Two Worlds Collide

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Hey there, I wanted to document something happened.

I want to start last week I’m recording this on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. So last week and the reason I with last week, a lot of things in my life seem to have foreshadowing. I think it happens to everybody. We just a lot of times aren’t aware of it. Seemingly random events will happen. And then later on, they’ll start to make sense as we look at them retroactively.

Last week, I had a conversation with someone. They said, that spirit seems to wake us up at three o’clock in the morning with messages. We were joking about how spirit wakes us up in the middle of the night. I said, “No correction, it’s four o’clock.” So that was the first conversation I had, I was joking, because I tend to get a lot of downloads/inspirations about four o’clock in the morning, I’ll be awakened and I cannot get back to sleep because I’ve got all these ideas running through my head.

The other thing that happened last week, there was a meme on Facebook, a random meme. It was about rich people, showers and how these showers a lot of times are open, they have no doors on them. They’ve got multiple showerheads, or they’ve got waterfalls, or whatever. I made the comment that when our contractor put in our shower, and when we remodeled our bathroom, he wanted to leave it open. He did not want to put a door on he said it would save us money or something. And I said no, I live in Ohio, it’s cold, I would rather have the shower closed. So I wanted to shower door put on him. So we did put a door on it.

These are the two conversations that I had last week, but didn’t relate to each other whatsoever. And neither seemed to have any real significance. So fast forward to four o’clock in the morning on Monday. I’m lying in bed, I’m asleep. I’m in the middle of a dream, a pretty peaceful dream, I think. And I hear this huge crash. I mean, just like tremendous, loud crashing sound. And I had no idea what it was I’m startled, I jumped in bed. And I look over and my wife is still asleep. So I’m thinking well, it must not have have been in the real world. It must have been in my dream, because it didn’t wake her up. So I’m trying to get back to sleep and I’m lying there. And I hear this noise coming from our bathroom. And it sounds like, all I could think of at the the time it sounded like a pipe had burst because it sounded like water were spraying or something. And so I’m like, okay, there’s something going on in the bathroom. I heard this crash, maybe a pipe burst. But pipes, you know, they’re not under high pressure in your house. And I don’t typically burst and make a lot of noise. And so I didn’t know what was going on. But I thought I need to go check it out. So I get out of bed, I opened up the bathroom door and there is glass all over the bathroom. I mean literally spread from one end to the other. The shower door had exploded. That was a sound that I heard. And if you’ve ever broken like that type of tempered glass, you know, it kind of spiders out and it makes us cracking noise kind of like the ice on the lake when it starts to warm up and starts to melt I guess. So this noise went on for probably five or 10 minutes after the door exploded all the pieces were breaking in even smaller pieces. So that’s the noise I was hearing from my bed. So obviously, you know this guy got a bit cleaner to do now as I’m cleaning this thing up. And I was thinking about how I got into, you know the thing that four o’clock in the morning it was it when I looked at the clock when I woke up after I heard the noise when I finally looked at the clock, it was 4:01 it was right after four o’clock. So I’m thinking isn’t this interesting? This conversation about spirit communicating those four o’clock in the morning, I had a conversation about the shower door and how I didn’t I wanted to shower door. But it wasn’t you know, the, the contractor tried to talk me out of it. So the conversation about the shower door and then the shower door A few days later explodes at four o’clock in the morning. So I thought well, this would be an interesting experiment. I have a lot of friends who are mediums, a lot of friends who are intuitive. So I thought I wonder if First of all, I wonder if this might be a message from spirit, there might be some significance. So I wondered about that. And I thought could somebody pick up on this now this is a very unusual event. A lot of times people in the spirit world would communicate to us by turning on lights, you know by electronic things a TV coming on and off, you know smoke alarms going off things of that nature. don’t typically think of things like something exploding like the shower door that but that it’s put this out there and see what will happen. So I put out a Facebook post and I tagged a bunch of mediums that I know some kind of celebrities, some not so well known. So I tagged them all I said something happened at four o’clock in the morning. Can anybody tell me what happened if there’s any significance to it?

