse for you than wine. But you know, there’s just a lot of I almost said mindfulness, but I feel like my mind is already really full. But there’s a presence that you have to have in your about your own body in your own life. Everybody that you have to have is like you got to take your own physical temperature and what you do. But again, like you were saying, the people that care for other people forget to do that and you know, the universe has a way of getting your attention, like a gallbladder and appendix that blows up or something like that. And I’m not saying that we all created all those things, but we sure can get there a lot faster into medical travel if we don’t take care. Yeah, absolutely. 100%. So I understand that people saying that they get lifted up with the readings 82. But there’s a counterpoint to that. And that’s not somebody that’s doing, you know, five readings a day or typically. And if they are I question, you know, how long can you do this? And how old are you?

Brian Smith 20:39
Absolutely. Well, I know, I wanted to kind of start at the end, because I know a lot of people are curious about what’s been going on with you. You did kind of step away for a little while. But yeah, for and I always assume that everybody knows you because you’re so famous for for for people who don’t know, you, let’s go back and tell people how you got into this work.

Susanne Wilson 20:57
And I’m not famous, Brian, I’m not famous. And I don’t really want to be

Brian Smith 21:04
well, you’re famous to me. I’ve known you for a long time. Your your your favorable to and I love your book is I always recommend your book to people. But I like to introduce people why people don’t know your backstory like so, from your childhood, you know, what was your childhood like?

Susanne Wilson 21:22
I was a crazy kid, or at least I was labeled such by teachers and other students, because I would see colors and spirits around teachers and other students and I couldn’t shut up. And so I had a nickname of crazy Susie in grade school, which is not fun. It’s like, man, but I finally got cute in high school and got popular again. But I also got smart about keeping my mouth shut about these things. So Brian, I was pretending to be sick as a child to not go to school. My mother got very, very concerned. And she talked to her dad, a Presbyterian preacher. And he sat me down and said, You got to go to school, you have straight A’s. But you’ve got to go to school, what’s going on? And I told him about the colors and lights, and about, you know, being bullied. And to my surprise, he said, Yeah, I see them too. Yeah, I see them too. And so that began a long series of me spending every weekend at the manse, which is the what they call the house, they give the preacher, the church gifts. And I would, he picked me up Friday after school. And we go to the movies. Afterwards, we talk about the movies, and we talk about all the spiritual stuff and things I saw. And then on Saturday, we go to the nursing homes, because back then you didn’t die. In hospice, you died in a nursing home, or at home, or a hospital, right? We’ve got so many better ways to assist people with end of life now that we had been. So we go through the nursing home. And I could point out where there was a light blinking over somebody’s head. And that meant that they were going to die like imminently. Within a few days, I was never on. And I remember one day, Granddad went inside the room. And I would usually go and see the person in the room. And they would reach out their hand for me and I’d hold my little hand. And they were just so glad to see a child. And I was like the child that just couldn’t wait to go to the nursing home. Because I can see everything and loved everybody and they love me so much. And I was like I always looked around. I thought Why are there no other kids here? You know? So my granddad told me to step out of the room and he closed the door and this soul passed. And I saw them walk through the door as a soul walking through the door and kind of looking at me like, oh, you can see me. You know. And that’s it. I think that was that moment, I was probably eight or nine. That was that moment where like, I’m going to be doing this the rest of my life. But it took me a long time. To get to the rest of my life. I was like really secretive about going and sitting in development circle as an adult. I had this great corporate career university career than a near death experience in 2007. sort of set me back on my path. Not right away. I was pretty depressed that I felt like heaven kicked me out but but it did set me back on my path, which is the spiritual work.

