The Rise & Fall Of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium- Nicky Alan

I’ve had nearly 200 guests. None have made me laugh more than Nicky Alan. This is my second interview with Nicky. We talk about her latest book, her incredibly intuitively led life, and the reality of living with a chronic illness that limits her physical accomplishments.

Nicky is a born Psychic Medium from many generations of gifted Psychics before her. She officially started her psychic work 31 years ago. For eighteen years, she was a police officer ending as a Major Investigation bereavement-trained Detective in Essex Police. Following medical retirement in 2003 and by public demand, she has achieved a very high profile in the spiritual industry as a full time Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, and Angel Expert. Since 2003, she has been a freelance paranormal writer regularly published in mainstream spiritual magazines.

She is the current columnist in Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine as The Psychic Detective. She is also a resident features writer in Haunted Magazine. Nicky’s debut spiritual memoir, M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic, was a Number One Amazon hit as the hottest new release in her genre. Her second book, The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium has just been released and is already receiving high international acclaim.

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Brian Smith 0:00
Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we’ve been buried, but what if, like a seed we’ve been planted and having been planted would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes, open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. Everybody this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth and today I’ve got with me a returning guest Her name is Nikki Allen and Nikki is a born psychic medium. She comes from many generations of gifted psychics before her. She officially started her psychic work 31 years ago. Now for 18 years she was a police officer and he has ending as a major investigation bereavement trained detective, and the essence pull Essex please, following a medical retirement 2003. And by public demand, she has achieved a very high profile in the spiritual industry as a full time psychic medium. She’s also a spiritual teacher, a writer and an angel expert. Since 2003, she has been a freelance paranormal writer regularly published in mainstream spiritual magazines. She’s the current columnist and take a breaks fate and Fortune Magazine as a psychic detective. She’s also a resident features writer and haunted magazine, her spiritual memoir, her debut spiritual memoir, I should say, Me and myself and I diver psychic was a number one Amazon hit as the hottest new release in the genre. It’s a book that I’ve read I interviewed her about before, it’s a fantastic book. Her second book, which we’re here to talk about today, is the rise and fall of Britain’s best psychic medium. And it’s just been released, and it’s already achieving high international acclaim. So with that, I want to welcome to grief to growth and Nikki Allen.

Nicky Alan 2:04
Thank you my lovely, it’s an absolute pleasure to be back. I do you know what I do recall, I know it’s been a long time. But I do recall saying to you before, how handsome you are and listening to your voice. So if we could just if you could just like read me a story. And I’ll just sit here and relax and listen to your velvety chocolate voice.

Brian Smith 2:25
Do that some other time. But I appreciate that. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed having you on last time. I encourage people if you’re as you’re listening to go ahead and listen to some to go back and listen to the first interview with Nikki. She’s just a bundle of energy. It’s it’s really amazing because that’s in spite of your physical difficulties.

Nicky Alan 2:47
Absolutely. I’ve learned through my grief through me having to change my whole life to adapt to this condition that the number one word is adaption. I literally had to decide whether to live as as you all know, in Me, myself and I you know, you have to learn to live with this either negatively and as a victim or positively and what can I do from this? What can I make from this and so obviously the first book, I had no idea that would ever get published. And it was just me writing out I’ve always done it since I was a teenager I’ve always written out my thoughts and feelings and so when I could write, I wrote them out and that book obviously culminated from that and people say well, you should get this published and I’m like, nobody’s gonna be interested. And then naturally I’m thinking last year okay, I’m not great. I’ve still got this condition you know, I’m still trying to manage it. God knows why haven’t been healed everybody always asked why the angels heal Joe. I obviously chose this path to help enlighten people that are in grief because you do you know it’s not about loss this type of great well it is what I mean is it’s not about loss of a loved one. It’s about the loss of a whole life loss of everything material that you ever you know valued to be homeless and to have nothing apart from my two little rescue dogs and my self it’s it’s something that you learn to appreciate the most little things in life so last year I thought right you’re going a bit spirally you’re going downhill here a bit what do you need to do and I thought I know what I need to do I need to do the pre court I didn’t I didn’t even plan the first one. But the pre call which is this one the rise and fall of Britain’s best psychic medium I didn’t do that title either. My amazing editor he Denver Murphy’s amazing and I was gonna call it working for dead people just to put a bit of a laughter a slant on it, you know, to make it more openly said nope, you need to put this down. It makes it more dramatic and it is very true. And I’m like thank you very much. So this book takes us From when I was a detective on major investigations, and my first major loss and first major breakdown, which was being medically retired from the police service, and it’s all I’d ever known since I was 16 years old, and you had a family, you had a whole lifestyle around policing, you know, you obviously, you worked hard and play hard with your colleagues and to lose that was horrific. I was on my own. And so what happens is, is that I kind of keep jumping, sorry, but I last year, I thought, You know what, I’m going to fill in the gaps. That’s what I’m going to do when I’m well enough, I’m going to write and fill in the gaps of what happened before. You know, me, myself and I. And so my house got haunted. By actually, I remember the day, I would just found out I wasn’t even told I’d been retired, I found out by our regulation letters, and someone text me and said, Well, I’m sorry, you’re retired. I’m like, am I. So they literally dropped me and just moved on, which was really upsetting. And then things started happening. And I thought to begin with, it was just my family saying, Don’t worry, it’s okay. I had really heavy Gothic chandeliers swinging, but they weren’t like swinging as if a breeze had hit them even that’d be impossible, because very heavy. They would swing and then stop mid motion. Oh, wow, thank you. I’ll hire then swing. And my partner at the time who was a police officer was Nikki you need to look above your head. And at the time I was ironing, which is a miracle in itself. I don’t do ironing clothes. Actually doing ironing. And I looked up and I thought, wow, that’s not great. And then I’d walk past lights, they would dim harm or explode. And then the voices started Nikki, Nikki, Nikki every night while I was in bed. And it was so loud, even my partner could hear them. And so I had people running up and down my bedroom, people walking, stamping calling my name. And I thought this isn’t right that I don’t normally have this. And I was getting quite worried and concerned as to why I had all these dead people in my room. And then the baby started, baby started crying. And that was you know how awful that is to hear a newborn baby cry. And also very irritating, very irritating. And I’m like, wow, what this isn’t right. So I got up. And every room I went to the baby moved to the next room. I was tired of chasing this baby wailing. And I thought well, you know, I’ll be open minded. I checked that there’ll be new, no rivals in the neighborhood. You know, I could hear the child or anything like that. And the doorbell would ring it was just my house was alive. And we weren’t getting any sleep. It was getting really stressful because it literally was alive. The house was alive. And it wasn’t until my friends God bless her. Five minutes a lot. I’m going to see a medium but my friend has like ducked out, can you come with me because most of my friends don’t come to me for readings, I know them so well. And so I went with her and this medium opened the door didn’t even look at her client, which was my friend and she just went, the baby’s not going to stop crying until you start working for the spirit world. Oh, wow. Wow, she just didn’t say anything else. And, you know, this started a massive turn of events or a roller coaster ride into May working publicly in front of 100 people in the in the next couple of months, I was literally in front of 100 people standing there absolutely terrified. Because my tutor that medium said, you’re good enough to get up there now and just stand in front of people and do what we call platform mediumship which is deliver messages from the spirit world in the spiritually center. And initially I was exceptionally I do graphically describe Eric, and I was on that first day. I do graphically describe the book because I was terrified. But eventually there was a young lad who unfortunately went to see his best friend in a in a pub in a bar and he was basically saying goodbye he then drove off a bridge on his motorbike and luckily he was a very good communicator. And so this lady, you know, there’s all these people look at these young this young, like we call it in England. Gabi like mouthy loud, medium and everybody’s looking at me like she’s gonna be rubbish. She doesn’t even look like comedian she’s got James on. And suddenly everybody’s set up is like oh my god because I literally just know the name of the husband the name of the man that took himself over the name of the pub. that you went into before he killed himself. And when he drove off the bridge, and it just went from there, I was booked all over the country. And it just kicked off this huge thing. And literally the first day that I did a reading my friend Sal on the baby Stop crying, and I didn’t have any more spirit interaction in my house. So they were basically forcing me into it from detective to medium or psychic medium, whatever you want to title me. And so how I think this is progressed in respect of grief, and bereavement is that nothing is going to replace the loss of a loved one, nothing’s nothing’s going to do that in respect of the pain and the hurt, it obviously gets better in time, and more manageable, but you never lose that, oh my god, they’re not here. And I still let part of my vocation part of my soul plan is to fill in the gaps to try and bring comfort and prove to people that they will be with their loved ones again. And I feel that I nail it in this one because there are so many stories of the afterlife that even people have volunteered, putting their experiences in on how, you know, their spirit died to save their life from cancer and how someone got a message from someone who was still alive in a coma. And people that have communicated with me with dementia, it covers every aspect of I feel proven the afterlife, I would default you’re gonna get the hardcore skeptics that they’re not going to believe anything at all. But I defy anybody after reading this one. You know, if they still think there isn’t an afterlife, because it is they literally took me by the hand and said, This is how we’re going to train you to be a psychic medium. This is how we’re going to show you your upgrades. This is how we’re going to show you how to connect with your guides. And they basically took this young i Well, very toughened, you know, Detective, and turned me into this soft, mushy, empathic, sensitive person that just felt a whole reason for being was to bring comfort, love and proof to the masses. And so you know, this is where the book came from, I can’t stop, you know, I can’t, I can’t stop doing it. And no matter how poorly I get, I have this insane drive to keep creating books. If I can do that I can’t tall, I was due to come and tour America just before my road accident and Australia. And I think my life would have been very different. But for some reason, they want me here doing what I do now, which is my bit on tick tock my bit on YouTube. And my online courses, my guided meditations, and also my books, and Book Three is already nearly done.