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frankly, most of the mediums I know that I tagged are very very busy. A lot of them are not on Facebook much so that no Buddy responded. So I gave it a day and nobody responded. Few people that are some of my friends were intuitive. They made some guesses. And frankly, none of the other guesses were very good or they weren’t. They were guesses. I could tell they were guesses. And that’s okay. That’s fine. Because it’s this is like a very unusual thing. So, I have a friend, her name is Carolyn clapper. She’s a medium she is fantastic. One of the best mediums I know. And I know she’s out on Facebook much these days, she’s going through some personal things. This is not on Facebook much these days. And I decided to reach out to her by text. And we don’t really ever text that much. We talked through Facebook, we talked on the phone or whatever. So I sent her a text. And I said, You know, I realized she probably hadn’t seen what I posted. And so I said, you know, something happened, you know, you have any ideas of what’s going on. So think about Carolyn, I kind of smile as I say this, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with her less than an hour. Carolyn is not a Magnier Point A to Point B person. So our conversations are kind of like all over the place. So it’s this conversation. I really wish I could have documented it better, but it just can’t happen with Carolyn, she gave me a fantastic reading a few years ago, the first thing she ever did for me, and she’d asked me not to record it. And it’s it’s the best reading I’ve had ever by far. But unfortunately don’t have a record. So she and I start texting back and forth. And she says the first one, she got a couple of things. She was like, these are just again, these are in fact connected to this. But she said, someone get hurt, because Yay, a baby’s coming. There’s a baby coming. And I’m like, well, that would be a miracle. And she says no, not you. And I said okay, and she said, I think it’s a cousin. So it’s interesting. My nephew, which is Shane, his cousin, his his wife is due in a few days. So my mind immediately goes to Nicholas and his baby is coming in. It’s been a few days, a few weeks. And she goes now that your uncle’s coming in my uncle just passed away a few weeks ago. And so your uncle’s coming, it’s connected to your uncle. And then I realized that his his daughter, my cousin Milan is also due in a few days or a few weeks. And this is her first child. So Carolyn gets this. So then she starts asking me about my house because Carolyn can kind of see what’s going on in your house when you’re talking to her. It’s weird. So she’s asking about the way our house is laid out. She says do you have like a big hallway? And I said, Yeah, we do have a foyer as you come in. So is there a big picture hanging above the stairs? And I said Yes, there is. She said, Well, Shane has been trying to move that she’s trying to tilt that. She says is there another big picture at the top of the stairs. There is another big picture of Shana at the top of the stairs. And this is interesting because she’s talking about the layout of my house. And she’s talking about where the family or the living room is in relation to the stairs. But my bedroom is in relation to the stairs. And everything she’s saying is kind of backwards. It is weird to say things backwards, she would say left and it was right, she’d say right, and it was left but it was consistent. So she was apparently saying things kind of in reverse. Just a little aside. So I’m just like did something. Do you have a bathroom off of your mask after your bedroom? I said, Yeah, we do. And I realize a lot of people do. But the people that live in older houses don’t a lot of times. So yeah, like we do have a bathroom for our bedroom. And she said you know Shane has taken me to the bathroom. And she’s showing me there’s a double sink and with a double sink and she’s showing me two mirrors. And with two mirrors one over each sink and she’s she’s standing in the first mirror and she’s looking at you show me yourself in the mirror and she’s showing me the mirror cracking. And Carolyn light explained to me she asked Shana did she cracked the mirror and Shana said no. So then she asked me if there’s a toilet, you know, that’s in the nscs says there’s a shelf above the toilet. And I was like, No, she said, Okay, well, I’m getting a feeling of something crashing, I’m getting the feeling of water. And she said, so I’m thinking that maybe a shelf fell. And I was like, well, I wasn’t really sure. She said did something crash, you know? And I said, Yeah, that would be an understatement. You know, there was something was a big crash. So she goes, You know, I think something crashed. And then she asked me if we had a glass shower, and I said yes, we have a glass shower. And she said, you know, is it shaped like is it a weird shape, like a custom shape and it is our shower is tile on two sides, the sides that are against the walls, and then it’s glass and it’s a huge glass doors, probably seven feet tall, I think at the highest point and arcs down and there’s another arc on the other side. It’s hard to describe, but it’s custom and there’s there’s two sides of the glass and there’s a half wall that’s tile. So Carolyn’s describing the way the shower looks like it’s a custom shower. It’s got a weird shaped door. There’s a metal handle on the door and we have this big kind of fancy metal