Brian Smith 24:32
Yeah. Do you mind talking about your nd

Susanne Wilson 24:35
I like talking about it, because I don’t feel like there are things that we have in common in the indie literature, but I don’t think there’s a cookie cutter in the E. Again, I’ve had people say to me, I hadn’t seen the tunnel and the light. So was this really one of those near death things? And for me, it took a while but to realize that that’s what I had. So I went As I was at the allergy specialists, I’ve mentioned Florida a couple of times we left there, because it turned out I was so allergic to mold, I think it was going to kill me. I had so many allergies to molds, but I was there finding that out, getting allergy tests, it was my second trip in. And so you know, it’s like they punch your arm with allergens and see how you react. On my second trip, the technician said, I’m gonna give you increased doses on certain things, we just want to double check. And I went into anaphylaxis. And doctors were working on me technicians were holding me up and ambulance was on its way. And they put an injection into me. But I felt like I had a lot of time in that minute or two. But I did completely stopped breathing my throat honk like a goose. It is the weirdest sound in the world. And you can’t control it. It’s just coming out. And the last thing I said was help me like me. And then that’s it. And I heard a pop. And then I was standing behind myself. Looking at myself, with the technician on either arm holding me up a doctor on a phone, and another doctor preparing an injection. And it was like in slow motion. They were all in slow motion. And they looked scary to me. I wasn’t afraid. But they looked bizarre. They looked. They look like Brian, they looked like cardboard cutouts instead of people. They looked unreal, surreal. Their eyes were flat and shiny. It’s like they didn’t look alive to me. I thought wow, that’s strange. I even looked at the back of my head and saw where I needed to fix my hair because it was like sunken in. You know, I’ve got a lot of hair even more hair than and I’m like, how am I looking at the back of my head. And it’s what was that popping sound. And then I started seeing all these swirl and colors in the room. And I felt a little more lifted up. And then I heard music. Somewhere off in the distance that was awesome. And I wanted to go to that music. I play piano guitar, of course, Oregon. I have a ukulele. I’ve played flute. I love music. This was not like any music I’d ever heard. I wanted to get to the music. But then I felt big, strong arms behind me holding on to me. And I knew it was my granddad but I couldn’t see him a huge I just knew. And then while I’m being entertained incredibly well with these lights and music. And I’m like, oh, granddad, I want to see you I want to hug you. I heard this really strange robot robot like voice say your work has not started. And that’s when they got that injection into me. And I came back into this. Are you kidding me? This is torture. Because I came back into this body that felt like it was a fire. And the for that first breath. I think that’s the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life was that first breath back. And from there, the the ambulance came in, they had the deep febrile, laters ready, and the doctor put his hand up like nope, nope, she’s breathing. But they put me in the ambulance. And then I saw my grandfather floating at the top of the ambulance. And he stayed with me for quite a while in the hospital, they kept me overnight. And said, Well, you’re definitely allergic to something it would be later we figured out it’s the moles, we gotta leave, we gotta move. But I’ll tell you something. If I hadn’t had that in the I don’t know how else the universe would have got my attention into your living a selfish self centered life. You’re all about your stock options, your boats in your cars. You’re not the nicest person in the world, because it’s like, at that level in a corporate HR development job. I was putting together packages to fire people, you know, executives that had relocated their families from New York and things like that. And it’s like, that’s life that happens. But you know, I had no feelings or compassion for those people. And immediately when I go back to work, then I’d say I’m all about love. I hate my job. And from there, I had to change my life. That’s it.

Brian Smith 29:38
Wow, that’s that’s an amazing story. And I know you said a lot of good things. They’re really interesting. I think the end the E is different, and I less while I love to hear the stories. I think it’s really important that people share them because people will say if I didn’t have the classic tunnel light life review all of a seven common elements of Indies, that I didn’t have one and it’s Like that’s not true. Those are just common elements. But they’re not. They’re not universal. And the other thing I think is really, really interesting, though is how in the Eat always seem to change people’s lives. You come back, it’s like a reboot.

Susanne Wilson 30:13
Yeah. Well, I became a heavy drinker right after it for a while, because I did not want to follow the thread of why obviously knew I hate this job. I was in a Ph. D. program. And the company was paying for most of it. And so I would do a weekend PhD program, I’d work so hard all week long, and I had my eyes on the prize. You know, I’m this career of mine is insanely good. And so I really didn’t, I also had this feeling of why did heaven not want me? Why did my grandfather just let me get vacuumed back into my physical body? And a lot of resentment there, and a lot of did I have I not been living my life, right? Questions. So I kind of self medicate, I very much self medicate, I’m gonna own that. For over a year, I’d say a lot of months, a lot of months, I’d stay sober all day and hit that bottle, the minute I got home. And that wasn’t working for me either. I worked with an executive who had been a Baptist minister. And he sat me down one day, and he had used my abilities many times, he would, he would look at talent, you know, who to bring in, and he just hand me files, and I put my hand on a file, and, you know, tell them how to hire them, you know, where they work, you know, I work with the high performance teams and stuff. So I think he felt like, I should give her a hand, right. And he goes, You gotta change your life, this isn’t working, you’re gonna get fired. And he would be the one to know. And so I made my exit plan all at the same time is finding out you can’t live in Florida because a mold and ended up in Arizona, had some family here I’d visited one time and I’m like, I want to live in Arizona, and changed, change life just completely changed life. And like I said earlier, now if I have two or three ounces of alcohol, it’s just enough to go with the food and celebrate it. But I can’t, I can’t drink like that. I don’t even know who that person was that did that. But I was avoiding my personal truth. And that’s exactly what that was. I I’m I was blaming heaven for not keeping me. I was blaming my grandfather for not holding on to me and taking me there where I wanted to go, because once you feel that you want to go there. But you don’t want to leave your life here. Because it’s like, all the challenges you have here will just kind of get revised in in sort of like a different template. And you’ll go through it again. That’s That’s my theory. So I just had a lot of blame, and then a lot of shame, because remember, I was hiding from almost everybody, the abilities that I had. And I felt I had felt shamed for having mediumship abilities, my mediumship abilities are pretty much through the roof, you know, I’ve done the testing, the university testing the double blind, triple blind studies, that doesn’t mean every reading is great. You know, you wait a few minutes, a few, whatever, you know, it’s timing, it’s all these things. But when you’re taking your most unique gift, whether it’s writing, whether it’s art, whether it’s being a good listener, a good parent, whatever it is, and when you’re taking your your best and most unique gift, and you’re shaming it yourself over it, or you’re burying it or denying it or belittling it. You’re belittling your own soul. And I was doing that with that wake up call that I had I was doing that with that gift. Something big had to happen. Brian in it did. Yeah.