I would have I know the content of every book, it’s like they tell me right, this is what you’re going to do next. And they almost fill my head with what I need to write. The problem is that my body doesn’t look as quick as how much information they’ve given me.

Brian Smith 13:04
Yeah. I just I want to just interrupt you for just a second because we just jumped right into this, which is great.

Nicky Alan 13:12
I didn’t even mean to. Yeah, no,

Brian Smith 13:14
I love I love your energy. But for the benefit of people that haven’t heard the first interview and haven’t read the first book, let’s talk about your background, your history. So you’ve but you’ve always been psychic, right?

Nicky Alan 13:26
Yes, yes. I literally from the age of about three or four years old, I would have a recurring dream that I had till I was about 10 of standing at the bottom of my stairs in my you know, my home looking up to this big white. What’s the word? It’s like, it kind of like hummed with energy. Like it needs to look up. And I suppose in those days, I didn’t really know what it was. But it was the it was a doorway to heaven. And I would fly all over the place and talk to various people. And I thought everybody could do that. I think the real day that nailed it for me was when I was walking. My dad had died in a road accident. He was only 37. I was only nine years old and I had younger siblings and it was horrific. It was horrific. Because he was such a shining light. And two days after he passed, I just I went out with my auntie who had come over to stay to take the dog out just to get out of it. I think she just wanted to get me out of all the pain and that you know, and my dad pulled up in his car and when it’s Okay Nick, I’m fine. And then he drove off and I’m like, What the hell? What they’re telling me my dad’s dead. I’ve just seen him so I am raging. So I then start screaming or running back home my auntie hasn’t got a clue because she hasn’t seen anything. And I ran back home and I got I just slammed through the door say How dare you say daddy’s dead. I’ve just seen him So my so the strongest the most psychic, both sides, my family but the strongest mediums that go through many generations, I think I’m now fourth generation that I know of Simpson Simpson. I’ve broken them all by being a female. And however, all my family or my brother’s sister mediums or psychics and healers, and my granddad pulled me aside and said, Look, you’re going to see things that other people can’t, you’re going to see spirit people from heaven, you’re going to see angels, and you’re very special gal. And you have to remember that and not to be scared of it and never, ever show fear. The only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is the living. And my granddad has always been with me when he passed later on, and my dad has as well. But I was so intense, I had a very abusive adolescence. So a lot of my abilities bubbled away in the background, because my mum married someone that was exceptionally violent and vulgar. And it bubbled away. But my intent was to join the police service, I’d always wanted to be one. A police officer and I just literally stayed focused on that. And as soon as I got into the Police Cadets, I think that I just went, I’ve got it because if I stay at this certain level of you know what they need from me, I will become a regular police officer. And I think the relaxation of knowing I’d achieved it and plus I was allowed to live at the police center because of the violence that was taking place at my mom’s house. The relaxation allowed the doors to open again. So I’m very ashamed to say that we would we were so naughty as Police Cadets, it sounds awful, doesn’t it? But we’re going back to the 80s now. And we used to have like, bottles of wine and beer and all sorts of things. And I would do readings for people, which was so naughty, because I was most probably a bit tipsy. And I was like, yeah, come on in your land here. Come on, it’s bringing on in. And I used to do these, like readings for everybody. And everybody used to kind of treat it as like a bit of an entertainment thing. And it wasn’t until I started getting involved in regional crime squads, vise squads, and especially major investigations where I was dealing with murder victims, it again really kicked off. And so I ended up doing readings in the evening and working as Detective during the day. The problem with that, and I do speak about it in my book. The problem with that is that I saw the murder victims. So there’s one particular one I speak about Ron a god bless his heart. I don’t think I put his name in the book because I didn’t I couldn’t get ahold of the wife quick enough to get the permission because I was on a real quick turnaround to get it out for Christmas. And he was basically executed. He was a doorman. He worked on doorman I think he said the same thing for you doorman, work on the front doors of clubs and things. And he was a scapegoat, basically. And he was executed his home on the doorway. It was a drive by shooting in front of his three year old son and his wife. And he was a big, beautiful, handsome bodybuilding man. And when I the first time I walked into the house, he was standing next to the television. And I’m going in as the bereavement trained officer, you know, it’s the first time seeing all the family. And he’s standing there going, tell him I’m here, tell him I’m here on my Oh, my goodness, I can’t do this. So he’s the murder victim standing there. And I’m trying to separate detective from psychic. It was really, really difficult. But I got to know the family really well. And after about six months, I just it was bursting out on me, Brian, I can’t even tell you I’ve got I’ve got to say something in it. And she said she was open to spiritual stuff. And she’d found out that I had psychic abilities because I use them all the time in the place. And I basically said to her, Do you have your TV turn, switch over a lot? And she went yeah, I said Does it go to do you know Johnny Bravo. Have you heard of Johnny Bravo? Yeah. And I said, does it switch to Johnny Bravo. Oh, my God, how did you know that? And I said, Well, you know what I can do? And I said, but you know why it goes to Johnny Bravo. Don’t you know and she went, Yeah. And basically her husband had been killed. His nickname was Johnny or Bravo because he looked like Johnny Bravo. The cartoon. And so I said he’s been doing it since the day passed. He’s been here. I said, he’s gone up been come right back down again. He’s been here the whole time with you and your son. And it changed the way she coped with it, but cuz all she could focus on was the shooting in front of her, which I don’t know how anybody get over that. And I still in contact with her now and she’s grown and she’s really married. And, Jake, that her son is now you know, 20s. And he’s a father himself now. And it just shows that some people that are open to this, as I said, doesn’t replace the grief, it just gives you some sort of hope, it gives you a feeling of comfort, and then when the signs start, and you accept them, and you start this spiritual relationship with your lost loved one, I think that’s just magical, it helps me so much. You know, my dad passing when I was nine was a catalyst of severe abuse, or me and my mom. And I used and I found it so hard to get over that grief because it led to so much pain and injury, and God knows I ended up being stabbed in all sorts by her husband. And so I found it hard to let go of that. But the more and more even, you know, even now he will turn the television on, or he will put something off the side and put it on the floor. And it just helps me you know, even though lots of people say to me, Oh, you’re so lucky having this gift, you’re so lucky that you’re aware about you know, you can talk to your mom and dad. Yeah, but they’re not physically here for me to have a hug. You know, I can’t say to my dad, Oh, can you come and like, you know, repair the fridge or whatever. And there is a massive loss there. Do you know, I mean, I’m finding in you know, even with people that pass now I cope easier, because I know where they are. It’s like they’re on holiday. And eventually, one day, I will fly out and see them. And that’s that’s I got that analogy from this beautiful man who his wife was, it was a telephone reading, and his wife was on the front line or your husband’s here, darling. And so it was so beautiful because it was soulmates. And it was and it turned out the reading was on their 50th wedding anniversary, which was even better. And he said, Love, this is the way it works. He goes, Don’t keep wishing your time away that you want to come back up here because you’ve got all the grandchildren. He said, Just imagine I’m in Australia, and I’m waiting at the airport. And when you fly in, I’ll be right there. And I thought it’s a lovely analogy. And he said, and every now and then I’ll send you a postcard through one of them and email me. And I’ll also give you the signs where you know, it’s me just giving you a little kiss. I just cried my eyes out. We both were lovely man. And if I can just bring you know it you know, you get these people that say all mediums are prey on prey on people that are vulnerable. It’s absolute rubbish people come to us, we don’t push ourselves on anybody. However, I like the fact that there is something in books that you’re not saying, Oh, we can talk to people, it’s up to you read it or not. If you read it, it will enter you into a magic you couldn’t, you know, you couldn’t imagine. And it’s like my third book is what happens when we die. I’ll be writing this for years. And so I’ve got loads of it. And I’ve just got put it all together.

