Weird Happening

When people are in grief we often look for signs our loved ones have not left us. Some would call this wishful thinking, denial, delusion and wish fulfillment brought on by a damaged brain. Others insist these signs happen and that if we ask for them and look for them they will be given.

We have seen several things we cannot explain since Shayna’s passing. A week or so ago one of our hanging baskets fell. The hook came out of the board it had been attached to for about five years. Ty and I wondered about this. The weird thing is we could not find the hook. The basket was on the deck, but the hook was no where to be found. There were two other hooks, one holding a basket, the other we had stopped using years ago. Ty moved the fallen basket to the other hook. I looked and looked for the missing hook but could not find it. Finally I concluded it must have hit the deck when it fell and bounced into the flower bed below and gotten lost in one of the ornamental grasses. Still I kept looking and wondering what happened to that hook.

A few days ago Ty moved the baskets to the deck. Still no sign of that missing hook. Yesterday, we listened to a Podcast where a woman found out through a medium that her deceased daughter had moved her husband’s keys to an unusual location in the house to try to make a believer out of him. After a year of looking for those missing keys they were found on top of a kitchen cabinet.

After the podcast, I walked out onto the deck and right next to one of the baskets sitting on the deck was the white hook. Our deck is a brick red composite material. A white hook stands out like a sore thumb. I called Ty to look. The hook was sitting right next to where sh ehad sat the basket. She insists it was not there when she set the basket there. It was less than two feet from where I stood several times looking for it. There is no way that hook was in that spot on the deck for that long with both of us coming in and out and actually looking for it.

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