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Using Reiki To Enhance Spirit Communications- Rebecca Austill-Clausen

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You know of reiki for healing others. Reiki professionals are the people we go to for energy healing when we have an ailment.

Were you aware you can do reiki on yourself anytime to enhance your mental, spiritual, and physical health? Until I learned from my friend, Becky, I had no idea reiki is for everyone. But what really blew my mind is that reiki enhances spirit communications.

Becky has documented proof from people she has trained that after they took her course, they had afterlife communications.

She’s teaching one-day Reiki training coming up in March 2023:

Free webinar

Rebecca Austill-Clausen is an Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master, award-winning author of Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life, and international speaker. She has practiced Reiki for over 25 years and is the first person to teach Reiki at every in-person American Occupational Therapist Annual Conference since 2016, including the upcoming 2023 Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, in April. Becky is also the first person to teach Reiki at the Annual International Association for Near-Death Studies Annual Conference each year since 2021 including the upcoming 2023 conference in Alexandria, VA, late August. Reiki, a natural energy healing modality, can be learned in one day. Reiki reduces pain, stress, and anxiety while enhancing after-death communication. Becky is also teaching Reiki online in one day, certificate-provided weekend workshops being held at the end of March/early April this year during her dynamic, experiential program called Reiki Immersion Online. You can find that course at the link above, also.

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