Because I know what happens when we die. Because I’ve been shown it I asked where my uncle was and they showed me his path of his soul. I’ve seen the soul leave at the time of passing. I’ve seen it in the chapel rest I’ve just seen in it.

Brian Smith 23:30
Let’s talk about your uncle. What did you see when you said you saw his path? What was that? Like?

Nicky Alan 23:34
Oh my goodness, it was mind blowing. And what I will say now is that it’s not imagination. And then I just tell you, they know that I need proof to share it. I was I won’t. And so they backed it up afterwards with signs and synchronicity. So my uncle in spying had passed it over. And it was a shocker really, he had had he’d had a lot of a lot of problems. It was a bit of a relief because he’d had a stroke. And he you know, he was really struggling. And the problem is, I was over here in the UK. They were over in Spain. And I was like to not me, where is he now then? Can you just show me and it was that simple. It was just that question. And then I felt I needed to go into meditation. So went into meditation. And straightaway I saw him and one of his favorite T shirts was a red Ferrari t shirt and he was wearing that it looked magnificent. And he smiled and then suddenly poof, that went and it took me back to him laying just past and I saw the spiky lights which I’ve seen at funerals, loads of times all these sparkly lights of his soul ascending from his body. And then his the sparkling lights then went up to a layer which was very pale, creamy white. I’ve actually had got photo of this, which I think I put on here on YouTube. And I’m like, What’s that mess? And they said that’s the presence of Archangel Azrael At the time, I’d never heard of Archangels. While because I don’t read up anything. I wait until they tell me, I then get proof. And then I say, right, this is what this, this is how this happens, you know, it’s a bit like a detective still in that way, I have to have the proof. So I’m not as rails have to write, don’t forget to Google that. And then, the essence of my uncle then was taken to wherever I don’t know where it was. It’s just a different dimension, I suppose, you know, to help people up if you like, because that’s what we all think it’s up there somewhere in the sky. And I then saw that his soul was wrapped in this like muslin cloth. And I saw it go over to they created a figure for me, you got to remember all angels or spirit, people are just energy and light. So they have to create images for us to relate to as a humans that we can then explain it to other humans, because if we just say energy and light, nobody’s gonna we’re talking about. So there was this man in a long black cloak, and he had a squared black cat. And he took my uncle’s soul, right. And he then walked out, which was incredible, these like spirit huts that they have in Thailand, right, and they goes right back to the Aztecs, and back to the Mayan times. And I’m like, wow, because I didn’t know any of this. This is after I’ve Googled it, all right. And so I said, Well, who’s that man in the black by the way, who’s that man in the blackness said, he’s jeremial. He takes a soul and does the life review. And then he will basically after he’s done the review, deal with healing for the transition from human to spirit form. And then he can go to the reality layer and say, what’s the reality layer? And this is Juliana’s, my guide was saying, Well, the reality lies what you know is heaven. Right? Okay. So then Jeremiah then takes this into one of the Spirit hearts, my uncle style unravels, like this Muslim. And then this white glitter in light formed into the image of my uncle lay in there at pace, then all these blue lights start coming these blue orbs, and I’m like, what are they? And they said, these are the family members who will recognize once we’ve dealt with this review and his ailing. So like, right, okay, so then he goes with Jeremiah for his life of you. And I said that two people always see Jeremiah then they said, they see Jeremiah, but what form they will recognize the most has been saved. So some people see Jesus, some people see handmade, some people see Buddha. You know, some people see alien beings, because if I had an alien incarnation, don’t get me started on that. There’s a whole ball of another thing. And I’m like, wow, okay. So then I see my Uncle Ron do his review. And it’s just like life snaps of what you’ve achieved because you have a life plan before you come down. So it’s like you had this life plan you wanted this experience you did that. So it’s like a bit it’s a bit like it is a review of what you’ve done. That wasn’t quite right. Was it? No, for some people, if it because this is how it then traversed they then took me away from my uncle because I must have asked him so what about baddies have done nasty things? And they took me to a chamber full of cherub him and they will be on the chubby cherub him and they were all in gold guilt on the walls and in the middle of this huge beautiful room was a white milky Paul. And this white milky pool they said this is this is the chamber, this is the chamber of the Caribbean on white, okay. And they said this is where you judge yourself and I’m like, what’s that about? So I then say a dark shadow which they basically show me is a bad person. It’s either killed or done something horrific ly okay. So this this soul walks down into the into the thing so what happens is Jermall says, Well, you did this you murdered someone who killed someone whatever, you need to go to the chamber Chairman less like different department for me to try and make it all like a man thinks we can understand it right? So I watched this soul walk into this white milky Paul, right. And then the cherub him come alive, and they start floating and then sit and all look into the water or it gives me shivers because it’s so clear to me. And all my students have seen it as well. So it’s all totally real. And yeah, I’ve taken them up to the place called Crystal Palace, and they go I was in this doldrum with with terabit. I’m like, Oh my God. Yeah, I know that one. So you know, have led them in there. They found it themselves and corroborated it with me over the years, which is incredible. So anyway, suddenly, the cherubims heads tend to lie in an oxygen, like oxys heads in line head. I’m like This bit scary. And then I could see these like fluorescent tadpoles swimming in the water around this dark soul. And I’m like, what they knitted their sentience. And I went, Okay, and they did a gauging energy of the soul. And the soul is reflected in a mirror whilst they’re in this poll. So they’re met with their karmic actions. They bathe in what they’ve created, the pain, the hurt, the misery, whatever they’ve done, they bathe in it. Right. And so all the water started to boil on bubble. Right. And literally, the amount of pain and agony and misery this soul was in was palpable. And the faces were so scary on the terror beam. And then suddenly, I saw the black just dissipate, and then there was nothing. And so I said, Well, what’s that, and I said, they’re the souls that cannot be redeemed and will never be allowed to reincarnate again. So we’re talking like people like Hitler, to iron people that are just so gone. So beyond humanity in their own energy they dissipate in this poll. And then the terrapins faces go back to these beautiful babes. And then they just flipped back into the halls. I’m like, what just happened? Again, I’ll tell you in a minute, what the Google thing was, when I did that, it blew my mind. So then I’m back with my uncle, and back in this spirit heart. And he’s basically whole, and he’s in his favorite red t shirt, and a pair of white shorts, right? And he’s laying there and looking like a human, and then all of the blue orbs manifest into these people. And then there’s lots of people I didn’t know, okay, that like older generation, so they then were like, come on, then let’s go. And then he just sat up and they took his hand. And then the next thing, we’re walking down the street, and they take him down this close. And they said, We know you always wanted to have this sort of house and he created his own house right in front of me. And he had stuff from my auntie that was in there ready for her to come when she did. She’s still alive. blesser. And he was so spoilt by these ladies. And I kept saying, What’s your name? What’s your name? Because I didn’t recognize him because they’re like his Nan and great grandma, you know, and he’s great. Our and he’s on call. And I’m like, I can’t remember all this. I’ve got remember this. It goes on. All right. All right, just ask Pat. So then I’m on the phone to spank some do to go out there to do the funeral and do the eulogy and everything and I find it went, Oh, my God, you won’t believe what I’ve just seen. She goes down, she goes off to set a nap. And I’ve just drempt of your ankle on and is in a red red t shirt and white shorts.

