Sun Dogs

To the left of the sun, you can see (it doesn’t show up great with the camera) one of the two rainbows (sun dogs) I spotted in the clouds on the way to meet our friends Lynn and Doug. A sun dog is a particular type of rainbow that forms to the left and the right of the sun when the sun is at just the right angle in the sky and ice crystals are present.  Lynn took a picture of the same type of rainbow the day before while she and another friend were remembering a mutual friend.  We didn’t know this until we met them at the restaurant. We were talking about our rainbow to Lynn.  When we showed Lynn our picture, she told us she had taken a similar picture the day before. For some reason, she told us the time she took it 4:41.  I don’t know why she told us the time. Tywana checked the time stamp on our picture, it was exactly 4:41.

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