handle that went through the door actually. So she said Shayna showed me the shower. She said she’s trying to she’s trying to turn on the water. She’s trying to she said turn on lights. She says nice, you’re in the shower. She’s just spinning around and she’s spinning, and her heads back to spinning as fast. You can’t just like saying I’m free or something. And meanwhile, Carolyn’s also in this person, this was stuff about my dog, and other conversations. She also tells me a story about a light bulb that exploded in her bathroom. I guess it was last week, and she said this light bulb exploded in the bathroom. So when she said that my mind went to exploding glass, and again, we’re talking about the bathroom. The other thing that’s really weird, I think two things I forgot to say. When she said that, we have two smart bulbs in our bedroom that are text our Alexa, they both stopped working simultaneous last week, and I cannot get the pin to connect to the Alexa anymore. They still come on, but they just won’t connect to the night. They won’t connect smart bulb anymore. So I haven’t replaced so so that was an interesting coincidence. The other thing is, as the class was breaking, this is going back. Not being linear. I had a fish tank I had to throw out last week and I had a temporary glass bottom and I hit it with a sledgehammer. And it just did that ripple that crackle thing which I again happened with the with the shower door. And I just threw that out last week. So the garbage people I went to what’s with this guy now the broken glass. So anyway, back to what Carolyn was saying. So she says Santa’s spinning around and spinning around and spinning around so that she hits up Do you have a shelf in your shower? Yes, we have a shelf and she said you have shampoo bottles and stuff on the shelf. We do. We have shampoo bottles on the shelf, it’s a built in shelf. So she thought that shampoo bottles might have been knocked off and actually ironically but the only thing that wasn’t knocked off when this shower door came down. The crash was so hard that we have a tile floor it chipped the tile floor in two places. And then we have cleaning products that were in the spa by my shower Those were all knocked over so she says I you know she said I’m getting like the feeling of like a tornado just like a tornado went through there. So this is what she kind of put together so it was you know the class cracking the mirror which Shana showed her that but she said No I did not break the mirror. A pipe exploding or water being turned on in St. And Carol asked her she did floated a pipe or wire turned on and she said no. But the thing is the class the sound I heard sounded like water. It was the shower which was class which is also associated with water Of course. And Carolyn said Shana basically led her like up the stairs which goes to our bedroom, through the bedroom in our bathroom, showed her the mirror showed her the shower, shorter with the shower looked like. So Carolyn got it. Now the thing is funny about Carolyn, if she would not take credit. She said Shayna told me exactly what happened. I wanted to say exactly what happened. But I wasn’t listening to her now Carolyn, or protect your privacy, but she’s got some personal issues going on, you know, some family or some friends that are sick and stuff. So that’s why she hadn’t gotten back to me. And she had a reading coming up. So she was like our like Plus she just woken up. But she told me when she woke up Shana was sending out her bed. Shana comes to her when Shannon wants to give her a message. And Shannon was just hanging around until Carolyn acknowledges her. So when she woke up on Tuesday, Shana was sitting on her bed, I guess saying you need to get back to my father. And as cherylin as Carolyn’s going through all these rabbit trails that we go down was funny. She said, Shane has now got her arms folded, saying now you need to get back to me. So my experiment, I would say was a huge success in and this is a thing that’s interesting to me. You know, I had that conversation about four o’clock in the morning, a couple of weeks or last week, and the conversation about the shower door. And when the shower door exploded at four o’clock in the morning, that next week, I thought there might be some significance to it. So I decided to put it out there, right, I thought this would be a really interesting experiment. And so I’m sorry, I couldn’t document more of it. I do have some of the texts that Carol and I set back and forth. But then Carolyn got so excited. And it was so complicated, that she called me on the phone. And so a lot of it was a phone conversation that I didn’t unfortunately have recorded, I did record a little piece of the end, but I didn’t get her permission. So I’m not going to put it out publicly. But I know she would be she would want me to have it to play to my wife because she really likes to share this stuff with Ty, so I’ll share that with her. But um, I just wanted to let you guys know that this stuff is very real. I was going to say nothing our life that happens is random. I don’t know if nothing that happens is random. But a lot of stuff happens in our life isn’t random, and look for these instances of like foreshadowing where something will happen, and then something later on will happen. That’ll be related back to it. And you can see how they kind of tied together. Carolyn said that lightning readings people been telling her things that are going to happen. And she told me some things that are going to happen and we’ll see you know if that happens or not. That would be really, really interesting to see how that plays out.

So again, just wanted to share that with everybody. It was too complicated to try to type out to type out. I might try to transcribe this for people that want to see it typed out but care Arlen clapper, and amazingly there are a lot of them out there. Carolyn was one that happen to get back to me on this. My daughter Shane is an amazing communicator. Carolyn, you know, she said she was saying she thought she’d like Cena down because Cena did a really good job of trying to get across to her. You know what had happened and Carolyn did get all the elements of it. So she got pretty good. She got everything. I was gonna say pretty much everything. She got all the elements of it. So really cool. You guys have a great day.

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