I’ve just seen him she goes, was it the Ferrari t shirt or when he went oh my god, is to show me that they show me with all my with our old aunties and uncles. I went, right who’s Mary who’s an all of the names were all of his aunties, his grandma, his great grandma, and she knew them all the names. Um, that is incredible. And then I said, He’s waiting for you up there. But you’ve got a digit, I’m afraid, Trent. I wanted to go up there. So now you’ve got ages. But it literally showed me the line of the journey. So I’m getting on Google as well. I’ve just spoken to my auntie. I’m on Google. And so the first thing I put in is obviously as Rachel and it turns out, Archangel Azrael is this milky white energy that presides over people that are dying, and he helps bring people spirit people in to comfort the person whilst they’re dying. But they also he also brings healing to the people that are there. So people, you know, shock obviously keeps you going during that denial period and the feeling of grief. But also, he’s supposed to bring this almost automic kind of energy and it just makes you go I need to just focus on doing what I can do, staying alive and getting through this passing. So he does that Archangel Azrael. Basically, some people refer to me as the angel of death. But that’s who he is, but his energy is magnificent. And as I say, I have got a photo on the show. I put it on YouTube and on Facebook and my Tik Tok channel showing a picture of Israel’s presence just before my mom passed. And it’s pretty incredible. I’ll send it to you. And then I Googled Jeremiah orcs. I never heard of him either. And is the Archangel of life reviews and takes the souls once they reach heaven and take them to the area for them to have transitional healing. And I’m like, this is mind blowing. And then when I’m thinking of the healing, I then think, oh my goodness, I forgot. I forgot what during my visions I saw these ladies in long Grecian robes, long, dark hair, trickling water over soldiers. Over animals and week saw All those hurt souls. And when I read on when I’ve Googled Jeremiah, it says, And if there is massive healing needed for that soul, whether it be animal or you know, a human, they’re taken to the celestial garden, where they are healed with the it’s like the fountain of youth or the fountain of life, the water that the seraphim pour over them in the celestial gardens, and like, wow. And then this is the mind blower. When I google turbine chamber, I just, I think I just put in turbine chamber judgment. And it came back. And it’s in the Old Testament. And it’s something like and then I die, Thine cherub him are the right hand of God, and you’re gonna get stuff for this by Christians, but I can’t out what I saw. And it basically in the Bible, in the Old Testament, it says about the terribIe shall stay in the chamber as the right hand of gods, and shall judge their souls with Lion and ops and head. Oh, wow. And that was, Oh, my God. It’s like biblical type stuff. And I, you know, I’ve read the Bible, because I love to give the Christians a challenge when they want to, like send hate on me.

Brian Smith 36:19
I hate to interrupt you, because we’ve got that I have so many questions, and then we only have a certain amount of

Nicky Alan 36:24
Thanks, Joe, I

Brian Smith 36:25
do over talk. I’m so sorry. No, no, not at all. Not at all. That’s fascinating. And it brings me to a question someone asked me the other day, about what well, we have bodies in heaven. And I think this is why people get confused, because I heard you say that the Spirit people are energy and balls of light. But then I also heard you talk about bodies and homes, and recognizing each other physically. So how do you reconcile that?

Nicky Alan 36:53
This is the biggest question I get asked, you know, can I wear my right clothes were like, What do I look like? Basically, this is the best way I can describe it as to what it’s like to be a spirit person. Imagine a really lucid dream you’ve had, where you can feel touch, you know exactly where you are. You’re talking to people, but you’re not really are you because you’re laying asleep. Okay? That’s what it’s like, if you then times that by 1000 fold. That’s what it’s like to be a spirit being. They haven’t got a physical body, but they can manifest and manipulate an image for us to recognize, when we go up to the spirit world, we are like this ball of energy or light. And people hate that. Because I think oh my god, now I lose my humanity. Well, you use your human body, but not humanity. And it’s a bit like a download. So you look at your look at the energy. And straightaway, you’ll know exactly who it is, at the moment. I physically look at you. I’ll beat virtually, but I am looking at you. And I know that from physical to physical, I recognize who you are, and I’m talking to you. The difference is, is that it’s a soul recognizes. So like for instance, if you’ve got a lot, a lot of family, you’re sitting in the lounge. And then you hear the front door guide you think I know this my son, I just know it because you sense and know their energy without even seeing it. It’s exactly the same there. You can from what I’ve seen from for 30 odd, you know, when I’ve been banging on connecting with people every day for the last 32 years, they show me literally stood there while my uncle created a house that he wanted. And and then I’ve had a spirit person when I’m on stage at a show, who created a yacht in front of my wife always got a lovely yacht there. And it’s got Ruby written on it. And she said, Well, my daughter’s Ruby. And he literally lived on his yacht. I think he loved that yacht more than me. So he created that reality. I don’t know I randomly just picked that story. But he randomly created that one to prove what you used to love down here. And to hit recreated it up there. And so people say to me, yeah, but it’s not a real bow. Is it? Or, for instance, someone that smoked or so they’re smoking facts, now, you smoking cigarettes again, because then they know that they can’t do that. How can I physically do that? Do they go to a shop today? Buy the cigarettes? Where’s the lighter from you? Like,