Brian Smith 34:16
Yeah. So I’m curious as to and I hope you know this by now that what you went through that that integration that reintegration back in the world is very common, I say this to you if you don’t know it, but also for people that are listening. When people have nd ease. We hear about the great things that come out of it. We hear about change lives and less materialism and more altruistic and more loving and that’s all true. But it’s also can be depression. That can be suicidal thoughts. There can be the feeling of rejection. You know, it’s interesting because I still haven’t been there don’t understand that. But I was rejected by having is a pretty common thought that people have.

Susanne Wilson 34:58
Yeah, and I thought it was all me and What I had didn’t count because I didn’t flatline on or table with a bunch of surgeons over me. And then I finally found the ions website, the International Association for near death studies. I’ve gotten to speak over the years in Arizona, couple places, and also California in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I’ve had people come up right afterwards and go, Yeah, you know, I reacted like that, too. And I didn’t think I really had a near death experience. But I spent hours I wasn’t, I wasn’t working on my dissertation anymore. I was online going, Oh, my God, there’s other people. And I can really call this a near death experience. And they’ve had, you know, great integration, wonky integration is like your integration of any wake up call, is going to be a function of your freewill, what you accept that you’re learning about yourself, and about the world. And you’re also your integration of emotions, is what what happens when you touch the other side, however it is, it doesn’t have to be a near death experience, some experience of enlightenment or some experience of after death, communication or ADC, when you touch that world, you get to decide of your own free will, what you do with the emotions from that they’re all going to be stirred up. It’s almost like a big, big spiritual smoothie is being made, you know, it’s all your emotions, past, present your future trajectory. They’re all like that smoothie is just sort of poured down your throat, and you either process it, or you spit it back out, or like me, covered up. And that that’s the way that these Wake Up Calls work. Don’t think you have to have a near death experience. Some people have been in just like a really bad car accident, and gone. Wow, right when that car was, you know, gonna hit me. I saw my life review. We now know that is a form of a near death experience. But you can even have just, you know, a friend who crosses over and you you start to evaluate your own mortality. There’s a wake up call there. What you do with it always goes back to processing emotions.

Brian Smith 37:28
Yeah, absolutely. I’m curious what you think about where that wake up call comes from? Is that from hires higher self from God from the universe? What are your thoughts?

Susanne Wilson 37:40
I think it’s some I think it’s a blending. It’s a mixture of our spiritual team, our own soul, we our own guide, you know, there’s that part of us, it’s always connected. And I just saw a face in here and white. That’s interesting, okay. I don’t know who that was, but they liked the subject. But you know, there’s that part of us. It’s always connected with the spirit world. We’re not all here. And that’s a good thing. But we’ve got guides, angels, beloved people and pets in the light. We’ve got goals and objectives that we’d like to meet while we’re here. And I think there are meetings about this, I’ve attended some I’ve had spirits come through and talk about, we had a meeting, you know, you might be asleep, you might think you’re just sleeping or dreaming. But you had a meeting you had sort of a discussion, I think we’re an active participant in our, our path, before we come here, and while we’re here, I’m just not to the point that everybody has experiences in everybody, every experience that happens to you was planned, because that doesn’t leave any room for free will. But, you know, that’s one of the best questions I’ve heard is, you know, where does that wake up call originate? It’s us. And it’s I think it goes back again to emotions. Not not the ego emotions, but the raw emotion of am I good enough? am I measuring up? Am I meeting my, my soul’s purpose? Here? There? Everybody has? That’s where it comes from? I’ve definitely get like it’s a team effort.

Brian Smith 39:19
I’m glad you said that. This is a concept that’s relatively new to me the last four or five, six years, I guess that that that because a lot of people will blame God or the universe or who sent me here and why am I here? Why am I being punished? And a lot of it, I think is ourselves that we it’s that higher self that we’re connected to and we’re all on a team. And that’s that’s something that I really want people to grasp that it because we don’t feel so alone and we also don’t feel so victimized by the things that happened to us.

