Thriving Through The Holidays > Grief 2 Growth

What You Get

  • Coaching- from experienced guides- 8 meetings with teaching
  • Connection– group medium readings and instruction on how to make your own connections
  • Support– private Facebook group and several group meetings to share your experiences with others
  • Techniques– tools to help you navigate this difficult time of year
  • Fun– gift exchange, raffles/prizes, virtual holiday dinner

You will be fully supported from before Thanksgiving through New Years

You will come out of this experience stronger, more resilient, and ready to face the new year.

What You Will Learn

  • Connection– How to connect with your loved ones in spirit on your own
  • Navigating Triggers–  How to cope with triggers that come up during the holidays
  • Better Brain Chemistry– Four techniques to retrain your brain to produce better brain chemistry
  • The Greater Reality– How to see the “big picture” of life
  • Purpose–  How to find a new sense of purpose in life
  • Joy– How to find joy in life again
  • Community– How to make lasting connections with people who can support you on your journey


The main Zoom classes will be on Tuesday evenings beginning November 16th and going through January 4th.

We know there is no time when everyone can make it live.

So, the events will be recorded and be made available to you if you miss the live events. We will also have events throughout the day that will be announced as we get closer to the time.

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Thriving Through The Holidays

Coaching & Connection

Eight Week Experience

$299 through October 31st

$345 normal price