Brian Smith 39:17
I have to interrupt you for a second because this is this is a this is a really big point for people. And so they get caught up and I love the way you’re describing it. But what I say to people is this reality that we think is physical is not physical. Yes. So we think that any any reality that we’re in is physical. So I think from the perspective of spirit people, it is physical. It’s just more thought responsive. So we say it’s not real because we can’t create a house. Only in our dreams. This was this reality that we’re in is so dense and so slow to react, that we perceive it as physical and we think of anything else as less than and what I tell people it’s actually More. It’s just like you said, when I’m in a lucid dream. And I’ve been in lucid dreams, where I’ve felt the walls and I felt the sun on my face. And I’ve known that I was creating that. And that’s what I think it’s like in the spirit world.

Nicky Alan 40:13
Absolutely. 100 was said, I didn’t want to get too deep into realities, because my reality is the spirit world and being there, I am more connected to the angel realms, the spirit world than I am humans down here. This is like the matrix, you know, we’re playing this little puppet game, where we’re pure souls. We’re eternal souls. And this is where people have got to think right. But another big question I get is, because I got so it went viral it went it went over a million a video I did about you choose your life before you come down, right? So I get you know, the haters. I got the How dare you say that I was abused. I didn’t ask for that. And I totally agree. Nobody asked for that. However, people don’t see beyond the human, one human life existence, which is a speck of salt in an ocean of continuity and eternity. So when they get back up, they’ll realize this tiny little irrelevant life I had heart their soul ascension, and that they can come back down in three generations time and do the same again, have another human existence, holiday if you like. But the people that are scared of death are scared of the fact that they’re going to lose this human life and think this is it. And the ones that kind of revolt against what we’re trying to say most. Like 99% of most mediums and most spiritual philosophers have got the same agreement that we do reincarnate, we do come down for human experiences. And the older our soul, the harder the lessons get. And literally, this is a synchronicity. Just before I spoke with you, this lady said, Look, I’ve been ill, I lost my husband, my son’s disabled, I never asked for this, what the hell, I hate my life. And I’m saying please, you’ve got to think that on the bigger picture, because when you get back to the spirit world, and you do your review with Jeremiah, he’ll be saying to you, Oh, you did that you lost your son, you know, oh, sorry, lost your husband, your son’s disabled, that this is what you asked for. Because the older your soul gets, the more human experiences, the more raw human experiences you want to, we can’t think of it here. We think it’s mental. But when we’re up there, and we’ve been here, loads and loads of times over hundreds and hundreds of years, we think all this ever more juicy experience show it’s a bit boring, because what you’ve got to remember is this is where I try and bring it into human heads is it’s euphoric up there, you can create whatever you want up there. If you want to sit in a punished you can. If you want to sit in a tent or lay under the stars, you can you can create whatever you want, just like you do in dream state. Okay, you can do that. After like three generations of your, you know, your family come in that you’d like a bit boards split perfect up here. I’ve gone to different dimensions. I’ve done this, I fancy being back in a human body. And you know, I haven’t got long enough to even try and evidence this. But this is there’s so much of this.

Brian Smith 43:10
I completely agree with you. And I was just listening. I listen to books more than read. So I was reading Tom Campbell’s book this morning. My Big TOE the theory of everything and talks about these other more thought responsive realms. Yes, they’re pleasant, but you can’t grow there. Because if something unpleasant happens, you can just you can take yourself out. Yes. The second something, you don’t want to be somewhere you’re not there. If you do something you regret, you can actually undo it. And literally right. And that sounds wonderful. But you can’t learn there.

Nicky Alan 43:47
Exactly. It’s like I always say when people say I haven’t got enough money, I haven’t got this, I’ve got that I had a very comfortable life. Lost everything got homeless. So the material part is just negative is there’s just no no relevance to that. And I think people hold on to that down here. And they think, oh, no, but I’ve got my stuff. I’ve read this, you know, you come into here with nothing, you go out with nothing. And so over there, there’s no material need. There’s nothing. It’s like winning the lottery. You know, these people say, oh, yeah, I’d love to have like the lottery live like loric lottery winner, you are up there. So once you’ve got it all, you don’t grow to because you do not You’re not fighting for anything. And this is what try and say to people when I say that, and I get something, I think yes. thrill. Exactly. If you’ve won the lottery is like, I’ll just have that one. And I’ll have it in six colors. Thank you, and then what else I’ve got in my life. And so I know because I went up again, I’ve been they must be on set these two last time. I think there must be on valium up there. Because I’m up there going what how prove it when I come back down? Right. So we’re up there and I said, Well, what about all the people that have the best lives ever? You know, I don’t know. Over here they will get this arm robber that won the lottery and you can still have the money It was a nasty evil person. I know lots of nasty for people that have got their life so easy. And you think well hang on a minute. I’m a really good person. Why is this all happening to me? Another major question I get asked, right? I’ve never done anything wrong. Same as me. I’ve never intentionally hurt anybody. I’ve tried to do the greatest good. And I’m sitting here mostly in bed, and, you know, basically disabled. And I do get days like that. I’m always reminded of this meditation that says there the young souls Nicola, they always call me Nicola up there. Hi. Only my doctor goes with Nicola. And so Giuliana said that the young souls Nicola, they have to begin somewhere. And so the theory is, well, it’s not theory, I know for a fact. But for people out there is that the young, lucky, the young souls that come down here, one easier, easier lives. And so they come down and they experience a lottery. They experience being famous for a while, and I think some of them actually say, if I could have that Fine, I’ll go back early look at all of the times that the biggest stars go back early. And they have problems with drugs and alcohol and depression and all that kind of stuff. Because they’re not like us. What we’ve been through Brian will break most people would break a young soul.

Brian Smith 46:15
Let’s talk about you. I mean, I could do this all day, literally. But we bless your heart. Well, yeah, we have we have touched on it, but people don’t know what you’ve been through. And you, we had to cancel this in a Reddit post on the subreddit because you have health problems. And you as you said, you’re disabled. So anybody watching this is not going to get that they’re not going to understand. So explain to people what it is you’ve gone through