Susanne Wilson 39:51
We don’t feel so alone. We don’t feel so victimized when we realize that we’re part of something so much bigger, and so poor perfectly, intricately beautiful as life. You know, life is love. Grief is love. You can’t grief. You can’t grieve unless you’ve loved. It’s it’s so intertwined and connected and so beautiful. is, you know, the souls tell us from the other side, the souls tell us that they grew so much growth to grief, they grew so much from the grief. But they can’t have that experience where they are now. And so it was, it was incredibly important to have it here on the earth plane.

Brian Smith 40:36
Yeah. Well, I were and this goes back to the first reading ever had which was with you was gifted by by mutual friend. And you didn’t know me had no idea, you know, what was going to be happening. And you brought Shayna through incredibly well. And you said something that was the first person I heard say this, that, that Shayna had said through you that this had to happen, that this this was planned. And that was the first time that seed was planted in my mind.

Susanne Wilson 41:03
Yeah, and there are big, big experiences that, you know, that would fit right in, we could check off a lot of goals, a lot of growth, a lot of learning, a lot of integration can come from that. I mean, we don’t know that those things will come from it. But you ready to give it a try. And but I still I don’t want people to feel like, you know, like death by suicide is part of a soul’s plan. Maybe it is, but it would have to be a really, really rare, rare, rare, rare occurrence. Because we don’t want to encourage people to leave their lives early. Right? So it’s like, where do you draw? Where do you draw the line. But if we get in some terrible circumstances, and we have an exit point, right around that time, like exit points seem to have like a, like an under a year expiration point on them. This is coming from somebody who sees the blinking light, you know, if I’m, if I’m really connected with somebody, and they’ve they’re gone within maybe a week, they’ve gone home to heavenly home. But if you have that exit point, and you attempt to die by suicide, it’s going to happen. So maybe that makes it more acceptable to people left behind, but it’s still grief is grief is grief is grief. Right. But yeah, it’s so dangerous when you say a near death experience is so beautiful. Everybody should want to go there. No, don’t don’t don’t hasten that departure. Because again, you know, there’s the there’s goals and objectives here. Do you want to come back and go through similar or even tougher? I don’t know, there’s some kind of liner? I don’t want to say never know what to say always. Right. But there’s,

Brian Smith 42:54
I think we have to avoid the absolutes. As much as possible. Right. And, and when it comes to suicide, I know that it’s such a sensitive topic, and we never want to encourage someone to take their lives. But if we say it’s never planned, that’s that’s an absolute also. And I am coming to the conclusion because we always we as humans, we think things are binary. So there’s either everything is planned, or there’s freewill. And I think it’s some sort of mixture of both. It’s like light is a particle and light is a wave. And what is it? It’s both?

Susanne Wilson 43:32
Well, and I used to think that that can’t be pre planned. that just can’t be How could that how could a loving source let that pre planned but be, you know, part of the deal. But if you think about it this way, you can’t leave this earth unless there’s an exit point around that time. So it it is part of the universe that someone could leave early, we just want to hang on to them till they get everything that they came here to learn about. That’s all it’s not a judgment. It’s not a judgment. But I one time saw somebody advertise a class is, is death by suicide part of your souls plan. And I’m like, I wouldn’t teach that class. No, no, I. But by the same token, if somebody finds comfort, that that was going to happen regardless, I can tell you that was going to happen regardless, because there’s an exit point there and that person wanted to leave. You couldn’t stop it. You can’t stop it.

Brian Smith 44:28
Yeah, and we do get hung up some sometimes on the how when we know we’re all going to transition home when we were born in this body, we know we’re going to go home it’s only a matter of how and when. And so for that that is a tricky subject because we don’t want encourage anyone to take their life. On the other hand for people that are left behind that can be a comforting thought to know that that person for example, is not being punished because there is a belief sometimes some some cultures that suicides are punished

Susanne Wilson 45:00
In going back to us thinking only in, you know, choice A Choice B binary terms. It’s just not that simple, folks. I mean, I will tell you I’ve had actual death threats against me because people misunderstood have misunderstood what I’ve said about certain types of deaths, and all I’m saying is that don’t slap a never and always on things, but know that everything is orchestrated through love. And that’s the bottom line. And there is no judgment or punishment. And the other side, even the life reviews people have told me about their reviewing the good stuff, they touch on the stuff where you get to feel how other people felt, because of some action or inaction that you took. But you know, there’s mostly Pat’s on the back there, like you made it through, you made it through even no matter how you got there. You made it through you went through experiences. So if somebody you know, wants to hate on me, because I don’t want to encourage death by suicide, you can do that. But again, no departure from this earth can take place, if there isn’t an exit point there. So it might have been a car accident. Instead, it might have been, you know, it could have been cancer, it could have been any number of things, because these physical bodies are designed to give out, because it’s not who we are. We are so much more than that.

