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Transforming Trauma Into Healing and Growth: Insights From an Emotion Code Practitioner

Have you ever felt blocked by unresolved emotional pain or found yourself repeating unhealthy cycles in your relationships and life? What if you could release that trapped emotional energy to finally heal, grow, and step into the highest version of yourself?

In this powerful podcast interview, Brian Smith dives deep with Emotion Code practitioner Jay Chanthalangsy to explore:

  • How childhood trauma can disconnect us from our emotions
  • The transformative power of self-healing and emotional release
  • Techniques to reconnect with your authentic self under layers of suffering
  • Why everything happens for a reason and is divinely guided
  • How healing your own wounds ripples out to uplift others

Whether you’re carrying wounds from a difficult upbringing, facing a major life challenge, or seeking to step into your fullest potential, Jay offers a compassionate perspective and practical tools to alchemize adversity into awakening on your healing journey.

Catalysts for Awakening

Jay’s path as a healer began with his own wake-up calls through intense challenges that cracked him open spiritually and emotionally. When his eldest daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder, he faced the heartbreak of watching her fight for her life in the NICU.

“Nothing really mattered to me at that point,” Jay recalls. “It gave me the first understanding of how resilient we are as humans–the things we can fight through even when we first come into this world.”

Meeting his wife provided another catalyst that illuminated the emotional armor Jay had built up. “She taught me vulnerability, empathy, sensitivity–things I never really understood. I was the guy who suppressed his emotions easily.”

As a child, Jay learned it wasn’t safe to express feelings in his household without facing repercussions. “If I cried, I would get in trouble. So that behavior transferred into my own parenting. I didn’t know how to console my kids when they were crying.”

Peeling Back Layers of Conditioning

For many of us, especially men, emotional intelligence gets conditioned out of us from a young age when we’re punished for expressing our authentic feelings. We build walls to survive and carry that defensive patterning into our adult relationships.

Jay vulnerably shares how his wife confronted him, saying, “You’re emotionally disabled.” Facing his own resistance, Jay committed to developing empathy and learning to connect emotionally.

“I literally asked my wife, you need to dumb it down for me,” he remembers. “What am I supposed to be doing? Am I supposed to hug you? Listen without fixing? I wrote protocols step by step. That’s how conditioned I was to not feel and connect.”

The Emotion Code For Healing

When his wife experienced crippling postpartum depression and anxiety, Jay discovered the Emotion Code, an energy-healing technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. He learned how trapped emotions can distort our physical and mental health when energy isn’t allowed to flow through.

“Emotion is just energy in motion,” Jay explains. “If that energy doesn’t get purged through you, it becomes trapped in your body and can manifest as diseases and ailments.”

As Jay and his wife began working with the Emotion Code personally and with clients, they witnessed profound transformation. “A lot of our ailments, we have the answers to within us. It’s just trapped in our subconscious.”

By tuning in energetically and asking the body what it’s ready to release, an Emotion Code healing practitioner can help unblock trapped energy and restore flow. Clients often experience tingles, lightheadedness, intense dreams, and a feeling of lightness as heavy emotions discharge.

Healing the Father Wound

One of Jay’s most profound experiences with the Emotion Code was finally healing his relationship with his father, even after his passing. “I was still feeling a lot of anger, resentment, bitterness and hatred towards him,” Jay shares.

As he released the trapped emotions in his body around his father, Jay felt a rush of insight and understanding. “The veil lifted and what was left was this light, airy feeling of compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, and gratitude.”

Jay began dreaming of his father and having conversations beyond the veil. “Only by looking back can you connect the dots and understand why things happened the way they did, even the painful parts. It’s miraculous.”

Finding Purpose in the Pain

Through his healing journey, Jay developed a deep trust that everything happens for a divinely guided reason, even our greatest challenges. “I’m a firm believer that just because someone has passed doesn’t mean you can’t find closure or reconciliation, because the energy is still there,” he says.

By reframing adversity as an opportunity for growth, we open to the hidden blessings and purpose in our struggles. “The things that cause us the greatest pain are challenges designed to help us become who we’re meant to be,” Jay affirms.

As Jay stepped into his calling as a coach and Emotion Code practitioner, he discovered profound fulfillment in serving others. “To be a part of someone’s healing journey as their guide is the most rewarding feeling. When you see them transform in real time and have those lightbulb moments, it’s magical.”

Practical Steps to Reconnect and Heal

If you’re feeling called to go deeper in your emotional healing, Jay offers these suggestions:

  1. Develop a daily self-care routine with practices like meditation, journaling and movement to cultivate awareness and process emotions.
  2. Ask yourself the deep questions like, “Who am I beneath my trauma and suffering? What makes me feel connected and alive?”
  3. Notice your triggers with curiosity. What wounds are ready to be acknowledged and released? Where are you being invited to grow?
  4. Seek out resources and support, whether through books, workshops, therapy or energy healing. You don’t have to heal alone.
  5. Remember healing is a non-linear journey. Have compassion for yourself and trust your unique unfolding.

“We all have the ability to get back to our authentic selves under the layers of trauma,” Jay says. “It just takes willingness to ask the questions and do the work.”

The Ripple Effect of Doing Your Work

As Jay’s own story illuminates, doing your personal healing work uplifts everyone around you, especially children who subconsciously absorb their parents’ unresolved emotional issues.

By metabolizing your own pain, you create more space to hold others with compassion. You start to see triggers as portals for healing. You show up as a more empowered, openhearted version of yourself in your relationships and work. And you inspire others to embark on their own healing journeys.

Collectively, we’re all influencing each other’s evolution. “When one person does their work, we all rise,” Jay says. “That’s how I see the healing journey–a continuous process of remembering who you are and uplifting humanity in the process.”

If you’re feeling stuck in cycles of suffering, please don’t lose hope. Reach out and get support. And remember the breakdowns often precede the breakthroughs. Your healing journey is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.

No matter what you’re moving through, please know you’re not alone. Every challenge is a sacred initiation. Keep showing up, doing your work, and trusting your process. As Jay beautifully expresses, everything is happening for your highest evolution.

Sending you all much love and courage on your healing journeys.

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