Nicky Alan 46:42
as an invisible illness. Obviously, I had a we’ve just touched on my adolescence, I was in the police service, and I ripped several ribs away from a spinal joint. And so I got a really severe back injury. And even though I was Detective I ended up ripping the old scar tissue. So I got retired from the police service. I’ve obviously told you about how I then become a medium. And so I literally reached the heights that any medium could get to I was working with the most famous mediums. Not that that’s anything but the whole point is is that I anything you want to aspire to, whether it’s TV, I did TV, I was touring all over the country just about to come over to America and Australia. I had my first book that was just about to go out. Everybody wanted Nikki Allen and I loved it. But I was still living with my demons from the past. So mentally, I wasn’t there spiritually. I was and I just spent my life giving to everybody. And I could feel myself tiring. I was in the wrong relationship. And I was aware of these things, but I just ignored them because I was on the Nicki LM ride. It’s exactly what I described in rise and fall. And me, myself and I, and then literally, I’d come to do this weekend with Derek Acorah, and Colin Frey down in a place called Torquay which is endeavor, which is all coastal stunning. This near Cornwall, south of the UK. And it is stunning. And I walked into this hotel and said, I’m going to live here. I’m going to live here. And I knew I would. And I started coming down here I was doing workshops in a local community area down here. And I decided to rent somewhere and spend a few months down here just to make sure I definitely wanted to start house searching. And the first day we got down here. My partner at the time was driving war. I won’t even toy it’s horrible. It’s like Voldemort, is described in both books. And we were driving we were just turning into a pub to have something to eat. And this girl that just passed a test the day before. T boned us and I was in the passenger seat. I had to be taken out of the car by paramedics But long story short after a day and night in hospital. They’re like it’s just soft tissue damage. I said it can’t be I cannot tell you the most I was in the most excruciating pain, blurred vision, hot and cold it I just am so exhausted that I collapsed on the floor and I tried to get out of the bed and they sit next to shock you’ll be fine. So and then they then discharged me I come home spent 24 hours sleeping wake up. The lights were like hot molten lava in my eyes. And my collapsed on the floor. I was incontinent. I was in the most agonizing pain that I just wanted to die. That’s how much pain it was. This went on for a year. The problem with that was I had tours booked I had theater shows booked. I had you know I had like 500 people on a waiting list for readings. And so like an idiot. I refused to let the pain and exhaustion get hold of me. And so I would even do shows in theaters on a city or a sofa that couldn’t sit on a normal chair because the pain was unbearable. A year. I think it was after about I think it was about a year or so I got diagnosed with Ma, which is chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia which was from a brain tumor injury from from the accident, even though there was nothing broke. And then what happened was I tried to ignore it. I tried to do the placebo thing Nope, there’s nothing wrong with me nothing wrong with me. And I ended up collapsing halfway through a show that I did. Can’t believe I did that. And I pushed myself to my limit, and my body just went, it’s not happening. So I then spent five years in bed. Because I physically could not get up, I couldn’t get out of bed, I was wheelchair bound to have carers. And I lost everything. And so me, myself and I this book

Brian Smith 50:51
ideas. Again, you gotta get that book. It’s just incredible. Yeah,

Nicky Alan 50:56
thank you so much. And it literally, I was writing my diary to try and get some form of since I’d lost my faith, and I just wanted, I was suicidal. And I just thought, Nah, that’s it. I’m done. Now, I am done. And then my nan come and visited me from the spirit world and told me about a drug that I should try that got me out of bed. And it improved me somewhat, that I could start getting up and doing things. But it’s left or it started wearing out about two years ago. And because it’s a drug that, you know, they don’t know long term effects, they basically said, Look, perhaps your body’s used to it. So there’s nothing else we can do. So I was back to square one again. And the problem is, with chronic fatigue, you have to pace everything. So for instance, I had to rest all afternoon knowing I was going to be talking to you today. So then I’ve stayed in bed until one o’clock, to make sure that I’ve got enough energy to talk understand what you’re saying back to me and give you a reply. And also, you know, with invisible illness, God bless the missing millions out there. We don’t talk about it all the time. So what you don’t know is at the moment, my eyes are stinging, and my socks are screaming in my head. I’ve got headache, neck, a jaw ache, my hands and fingers are killing me. My back is screaming, my hips, my knees, my thighs, and my feet are swollen, but you don’t tell people that they don’t. So it’s an invisible illness. So even though people think disability should be you in a wheelchair, you’ve got no leg or god knows what it is. Because I can’t lead a normal life. And it is so infuriating, because right now I’d be touring still, you know, and I’d be going abroad, I will be doing everything that I was doing just before the accident, but it’s been taken from me. And so during that transitional time of accepting, grieving, getting over my old life and what I was able to do before, and then thought, right, well, I can’t stop wanting to serve humankind. What do you want me to do? And so that’s when the Tick Tock oh my god I had I had literally my dad is the TV man. Right? So my dad November last year, the last thing I ever wanted to do was go on tick tock, because there’s so much negativity on there. And I thought I really don’t need to be exposed to that. Anyway, my TV turned itself on every single night. And then I started to get a bit skeptical thinking practices and internal alarm in the TV. So then when I thought that the TV in my bedroom went on, so I had two TVs come in on every night. And then it’s about a month and I went for goodness sake that I sort of don’t know what you’re trying to tell me what you’re trying to tell me. And then randomly just like in me, myself and I, when they were pushing me to go on YouTube, which really hasn’t gone that far to be honest with you. They then pushed me a tip top thing come up. I wasn’t even on it. Wasn’t even on it. I don’t know how it played. It came up on some Facebook thing. I went, Ah, hell no. And then the following day, I said Dad, seriously, right. If I do one tick tock video. Don’t put the TV on tonight. So I did TV’s never gone on savings. Oh, wow. So you know, I’ve got nearly 90,000 followers and I’ve only been on there about eight or nine months really. I’m reaching a lot of people there which I’m so happy about. So my life really consists of pacing to do normal things like washing, getting dressed, so I’ve had to make the effort of getting dressed. My hair looks horrific, though. But it looks great. I’m sorry. There’s a shadow going on now like yin and yang. Yeah, the sun just just like it just bursting out. Yes. Weird because it’s been a really dull day today. Yeah. Okay, who knew? Yeah.

Brian Smith 54:53
Well, you know, you know, Nikki we’ve touched on so much and and we kind of started talking earlier about You know, why do we have these difficult lives? And you know, and people get they push back against this idea of service, this idea of service humanity, some of us, we do it for our own personal growth. I think we plan it also, it’s in service to humanity. You are a shining example of an overcomer. And if people read your book, your first book, I haven’t read your second book yet. I’m definitely want to get

Nicky Alan 55:25
how very dare you Bryan young men do not send you the manuscript?

Brian Smith 55:29
I don’t believe so. No,

Nicky Alan 55:30
I date. You didn’t reply.

Brian Smith 55:34
Okay, well, I will read it. But I, you darling, with my love. Yeah, I want to say that I, like I said, You, I talked to people that have gone through a lot, you know, and we all feel like we’re carrying an unbearable burden, whatever it is, because that’s all humans are, whatever it is, we’re going through, it’s the worst thing ever. And then you read a book like yours. And I see you and I see you on your YouTube channels, I see you in this interview, and I see your positivity. And I know what you’ve been through. It’s like, that’s an overcomer. That’s an inspiring story. That’s a service to the rest of us. It says, if she can do it, that I can do it, too.

Nicky Alan 56:13
Absolutely. And that’s what I think I’ve been bought here to do. Because I don’t mean, I’ve got a police pension, I could live very, you know, very humbly, and not have to do anything. Now, this isn’t about a job or work or money. It’s about the fact that there is something in me, it’s like a drug, I cannot stop needing to help people. And so I remember doing a meditation where I said to Jr, I said, we’re gonna get where it goes. I think the Colts have burned too far for you, Nicola. But you’re going to be helping and be a pioneer for all of those that lay in this misery.

Brian Smith 56:48
I’m sorry. I want to repeat that. I want you to repeat that. So people got it. So that was your guide that told you this?