Brian Smith 46:35
All right. Well, I think a very important lesson for me has been, is that idea that we are all going to go home and to stop looking at it as a tragedy. Yes, is from an S from a very temporal human perspective. But if we can raise our perspective, and people like you allow us to do that, that says that person didn’t die, no matter how they transitioned to whether they took their own life or was an accident or whether it was sudden whether it was lingering, they graduate, I love that term. Graduated.

Susanne Wilson 47:07
Yeah. That’s, and that’s the bottom line. And I would love to see death not be a dirty word. But the fact is, for a lot of people, it still is. And even the two family members that transitioned, their physical bodies died within 24 hours of each other totally unrelated for me in the last few months. Even with that, I’m like, yeah, the body is dead. It’s death. But I’m hearing Can you can you see me? Can you see me? Can you see me? And the bottom line is when you were really angry during grief, because I you know, I think I felt that too, is to be careful who we lash out of at for that, because you don’t know what that person’s going through themselves. So we all have the troubles, but we have a lot of celebrations here on our two it is all worth it. Don’t try to understand why certain things have happened in life. Because the answers are not going to be revealed in Israel, because our brains can’t process some of these answers.

Brian Smith 48:20
Yeah, you know, that’s interesting, too, because I think I’ve got reward set up as a philosopher said that, you know, life can only be understood looking backward, but it must be lived going forward. And as we get more years between us and the event that happened in the past, the pattern starts to unfold even while we’re here. I know when we go home, then we get all the answers right, then it’s the hearts like we understand why things happen. But even while we’re here, we could start to see some of the good that comes out of the things that we think are are bad, even if it might be even an illness that says, Do you need to take a break?

Susanne Wilson 48:58
Yeah. And I cut right from Why did happen to what can I do with this? Yeah, you know, and that’s what you’ve been teaching in your podcasts and your book is, what can I do with this? You know, as opposed to, because you can get in a loop of questioning why, why why, why are things so hard? And that’s catastrophizing, when you look at cognitive behavioral therapy, catastrophizing, you have to question you have to look for the evidence, you’re going to look for an evidence in an after death contact, or a reading with a medium, right? So when you think why are things so hard, you have to look at the evidence of are they so hard? Are they really, or is it just this one major thing and you’re expecting everything to be hard? You look for the flip side of the evidence, well, what are the things that I perceive as good and positive? How have I grown, how am I stronger? And it’s a process it’s for some people, they get it, something of it in a day. But for most people, it’s the rest of the life process. And that’s okay. Because this life is not that long, even if you live to be over 100. It’s not that long compared to your real life, in our heavenly home, Valhalla, summer land, whatever you want to call it. That’s the real world. This is the dream, doesn’t take away any of the gifts or sorrows from earthly existence to know it. This is not real life. It’s authentic. We’re in it. We’re having experiences, but it’s not all there is is not the end all be all.

Brian Smith 50:40
Yes, I believe that with all my heart, and that that’s me is the way that I get through, you know, and I like what you said about instead of asking the Why asking, What can I do with it? And maybe even if you ask why, like, what lesson is there in this, that’s a better question, What lesson is there for me, and it doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong, and that this is a lesson to punish you or anything, but it might be something knock you off the path, you were on. An example I use with people. Now this happened to me 2025 years ago, I was fired from a job, a job where I was making really good money working for Sun Microsystems at the height of Boom, and I was doing pretty well. But there was another job, that was a big risk for me to take. But I didn’t, I wasn’t going to take it, I wasn’t going to leave a job like was son to go work for this was 100% Commission, it was opening a new territory for this small company. But when I got fired, it forced me to consider that opportunity, which I did, and led me to like learning how to be an entrepreneur and starting my own business and even doing what I’m doing today. So if I had never been fired from a job, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you. So, you know, that’s an example of how you could say to the universe orchestrate that? Or did I do something with it? Yes,