Nicky Alan 56:54
Yeah. They said, I’m afraid your coals have burnt too much. Okay. So I think he was saying, I don’t think you’re ever going to be properly Well, however, you’re going to be a pioneer for those that are laying there needing help. And so I have to say, the feedback from the first book, the amount of even now emails every single day from all over the world. Thank you for giving me a lot of my life back, ie, I inspire people to find a positive side of their, whatever it may be, whether it’s chronic illness loss, whatever it is. And at the end of the day, because another thing might Giuliana said to me was, why do you humans, on your experiences, always choose the desert? And I’m like, What do you mean? And so he showed me a desert. And then he showed me an oasis, which was abundant with fruit and food and drink and beautiful people walking around in the shade. There was a sparkling rock, Paul. And he said, in your mind, you have the choice even said this in meditate medieval Italian, when you had to get translated that that’s an that’s in his book. He said, even though he said, You have got whatever you go through, he goes, Why do you always choose to walk the desert? In your mind? He said, the seed of your mind will bring you the growth you need. Why do you not think of yourself in the oasis? So whenever I get a really like, for instance, you know, I got flu at Christmas, my sister forgot to tell me there was someone in the house of flu, I got it. And that was makes we don’t we have compromised immune system. So I’ve been in bed since Christmas. Basically, all I’ve seen is my partner and the postman. Right. And this was two and a half months later for people. Yeah. Which is normal for me. So but there was one day and I’m like, it was when I was canceling it when I was postponing yo. And I thought, You know what, I can’t even sit and talk to someone, what the hell and I started going down that spiral. And then I remember the desert. And I don’t know if it’s Juliana’s coming in my main guide saying, Whoa, we don’t have any of that. Or it’s just now my mindfulness says you’re not spiraling down today, Nikki. And so I think right, what should I do that’s positive. So I had to do tick tock video or I do a YouTube video or I write just a tiny bit that I can for my new book. So I’ve got something to be excited about. And one of the things I encourage people with chronic illness, we are as you know, as you see the hashtag millions missing, there are millions sitting in their homes, a lot of them ends up taking themselves over, because they have nothing. They have got everything because as you said earlier, we’re in almost like the matrix we can create our realities in our mind. We don’t have to physically do it. So when people say to me, Oh, what do you do? I’m an author I’m an Inspire I do this I do that I don’t I cut don’t have to move for that. I just have to talk and pace when I talk to people. And so and then I will sit outside and listen to the birds sing. Or because I ordered This bungalow as you all know, from the book, this this house, I mean, the beach is at the end of the road. So if I can manage it, I get to the beach, and I sit on the beach and the dogs run around, I don’t have to do anything apart from Bay, and create the oasis in my mind, in my mind, rather than think I’m trudging through the desert and being a victim. And this is what I’m trying to inspire people to do, your physical body might not work, either mental health stops you from work, you know, I work part of the condition of Ma and fibromyalgia took both of them is that you do get depression, you do get massive mental health issues where your brain just goes to forget it, you can’t talk today, you can’t do anything. You can’t communicate, you don’t want to communicate, you want to isolate, everything just shuts down. And that’s what I had for a few weeks after the flow. And so I think, right, well, I’ll just watch my favorite film, then I can manage that. And that’ll make me happy. Okay, I’ll listen to the best music that I’ve got. That makes me feel really happy. And then I’ll perhaps spray perfume from a vacation that I had that and it gives me the sensory memory of the holiday. Or I’ll put essential oils on and I think right, I’ve done that that’s helping me. So there’s so many ways to make your oasis more comfortable during the desert days, if that makes sense. And that’s what I’m trying to do now. Because how do you how are you so positive? Well, what, you know, do you want me to think, Oh, my God is rubbish. Yeah, spirit worlds there. But I’d rather you know, who wants to listen to that? I don’t really listen to it myself. Right. So you know, I do lots of mirror work, where if I do feel a bit off, looking around, go Come on Nick, this find a way what we’re going to do to make this a good day. Because obviously, a body’s not great. You might not quite, but let’s make this a good day.

Brian Smith 1:01:44
And you know, it’s really interesting, as we’re saying this, because we’re talking about the spirit world. And in the spirit world, it is much more thought responsive, we can control physical reality with our thoughts. But when we’re here, we can still control our internal reality with our thoughts. We can’t control the external, but we can control how we react to it. We can choose to be grateful. As you said, if I can’t do this, I can do this. I can I can watch a movie, I can listen to some music, I can feel the sun, the sun on your face right now. You know, just feeling this we can, we can choose that. And that’s, that’s why we come here. We we come here for the challenge. You know, and I know people don’t like to hear that we and you know, people, you know, people look at someone like yourself and say, but you’re so connected to the spirit world and you got these guides. Why don’t they just heal you? Why don’t they just make you better? Because that’s us being stuck in this mindset like this life is supposed to be easy. And it’s not supposed to be easy.

Nicky Alan 1:02:44
Exactly what is the point of coming down here. But this is what I mean by going back to the young souls. There’s no point going down here and having the easiest life ever. But everything drops in your lap. However, when you want to create reality, which is for the goodness of you or for what you need to do on your path, it will come. So I always know when I’m on part of my I call them landmarks always know when I’m on the right path to say, but I want to do this. And it’s like the second book, I chose not to go with the publisher the second time around for various reasons. And I said, what I need an editor then boof, I suddenly get this message, this email from someone saying I’ve just seen your writing and that you’re talking about another book. Would you like any help? Okay, and it’s the same with the illustrator you know, you suddenly and everything works. It goes don’t you go Thank you very much universe. So to a certain extent we can create our reality here by just send in a thought out so I say what I’d like to do this and another again Juliana’s I should just write a book on Juliana’s his messages to be fair, because another thing he said to me was, I said, you know all about this creative cosmic cauldron if you like creating your own reality, and I went to work. And he said, well just send the thought out of what you feel you deserve. And if it does resonate with your life path, we will provide it in multitudes. So the problem with human beings is, is he goes put it this way. He doesn’t call it a taxi. But to shorten it. He says, just imagine you get in a taxi cab. And the driver turns around says, Where do you want to go and you stay quiet? How’s he going to know where to take you, he can’t take you to the destination you want. You have to tell us you have to express to the universal pulse of the whole of existence, what you intend where you want to go, what do you want to be? And this is where all the quantum planes come in, you know, where you kind of go out of your energy and so what this is what I want to create, I don’t want to get too deep. I try and keep it very, very simple for people. Not that people have simple I don’t mean that but they’re you know, when we start talking about dimensional realities and all that it gets too complex. I like to keep it simple. Hence why I do it very down to earth in my writing in the books, but literally think create, where do you want to be? What do you want to do? And so I now know that one of my things is rare. It is I will create that third work and it will go out. And so that’s my next goal for this year. You know, or, for instance, even silly things like, I feel like my, my boil is going to break down, I need a plumber can someone to send me one that’s going to be great. And then suddenly something will ping up on Facebook or whatever. And and it’s and they say, Oh, I just had a plumber. He was so good. And so reasonable. Mike, thank you very much. So I feel like I’m pulsing with the universe of creating reality is everything I asked for. Lupus, yeah, and the most magical way. And if I can give just one person, that it’s not a gift, that awareness, that willing to connect and go, Okay, I’m gonna give this a go. And then we find it works.