Susanne Wilson 52:01
yes. It’s the dance. That is the dance in our lives is two steps forward, two steps back. So I decide spin around. I mean, we just, we cannot predict because we’re co creating. And I think we shouldn’t try to predict. It’s funny, because a friend of mine working for a psychic hotline said, Would you believe they can do five minute readings, and somebody will get on the call and go, What am I getting married? How many children we’re going to have? And when do I meet my partner? Go. And like, wait, you know, you could spend five minutes explaining how you’re co creating your life. But you know, we want answers, we want them now we want them fast. And I give that example. Not to poke fun at anyone. But to illustrate, you know, the, the MC reading, and the MC prediction, you know, I want it fast. I want it now. Wife is is an unfoldment, as you said, he can understand it looking back to but you’ve got to have patience with yourself. And doing that not judge yourself. It’s so easy to think that you’re a failure at something, because things aren’t going the way that you expect them to go. That if you can find a way to take good care of yourself to accept and give compassion wherever possible forgiveness wherever possible, and stay open and see the world through new eyes. You can get to that point of looking back going, like Yeah, like you’ve said before, this had to happen. So that that would happen. So that the other thing that happened I went Understand, when you get to that point is like all of a sudden, there’s this dawning of the reality of there’s only so much time left here. And I’ve got to bring my A game. Well, what if we could, as soon as we’re adults here, start bringing our a game right away. That leads me to telling you I’ve really have a lot of confidence in the new generations of humans that are growing up and being born right now that they’re cutting out a lot of the of the lifelong angst and getting right to it. Like there’s no discussion of Is There Life After physical bodily death? Or like, oh, yeah, I know that. The question is how to get the most out of this life. Now. Our you know, our generation, a lot of a sudden gets to that till 40 They’re like, they’re becoming like that in high school. Now, I think that bodes well for the future of humanity.

Brian Smith 54:34
That’s interesting. You’re the first person I’ve heard say that. Yeah, it’s gonna talk about that some more.

Susanne Wilson 54:39
Well, there’s this sense of IV. The new generations are that people of our generation and older because we’re not very old. We’re still pretty young. Right? But, but that we’re looking at that generation as being entitled and lazy. Everybody gets a trophy just for showing up and all of that, but They’re the ones that are sort of cleaning up our messes. You know, in our messes are, it’s not like a really a judgement because life is messy. But they’re coming in born with more intuition, born with more acceptance of their own intuitive voice. And it’s not going to take them very long to start trusting their own intuitive inner vision and voice. Whereas the number one complaint I get from people my age and older and classes are, I get all these great hits of intuition, but I don’t trust them enough. And I don’t do anything with them. They’re coming to dress a lot faster. And you can call them whatever crystal name you want to give them as a new generation. But the bottom line is we’re evolving. As humankind. We’re evolving. We’re bringing more of our soul selves into our existence. For some of us, it’s happening later in life. But these new new folks being born are coming here with it, a lot of it. Interesting. Now, there’s exceptions to everything. But there’s a I see auras. I can never turn off clairvoyance. And I can, I can look at a group of younger people, a lot of high schoolers were in the grocery store for some reason. The other day, I hit the store just right in there all kind of, you know, being giggly and having fun. But most of their auras, I could see, they were just like on fire with spirit contact. They were just like, Crown Chakra is wide open, huge auras, white or pink, like heart chakra. And, yeah, there was some purple and things like that. But when I look at it, grown people, mature adults, I don’t see, I don’t see a lot of that is like the heads down. The Crown Chakra is pretty narrow in terms of its opening his connection. And it’s like, life has got them down a lot of times. And we’ve had some hard years here, there’s a lot to grieve. There’s there’s people who’ve lost businesses who’ve, you know, lost their health lost their loved ones, it’s been a rough couple of years. It’s not affecting them as much as we think it is on the younger person side. They’re coming in here sort of like challenge ready. And we can choose to help them with that. Or we can choose to shut them down. I’m going with we’re going to help them with that. Because I’m the optimist. I’m the realist hyphen optimists, that they’re the ones that are going to take care of this planet.

Brian Smith 57:31
Well, i Wow. That’s great. I love hearing that. And it’s and I love that perspective. You know, because we do. I tell people, it’s, it’s this is the yellow generation, like you only live once and I’ve got a 25 year old daughter, she’s very responsible. She’s got her master’s degree, she’s working and all that stuff. But you know, she’s traveled more than I have. She’s 25. She’s going to Iceland in a couple of months. And middle of December, she and her friends are going to Iceland. I’m like, why would you do that? Because they want to experience life. They want to have adventures.

Susanne Wilson 58:04
They don’t buy souvenirs, they buy experiences.

Brian Smith 58:07
Yeah, yeah, exactly. And in our age, we were like being told, Okay, it’s time to button down and work on a career. And we can look at it. We could say, Okay, well, they’ve given up because sometimes people say, Well, they’ve given up because they’re not going to have a better lifestyle than we than we have. And but I love that. I love your perspective on that.

Susanne Wilson 58:27
Yeah, well, I see it. I just I cannot deny what I see with my clairvoyant eyes, and I can feel it. I feel like are some of our greatest holy men and women who are going to walk this earth have just been born in the last 20 years.

Brian Smith 58:44
Interesting. Wow, that’s good. That’s good to hear. So speaking of that, and that kind of kind of segues a little bit into, you know, some people say the veil is thinning, that things that the veil is thinning, and we’re about to have this breakthrough. What are your thoughts on that?