Brian Smith 1:05:45
Yeah. Well, it’s interesting because universe is it’s both it’s more mental than we perceive some ways, you know, but it’s, but it’s not as thought responsive, just respond as quickly to thought as as the other side. But there’s also this physical reality. And there’s also this life plan that we have when we come in. And especially if we’re, if we’re more, I don’t like the word more advanced. And we’re all souls with the same age, but it’s a more experienced souls. Yeah, we’re more experienced souls, than we’re, we will take on the challenges and the younger souls will look at that and say, Well, why would you do that? That’s crazy. Because this place, it’s funny, because I debate this with with one of my mentors, whether there’s places we come here to learn or whether we know it’s different reasons and stuff. But I think this place we come to learn, we come to grow, we come to experience, we come to be challenged. This is not a vacation land. This is not some place you can necessarily have fun. You can have fun while you’re here. But that’s vacation land because there you want to be at the beach. You’re at the beach, you want to be on the top of the mount. You’re on top of the mountain.

Nicky Alan 1:06:51
Yeah, absolutely. Right. And and I’ve seen it and I’ve created it myself, because lots of when you when you become more developed and when you’re meditating, mandatory, meditating a lot and you’re getting into the theta brainwave state Alpha brainwave state, and I can create lucid dreaming. So there’s times where I’ve been woken up. And then I go back to sleep now. And I connect myself back in where I want to be in a dream and create what I want to do in that dream as well. And so that is like being a spirit person as well. But you’re absolutely right. There is a delay here because we’ve got this dense meat soup or we’re in for a start with full of dense energy. And the other problem that I’m I’m sensing from the universe or the planet at the moment, there is so much hate, anger, frustration control. There’s obviously all of that because we’re abusing the planet. We’re getting all these horrific disasters, obviously, we just had the one in Turkey here where there’s been an earthquake killing 1000s of people. And we had COVID. And and please don’t get me wrong on this either anybody that watches this? Because there’s going to be people that have lost people to COVID. But you’ve got to look at the natural reason for that. Why did that happen? Was it like the Black Plague? Are we taking some humankind off the planet? Because there’s too much going on? But is there too many people on the planet? And, you know, I’ve I’ve, I’ve had meditations with Archangel Ariel, who is the Archangel of the planet and the animal kingdom, and she’s outraged by how we’re abusing the planet. But nobody’s gonna care about not y’all me talking about an angel that’s like, Do you know what this plan is? And so it’s almost like hurting gay or kicking back saying, you know, you this is your place to learn and you’re abusing your playground? Yeah. You know, I can’t watch the news anymore, darling. Because all it is is murders, shootings, hate and pain. And it’s like, wow. So that’s why there’s people like me, and you know, continuing in the background, working love working awareness, working esoteric knowledge to these people to try and balance out his energy, because it’s still so up in the air. When I tune in to the planet energy. It’s like, Oh, my God, it’s just chaos, can’t find or feel any peace at the moment. So I feel we’ve still got another year or so of everything up and down. And I don’t know if you’ve had this, but they’re talking about controlling zones that were allowed to go in over in the UK at the moment. And it’s like, The Hunger Games are starting, you know what I mean? I don’t know what district are being. But, you know, they’re trying to say that we can’t go more than 50 miles from where we are, and it’s all gonna be zoned and all the rest of it. And it’s just me thinking this just humankind taking everything out again. And it just won’t I just wonder if there’s going to be another arc so then a big flood.

Brian Smith 1:09:41
Yeah, we are. We are in quite a dilemma. But we are here you and I to be Lightworkers to try to try to raise the level to try to raise our and as we raise our own consciousness, we actually raise the consciousness of everybody. We are we are not as individuals we think we are. We’re gonna have Have to we’re gonna have to stop. But I definitely need to have you back on again. It doesn’t, shouldn’t be as long. I love having these conversations with you and I, and I love the way you, you help them present this perspective. And again, I tell people, we want to talk about your books, when you read these books when I read the first one, but when you read the book, you you can’t read it and not believe I don’t know how you can because you give evidence you talk about, you predict things are going to happen. And then they happen. You get stuff from your guides, and you look it up and it’s real. So for anybody that’s a skeptic, for anybody who doubts, you know, get the book.

Nicky Alan 1:10:35
Thank you so much. Yeah, I hope so. Because the number one thing I want you to get out of this book is is to bring comfort to grieving people that, look, this is what I’ve got to present you, you know, almost like they’re the jury. This is what I’m presenting to you. If you think for one minute, there’s no afterlife, then I don’t know what else I can give to you. No, because there are some. There are some mind blowing stories again, luckily, because I journalize some of the amazing readings I do. And I’ve recorded them before in the past. I’ve got it all. I’ve got it on. So it’s all exactly how it happens. There’s no memory or all I did this a few years ago, it is word for word, exactly what happened. So I’m very proud of it. And I do hope it’s going to bring comfort to many people. I know at the moment the American American, the Americans. See this is my brain fog. This is a problem. In America, I don’t think it’s known about as much at the moment. So it’s lovely to be able to speak to you and try and get across the pond. Because most of the people are from Europe that are actually buying the book at the moment. But and even just to spread that knowledge to another country. Makes my heart just grow and bloom and I it gives me the impetus to say you’re doing good here, you’re spreading light, get the next book down.

Brian Smith 1:11:58
Let’s do this again. And we don’t we will talk about the book more too. But we could just talk about like your experiences. We’ll talk about what’s cool about the afterlife. Absolutely. 100%. So Nikki, tell people where they can reach you.

Nicky Alan 1:12:11
And my website is Nikki If you go on Tik Tok, Nicky Allen psychic I do I do daily videos, answer questions, all sorts of readings, paranormal stuff like that on there on YouTube as well. I’m on their Facebook, Nikki Allen. So if you just put Nikki Allen, psychic medium, a l a n, you’ll find me pretty much anywhere. And I’m open to all your questions you can you know, the best ways to email me, which is Nikki Allen at 333 at If you want to know anything, because there’s so many questions everybody has, and I’m trying to get all the answers in all the books. It’s just getting the time in the body to do it.

Brian Smith 1:12:52
Yeah, there is there’s so much and you know, I talk to people every day. They’re they’re confused. They’re like, there’s so much out there. And I’m like you we all have to sort through it. We have to integrate it. We have to take what resonates with us. Don’t worry about the other stuff. You know, if it doesn’t resonate with you, I say let it go. If it doesn’t bring you comfort, just let it go.

Nicky Alan 1:13:15
Yeah, the spider analogy. You sit on a six on a web. I watched it once and I thought oh my god, that’s the answer. And this little this little bit of I don’t know what it was bit of dirt or something sprang into his cobweb. And I watched him come out straightaway, because there was something weighing his web down. And he grabbed it straightaway. He looked at it and thought, and I just could see it as it happened. Is this useful to me? No. So you just flicked it off? mended the web went back in. Yeah, that’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen. If something is hanging on your web, see if it needs to, if it doesn’t get rid, and stay light.

Brian Smith 1:13:52
Absolutely. Nikki, again, thank you so much for being here and enjoy the rest of your day.

Nicky Alan 1:13:58
Thank you for having me. God bless, darling. Take care.

Brian Smith 1:14:01
I’m excited to announce I have a great new resource. It’s called gems, four steps to move from grief to joy. And what it is it’s four things that I’ve found that I do on a daily basis to help me to navigate my grief. And I’m offering it to you free of charge. It’s a free download. Just go to my website, www dot grief to G m s and grab it there for free. I hope you enjoy it.

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