Susanne Wilson 58:59
It’s always been pretty thin. But we’re accepting that lack of division more, there’s more education, there are more television programs, books to read, things like that, in in everything that you read, and about spirituality, about connection with spirit guides, or our loved ones who live in the light. It all has a cumulative effect, because if you think back years ago, there were no like psychic Kids TV shows. You know, when Ray moody published his book, it’s like something opened up but then it was a little quiet for a while or scientists were working behind the scenes now. It’s like, I research for at least an hour every day. I know you do something very, very similar. I’m I’m torn in 10,000 directions about whose podcast to watch along the spirituality, subject matters or you know, so it’s starting to sink in and it’s sinking into the collective consciousness. We have teachers showing people how to create in the quantum field where things get created before they’re brought here into our reality didn’t have that a few years ago. So is the veil getting thinner? I think we’re, if it is, I’ll put it this way. We are the ones we have been waiting for, to thin the veil. We’re making that happen. If that’s really what’s happening, it could it be an acceptance of our connection with beings from other dimensions, other worlds, got the 2017 announcement about the Navy saying UFOs are real, that set for five years before anybody really did anything with it, what’s going on there. So these things take a lot of time. But the point is, I think we have more control over that separation between worlds, then we are ready to acknowledge.

Brian Smith 1:01:00
Again, I love that perspective. And what it reminds me of because I always say, you know, this, this atheistic materialistic world that we live in that we think is always been there, it’s only been funneled back about the last 200 years, we used to be a lot more connected to the other side. And I listened to a lot of Swedenborg. And Swedenborg says the natural state of mankind is to be connected to the spirit world, in a way where we can literally talk to our loved ones in the spirit world there was visiting back and forth. And we moved away from that as I moved away. And so I think we’re returning to where we were. So the idea of the veil thinning, I kind of pushed back on that too. But I like your perspective, it’s more like we’re becoming, we’re just going back to where we were, we’re becoming more accepting of the fact that there really isn’t that much of a veil

Susanne Wilson 1:01:50
there yet. And we’re also vicariously riding that wave of energy, that new generations of humans being born are bringing us fresher from the other side, so to speak, but also not evolved in a politically correct way, but evolved in terms of, you know, it’s like they’re walking in with more intuitive intelligence, they’re coming out of the womb with more intuitive intelligence. And I just go back to, I believe, what I experienced more than any thing else, and I see this, I can see their interactions with people. And they’re that day that I’ve dreamed about my whole life, where anyone who wants to, can and will make their own direct connection with their own Beloved’s who now live in spirit that day, that day is is the approach is hastening. And our challenge, as the so called grownups on this earth right now, is to encourage the children to stay encouraged the 20 Somethings that we think are lazy, are barely making it, they may not be making a lot of money, right now how we measure, you know, success in our world, but they’re making the Earth more of a paradise, little by little step by step. And that they’re, you know, people used to say things like, well, you know, kids have to have a good education because one day they’re going to administer our retirement programs, and run our government programs and be our doctors and, and therapists and things like that. It’s so much more than that. That’s their us. It’s like energies get recycled. In my humble opinion, energies get recycled, what we’re putting out into the world, they’re sort of like purifying, cleaning up redoing, and I don’t feel like it’s it’s any accident that we’re having so many wars and corporate greed and conspiracies and conspiracy theories tos, whether it’s, it’s a theory, a lot of times today’s theory is tomorrow’s truth. Who knows. But they’re, they’re digging into these things and they’re questioning in ways where we just our whole point in our generation and above was, get your education, get your good job, get married, raise your family, make sure you own your house, you know, cuz back then, people could more easily own a house. They’re coming and going. I want to change the world or when I help someone or be part of something that changes the world. Wow. Talk about a shift a we need that right now. I will say that there is a time and it’s around seven or Halloween wear the veil is intrinsically easier to broach and we’re recording this pretty close to that time. About two weeks. Yeah, yeah, it but the rest of the year, I think it’s more as

Brian Smith 1:05:06
well, I love that perspective. And thanks. Thanks for sharing that. I love your I think you said you’re realistic optimist. And I think that’s you can be both right. So you’re, we’re realistic, but we can look at everything from from different perspectives. So we can look at this generation as being lazy, or we can look at them as saying, I’m going to have different values, and our values. And this is Brian saying this our values of destroying the planet, I just saw yesterday that a billion crabs have disappeared, they just canceled crab season for this for this year, for the first time ever. Because the water is too warm, you know, and the younger generation is saying, We got to we’ve got to fix what you guys have done to our planet. And it is not just physically, I think it’s also our, our spiritual state or our lack of spirituality for a lot of us. And I think that’s, that’s where it starts for me.

Susanne Wilson 1:06:02
You know, we’re in a cycle, where the certain things are disappearing, maybe for now, maybe forever, certain things are being destroyed, but other things are being created. And it’s important to know that there’s a bigger perspective of the life of the earth, of Gaia, Mother Father nature itself, that, you know, the earth sheds what it doesn’t need, then it regrows something new. And the way that I look at this is this is the sit down cycle. And in terms of species disappearing, and things like that, but there’s gonna be another upcycle it’s just, we may be on the other side, by the time it comes. But we can entrust it to the humans that are here. Who, who else is helping with this our spirit guides, who are saying like, hey, Earth is our vacation land, or it’s our playground, and we’ve loved it forever, you know, we’ll, we’ll come and in stay and check it out. And these could be interdimensional beings, these could be highly evolved teachers, if they’re not going to save anything for us, but they’re gonna whisper in our ears and encourage us, Hey, don’t throw that out here, or, you know, be part of this cleanup effort or whatever it is because they’ve loved the earth even far longer than we have. But to say, somebody’s gonna save us or change this or an extra terrestrial ships gonna come down, which may happen and tell us all to do better and be better. And then they’re going to wave some kind of Ray at the earth and make it all normal. Again, that’s not how it works. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, you know, they’re these, these are helpers or spirit guides, or helpers, they’re not going to change or fix anything, then it got changed or fix us because of freewill. And because of cause and effect and the realities of we have to be accountable. And we’ve got it mixed up. A lot of people think the accountability is I cross over and somebody is going to judge me. It’s not like that. We’re accountable here. And now we get to the other side is kind of like like, Wow, man, I wish we could have done this or I could have been part of that. The accountability is here. And now. The other side is just looking back, remembering and trying to influence other people in the earth for good. But the accountability is here now for the earth for ourselves for each other. We got to take care of each other. We got to take care of our animals, we got to stop cruelty. It’s however we can through action, inaction we, that that’s where the accountability is.

Brian Smith 1:08:39
Wow. Wow, thank you so much for saying I just realized we are just about out of time. So before we wrap up, do you have any any projects to work on what’s coming up with you in the near future?

Susanne Wilson 1:08:52
I don’t know when this is going to air but I have a an online spirit guides retreat that I try to give away something at Christmas when i i can. And so I’m doing that it’s actually November 15 and 16th. And you can register on my website. And another film project is coming out. I had to write the name down the life after death project three seance encounters. Seven years ago, I did an experimental research stay in a so called haunted house with Dr. Gary Schwartz, a team from the University of Arizona and all the equipment, bells and whistles you can imagine and let us dance there that had some of folks that you know, on the other side who work with the cell phone show up there. And that films coming out on on Amazon Prime any day now maybe even by Halloween. But the bottom line is we love having our classes. We love meeting people online, and I have things streaming and I’m working on a book. So I’d say I’d say the agenda is pretty full right now. But I’m gonna take care of myself.

Brian Smith 1:09:59
Yeah, Well, that’s the thing we you know, the thing is we can work but we have to pace ourselves. We’ve got to we’ve got to build self care. And so I’m glad. I’m glad you took the break that you did. I’m glad that you’re you’re back in and working. What’s your give people your website so people can find you.

Susanne Wilson 1:10:15
Look, if you go to carefree and the Ford slash grief is the word we use Ford slash grief, I’ve got a gift for anyone who’s listening to this, but the website’s carefree And you there, you can hit the menu button, and you can find my new podcast, which is carefree and conscious. And Brian is one of my very first guests on his podcast.

Brian Smith 1:10:42
Thank you. It was it was great to sit down with you that’s going to be coming out probably before this before this airs. I also want people to know about your book because I recommend your book to everybody. So real quickly, tell me about about your book.

Susanne Wilson 1:10:54
It’s called Soul smart. And throughout I give SolSmart tips about how to communicate with your guides and your beloved people and pets and spirit. The tagline is what the dead teach us about spirit communication. And it really is a how to ABC 1232. You don’t have to go get a reading with a medium. You can do this yourself. And you follow the steps I’ve heard from people all over the world having success with it. So thanks for reminding me of that book. I’m so focused on the next one.

Brian Smith 1:11:25
It’s a fantastic resource because people ask me like, is this a sign is this a synchronicity? You answer those questions? And more importantly, how do I increase my chances of getting assigned or getting getting a synchronicity? And it’s it is it’s a how to book it’s a resource book. So I do recommend it to people. So yeah, it’s been so good to sit down and talk with you again, and I’ll see you soon.

Susanne Wilson 1:11:51
I really appreciate you you know that. Keep giving back as you do and you take care of yourself to my friend.

Brian Smith 1:11:58
All right, have a good afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
Okay, thank you.

Brian Smith 1:12:03
Don’t forget to like, hit that big red subscribe button and click the notify Bell. Thanks for being here.

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